Embarrassing Confessions

Sexually Harassed by Family Member

19 year old male, living at home with mom & dad (45) and my 16 year old sister.
I think that I've been sexually harrased by my dad (recovering alcoholic). When I was 17 or 18 he gave me two giant wet kisses on the neck in a row when my mom was a few feet away (distracted on her damn phone) and I ran away freaking out that my father gave me a... [more]

My wife spanks me

My wife spanks me when she is upset by my behavior or attitude. We agreed to do this as a way to resolve conflicts after a series of arguments a few years ago.
My wife felt like words were not enough and having to apologize with action restored fairness and balance to the relationship. She is able to release a lot of frustration and feels much... [more]


My husband loves to watch watch or listen as I get f***** my other men. Turns him on much

Wireless bluetooth s** toys for public use

I recently purchased a wireless bullet my husband can control from anywhere in thr world with his phone. Im not sure how comfortable it would be for long time (all “work day hours” use) but to get started I want to wear it all day. We work at separate places and I want him to give me a buzz when he thinks of me.
Does anyone have one of these?... [more]

I thought I was the only one.

From the time I was about 16 I had been carrying on an affair with my step dad, Good god, I don't even remember how it started but I began an infatuation with him and knowing what I know now I realize that it may have been something I was groomed into by him. I used to sneak in and spy on him in the shower etc. and around 15 started dressing... [more]


Mo pitty please. 32 tears ago my older brother was watching me when our parents were gone for weekend. He did alot to me that weekend . Im sorry not supposed to go into details on here. I never told anyone but have written it down like this a few time anonymous. Idk just seems to make it real.

Sitting on women

I live in the U.K. and so I have this weird fetish which I noticed not to long ago. And it’s the fact that I enjoy sitting on women. Women especially with a nice body and it’s weird, I know but I actually enjoy it. I was just play fighting with my cousin and I got on top of her and I pinned her whilst I was sat on top of her and I enjoyed it. I... [more]


A few weeks ago I came home early from work. I hear noises from my oldest daughters room so I went up there. I walked in and she was having s** with a guy. She screamed and cover up and I apologized and walked out. I went into the bathroom, right next door and waited. They started [more]


I have been a cuck to my wife for years. Since before we were married, She first started f****** my friends, sometimes she'd let me watch, other times she'd bring men home. I've always enjoyed it but as our daughters get older I find myself enjoying the idea of them cucking me. I like the idea of... [more]

I like sitting on women

So I have this weird fetish where I enjoy sitting on top of women. I know it’s not the norm but I get quiet aroused when I’m sat on top of women or when they’re carrying me on their back. I would love to meet a women who would let me sit on top of them and carry me.


I have this strange fantasy of watching my friends spank my daughters.


I have been sharing my wife with other men for years. She especially loves BBC g******** and I love to watch. When our oldest daughter started to date she dated a few different black boys over a couple years time. But now she is dating a white kid and I'm disappointed. I think deep down I was... [more]

So that happened

I was out camping with my BF and some other friends, I watched him flirting all night with some other girl and then all of a sudden at some point, I don't even know what time it was but it was late and I looked around and the two of them were gone, I went for a walk but couldn't find either of them and got mad. I ended up meeting up with an old... [more]

Still in pain

My bf and i were having s*x yesterday. he was going very fast from behind and went deep inside my butt. it hurt so bad and i'm still in pain today. the condom broke too which is making me worry i could get sick. it hurts so bad i don't want to go to the bathroom. i think i should see a dr if i still feel pain tomorrow.

Desire to worship feet

I have a very strong urge to worship the feet and shoes of my girl best friend. I wish for her to dominate me and treat me as her slave.

Satin panties

I'm a mover. I went to this woman's house to move and she was a petite brunette. I obviously started packing up her room. I found her panty drawer. It was full of satin. That never happens. So I took about 5 pairs. But her laundry basket was a different story. I took all those ones.

Friends husband is blackmailing me.

In February I attended a friends wedding in mexico, Lovely, small beach ceremony Blah, Blah. That night we overtook the resort pool bar and they let us keep it open later than normal with the undersatanding that if other people wanted to use it as well that they were allowed.
I am single, 39, 5'6", 140 pounds and have DDD's, I wish I was a bit... [more]

I want a do over.

Halloween night the kids were at my parents and that night I bring a friend home from the bar, She was supposed to sleep in the spare room because her husband and her were fighting and she didn't want to go home. We had been drinking since mid afternoon and you can imagine what kind of shape we were in, I wake up in the middle of the night and my... [more]

My Stuffed Animal

19 year old guy
I still sleep with the same stuffed animal every night that I have since I was 2. I have a hard time sleeping without my bunny. I don't take him on vacation because I'm too scared of the trama which would be loosing him forever. My bunny was the only thing there for me when I was depressed and suicidal. He's my best friend even... [more]

To the guys running the site.

Oh s*** I thought I was still on the other site! Sorry!

America is in real trumple

On the dahvie vanity cases and interviews I have to agree with anonymous animosity crinchworthy chris hansen remarks and review of the dumb jungalows jungwammba's. dahvie vanity could any unspeakable assaults done to him but that goes against the constitution and rights of people on trial. the fact is what the [more]

My first time was with H*****

I hired a h***** tonight.
I thought it would be a great experience in loosing my virginity. I am 26 and up until a few hours ago was a virgin.
i don't know if the virgin at 30 becomes a wizard thing is true but I will never find out now.
It was amazing but I couldn't keep it up and didn't really... [more]

I nearly peed on my dad

It’s rare for my dad to spank me, he only does it when I done something bad. But one night i was hanging out with my friends and they convinced me to stay out a few hours later then I should, my curfew is 9 but i lost track of time and ended up staying out at my friend house for 3 more hours. When I got home my dad was in the living room waiting... [more]

White guilt

These days are awesome, I have f***** so many white Woman because of their white guilt. Every time it’s always without condom, every single one of them wants me to shoot a load deep in their p****** even the ones that are cheating on their husbands... [more]


That when I was 15 I would sneak into my grandma room n touch her p**** n grope her bubble huge ass n j*** off for an hour with my hand on her p**** or ass i even put her night gown up n licked her left... [more]

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