Work Confessions

F******* personnel lady Rose

I'm.a security officer and had to have an exit interview with personnel as I was leaving the company.
Rose , a pretty Indian aged about 24 came to see me on a hot summer day wearing a very thin black summer dress
that was transparent in bright sunshine.
As I walked behind her in the sunshine to our arranged meeting place I could clearly... [more]

F******* personnel lady Rose

I'm.a security officer and had to have an exit interview with personnel as I was leaving the company.
Rose , a pretty Indian aged about 24 came to see me on a hot summer day wearing a very thin black summer dress
that was transparent in bright sunshine.
As I walked behind her in the sunshine to our arranged meeting place I could clearly... [more]

Three shop assistant fannys !!!

I think about three local shop assistants constantly !
Ash is a 32 year old Indian with a lovely a*** and nice t***. Ash is a Sikh which I believe means she doesn't shave !
Her f**** is covered in a jet... [more]

I hit Ariana

The assistant boss lady asked me to get a ladder today and when I came back a server that looks like Ariana Grande was there. The latter was so long that when I turned the corner I hit her by accident. I apologized, but I feel like the boss lady had her in the way to so she can get hit by the latter then she can blame me and I get in trouble.

Harpinder at Esso

I have always wanted to f*** an Indian girl.
Now at my local Esso petrol.station works a pretty girl aged about 23 called Harpinder.
has a pretty face doesn't attempt to hide her nice big t*** .
The combination of her jet black hair on her... [more]


I work with a restuarant and I cater with them. The whole catering team was women this night l. We recently got a new worker. Shes a short brunette 18 year old and I find myself staring at her ass in her tight dress pants. We begin to pack up and she moves in front of me but is blocked from moving forward. Her hand is resting on the head of my... [more]

I wsnt to see my post lady's f****

The lady that delivers my post is about 30 years old, 5ft"7 with brown hair .
I want to see her the bush that I suspect is hidden in her knickers
I'd love to stick my hand down her knickers and feel her hairy c***.
I'm sixty so no point asking.
I'm considering putting s covert camera in my loo... [more]

I lend money

No joke . I'm a 28 y/o dude now living in an urban city. For a living , I give out loans, credit service and money deliveries.
Here's how a typical day looks like for me. I start my day with some home cooked breakfast. I carry a tab which has my customer's logs (backed-up online of course) , envelopes, paper, pens and a lot of cash (in large and... [more]

That makes work awkward

The company I work for held a large private function for a christmas party, They rented a large conference room at a hotel an hour from home since it is half way between our two offices, I got a room at the hotel and during the party I got a phone call from my Gf who had to work that night so she couldn't come "She's a nurse", I left the party and... [more]

What a night.

So I go out of town for a work conference and was set to head home the next day, I am walking down the street and decide to head into a sports pub, I start talking to the waitress at the bar who is a very attractive young girl, I am 44 and didn't plan on flirting with her but she seemed to be kind of flirting with me instead. We carried on a... [more]

Barman f**** a customer

I worked a while ago as a barman in Farnborough.
One day a pretty ginger Irish girl named Patricia began coming to the pub daily.
I was 31 and Patricia was about 25.
She was pretty and she knew it.
I wanted to f*** her.
Every time she came to the bar she chatted about nothing , flirted ... [more]

69 with fat girl. Want to marry her.

I married to a sexy slim woman 105 lbs we are both 25. My wife loves s**.
But for the last 6 months I have been going 69 with a 40 year old 250 lbs barely 5 foot tall female temp named Betty from my office almost every work day. On the days she has her period she blows me. Her apartment is 3 minutes... [more]

My Pantyhose Daughter

My stepdaughter about 15 16 years old start wearing pantyhose and mini skirts all the time with no underwear well when she came home one day I couldn't take it she was walking up the stairs and I could see her but through pantyhose and she was so sexy so I smelled and it smelled so good I couldn't take it so we got on the bed I went down on her... [more]

Comedians who were never funny (unless you were majorly dunk)

1. Robin Williams (absolutely horrible)
2. Garry Shandling (can't believe he had a career)
3. Roseanne Barr (wow, maybe the worst ever)
4. D*** Gregory (old school, but not funny at all)
5. Don Rickles (as funny as getting served Ecoli)
6. Andy Kaufman (being avant-garde can still be... [more]

The P**** Drawing Incident

In 2016 I was on bumble and was talking to a decent looking girl. I was about to move overseas in 3 days and wanted some last American p****. When I arrive, conversation comes up about the election. We had opposing views. She was a vehement bisexual feminist, etc. Yet she was a [more]

I got fired three times in 2005

I was too slow to learn the first and second jobs and I was overheard using obscene language in the third job. I was 58 and old enough to know better. The fourth job I kept till age 70 and I retired.

Wife is a stripper

So my wife Is a stripper. When we first met I didn't know about her job until a couple months into our relationship. At first I didn't seem to mind it that much, I used to always joke around and say that I was going to date a stripper at some point in my life. my issue with it is that according to her it's a club policy that I cannot go there and... [more]


There's a guy that comes in a lot and he's really douchey and wears a Trump hat with his buddy. He orders a macchiato all the time and every time I draw a p**** in the foam with the espresso. Hate gays? You slurp up that caffeinated d*** with ease.

In love

I'm married male in early 40s my wife has been a cheating b**** I met this really beautiful lady at work she's been going through somethings too we hit it off and really treat each other like king and queen should I divorce my nasty wife and move on with my coworker which I have fallen in love deeply... [more]

Loan Offer

Dear Sir/Madam,
Have you ever searched for fund, loans, financial assistance or needs an accredited lender to help you meet with your needs and demands, then you have no alternative than to get an instant and reliable service from our loaning Agency.
We offer loans ranging from Ten thousand Dollar, to Twenty-Five Million Dollar.($10, 000.00 –... [more]


These malay managers are backstabbers, they defame you, and when you share your weakness to them, they take you out-saying youre not focused.
But they are being ruled under a Chinese Lady boss...
But they will always be under a Chinese..
Because of their skin colour...
Nurul, Sharrifah and Lee, this goes out to you..
No matter how much... [more]

Higher Authority

I told my management's boss (higher authority) about some things that's been going on at work. Many are being watched.

I support workplace bullying

I want to know directly from the workplace bullies why exactly you do that and how it make you feel, and also what's the best reaction that you love to cause and if you like the fact that it also affect the life of the humiliated person outside of the workplace

Being laid off when you get old and then trying to get anotherjob

I worked in a warehouse until I was 58. I was caught up in downsizing and got my old ass laid off. I got a job at another company supposedly doing similar work and they fired me after six weeks. I had no idea I was doing that bad and the termination caught me as a complete surprise. Fortunately, I got another job six months later eight miles... [more]

I love workplace bullying

And i want to read the comments of those who love it just like me, we are anoynmous here so if you secretely love when your boss enslave and humiliate you in order to make you deserve your money then tell it , i am a natural born suck up so i want to meet other people like me here and know your experiences of bullying in the workplace, you know ... [more]

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