Embarrassing Confessions

Dreams never came true

I always wanted to see a child birth. It never happened until I was an adult. I was around 8 or 9.

Friends with benefits

Okay, so I’m in school and before covid the guy I sat next to in one of my classes would hit on me pretty much everyday and I would teasingly flirt back. Now, bc of quarantine I haven’t hung out with people in weeks and by god I just want to f****** get off. I really want to be fwb with him... [more]

I am too old to consider this

I confess that I fantasize about being exposed in public, nude or sexually. I am a married 65 year old woman who works for local government. This is crazy.

My embarrassing times with girl

My summer before entering 4rth grade,I had to have my appendix removed.Today,one MIGHT spend a night in the hospital. Back in the early 1960's,it was closer to a week.Anyway,the day after surgery, two young girls retrieved me, and led me to the shower room.They told me to undress for a bath. I was mortified as they seemed to continue giggling as... [more]

His Mum Caught us

I am now a 62 year old woman and having seen this site it reminded me of an incident that still makes my toes curl when I remember it.
At the time I was 15 or 16. I had a boyfriend of the same age. We both had the same free time at school, Wednesday afternoons.
We use to go to his house to "Study" but the time was usually spent messing about... [more]

My life

When I was 15 years old, I found out I was bisexual. At first, I wasn’t sure but I had a crush on my classmate. I go to an all girls school, however before I’ve always liked this guy from my youth group.
He was tall, brown-haired and his face had dimples. However, despite his attractive appearance, he was not very social. He did not have much... [more]

Ticklingnaked kids

I love tickling girls and boys between the ages of 6-10 .i have tickled quite of few of them naked i pay people to let me tickle them naked there is no s** involved but i do tickle them on their genitles.seeing that i dont want s** most parents agree and some... [more]

Ruined my marriage? (Part 1)

This will be two parts.
I would like to just hit the rewind button, Just go back 24Hrs and start over.
My husband and I had a trip booked to a local outdoor concert, It’s a huge deal around here and there are hundreds of campers and thousands of people who attend every year, My husband and I met there and have attended for 22 years together (I... [more]

I love suntan pantyhose

I'm wearing women clothing and suntan pantyhose and I'm in my bathroom

Was it real or play?

Over a year ago my husband had one of his friends break in and "Rape" me after I told him my fantasy was to be raped, I am pretty sure I know who it was and I am all good with it but...I spent a weekend at the lake by myself last weekend and...I went out to the garage to take out the garbage and was confronted. I was told to go back in the house... [more]

Ruined my marriage? (Part 2)

I was so messed up I couldn’t even stop, I just looked at her and she was staring at my husband who was on his knees and elbows, Face buried in my p**** with one hand under my butt and his thumb in it and the other hand pulling on my stretchy little left nip which was burning he was pulling so hard... [more]


This isn’t a confession but I haven’t told this to anyone so... I’m 13 and really big big f****** raging gay lesbian ok thank you bye ❤️🧡🤍

You think you have problems

I am 13 and I have this weird thing for men who are older than me. My stepdad has a hot friend who is at least 13 years older than me and all I can think about is him whenever he leaves our house. I also have a crush on a couple boys at my school and one of them I'll call them fabio was in my dream and we were doing the nasty and we started dating... [more]

Im a 13 year old boy and i like girls stomach's

I know right ew he has a weird fetish now let me tell you how it happened alright so buckle up it was a friday just like any other so my parent's are out on a really long business trip and i did normal teenage stuff had party's and i will admit i drank a little so after everybody goes home my girl told me she was going to go home and bring her... [more]

My underpants literally caught on fire...

Okay so when I was younger I heard the idea of warming up socks in the oven. tonight my feet were cold so i thought that would be nice to try warming my sock in the oven... while i was in the shower. i also decided to add my underwear, why not? well... when i got out of the shower there were literal flames coming out of the oven and smoke... [more]

I want to be spanked

I really want to be spanked, and I've taken to self-spanking, and IT'S REALLY FUN! I couldn't believe how fun it was.

Pee my panties and pants

Hi wetters.as for mr I love the warm feeling I get to wet my panties and jeans I love being wet in my warm pee.I will always wet my panties and pants and after I’m wearing jeans are a wet.I don’t like being dry.all through high school I pee my pants in class and love the other students watch me wet my pants.I’m 17 senior nd I even pee my pants... [more]

Male doctor pressing my wife's breast

Yesterday I had to visit the doctor for my wife with some pain on her b******. In the clinic she had to remove her top and bra. With his gloved hands the doctor pressed her bare b****** in my presence and I could see her nipples hardening. ... [more]

My little issue..

I’m 21 and since the age of 16 I’ve snuck into my old room (now 51) and film and photography her feet/soles while she’s asleep. They are the most perfect feet in the world I can’t help myself..I even went as far as busting on them and felt really odd after yet turned on;/

Colleague who shares his nude wife photos and videos online

My colleague was on leave and had to search for some document in his office computer. So I just opened a word document and found nude photos of his wife pasted in it with detailed description of her b****** and p**** and from the language it was... [more]

I don't care for her politics at all . . . . .

. . . . . but oh god how I love love LOVE the way Nancy Pelosi walks and moves. Even the way she adjusts her mask when she talks. OH, baby! She is a supremely hot and sexy creature!


It happen in high school when I was 17 during P E period. Used to play basketball in an outside court with the boys school team. Like every day we, change clothes and showered in the lockers that were just behind the bleachers. I never expected I was going to get pranked in the most embarrassing way. I remember my towel was gone and my locker... [more]

I love belly button

Okay so to be honest I’ve been noticing that I really like it when some guys take off their shirt. Every time they do I always love 💗 looking at the structure of their upper body and mostly their belly button because looking at their belly button is so adorable.😍😌 Sometimes I just want to ask the person of tickle it and make them laugh because... [more]

Being Harassed at Home

My dad has sexually misbehaved around me though out my teens (I'm 19 now).
He's given me wet kisses on the neck, some one them being right in front of my mom. Once he had his crotch on my butt, hands on my hips, and have me a wet kiss on the back of the neck right in front of my mom. I yelled at him and ran away.
When I was 15 or 16 he... [more]

Naked in front of mother in law

My wife and I went camping with my mother in law to Myrtle Beach Ocean Lakes. I went In to shower and when I came out my mother in law was just standing there while I was naked. She then told my wife that she saw me nude I was so embarrassed for my wife to know her mother had seen me. It seemed to turn my wife on . She had me stand up and the... [more]

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