Work Confessions

Showed my wife's nude pictures/videos to a friend she works with

Hi, I've been showing naked pictures of my wife to a friend who is also a co worker of hers. At first I started out slow with glimpse but eventually showed her completely nude in all different positions. He was always way to polite with his comments since they have worked together for 16 years but eventually he was making comments I could enjoy... [more]

DoorDash gets paid to deliver low ratings

We get complaints every time because doordash forces customers to choose the chains to deliver from and cannot select a different location. Its always "I hate that location pick up from this location instead they dont have rats"
This is because doordash gets paid to specifically deliver from chains rated 1 star rather than chains rated 5 stars... [more]

I am a preschool teacher.

I work as a preschool teacher. I stood by the childrens wardrobes, when a mother walks in. Shes a fat woman with a big ass and fat t***.
She bends over and starts packing her sons stuff. That day she wore see-through leggins. I saw everything. A black thong sat tight between her cheeks. There was a... [more]

My coworker.

I thing my female coworker is comming on to me. Shes always close to me, bending over and showing me her large butt. She talkes flirty with me and things like that.


I’m a secretary at a factory. Someone came in and said there was going to be a fight outside. I went out and these two guys were fighting in the mud. It was a good fight! Their shirts were ripped off and they were totally covered in mud. One guy had a b***** face and went to the hospital. Meanwhile... [more]

I want to f*** a copper

I've always wanted to f*** a female police officer.
I'm a security officer in a town centre.
I used to work with a PCSO named Carly.
Carly was blonde with massive t***.
I seriously wanted to f*** ... [more]

Asda Slough. So.many f******* Indians

So many h**** English Pakistanis in Slough Asda. I'd f*** them all.
Today I spoke to one about 30 yrs old with massive t*** about 5ft 3 tall .
I so wanted to see her hairy [more]

People are freaks

I work in a specialized field as a disaster restoration technician, When I entered this field of work out of neccessity being laid off from my regular job I never expected to end up doing it as a career, I just thought it would be a fill in but as time passed my boss kept offering me advancement opportunities and I took them to where I am now the... [more]

Hungover doing phone conferences

I did legal proceeding phone conferences for the last company I worked with, and knew they were a bad, untrustworthy, and shady company early on. After awhile, I didn't care about going out drinking the night before the legal proceedings, since the company sucked and took forever to pay me anyway. There were not only days, but, full weeks where... [more]

I hate all of my coworkers

I've been working at the same place for about 5 years working with a bunch of self-righteous, Pious Trump supporters. They act like they hate immigrants specifically Mexicans and wanted to take up a collection for the border wall. Well I had it. These people are so fuking stupid that I had take action. I recently found out I had a vaginal... [more]

Her husband might have caught us.

I met a married couple on a Saturday at a company party. They are 15 years older than myself. Wife is cute and sexy and we were attracted to each other. I gave her my phone number. Her hubby is a nice fellow and has a higher-up position in another department.
I work nights. He of course works days, M-F.
I hoped I’d hear from her and she... [more]

Played with fire and might get burned

Went to a company party for Lunar New Year, on Saturday, Jan 25th. Saw a cute lady that kept looking at me, so I finally got up the nerve to talk to her.
Turns out she’s 15 years older and married to one of the company execs. They live in the upper class part of the city. I live in the exact opposite part.
But we really clicked. I... [more]

I cant believe i did it again!

I have been working at a incredibly sexy ladies home for about the past week. last week i looked in her laundry basket and took a pair of her underwear so i could m********* into them.
i was there yesterday and she was wearing a pair of maroon colored leggings that showed off her hot little... [more]

Hungover doing phone conferences

The loser company I'm done working with never knew that most phone conferences and legal proceedings that I did for them were done either hung over, or, still foggy-headed and drunk from the night before. I'm not talking just tired or not enough sleep; I mean hard-ass headache hung over, computer screen making it worse, and the phone on mute while... [more]

Julie Ann knows I want to f*** her

I'm an assistant manager in a large store. I get on well with Julie Ann in particular. I am 27 and Julie is.about 19,
a pretty little brunette.
I want to f*** her and I think all the staff know.
I constantly imagine her naked and her hairy [more]

I saw my colleague on the toilet

A few years back while working in a shop in Guildford I fancied a colleague Sarah. Sarah was mousy blonde , about 5ft tall , pretty and the homely sort.
I often wondered what colour her pubes were.
One day the mens toilets flooded and were not useable.
I told Sarah that we would all have to use the ladies 🚺 toilets.
Sarah replied
" Ok ... [more]

Female boss\manager\employer foot worship

Most women who are boss in their workplace make some trustful worker massage their feet, but from now on listen to me and when she ask you to do that just ask her if you can kiss and lick them, tell that you would gladly do that

F******* personnel lady Rose

I'm.a security officer and had to have an exit interview with personnel as I was leaving the company.
Rose , a pretty Indian aged about 24 came to see me on a hot summer day wearing a very thin black summer dress
that was transparent in bright sunshine.
As I walked behind her in the sunshine to our arranged meeting place I could clearly... [more]

F******* personnel lady Rose

I'm.a security officer and had to have an exit interview with personnel as I was leaving the company.
Rose , a pretty Indian aged about 24 came to see me on a hot summer day wearing a very thin black summer dress
that was transparent in bright sunshine.
As I walked behind her in the sunshine to our arranged meeting place I could clearly... [more]

Three shop assistant fannys !!!

I think about three local shop assistants constantly !
Ash is a 32 year old Indian with a lovely a*** and nice t***. Ash is a Sikh which I believe means she doesn't shave !
Her f**** is covered in a jet... [more]

I hit Ariana

The assistant boss lady asked me to get a ladder today and when I came back a server that looks like Ariana Grande was there. The latter was so long that when I turned the corner I hit her by accident. I apologized, but I feel like the boss lady had her in the way to so she can get hit by the latter then she can blame me and I get in trouble.

Harpinder at Esso

I have always wanted to f*** an Indian girl.
Now at my local Esso petrol.station works a pretty girl aged about 23 called Harpinder.
has a pretty face doesn't attempt to hide her nice big t*** .
The combination of her jet black hair on her... [more]

Work Punishment

I left school at sixteen in an era (1960’s) when corporal punishment was normal. I started work in a large department store. I was being taught an induction programme by a beautiful trainer. As the week progressed I was slightly cheeky to her. She made me stay at the end of the day and gave me a long lecture before saying she would report me to... [more]

Service Call

I was doing work at a clients new house as they are moving in, the whole family was there including their 30 something daughter from Texas. She a pretty blond on the middle end of plus size with amazing wide hips and thighs with a beautiful ass.
I admired her ass every time she walked by. She must’ve been feeling my eyes burning a hole in her... [more]

Taking a Dump at Work

I'm Dan and when working for the space program I often drink my cup of coffee while taking a dump in the bathroom.

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