Work Confessions

I wish to work with zero humans

Any human resources office will site the statistics that you are more likely to get fired over your social skills (or lack thereof) than you are for being incompetent at your job. I have had about 30 jobs. Either quit because I was getting harassed and bullied, or I was let go. I have a college education. Poor social skills. Most people Ive... [more]

What just happened.

I was in the lobby bar at the hotel/casino I was staying at last weekend while out of town for work, I am 42 and I think I look ok for my age but a young girl came up and was chatting me up a bit. At first I thought she was out of my league then I thought maybe she was a "Professional" but as we talked it turned out she was just looking for a... [more]

DE is a ball buster.

I hate how DE made me feel today. C***. But strangely, I want to be like her.


Last month I had a dream my boss was taking me and my work for granted. Today, that dream came true. I feel so used by everyone who I'd trusted. But I forgave them because afterall, we're all humans prior to any labels. I think I'm okay. It's time to move on and set my eyes on a different direction. Thank you for reading. (:

Corporate Ladder

I am a 23 yr female working in a “mans world”. I started my job as an Administrative Assistant about a year and half ago, straight out of college. When I started, all the other women told me to watch out for my boss because he is always doing something that definitely violates our Sexual Harrassement policy. Well don’t you know, a couple weeks... [more]


Someone has been placing obstacles for me at work. Someone's been abusing their power while putting my career at stake. But what this person doesn't know is that our boss already know and they're being watched carefully.


Me and my wife got into a conversation one day about her dad would spank her if she done something wrong , I said that's terrible and cruel thank God people can't do that anymore . I said you must have terrible memories but my wife said not really , I asked her why to my surprise she said it turned her on . Now her dad has passed away now just has... [more]

Co-worker hook-ups

Every time my assistant and I go for drinks after work we wind up making out

Red Dress

I've read many stories over the years about male bosses taking advantage of female employees . What I'm about to tell you happened a long time ago but it's true , My wife at the time was 23 our 2 children was in primary school . So my wife wanted a part time job which would fit in with the kids , She had gone to evening college and acquired the... [more]

My stupid boss

He was a nice guy but ignorant as H***. He had been an auto mechanic and after he had a heart attack and a triple bypass he continued smoking. His heart attack had been brought on by carbon monoxide from the fumes off of car engines. I pointed out to him that cigarettes had carbon monoxide but he... [more]

What next

Recently I was listening to my wife talking to her work colleague on the phone who happens to be a guy , Now she had it on speaker phone so I could here both sides of the conversation . She was not aware I was home , Some of the things they was saying to each other was very flirty and suggestive . When she finally finished the conversation she... [more]


Me and my wife was chatting one night while having a drink relaxing in the local pub , When my wife said I need to tell you something you won't like but give me a chance to tell you before you speak . She then continued to tell me that her boss had made things difficult at work for her , She said she loves her job the hours and the money but her... [more]

The consequences and aftermath of saying something stupid

The founder of Papa Johns Pizza said something racist and is now paying for it with his career. I bet he is kicking himself every waking moment because I did something similar although not racist. I once told a fellow worker about a new pretty girl who had started working and he said she was probably a [more]

I joined the Marines but I ended up in the Coast Guard

I joined the marines and I learned a trade there. It was office work and I was good at it. After my enlistment was up I joined the Coast Guard and put my experience to work. The Coast Guard is a good branch of the service. I retired and went to work for the VA.


I am 44 with 2 children. Hubby works offshore but from last 6 months, he cant send money as their company is facing financial issues. I couldnt run the house with my salary after 4 months so thought of taking financial help from my office. My boss is a young chap of around 30. He saw my application for 1 lac rupees and told that he can sanction... [more]


My wife used to work in a shoe shop every so often they would have a stocktake while the shop was closed , The area manager would come to the shop to do the stocktake with the staff , My wife was one of four staff who worked in the shop but just happened to be the youngest and best looking , So every time there was a stocktake the area manager... [more]

Incident at a Tariff Bureau

I worked for a Tariff Bureau for ten years. It became illegal to provide this service and this service ceased.
Before this happened I worked Tariffs the work included cutting and pasting, posting routes, carriers, and rates. By reading the Tariff you instantly knew who carried what, in which amounts, and for how much money. It was hard work... [more]


I remember when I had my very first job few years back. I worked there for few months but due to health issues I had to resign. However, the company never wanted me to leave. So, I received an interesting offer from them too. I appreciated the hard work and I never I brought positive changes within the company before leaving.
I honestly never... [more]

I have ergophobia. I'm scared no one will believe me...

Ergophobia is a thing. I feel helpless and trapped. Whenever I think about finding a job after about five years, I feel ashamed and useless.
I don't know what steps to take to start living a normal, productive life. And I'm 30! I'm scared this will last forever.
I went to college. I have skills. I still feel like I make tons of mistakes... [more]

Training course

One day I was looking for something and I came across a pack of photos I had not seen before , The photos was all of my wife either on her own or with someone with her , So obviously my wife did not take the photos I recognised the girls with her it was her work colleagues , This was when she had gone on a works training course , I looked at the... [more]

Moving blindfold....

My house is at stake...people recommended me to go USA and work and study side by order to submit the conversion fee to save my house by the time 2020. They say, I lost my parents 2 years ago and I work as a developer in India at 8000 inr. With left over I am surviving so far....I have never stepped out my home city. My course fee in... [more]

The repair guy

I work for an ISP and have been in the field for 6 years basically since graduation, I had an offer to move to the office and turned it down since i prefer what i do over sitting in front of a computer screen all day, All of my friends have always asked if i have ever hooked up with a customer while working and sadly i never have up until two... [more]

My wife and her boss

Ok. ,, here it goes , my wife is a very petite lady with the most wonderful figure ,,, when she was about 33 and we had been married about 7 years ,,, she decided that she wanted to go back to work , I had always fantasised her being with other men ,, she has told me that before we were married she had been running with 2 boyfriends at the same... [more]

The worst job I ever had in my life was timekeeper

I worked until I got fired from a company called ITE Imperial company and it was the worst job I ever had. The horrible loud noise from the presses on the metal drove me out of my mind and I did have a breakdown. Tranquilizers got me fired for sleeping on the job as did my big mouth. That was back in 1971. I never got over it.

I live in Georgia and a lot of Californians are moving here.

I was at my pub when I met this cool guy from Los Angelos. He had been transferred from his company to my small hometown. He seemed happy with the new job and the people he met and he was making tentative plans for his son to go to Georgia Tech.
We were also planning to visit the local gun stores here and possibly go target shooting. ... [more]

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