Embarrassing Confessions

Im a sick person

I have a f****** boys love addiction every night i read them, my family is homophobic but I am too, i dont like gay people like pan, lesbian , or whatevs but i feel butterflies when i read boys love but its gonna have cute boys- a girl

I think I am in trouble...

Our close neighbors are swingers. We have known for quite some time and they are very open about their sexual experiences. Ever since we found out I (husband) have brought up the idea of trying it ourselves. My wife would joke about it but never seriously considered it. Until last week!
It started off with me suggesting we could start off with... [more]

Girlfriends confession (Part 1)

Am I warped for considering this. I called this part 1 because I have not made up my mind yet.
I am a 24 year old guy. I dated a girl briefly and quickly asked her to move in with me. She is only 20 and kind of immature. We are not really serious, but we have fun together and the s** is good.
I have... [more]

I wish I had a d***

The thought of having a d*** turns me on so much. sometimes I wear socks in my pants to make it look like i’m packing. might get a packer


I am 18 years old girl and I had a fetish for facesitting I like to be a seat for much older bigger woman
One time I met with this sexy 43 mistress who she was twice my size which I loved
At first she made me carry her from my front door to my bedroom which was a struggle for me
Then she made me kiss her feet and like them til they wet and... [more]

Why the big deal?

Why is incest considered such a bad thing? I grew up in a household that practiced incest and I am a normal adjusted adult. And so are my 2 older sisters.
Growing up my parents were pretty much nudists so we all rarely wore clothes around the house. Nudity was no big deal to us. Also my parents had an "open door" rule in the home. And yes I did... [more]

Facesitting teen

I am a 47 years old woman and I have this fetish to sit on younger girls face and make them eat my p****
I love to dominate them make them my little bitchs
I love to make the suffer and bagging for me to get of their faces so the could breath
One time I was having a secret relationship with one... [more]

Slip n Slide n Stripped

So i will attempt to share with you my first ( of many ) embarrassed naked experience...
So my neighnor girl ( who was very cute ) named Britney, had her girlfriends from church over. They were playing around in her yard with a water hose & Slip n Slide. They were all in their little swimsuits & all pretty. Well they invited me over. So i... [more]

My mother the prison officer

Yesterday morning my mother started working at the local prison/correctional facility as a prison officer/guard and about 2 hours after she started work I arrived at the centre and asked her boss if I could speak with her and her boss said she is very busy dealing with the prisoners here at the moment she is a guard / Officer after all so he... [more]

Obsessive mum made my teenage years h***

When I was a teenage boy back in the early eighties, my mum would forever be on at me about my weight. I wasn't hugely overweight, but she had an obsession about it. She herself was always on some diet or other. Anyway, one day we were getting ready to go to a family wedding. She looked at me in my suit, shook her head and disappeared upstairs... [more]

Weakness for tights

For as long as i can remember I've loved the thought of a woman sitting on my face in a well worn pair of panties and tights. Ever since my ex boss used to do it to assert her dominance on me. It's an embarrassing thing to ask a woman to do, just wish I could find like minded women near me to do it, i'm in the north east of England. Not interested... [more]

I can happen...

Group s** happens more often than you think. I read a confession on this site from a 16 year old girl who got in over her head at a fraternity party and ended up allowing a group of guys to use her. Well I am not 16 and stupid, I am a 30 year old professional female and it happened to me.
This is... [more]

Embarresed about what I who attracted too

I'm 20. I was on a walk today around town and I saw three gorgeous girls selling bracelets. I bought one for my girlfriend. On the way home I was embarrassed because those girls were probobly 13-15. I have a real attraction for early pubesent girls, but I'm dedicated to never acting on it. I was just really moved by the blond, red, and brunette... [more]

I love peeing myself

I pee myself almost everyday. I usually put a towel down on my bed and let my p*** flow. I love the warmth. I also like to pee my pants when leaving stores and people can see. i’m peeing as typing this

Mom saw me na**d with a bbc and found out am gay

My mom was out for groceries then my friend and me started having fun. She forgot her wallet and when she came back home she was shocked. I was naked and down on knees sucking his bbc.

I am a Stupid white girl

I am only 18 and I have ruined my life. I graduated high school several months early due to all the virus crap. My parents encouraged me to get a part time job and get ready to start college. But I didn't...
Instead I started smoking weed, a lot of weed. I would hang out all day at the house of a drug dealer named Henry. We would smoke and play... [more]

Requesting a Spanking from my mother

This morning myself and my mother were eating breakfast and suddenly my mother said ok Young Man I can see that you have something to say to me and I replied Yes Ma'am I have and she replied yes ok Young Man I'm listening and I replied as soon as we have finished breakfast I was wondering if you could turn me over your knee and take my pants and... [more]

My ex girlfriends pictures

My girlfriend was in her late 40s. she had a killer body and great t*** 40DD store bought so they were firm. she was having computer problems and knowing i was a computer tech asked me what she should do. i looked at her computer and by the sounds of it her hard drive was about to crash. i turned it... [more]

Requesting a Spanking from Kelly

So Yesterday afternoon I went to my mate Simon's place and knocked on the front door to see if he was home but his wife Kelly said unfortunately Simon has gone away on a month long business trip but his wife Kelly said come in Robert and let's have a chat Young Man and she said ok Young Man I can see that you have something to say to me let's hear... [more]

That was embarrassing

With it being hot i went to hang out with my aunt today she opens her door in her bikini her huge knockers nearly pop out her butt looked perfect i refused to get my shorts on because i had a b**** from seeing her that way and she kept nagging me to change and took the [more]

Spanked by April and Amy

Earlier this evening we had Amy's sister April over at our house for dinner and straight after she said ok Young Man you are going to get your bare bottom soundly Spanked over my knee so that you learn not to be rude to me is that understood Young Man and I replied Yes Ma'am and she said ok Young Man straight after dinner you and I will be going... [more]

My mother Narelle becomes a child care centre manager part 4

So following yesterday afternoon's diaper changes from both Olivia and my mother Narelle this morning we arrived at the child care centre this morning and my mother said I need to get into work as the child care centre manager again for the day but she said as you know I spoke with both Giselle and Emma on the phone last night and they are both... [more]

Watching Stacie spank her son

Yesterday afternoon I went to visit a mate's place and while I was there his mother Stacie said to her son Laurie ok Young Man you have been and I have decided that I'm going to spank your bare bottom over my knee Young Man and with that she dragged a straight back wooden chair into the middle of the room and ordered her son Laurie to get over her... [more]

Requesting a Spanking from Louise

Late yesterday afternoon I went to a mate's place to see if he was home but he wasn't there but his mother Louise was home she said Danny won't be home until at least 7am Monday morning he is spending the weekend at his dad's house with his dad and his dad's new girlfriend so Danny's Mom Louise said come in and have a seat Robert I'm just in the... [more]

Blubber jiggle

My belly's getting so damn big! I can't fit into anything. It's so blubbery and jiggles. I love sending buttons flying.

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