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Two coworkers were ** while their other halves were working nights or away. Stories got out that they ** in her apt.,at his house and his firehouse. Supposedly it ended when she moved and he was not happy that she chose him afterwards.

Incident at work Drugs reverse racism

I worked for a company that was involved with freight and they were sued for not havng enough blacks working there. Four blacks were hiredand only one seemed interested in working. The other three used crack cocaine and basically do anything but cause trouble. One of them decided to harass me. He would stand behind me pushing the pen as I... [more]

When you get fired losing your health insurance is almost as bad

Losing your health insurance due to termination is almost as bad as losing your salary.

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Incident at The American Red Cross in Atlanta Ga

I was an employee at the ARC for some months and talk about a fish out of water there that was me. I was a terrible employee making one mistake after another.
One day after flubbing up some project I asked to see the head of HR and see if they couldn't help me a bit or if I should just resign. The HR gentleman didn't want to speak me but... [more]

Good deeds, Karma and termination

There was this homeless beggar who I gave money to every day on my way to work if I saw him. At the time I was working for Home Depot. The HR powers that be said in so many words that I wasn't worth a ** and they fired me.
OK well darn. I felt sorry for two people. Myself and the beggar. ... [more]

My African manager was embarrased

I was an older white guy who had taken a job with the state. My Manager was black and when we first met he made sure I knew who was boss. I'm used to taking orders from management so I really didn't know why he was acting the way he was. The other black co workers got ** at him because I was... [more]

My relationship with black workers

I retired at age 55 after thirty years with an insurance company. They were forcing people with thirty years or more service to retire early.
I decided 55 was too young to hang it up so I went to work for a state warehouse. The pay was dismal but it gave me something to do and look forward to.
OK my co worker was a 19 year old black... [more]

This might be a post for strange but I dreamed

In 2005 I worked for a company with great benefits. I apparently made mistakes and several people called about me ** up. I think I could have improved my performance and made a good employee but it was not meant to be. The woman in HR fired me saying she had been getting calls.
OK Ieave and... [more]

I was selfish

I forgot to do something important at my job for last month and I was selfish hipocrytical prideful disrespectful tyrannical impatient self rightous feminine oversexed disgusting pathetic goofy divisive tyrannical unloving unmerciful unforgiving irresponsible insensitive ungodly ungrateful lazy stubborn faithless immature unprofessional and I was... [more]

The horror of termination

I was fired from a company with loads of great benefits. Six weeks pass and I get taken into the HR office and was told I had made so many mistakes that I was going to be fired. At first it didn't hit me. Goodbye benefits and hello job hunting. Back to the old drawing board.
The lady in HR was looking at me like she was an eagle looking... [more]

I was angry

I was angry hipocrytical prideful disrespectful tyrannical impatient selfish unloving unmerciful unforgiving irresponsible ungodly lustful flirtatious boastful insensitive lazy self rightous stubborn faithless anxious afraid worried paranoid I lied I complained passed judgement against
others I had resentment worldly sorrow I overreacted I was... [more]

I am all for...

Employers that ** the ** of the male employer and worship the feet and kiss the ** of the lady employer because i understand they are superior to the employees , and so long as we can agree that such sincere... [more]

I got fired for saying obscentities

A woman overheard me and I was fired. For a few months I was hoping to be struck dead.
I was hired closer to home and for the next several years I watched every word I had to say. I worked hard and got a reputation for being a very nice person. I retired.after working there for several years.
Had I stayed at the company who fired me I... [more]

The horrified look on the phone secretaries face when she saw me

I was told I made too many mistakes and they would have to let me go. I objected to no avail. I was told to get my things out of my former office and leave.
Walking with my former manager to my former office I collected my things. The phone secretary who was a friend got the gist of what was happening. My former manager told me that again... [more]

I’m a messy coworker

My coworker and I have been playful and flirty these past few days. Only problem.. he’s married. Part of me feels like ** the other finally feels alive again..

Incident at work

We were in a meeting and he didn't show up. We weren't going to start until he got there. I was asked to go find out why he had not arrived yet and there he was sitting at his desk head down.I tried to wake him up but I came to the realization that he had died.
Going back to the meeting I said in a frightened voice that I believed he was... [more]

To Barnaby, the sexist, racist **

** YOU. ** your lies. ** you marginalization of people who make you uncomfortable, specifically Black people. ** your [more]

Making a mailroom job into something better

I have no college education but I went to work in a mailroom for a large International Insurance company. IN addition to processing mail I was tasked with ordering forms and supplies for my company.
I learned about forms and supplies. Sorting mail only took two hours but the rest of the day was spent getting supplies and forms and... [more]

A co worker was ordered back to work even though he called in sic

He said he couldn't make it and they did indeed fire him. Then he died.

Dumb me

Dumb stupid me shouldn't have thought i could handle a zoom interview at 10am after taking drowsy medicine last night... brain fog has not been cleared, definitely some stuttering and awkwardness throughout the entire 35min. and i said i have no questions for my interviewers, whyyyy did i say that when i knew i had done my research on the company... [more]

I hope I die before I reach retirement age.

For the past seventeen years, I've been working at a Giant Eagle. Yesterday, did some calculations and discovered that in twenty years I'll be able to retire. The thing is, I'll be d@mned if I have to wait twenty years before I can leave that place. Now I know that anyone who is reading this will say I should find another job. The thing is I... [more]

Got Hired Based on a Hookup

I met up with someone on Tinder while traveling because I needed a guide to the city, and we ended up hooking up and really connecting with each other; even after I left to go back home, we talked almost every day. It's such a bad idea to start falling in love with someone who I'll likely never see again, but I've never connected so strongly with... [more]

I was working at a great company but I have issues

I liked the place and the people working there but they kept telling me I wasn't much help. This despite the fact that I actually did a great deal of work. For instance I cleared out the junk in the company basement all by myself and I put up and later took down a lot of tables and chairs by myself.
Despite these efforts I knew I was going... [more]

Boss Man

You walked into our office and I was immediately drawn to you. So I stayed quiet. You took it slowly to gage the tone in the office. I respect that! You respect us! I have slowly learned who you are. You are funny, quick, ** smart as **, and have a... [more]

I got fired and was told to gather my things and leave

I was **. I thought the termination was uncalled for and this happened before I left. I had been working in the mail and supply room and before the termination a woman gave me some important items that she said had to be sent next day air. I assured her that they would be sent that way asap.
Ok... [more]

As a dominant employer, how can you persuade or force an employee

To be your ** and foot kisser and to anknowledge your superiority ? and when you do that , please make sure to do it in spite and in front of those who think that you shouldn't mix pleasure with business, that will teach them to mind their own business

Things stick in my head and I can't forget

I got fired from two good companies. One for not learning the job and the other job for cussing. Both terminations hurt. I felt like a moron.
Ok I get a job I can keep and receive a small retirement from said job plus an annuity from two jobs where I worked ten years each. I get old get social security then my parents pass away and I... [more]

As a dominant employer, how can you persuade or force an employee

To be your ** and foot kisser and to anknowledge your superiority ?

I love japanase lady employers because i know they are dominant

And that by default , the nature of the relationship with the employee is based on dominaton and submission , this mean that a japanase lady employer only need the following suggestion to place the candy in the chake that is their relationship with an adoring employee, the suggestion is: find an employee that is particulary submissive and adoring... [more]

The point is that the employer is really superior , really better

You should be ready to celebrate the superiority of your employer , lady employer if you are a male, and male employer if you are a female , by kissing it's feet , it's ** , letting him\her spit in your mouth , such the ** of the male employee if you are a... [more]

Getting fired, its your fault not the companys

I said something stupid at a great company and I got fired for it. I didn't have a leg to stand on. I said it. Maybe my experience can save someone elses job. Do not cuss or tell dirty jokes while at work. EVER. I did and I paid a bitter price.

My high school dropout brother actually makes a decent living

He quit school at age 16 and got a job sweeping metal filings and collecting them in a sheet metal factory. Low paying job but he was dedicated to the task. Years pass and he becomes manager of the recycling department. I squeakd through college and he makes as much money as I do.

I want to send her a ** toys and some ** thong **

I have a new boss and she is so ** hot it drives me crazy seeing her in those tight little skirts and high heels. her body is smoking hot and I am pretty sure a lot of my co workers go home and ** thinking about her. I would really like to... [more]

I keep getting letters from a company that fired me 17 years ago

Its retirement information. I worked there exactly six weeks before they informed me that I made so many mistakes that they had to let me go. I've received two letters from them one saying I got the first letter in error.
They need to keep better records. I made errors and they make errors. To [more]

Quit looking at her

I got fired unexpectedly for making mistakes or so she said. After i was leaving we made a brief eye contact. I broke off the eye contact because I knew the lady had all the cards and I had lost. Why give her the satisfaction of an unhappy face?

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