I'm married, love my husband to bits. Lastnight I had s** with a girl, and because I didn't want to hide anything from him I told him the girl came on to me in my sleep. I lied. He's not mad at me he's mad at her. I love him so much he's a good man. I'm going to s** her again next week. She made me o***** 3 times and her v***** is so fat I love to taste it. Am I cheating?

Mar 4, 2012

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  • Would you feel your husband was cheating if you caught him having s** with another man?

  • it's cheating to him, but not to you, and that's what matters. if you "love your husband to bits" then that would mean respecting his wishes for you to not do that stuff. so to make your life not-so-complicated, you need to either a) stop sexin up this lady friend o yours, or b) leave your husband.

    honestly, if i were you, i'd leave your husband and find another one or just go full lesbian, because like the first commenter said, "This is the 21st century, not the f***** 1800's" and love is love, and love is free. or at least it damn well should be.

  • Nah you aren't. This is the 21st century, not the f***** 1800's. Most guys would not care if their girlfriend/wife was playing around with other girls, but most likely think that's hot. I know plenty of girls who do who have boyfriends. Maybe he was mad because he thinks she did that without your permission while you were unaware. Just be honest with the guy, and if he doesn't approve or gets mad.. he's obviously gay.

  • of course you are you f****** idiot. wake up before he leaves you.

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