Embarrassing Confessions

The examination ( part 1of 2 parts part 2 comming soon )

When i was back in middle school we all hung out in front of the local candy store. and during horse play i was pushed and broke the stores front picture window, the owner came out and said i need to give him $1200 to replace the broken window or he will have me arrested. being on probation for something else i don;t know what to do to get the... [more]

Turning criminal...please help

I just want to make it a start by saying that ever since my girl friend left me....I have gone crazy for s**...I am not able to control my hormones as soon as I see a girl wearing a high top...I easily get fascinated by their navel and try to group them taking an advantage in crowd...I do realize that I... [more]


I just got a part of wet sexy panties and they smell so good I could eat them for days


I'd like to have my wife bred. I have read a little about it on different site's and would really like to make it happen. Not sure how I could try to convince her to allow it.

I hate my step son

Someone please help!!! I just got married February. I love my wife she's so amazing. But I absolutely HATE my step son he makes me wanna smoke my lungs out!!! Doesn't the bible say choose your spouse over EVERYONE including kids?? He's becoming a problem in our marriage and I am suffering psychological problems because of it. He's 30 years old and... [more]

I hate Malaysian oppositions

I'm Korean and never ever visit Malaysia but the truth is that Malaysian oppositions are far-right fascists. Especially DAP. They have a governor in Penang, he is Lim Guan Eng. What did he do? He banned all foreigners to cook local food just because it ruins the origins. Malaysian foods are based on Penang, therefore lots of foreigners were used... [more]


For the last bit of time all I can ever think about is sucking another male its like I have to find out for myself even though I have not had s** with another male since my early teens even then it just happened its like I just crave the taste of c**.

Seduced by girl

My girlfriend asked to practice massaging me to help her get better for her masseuse classes so I agreed. All I was given was a small towel to wear as I laid down. She started slow and steady and once I loosened up she went to my feet. Suddenly up my legs she pours warm oil and starts rubbing it in. I had to open my legs a little a the fell off... [more]

I hate my life

Really embarrassing!!! my 'stepdad' thinks that he is the best. h*** he is only 22. im too laazy to capitalize letters sorry. he said me to read a book. how? there are no books for my age in this freakin house all books are bout s** and family makin. i... [more]


Literotica... xnxx... reddit. P*** is filled with incesty bullahit. Knock it off f***** slags

Male who loves wearing panties

I am a married man that loves wearing panties.

I pee the bed

I pee every night. In the bed. My husband thinks its very sey and can't stop f****** me. I used to worry about it, but what the h***. I get the best of both worlds...a hubby who f**** me and me, who... [more]

Gf sister

I ducked my gf sister in the bathroom during a family party

Beat up by a girl

Girls are always getting physical with me and it's humiliating. I can't get them to stop. I just got beat up for the 5th time by a different girl. And not only do I get beat up but they get too physical and not in a good way, and I just want to know of its something I'm doing to get beat up? The first time it happened it was by this girl named... [more]

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