Revenge Confessions

Someone screwed with my computer

The last couple months my computer has been f***** up. I guess I got some kind of adware tracking cookie on the browser. I don't care if they want to put tracking virus on someone browser why would they make it so it screws up the persons computer. If the computer is screwed up the person can not do... [more]


You suurreee is ugly! I hope Fenty gets you!

Enough of woke BS

I had dinner with a friend in Malta. The buxom waitress called out to me, "my eyes are up here". Only one answer was appropriate, 'your t*** are down here".

A large window at school was broken

There was a large glass window at school that some kid kept breaking after school wAs out. The Principal made an announcement that they would find out who it was. They never did but for some months the window stayed intact. During the summer break about halfway through the season someone broke into the school and destroyed food stored in cans... [more]

P****** everywhere

A couple of years ago, my wife found out I was cheating on her. She's tried to make life for me miserable ever since then.
I decided to do something secretly to justify, in my mind, a way to get back at her. So I urinate a litle bit on anything she comes in contact with.
Sometimes I pee on the rug she has in front of the kitchen sink. One... [more]

Wife gave our friend a BJ after losing at chess

My 32 yr old shapely SoCal wife and I went to a party with friends. My wife has a crush on one of the single guys - gets hot when he wears his tiny tennis shorts, etc. He flirts back.
This night she wore a very low-cut blouse with push-up bra which was the hit of the party.. Wine coolers were flowing.
10 min chess games were being played in the... [more]

I seek vengeance against a former judge for his cold-bloodeness

I prevent myself from doing this due to the obvious fact that I’ll end up in jail, but everyday, I entertain the thought of bludgeoning a former judge to death with a metal pole or Louisville slugger.
I don't like it when a judge yells at me and is cold, unapologetic, ruthless, vicious, dispassionate, unfeeling, callous, cruel, ruthless... [more]

I want need to physically fight one on one

The relative gregory moore jr thats five foot seven two hundred fifty pounds want need to physically fight my enemy brandon lastname thats five foot eight three hundred pounds at the adult development center six mile telegraph judo move headlock takedown front facelock takedown single leg takedown double leg takedown armbar takedown standing... [more]

I finally beat her back.

My narcissistic mother would often resort to violence when things don't go her way.
She's what you call a Communal Narcissist. In public, she's this pinnacle of virtue and within the house she's switches on a different button.
I've endured many types of abuse from her over the years. I've confronted her, and established boundaries. But of... [more]

Me and my aunt have tasted eachother

I've sniffed her panties and cleaned my d*** with her electric toothbrush everyday for 3 months so far and the b**** doesn't know about it. Her dirty panties are pretty f****** addictive tho


I was engaged to a beautiful girl. she was 5'5'' 123lbs long blonde hair and green eyes. 34b t*** but loved to suck c***. 6 month before our wedding i found out she was f****** a friend of mine. i... [more]



Punishing manspreaders

I don’t like manspreaders it’s disgusting and us girls shouldn’t have to deal with that but boys just won’t listen so I started punishing them. So on the bus today a boy was spreading so I asked him to stop and he just ignored me so I asked him again and he said no so I punched him in his private part and he put his hands on it and called me a... [more]

Gained the freshman 50

As kids I used to tease my sister for being a bit "chubby". It really bugged her. I used to go around the house shirtless and proud. She was 3 years older than me and went off to college and transformed herself to be a fitness instructor. When I was my turn to got to college, she patted my belly and said "watch out for the freshman 15, little... [more]

Saw the smoke as I got onto I75 south from Leesburg

This woman was a mad woman at the Walmart between Tavares Florida and Leesburg Florida it was the Walmart that the people who live in the Villages shop at.
I can't remember the exact location because there is a Walmart almost every 10 miles. I was heading home from Mt Dora Florida and I had decided to stop at Walmart to pick up some fresh Kale... [more]

I f****** hate my country

I’ll just go ahead and say it: F*** America. This country is a bottomless s***-show that never seems to end. Western liberalism has created a nation of weak, lazy, fat-ass pieces of dog s***. Seriously... [more]

Valentine's Day Revenge S**

I started dating him almost a year ago but it was beginning to feel like we were drifting apart. We didn't even meet as often as before. So this Valentine's day, I decided to give him a sexy surprise. I told him the day before that I would come over. The surprise was that I would travel without any panties and would let him [more]

My aunts dirty panties are too addictive

I live with my aunt and everyday I can't resist but to sniff her panties and wipe them all over my face. It's the most addictive thing I've tried. I don't like my aunt too much and think she's a b**** and I do clean my d*** with her toothbrush shortly... [more]

Wife's pics

Several weeks ago I found out my wife was messing around with a guy she works with. So I started sending her boss pics of her, nude and in various sexual activities. He has started sending me nude pics of his wife now too. She's not bad looking at all. He knows all of the nasty little details of my wife, including how she used to have the hots for... [more]

Me and my Aunt have tasted eachother and she doesn't know

I think she's a b**** overall, I have enjoyed the smell (and taste) of her dirty panties many times, but I have also regularly cleaned my d*** with her toothbrush and scratched my ass with it. The spit that comes off her toothbrush keeps my [more]

Sorry Tarquin

My former job dragged me around the country on a regular basis, on one particular morning still tired I had to drive from West Wales to arrive in London for 7am. After completing my job at 1300hrs, feeling tired I went to a local supermarket to get a sarnie and a coffee before trekking home. Whilst in the shop looking at the sarnies a young lad... [more]

Is this revenge?

I had a girlfriend and the relationship was going nowhere. I asked her out and she asked what we were going to do. I suggested a movie, Nope, I suggested a trip to the park, nope, I suggested she suggest something and she said no it was my place to suggest something she would like to do. I had run u of suggestions and I told her I would call... [more]

Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka governement and the sinhala peoples have periodically since independence from the UK attacking killing, burning raping the tamil minority peoples and looting who were the fist inhabitants of this land because india is only 30kms away from the tamil homelands and even their so called buddhist peace loving BULLSHIT monks have been... [more]


My husband hung me up side down naked by my ankles, pushed a butt plug in my ass with my own vibrator in my p****. For cheating on him. I remember his did it in front of his friends, turned it on high and told "now you can c** all you want" My brain almost... [more]

Pay back

I pushed my sister naked out of the house for flirting with my boy friend. Then a called two of my boy friend's friends to pick her up. !Wow! never saw two guys so happy to pick up a naked girl. The next day she picked up her stuff and moved out.

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