Work Confessions

Pantie lover

II work in a laundromat, I also enjoy wearing womens panties... sometimes people abandon their clothes and I will take the ones I like. Panties, leggings, anything I find sexy and think will fit.
I'm wearing a pair right now, a nice little pair of black cotton panties. I'm not sure if I like womens panties or the ones made for men more, womens... [more]

I'm a Furry, but also a Children's Entertainer

Yes I'm a furry. Yes I'm a children's entertainer. I'm a male of 22 years. I have a local business of dressing up as my furry characters and doing performances for many kids events in my area. It's mostly Birthdays.
I write out my own characters and draw what they should look like. I send the designs to a fursuit maker the delivers, and get... [more]

Worked with a j*** who took advantage of teen girls

I worked nights one winter at an adolescent psychiatric center for kids with family issues.
As a new employee I was taken around by this 30 yr old guy who had worked there for 4 years - showing me my nightly duties. One duty was to check on each room every 15 mins and document the same in the kid's medical chart. We used a special flash-light for... [more]

I have a short term memory problem and its cost me six jobs

I was able to work ten years at one company and ten more years at another and six years at another and still three and a half more years at another then I was too old to work. I never gave completely but my short term memory screwed up my education and like I said ability to learn some jobs in a timely fashion. Were it not for the support of my... [more]

I took my ex boss' advise, I became a stay at home wife

I was getting ready for work and my boss called me. He told me it wasn't necessary for me to come in. I wasn't fit for the job and I was probably out of place working. I was the stay at home type and I needed to find a suitable husband and have kids and be a good mother. My things would be collected by the HR department and shipped to me, I... [more]

I had one to many and I got my helper on his knees

I'm an installation inspector for my company's equipment and I travel around the country going to customers where we have our equipment installed. I've been doing this for 20 years and the past three years since the pandemic it's been a real problem, we are very far behind. I have a new kid that I'm supposed to train, but I just let him watch, I... [more]

Nearly got fired

Our CEO wanted to fire me. I was lucky enough to avoid this byvthe help of one of my colleagues who stood for me. I don't know how could I have handled being fired. That would have devastated me and drove me to mabe end my life.

Think one of my managers suspects me of faking being sick.

I have, what I always refer to as my "not going to work days". On days where I just don't feel like going to work, I'll call in and say I can't come in because I'm sick. Today, however, I swear, I called in sick for a very valid reason and no, I'm not actually sick. Yesterday, I was scheduled to work outside from 11:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. pushing... [more]

Can't stand my coworker whenever he comments on customer purchase

There's a guy I work with, Frank, (real name) who is a cashier where I work and almost every day, without fail, if a customer buys a certain item, he'll either give them certain information on it or tell a customer they should have bought another product instead. Ex. 1. A customer will buy parchment paper for baking. Frank: Do you know why it's... [more]

Business groups are stupid..

I ran into a guy from my former business group at the sports bar last night, saw him come in, and hoped like h*** he didn't see me. But he did, and came over to chat. He's still the same, fake smiled, bad jokes, shiny shoes, lying sack of s*** he always... [more]

Awkward Work Trip

After a business dinner with some clients at the hotel restaurant. I was so h****. I invited my boss up to my room and cheated on my husband. I forgot to lock the conjoining room door so my colleague/best friend came in. (For years have always had an open door policy unless it’s locked) I didn’t get... [more]

Tech department wagged his finger at me for working to fast

This lady is a distant memory from early 1994 maybe late 1993. She is vaguely remembered because there was not much victory on my part. I was made weak by her Hawaiian bud it did not look like the bud I had ever scene or occationally smoked. I was use to this green looking bud leafy with tons of seeds you had to pick out. One hit wonder was what... [more]


I used to work for a major airline so I dated my share of flight attendants. They usually had room mates. This one f/a I dated was pretty and loved to f***. Her roomie was a f****** hot blonde/blue with a killer body but she was dating a pilot... [more]

My project leader is better off dead

It's Monday here. Which means its another f****** day of dealing with a dead weight that is my project leader. This guy simply CANNOT LEAD and all around vexing. I can't stand him.
Something needs his verification? He'll ask a subordinate to go over it, explain/demo to him, then ask them what... [more]

I got fired from my job, the price of going to a gay orgy

In 1981I was 19 during the summer between my freshman and sophomore years, I got a job as a night clerk for a large hotel chain. The night bellman hung out at the front desk and we shared a joint or two. One night he told me there was going to be a party that weekend and I should go. I was scheduled to work that weekend and he got me to go early... [more]

ANother story about the ministes wife who fired my friend

The gentleman in my story is my best friend. When he left the church where the ministers wife was that fired him he never returned to that church.
OK he went to a Presbyterian church which is only separated from his former church by a small one way street.
One day his former employer the ministers met him outside his new church. She... [more]


My boss sometimes has me light her cigarette for her, but I don't mind. She is 70 and whenever she takes a cigarette out and places it between her lips, she tasks me with lighting it

Satan crawls out when Glory is within Reach.

An opportunity of employment came my way sometime ago. It was more than a 9 to 5 job it was a deal of a lifetime. I was at Home Depot buying some tools and materials to repair drywall. A man approached me and asked me if I know I how to do this kind of work. I told him not as a professional but I have done it in the past. I had done a lot of... [more]

Maybe, Maybe not.

I went home with a couple last night, She is a woman I work with and it was an idea she presented to me as a 45th birthday present to her husband (I am 22), I had never been propositioned for anything like that before but had just enough tequila in me to agree to it.
I sat on her face while he [more]

Coworkers thong

My coworker Linda has a fat ass, and she aint affraid of letting us know. Her fast ass is everywhere. usually she wears a thong, and it is just showing. i sometimes fantasies about gripping that thong and pull it, slap her ass and bury my face in it.
often i find myself masturbating while thinking about her, that [more]

Some can, some can't, some will , some won't

I've seen plain Jane type women get jobs their beautiful counterparts wanted but didn't get. I know why. The plain Janes f***** their boss by offering their bodies whereas the pretty ladies didn't.
I even know of a woman who ate her managers p****... [more]

25 so far.

I run an in home massage/Esthetics salon, Over the years I have provided many services from lashes to hair cutting to massages but...Waxing became my go to, I have waxed hundeds of clients and am excessively good at it. One afternoon my sister was getting a massage and my husband arrived home, We heard him usptairs and he texted to ask if I was... [more]

Woman got fired from Driver Services after 20 years on the job an

She was taking money for giving chauffers licenses to drivers who had only passed the regular drivers exam. The State police escorted her out and into a paddy wagon and the last I heard she was doing time in the state prison.



My final termination story.

This friend of mine had a job and he made some mistakes. The head of HR who was his ministers wife fired him. He drove the church bus.
Leaving the company after a brief argument the angry friend of mine put in a two weeks notice quitting his church bus driving position. This put the Minister in a bind. He knew of no one else who would... [more]

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