Work Confessions

Long Story, but Sexiest Night Ever

I've never told anyone this. I'm from a small town. I went away to college, got a degree and a teaching certificate, and got hired to teach at the high school I graduated from. A girl I graduated with, and dated for a short period of time (nothing serious), pretty much did the same thing. We were both hired at the same time. That was seven... [more]

Wife is a stripper

My wife "Sara" works at an all-nude strip club, not because she wanted to, but because she had to save us from financial ruin. We had both lost our jobs in the recession, unemployment only lasted so long, and we were quickly eating up our savings. I was the one to approach her about it, and didn't go over well at first. She understood what our... [more]

I want to blow my boss

I cant stand working with my boss kenny because he is just such an manly man it drives me crazy ...omg when he sweats i just want to lick his sweaty hairy stomach and hairy back yummy !!!!! and then i cant help but look at the huge buldge in his pants at work ...He must have a huge c***...and then i... [more]

I'm flirting with my engaged coworker...

I've been flirting with my very engaged, very soon to be married coworker and I'm loving every minute of it. I know it is wrong, and nothing has happened, but I enjoy talking and bantering with him.

Pantyless wife

My wife works in a office and her skirts kept getting shorter and one day when she home after me I noticed she had nothing on under her skirt. I said nothing but started watching her more closely.
After about a week she told me her boss asked if she could work late and she said yrs for the next money but the first night when she got home she... [more]

I want to f*** my boss

I've been making so many mistakes at work lately because I can't stop thinking about how much I want to f*** my boss. I don't want a relationship, just a one night stand. He's charming, talented, super intelligent, single, and a good fifteen years my senior. [more]

Workman had o***** in customer's panties

I was a carpenter for several years in Manhattan. One time I got a job building three radiator covers for a soap actress. She was so nice to me, kind and easygoing, and just very, very pretty.
I went into the laundry room for a mop after the job was done. She was out for the afternoon. I saw a pile of clean laundry, and a pair of lace... [more]

Just Need a Meal Ticket

I am a female graduate student at a top 10 university studying physics. Honestly, I am starting to hate it. I hate being a student, and I'm growing disinterested in my research. I just want to marry a guy with a good job and pop out his kids, so long as he will take care of us. What's so wrong with cooking/cleaning/home-making? I do all that stuff... [more]

Your wife is totally right about me

I really HAVE had my eye on you from the moment we started working together. Even before that, actually, since our attraction to one another started when we met during the interview process before they hired me. I don't even care that she works there at the same place, and I don't care that she sees me watching you and flashing you (secretly)... [more]

My Boss

My boss and I have been having an affair for years. Our office is made up of a team of 5 individuals, we have recycled a number of times because we encourage them to seek raises and promotions. I enjoy being the office manager because I have the opportunity to take business trips, work late hours, early morning hours, lunches, dinners, everything... [more]


My name is Adam.
Until today, I worked for Chili’s. I had worked for the company for one year and seven months and had spent the last two months working in Orlando Florida. More specifically, I worked at Chili’s at Alafaya and East Colonial near the UCF campus. Before I spill anything else, I must say, that the Chili’s in Palm Beach Gardens... [more]

Sexy boss

I work weird late hours and only see my boss for an hour before she leaves for home. She is incredibly sexy and for the hour we are together she sits close to me and we touch constantly as we reach for spreadsheets or grab our coffee mugs.
We are attracted to each other but she is married and has three kids. We have given each other... [more]

My wife and her boss

Ok. ,, here it goes , my wife is a very petite lady with the most wonderful figure ,,, when she was about 33 and we had been married about 7 years ,,, she decided that she wanted to go back to work , I had always fantasised her being with other men ,, she has told me that before we were married she had been running with 2 boyfriends at the same... [more]

Boss caught me

Hey, i have a question and id really like some opinions on it, first heres my situation im a 30 year old woman and I work late at night as a secretary and most of the time the building is empty and the only people there are security guards, so i figure i was alone and I started 'playing' with myself and about 15 minutes later my boss walked in and... [more]

Bad Boss

Today, after everyone left, I vehemently switched their A&E buttons on their keyboards because I spilled my coffee on my own. P.S. I did my own to raise myself above suspicion

I'm a tutor and I hate my students

I hate my students, they're so dumb, I'm tired of playing little "Miss Patience who will explain it all a fuckzillion times without getting mad" I hate stupidity.

While he was out

I work in an office for a small account company On Monday we had two staff members not come in to work due to sickness, This left me and my boss in the office He had to go out to meeting across town in the afternoon and left me to catch up with some work. I went in to the toilet and took off my underwear I was alone in the office and i masterbated... [more]

Office flirting

I am a senior manager and am responsible for training new staff...a woman had started with my company and I think she us really pretty..I am 40 and she is 36 so we are close in age. Today she was wearing a loose top and I could not help but take little peeks down her top and a couple of times I saw her nipples...we spent all day together and say... [more]

I have never been a productive employee.

I'm in my early forties and I've never been dedicated to my jobs. Any job where I can get away with slacking off, I'll do it. From the mid-1990s to the late 2000s I worked three office jobs where I did as little as possible, and sometimes less. I was sometimes vaguely aware that my slacking meant my coworkers had to work more, and sometimes... [more]

Nude wife pictures

I posted naked pictures of my wife, no face shots, on the Internet without her knowledge and got loads of comments back about how random guys want to f*** her and do things to her. It gets me hot thinking of her being wanked over by strangers.
Anyway, one of our friends showed me a picture of my... [more]


I've been f****** my coworker, Rebecca, daily for over six months. Her worthless husband, Dave was fired from his bullshit mechanics job over a year ago and he does nothing to find a new job or help around the house. Just sits around playing video games and watching Netflix while his wife works... [more]

My Boss has his favorites

I do IT work and install hardware. I like what I do but lately I notice my boss was being unfair about work distribution. He only sends out his favorite employees and I feel left out. When I confronted him about it, he gave me some lame excuse and said there wasn’t a budget for it. I was pretty angry but didn't show it and later that day got some... [more]

I got an innocent co-worker fired

Everyone at work thinks our boss is a j***. He treated me like crap one day so it seemed appropriate the next day to bag up some of my own crap and smear a bunch of it under his office door handle. When he got it on his hand he freaked out and started ranting around the office about how someone was... [more]

I'm afraid to let go

Four guys at the office I work at are always teasing me saying things that get me thinking but I'm afraid if I let go and let them take me it will end up all over the office BUT it happened last night. On the way to my car Larry came up behind me took hold of my b****** and said in a sexy voice... [more]

Live-in assistant

First i wanna say im in my late 20s and just a little over a month ago i came across a sign for a live in assistant/partner taking care of a woman that needs to be looked after because she cant live alone, i called the number and met with the family it was a young women in her 30s asking me to watch over her mother who happened to be a very Large... [more]

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