Embarrassing Confessions

Roll Play Fantasy

I have a kink that could be called ‘mommy, baby roll play’ but it isn’t ancestral at all. I want a girl to treat me like a baby one night. I want a girl to make me kraft mac and cheese, and dinosaur chicken nuggets even though I never eat that. Maybe she could make me eat some peas too. Then I want her to give me a bubble bath. The only time... [more]


I confess that I want to sniff lizzo's fat quim And lick her cream out of her big panties after she's done a concert! God I want her to sit on my face and smother me as she grinds herself to an o*****!!! I would drink all her juice(pardon the pun) and worship her big body. Who else is with me?!

I had a wet dream about my seven beautiful cousins beautifu soles

I had have a wet dream i double wrist grab my seven beautiful cousins diamond marshall deja lee neshia phelps destinee marshall ayana phelps taeja phelps kirsten harris while they was is on the floor got heavy footed hard deep double upwards kick in the n****** three to five times in white socks

My wife Linda

On the way home after Linda and James had got it on Linda seamed to almost be another person she was so uptight to begin with before he f***** her that I was worried that she might be furious with me for making her do it but she seamed to be vry pleased with herself now she was laughing and wanting... [more]

It's out there.

My question is this, Is there a way to trace where a video or pictures posted on the internet came from?
I made a huge mistake not long ago and I knew this would happen, I was camping with my sister and her husband, I went for a stroll after they went to bed, The campsite is one not far from our hometown and it is mostly local people who go there... [more]

Ex wife's niece

I'm basically obsessed with my ex wifes niece. She's adorable, has a cute smile, and is a sweetheart. I can't help but stare at her deliciously phat booty, her body is so plump and bodacious. She'll be 18 in a few months and I wish I couls have a night with her.

I am chelsea gonella

I am Chelsea Gonella and I am a sick vicious s*****. I also enjoy having s** with my dog Enzo. My husband, Michael Gonella, doesn't like that, but he has an unusually tiny p**** and can't satisfy me.

All ears... and more!

I once took a bunch of pics of myself... my ears in particular. I think ears are sexy! But also my genitals and even my a***. I took them to library and made enlarged photocopies - and I accidentally left a couple pics on the photocopier. I raced back to library, but the photos weren't there. ... [more]

I hate Heretics

I hate Heretics. I just hate people who insult the feelings of believers. And now i direct my question to people who created site – sinnlist com . WHAT DA F*** YOU WERE THINKING ABOUT ? WHY YOU GOT THIS F****** LOGO WITH INVERTED CROSS ? WITH THIS... [more]

Pantie wearing

I enjoy cuming in my wifes panties, I wait till she is asleep then find her used panties, get into bed besides her then m*********. The feeling is fantastic, she wears fairly big but comfortable panties, once I have c** I wipe clean the panties and... [more]

Peeping (spying) on my neighbors having s**

When my wife and I moved into our old house, we became sort of friends with our neighbors (directly next to us). After a couple months, they had an unmarried couple move in (they were leasing a room of their house). The couple we were friends with was really nice. The wife was not very cute, but she had an ok body. The new couple that moved in was... [more]

Spying on my hot neighbor in her bikini

My old neighbors had a pool. I could clearly see it from one of our 2nd floor bedroom windows, since trhey pack these houses into our neighborhood. I used to spy on my neighbor's (really cute) daughter while she was in the pool, in her bikini. I actually jacked off many times, watching her, while she was laying out next to the pool...
She... [more]

Happy ending massage?

I guess it's just a little surprising to me, since I'm a pretty good looking guy, and have been getting professional massages for almost 20 years, but I have never had a massage therapist ask me about a happy ending ever.
The one time I thought something was going to happen was at a resort in northern New Mexico, where I got a 90 min massage. ... [more]

I used a fake d*** on her

So I am a super small guy. Probably only about 2.5 inches. Well l made sure I would not be ridiculed this last time. I Hid a fake d*** under my pillow so then I turned all the lights out and pulled it out when we started getting it on. I pushed it in her so hard and then she was moaning to giver her... [more]


This happened a few years ago when I was hanging out with a friend (we're both girls lets call her K).... I used to always smack Ks ass as a joke cause she would just get so annoyed. Well one day i was hanging around at her house with some of our other friends while her parents were out, and i smacked K so hard she fell against her bed frame and... [more]

Slept with someone I hardly ever know

I was at vacation. I left my lovely husband and went to visit my cousin. I was at my cousin's house. She told me that she invited her bf. I said ok no problem. Her bf came with another friend. We talked all over night by the help of some vine. Later night, my cousin and her bf went to their room. I said good night to his friend and got into my... [more]

Why I Love Escorts

A 44 year marriage, 5 grown kids and good career changed when my wife lost interest in s** and treated it like a duty. She used to please me in pantyhose with the crotch cut out and wore attractive dresses that displayed her nylon covered legs. Life and relationship were fun and family was our common... [more]

I need a sugar daddy

I always wanted a sugar daddy so I can love them and so they can give me some sugar! I’m very young but I want someone mature to love me :(

I was an atheist and now....

I was an ardent atheist for decades when one day, when I was commenting about my feelings about those who believe in God (and doing so in my usual
respectful way), the woman offered to bet me that I could believe in God if I'd be willing to try something new: hypnosis. The bet was that she'd pay if it failed and I'd pay if it worked. I laughed... [more]

Holy Crap

My husband and I just returned from a trip to Mexico, Just a qick one week trip with just the two of us, I had booked us in at a resort that is in a group with two others, You get a wrist band and you can go to any of the three resorts and have access to their beaches and services.
We went for a walk down the beach the one day, The one resort... [more]

My wife loves s****

My wife has a thing for s****,before she goes out the house she puts on her black rubber thong,I have to m********* in front of her,she pulls the thong down I spurt my s**** inside the crotch of... [more]

Camping with my ex mom in-law

She always turned me on
She was sleeping in separate tent around 5 in the morning I heard she was walking down to river I fallowed her she was taking a s***
I waited till she went back to her tent she really made me hard I walked down found her t***... [more]

I can’t stop gaining weight... and I like it

I’ve always been skinny, I’ve always eaten unhealthily as well but never really gained because of it, I guess I have a high metabolism. I’ve always liked the idea of weight gain and this summer I decided to over eat a lot (2500-3500kcal a day) and I gained about 30lbs in the past 6 months. Going from 120lbs to 150lbs but I’m 5’11 (180cm) so I’m... [more]

I sell dirty panties

I sell dirty panties and pictures... I love the thoughts of a man getting off on my filthy c** soaked panties, it turns me on so much to know what they do with them

I want a woman to kick and stomp the crap out of me

I need a woman that will kick, stomp, step, and walk all over me

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