Embarrassing Confessions

Pinned and punished and humiliated by my big butt mom

My 44 year-old mom works as a waitress and as always real busy I'm 16 there be a senior in high school and I recently started smoking pot and have been hanging out with some people that I probably shouldn't my mom's divorced and we've been our house together two years by ourselves she's about 5/8 and 150 lb with a skinny waist and a great big butt... [more]


How does everyone here fulfill their panty fetish? Comment how, I’m trying it get new ideas,

Cousins feet and panties

I desire having s** with my cousins, mostly one more than the other. I take pictures of their feet and when i get home i f*** the living h*** out of my right hand and pretend its their feet. One of them is... [more]

Whipping my boyfriend

I love my boyfriend and will do anything to please him sexually. However a couple of nights ago he said it would really turn him on for me to whip him. I thought he was joking but he was serious so I agreed to do it. At first I just did it very lightly, almost just playing at it, but he told me no, he wanted me to do it really hard. Reluctantly I... [more]

I dont want my gut

I am 300 pounds and i hate my gut. At one point i took a knife and tried to slice it off... I got caught and was taken to the hospital. That was a year ago. I know it is something i could probably get rid of just with dieting and exercising but i also have bulimia. I tried telling my best friend and she laughed at me saying it wasnt possible... [more]


I was once showering at a shower near a campsite. My clothes were on the bench and the door was locked (I thought). At one point, while I was stark naked showering, the door suddenly opens. Nobody opened it, it just opened because of the wind or something (I still don’t know). Anyway; it was really crowdy then so when the door flew open, about 10... [more]


I am a bedwetter

When I was younger I had a step sister who is 2 years older than

When I was younger I had a sister that was two years older than me a step sister beautiful lower body and she was bigger and stronger than me and she would sit on me 4 hours at a time I would be exhausted and ether and now that I think about it I would really love to have somebody sit on me again body sitting is very exhilarating to see and it... [more]

Boxing, and sweat

I one time, went to see a friend who is a girl, to go work out. I knew she was a little s***, but she was very pretty. I told her about being stressed because of work school. The I told her about my panty fetish, she laughed the open her truck of her car and showed me her gym bag, I was hard as... [more]

I want women to stop wearing clothes

I would take off every woman's clothes if I could. They should just be naked.

So different now

When I was growing up I was proud of the U.S. and proud to be from here. Now? No way. America is a joke and being called an American in an insult.

I am antisocial

I feel jealous when someone is raped. I get annoyed when I hear a abuse victim complaining. I feel sorry for old men who get accused by victims from long ago.

Wife Monalisa

Well it would be several weeks after that before Sherry let herself be talked into trying it again but is subtle ways she had brought it up in some of our private conversations but like a woman she always made it seam like it was my Idea but I was fine with it as long as she was willing to have me there so We made up more rules.
Married males... [more]


I love my panties I love the pink store and I'm married to a wonderful wife who loves panty shopping with me it's awesom and I don't think you can ever have enough panties!!!

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