Embarrassing Confessions


I have a burping fetish. A woman burping just seems incredibly hot to me. I'm fifteen and a male and I've had this fetish for as long as I can remember. Bloating and stomach growling from a woman is also hot to me. I've never told anyone about this and I feel ashamed for having this.

Should my wife stop wearing low cut tops?

She is 32 now and it is so embarrassing when the men just stare at her t***! should I ask her to cover up? This is her out and about http://i.imgur.com/46uSERv.png

The vist at my new doctors

So I want to my new doctors yesterday and my mom stayed in the waiting room it was a guy doctor and he asked me to get undressed I said excuse me he said take off u clothes i said infront of u he says yes so I did he said lay down and put ur legs in the air I said why he said just do it so I did he said closed your eye I said ok 😌 then he was... [more]

My life as a crossdresser

I have been wearing women's clothing bras stockings lingerie dresses high heels panties all since i was seven years of age and have been doing so ever since then even though at first i was forced to dress as a little school girl for three years after getting cought crossdressing when i was a teenager but i enjoyed wearing women's panties bras... [more]

My first b******

I'll never forget the first time I had a c*** in my mouth,it felt weird at first, i thought to myself , 'what if the whole world sees me with a c*** in my mouth, my heart was beating at a very fast pace as I willingly took the thick six inch [more]


These f*****'s who live downstairs and have a beautiful bengal cat they don't f****** look after , because it kills everything small and f****** eats it out of hunger, not just leaves it on the... [more]


My ex found out just weeks before moving 250 miles away that I had been stealing her dirty panties for a year and at fir s t told me t o stop as she didnt like it. I told her I co u l dnt I was a p e r vert and addicted and the on l y way to stop me was to ban me from her h o use I also m ade it c l ear I d e served punishing and she ha d the... [more]


I woud love to sit on a fat womans belly

Aunties panties

Ever since i was 7 years old i lived with my auntie. when i was 15 my auntie who was 30 at the time was out shopping and left me alone in the house. it was the middle of summer and i had nothing to do, all of my friends were on holiday and i was so bored. my auntie phoned me and told my to go into her room and see if she left her watch in the room... [more]

Pantie boy

I am 15 and i love wearing panties, i sneak into my moms room and put on all her sexy panties. i started to wear panties the day after my 14 birthday when my mom mixed up the laundry and without knowing it she gave me a pink thong that said naughty girl on it. i put it on and loved it.
How do i tell her i love wearing panties and how do i tell... [more]

Sad to say it, but it's true:

President Trump is a pissy little b****. And that's embarrassing.

I did it too.

I'm a 60year old married man.When in Florida this spring I found an adult store with booths that had gloryholes.I was watching a movie when a guy came into the booth next to me, never put any money in.He stuck his very hard c*** through the hole.I couldn't resist and took him in my mouth he came... [more]

Roy bell

My ex found out i'd been stealin her panties for over a year and at first she told me to stop she didnt like it. Bu t told her I couldnt because I was a dirty pervert that deserved punishingand she h a d the right to punish me any way she wished and there was N O THING sheco u ldnt do t o meexcept illegal stuff and I had to carry o u t any p un i... [more]

Made to wear panties

I lost a bet with an ex gf once and the forfeit was that I had to wear her panties all day. They were strangely comfortable. I'm definitely not a cross dresser and it was embarrassing. Have any women made their guy wear their panties?

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