Embarrassing Confessions


When i was in elementary i was outside after a class & i had to pee really bad but like we had to go back inside so they wouldn’t let me use the classroom so i peed outside infront of everyone… two times Plus another day in elementary i was in class and i peed on the chair…

Should I do it?

I saw my niece, or at least pictures of my niece, on an escort website. The pictures were nude and did not show a face but I am positive it is her. She is an adult, 19 years old, and has a very unique tattoo I recognized. Should I contact her? Whether she wanted to or not, because of what I know, she would have to do anything I want.

Wife denies s**

My wife has gone through menopause and my accident. She has made it clear no s**, no talking about it don’t watch it. I did not realize I loved s** really bad. I can (not ) give it up so easily. I love to watch if I’m not engaging with my wife. But I found out... [more]

Our secret

No one is aware of how I really met my husband. All anyone knows is that we met in college. We have a private joke about it, I call my husband "old number 7". Only we know what it means.
I grew up in a very strict home and attended christian schools. I went to a semi local college, roughly 3 hours from home. When I got out on my own I kind of... [more]

Sucking d***

To started thinking of sucking d***. It is a little exciting. Thinking of a d*** pretty long n straight, with that muscular look circumcised and that tube along the bottom so you can see when it’s pumping [more]

Butt pain fear

I’ve mentioned here before about starting to suck d***. Well not into any type of love just the d*** that’s all. I have thought about futbucking Scared about that man even though I’m paralyzed and could not feel to much. Being a dude I know about... [more]

32 and spanked

I’m 32 years old and got a spanking from my mom yesterday after work bc I did not wash the dishes is that’s too old I think so

Size queen problems

I can only get sexual satisfaction from a man with a large p****. When I was 14 years old I had my first sexual experience with a 16 year old boy. His p**** was 9 inches long and thick. From that point on a small [more]

Is it a black thing?

Do black guys enjoy f****** white girls in the ass "too much"? I got divorced a few months ago realizing I messed up getting married right out of high school. I promised myself I was going to catch up on all the adventures I missed out on. Especially [more]

Photo Booth S** pictures

This happened in the seventies. You could not take nude pictures, they would not develop them. So the mall Photo Booth will work. You have to start with an erection or you will run out of time. The photos are timed. So I pull open my sweat pants and she puts it in her mouth. Next pic she pulls her sweat pants down and I put it in her puss. I’m so... [more]

I like to go p*** in my bed.

The title pretty much says it. I like to drink a lot of water before bed, wearing no diaper or anything like that, just the shorts I usually wear to bed (though the mattress is protected), and wait until I have to go p*** really, really bad . . . .
. . . and then I lay there and [more]

Craving CT

Since childhood I have had fantasies of c*** torture, CT.
I’m tie down face up tied spread eagle. Women, clothed or naked, torture me by rough handling, electrical shock and impact with whips and caning. Anything painful that can done really without permanent damage.
Sometimes Im bend over... [more]

Do anything

Last night whilst my boyfriend and I were having s** he told me if I climaxed before he gave me permission I had to do whatever he asked of me today. So, what he has told me to do is come on this site and ask you what I should wear for the next week. He said the options are:
a) very tight and very... [more]

Love to be spanked

I love it when my husband spanks me. He is really firm and sometimes it hurts but I love the pain and then the red rawness is actually a turn on afterwards especially if people see my bare red ass up my skirt.

Men in pantyhose

I will like to chat with man in pantyhose

Not a good friend

I did a really bad thing to a really good friend and now he does not speak to me.
Let me first explain both of us are gay. We have been best friends after we found out about each other. We were comfortable around each other and have even had very passionate s**.
Last week I took him along to my weed... [more]

Idk y I feel like I need this…

I’ve made lots of regrets and mistakes and I feel like a b**** bc I’ve been being one honestly I get away with everything I want n it doesn’t seem right it feels like it f**** me up more…I just wanna be punished bc I feel like I deserve it u know get... [more]

Married male having bi affairs

I have been married for 19 years and have probably sucked about 25 different c**** in those years maybe more. I hook up with guys on doublelist. I prefer men with big c****. Mine is only six cut.

Started Smoking

We were on a camping trip last summer and made friends with the group of campers around us. Some of them were smoking (cigarettes), and I've always liked the smell. For some reason it smelled really good and I wanted to try it. We had a few drinks an I asked to try one. They said it was ok to try, but take it easy so I did. Just breathe a... [more]

My friend had s** with the masseuse in front of me

My best friend and I decided to get a massage together for a girl's night out last week. We went to an Asian massage parlor. We only got one masseuse for a 2hr massage (it ended up being slightly over 3hrs). This girl who was our age and Chinese like us started on me first and it was an okay job and I felt her hands brush against me down there... [more]

It happened once

My first year old college it was mandatory I had to live in the dorms. Two people to a room. My roomie was gay.He was cool and we got along great.
Eventually the subject came up of "visitors", as in dates, s**, whatever. We agreed to try and give each other heads up as much as possible but also we... [more]

Old is great

I’m a pervert for granny s** . I like old gray p**** hair . I lick old saggy t*** and at times ass and p**** holes! I feel no regrets . I couldn’t wait to [more]

I have a vore fetish

So yeah for context I'm under 18 so uh yeah.I have had this fetish ever since I was like 5 and just I always wanted to get eaten and it always been apart of my life and I kinda hate it. I have only told one person about it and it was my former girlfriend who i only known online and I ask her if she could do roleplay and she said no and she said... [more]


Steve hulme loves too lick his sisters panties Steve loves to put his sisters panties on his car mirror and play with his self. Steve loves to lick all of his sisters yummmy golden yellow c*** candy from her panties.

Sometimes you just need to be used

I saw the whole thing. The light turned red, I looked left and right, and left again before crossing, a large truck didn't stop, ran the red light and hit a Civic broadside, pushing the car . I ran to the car against the traffic light pole. I ran to the car and watched the young girl driving breathe her last breath. I was a witness against the... [more]

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