Embarrassing Confessions

I want my mother in law

I started dating my wife in high school we had a baby at a young age and I moved in to my mother in laws home she's a heavier woman but I've always wanted to be with her she was so used to being in the house with just her children that when i first came she would walk to her bathroom naked all the time I would look threw the crack of my door when... [more]

"Reality always catches up with you"

-ObAmAs farewell speech

A lot of "meta" commercials

During Avatar on FX

Drunken S**

I was drunk at a party and met a guy who I went home with. We did so many dirty things together that night. I was so h**** that I was letting him push me to my limits which ended up with me on my knees in the bath tub and him p****** on my face. ... [more]

Sometimes :,(

I sound accusatory when I'm just genuinely curious. I love you.

Can't help myself..............

..........from loving Kristen Stewart I know she's annoying but I love her so much

Stuck Ducks

I like to look at pictures of ducks and turtles trapped in plastic six pack holder rings. It gets me excited.

Disability should be allowed s**, marriage and babies too

I seen a lady I met who has a slight mental disability and all she talks about is being an aunty and she gives speeches all the time but she has a kind heart and honest. her parents died and they were very wealthy and I can't get over how she can fuss over a stranger's kid in the bus and not question why she has no husband and baby herself. its a... [more]

Why does it take so llong for this site to display new confession

This happens often. This would be a much better site if we saw the new confessions every morning.

Im addicted to s**

I'm addicted to s**. I think it is because it's all I knew when I was 10-15 my dad sexually abused me and made me watch p*** with him. I think that is why I feel like I need it all the time. It's all I think about I'm always fantasizing and I even... [more]

Vicious cycle of disability discrimination poverty

I need help with my shopping addictions but I need shoes and is I could stop putting on weight it would help a great deal. I want to afford better foods and weight loss support and make people understand I am not taking this abuse any more, I am just as good as other people with all their abilities sure I have some disabilities but that does not... [more]

I met someone I knew on Craiglist

I posted an ad in casual encounters, I got tons of fake replies and one real reply. The woman said she was just out of a relationship was lonely h**** and wanted s**. We agreed to meet at a tavern. She said I'll be wearing a red jacket. I walked in and saw... [more]

I m*********

I watch p*** and m********* twice a day or more. then I hate what I did and pretend I never did it. I even hate the p*** I watch to get me in the mood. I want a nice man but maybe I am not... [more]

Foot massages

I don't know how or why but these last two weeks I've very into feet. I have an urge to touch them and rub them. I do mean my girlfriends I wouldn't touch a strangers I don't think. I want to massage her feet and toes all the way up to her knees. It's overwhelming. I want to talk to her about I'm so scared too though.

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