Work Confessions

Guy from work

They get this f****** gym teacher from the 80's, to put on these goofy f****** sunglasses that he got from out of a cereal box and tell him "oh you know what would be cool, if you punched the title and the title broke, oh that's so [more]


Me and my wife was chatting one night while having a drink relaxing in the local pub , When my wife said I need to tell you something you won't like but give me a chance to tell you before you speak . She then continued to tell me that her boss had made things difficult at work for her , She said she loves her job the hours and the money but her... [more]

Your wife is totally right about me

I really HAVE had my eye on you from the moment we started working together. Even before that, actually, since our attraction to one another started when we met during the interview process before they hired me. I don't even care that she works there at the same place, and I don't care that she sees me watching you and flashing you (secretly)... [more]


F you b**** - you're a home wrecker, terrible wife, co-worker, and you're nobody's friend

What next

Recently I was listening to my wife talking to her work colleague on the phone who happens to be a guy , Now she had it on speaker phone so I could here both sides of the conversation . She was not aware I was home , Some of the things they was saying to each other was very flirty and suggestive . When she finally finished the conversation she... [more]

I backstabbed my own student

I teach 8th grade in a major city where students have to apply and test for admission to the best high schools. Over the years, I've gotten to know the admissions people at the best local high schools, since I often have to recommend students to them. Two weeks ago, I got word that one of my students, who tests really well but is a total ass and... [more]

Being fired is a decision not a debate

If you are ever fired sit there and take the pain. Don't try to get your job back because your name was off of the payroll before they gave you the bad news.
The only way you should put up an argument is when and if you are fired for something you didn't do. That happened to me.
Instead of arguing with them and if the situation is really... [more]

Religious co workers

Instead of preaching to me why not do your work. I refuse to stop what I'm doing to hear your phony gospel message. Preach to someone at your house, church or anywhere but on the f****** job. In other words preach to someone who gives a s***... [more]

Forced gay s**. So confused.

I went on a business trip with my boss who is gay.
We finished the business but are flights home were not until Sunday.
On Friday night we went to a bar and had several drinks. Then felt very drunk, he brought me back to my room. I now think he gave me the date rape drug.
I was barely awake, and he stripped me, and started lubing up my... [more]

Wife is a stripper

My wife "Sara" works at an all-nude strip club, not because she wanted to, but because she had to save us from financial ruin. We had both lost our jobs in the recession, unemployment only lasted so long, and we were quickly eating up our savings. I was the one to approach her about it, and didn't go over well at first. She understood what our... [more]

Boss caught me

Hey, i have a question and id really like some opinions on it, first heres my situation im a 30 year old woman and I work late at night as a secretary and most of the time the building is empty and the only people there are security guards, so i figure i was alone and I started 'playing' with myself and about 15 minutes later my boss walked in and... [more]

Work confession...

I HATE EVERYONE! I am sorry and God forgive me but I am starting to hate everyone at my workplace. I love my work but I really hate people there. Where do I even start. I am sorry but I have to tell something about my ridiculous colleague. Here are the list of people I want to talk about:
#Deewas: This [more]

Just Need a Meal Ticket

I am a female graduate student at a top 10 university studying physics. Honestly, I am starting to hate it. I hate being a student, and I'm growing disinterested in my research. I just want to marry a guy with a good job and pop out his kids, so long as he will take care of us. What's so wrong with cooking/cleaning/home-making? I do all that stuff... [more]

Gaslightin Biotch

I found out what you did! Did you really think people wouldn't talk? I thought you were my friend; you are the one who complained about EVERYBODY. I watched you talk so much s*** and then act all nice to their faces. I'm going to take away what you love too - I'm going to tell everybody your... [more]

Co-worker hook-ups

Every time my assistant and I go for drinks after work we wind up making out

Under Desk Masturbation

My supervisor left work early today and I am here bored and alone. I started to get restless and eventually pulled up my skirt and started playing with my c*** through my thong. As I type this with one hand I am on the verge of my o*****. Who wants to... [more]

Crack cocaine use at work

In 1985 I worked at a trucking company in their Tariff department. A black employee had filed a class action lawsuit against the company because they didn't have enough black employees.
The company immediately hired four black men to work there. Three of the four employees used cocaine on a daily basis and did either no work at all or not... [more]

The powerful rule of 3

Haha, what goes around, comes around. Did you really think your toxic boomerang wouldn't come back and smack you in your vain lying face.

I like weaing Knickers

I enjoy wearing Knickers, I have many pairs,from thongs,to full panties,,I wear them as much as possible,,I started at a young age,,but never got out of the habit,,I often wear a bra as well,,many years ago,I had a girlfriend that would dress me in her knickers,,I wear them under my jeans,,would recomend them to anybody,,

Boss Has Hots For Me

I work as a Government contractor and lately my Government boss (female) has been coming onto me. I've noticed she stands a little closer than necessary when she is looking at something on my computer screen. Friday she wore a jacket to cover most of the sheer blouse and bra she was wearing. We have several computers in our lab and the temp is... [more]

Office flirting

I am a senior manager and am responsible for training new staff...a woman had started with my company and I think she us really pretty..I am 40 and she is 36 so we are close in age. Today she was wearing a loose top and I could not help but take little peeks down her top and a couple of times I saw her nipples...we spent all day together and say... [more]

A lot of stress even though objectively I'm financially good

I have had a very good job, paying around 190K. My wife also makes about 120K, we do not live in an expensive city, and our net worth is currently about 900K, I think it will go over 1 million this year. Also, my spouse is likely to be able to keep her job. We just became 40.
Financially we are in a good shape, however I have been under a lot... [more]

Training course

One day I was looking for something and I came across a pack of photos I had not seen before , The photos was all of my wife either on her own or with someone with her , So obviously my wife did not take the photos I recognised the girls with her it was her work colleagues , This was when she had gone on a works training course , I looked at the... [more]

I eat bananas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snack

I get payed 69 dollars a day for this


I'm 21 years old now. I didn't get a chance to go to college me being the youngest of 6 and the only girl I grew up with work boots from my brothers in the front doors. Tool boxes in the garage. Work trucks parked outside taking up garage space. throughout high school I didn't know what I wanted. My brothers being in skilled trades they opened a... [more]

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