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I love the way black girls smell

I absolutely LOVE the way black girls smell (white 19 year old boy) I love the their smell of coco butter and vanilla lotion. The funny thing is that I'm a white supremacist/separatist 😂😂😂😂😂


Hi I am an older guy and wear panties and bras and started doing so in 1986
and love to wear different colors and styles and have always wanted to be with another guy who wears panties and bras also and even have s** with him. The first time I wore a pair of panties it was heaven and loved the soft... [more]


I just want to say I got on here to read some funny confessions and I see all these disgusting MENTAL ILL ASS perverts bragging bout their daughters underwear’s y’all are disgusting AS F***...

I’m super excited! My dad’s marrying my BFF.

We’ve been friends since middle school and she’s the only person that knows how many guys & girls I’ve been with.
The summer before our freshman year, my parents went out of town and we went to a pool party her cheating ex-bf would be at. For fun, we went as a couple, held hands and kissed the entire time. It was hot having people watch. We were... [more]

Submissive by nature

I grew up with mostly girls, which I guess adds to the fact that I’m totally submissive, like I just enjoy being controlled, I feel so wrong about it

Can't get it up

I'm 31 and have erectile dysfunction and premature e********** when I can get it up. I can no longer please my wife. I have heart issues and can't take V*****. I'm depressed.

Teacher wife's student finds out about her wild side

My wife is a 30 year old Jr. High School teacher in New Jersey. She's a fairly petite redhead and we had dated since she was 18, but a bit before we got married, we had been broken up for a couple months (She was 22 at the time). During that breakup, she ended up "seeing" this guy Mike for a while.
So fast forward to recently, Mike works at a... [more]

I've been looking at young girls from my window

There is a bit of unused land at the back of my house which is fenced off but the youngsters do get in there and hang out in the summer. The noise can be quite annoying but last week when I heared them I went up to my bedroom to look out the window to see what the were doing.
I noticed that a group of younger girls had started hanging out. I... [more]

I'm convinced

I'm convinced that there's one guy bored at home to writes all of these bullshit fantasies and incest dreams. Everywhere you look, there is a confession about f****** your brother/sister, getting with your relative, or some pedophilic confession. I hate to break it to you...but the police... [more]

Stomach sitting

I'm a boy from India and like to sit on girls' stomachs, or vice versa. I also like Netflix and chill. I don't think anything sexual, but it's friendly to sit on someone's stomach when watching Star Trek especially.
I also like grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato and bacon and having my dog lick my feet. I'm from India, you know. I'd say it... [more]

Mexican Lady With Outie Belly Button

I knew a Mexican Milf named Elsa who had a sexy body but always long shirts. I never knew why until we dated. I lifted her shirt and saw she had an outie belly button. It was still sexy to me. I licked her stomach and went down on her. She loved it eventhough she would never let anyone kiss it because of how self conscious she was. I got a [more]

It started a long time ago

It all started when I was about 8 years old I would get some of my moms stockings and a pantie girdle and put them on, that was the first time I every wore womens clothes. As this progressed I would try on her dresses and makeup when my parents were at work I use to love being all girly one day I was in the bathroom dressed up when my parents came... [more]

I like to pee myself

I like to pee myself idk if that's normal but it's just feels really good and warm. Is this weird?


My wife knows I’m helplessly ticklish. Over time she has begun tickling me during s**. Now I get aroused the moment she tickles me, and sometimes in public she does this to tease me
Last week she had friends over, and I heard her telling them she could easily dominate me by tickling me. She can’t... [more]

Came in my swim trunks

I had a very strange experience at the club pool this summer. I went with my entire extended family to our golf clubs pool for like the only time ever. There was probably 12 of us in all but I (a guy 19) remembered my cousin (a cute girl 14) and was in love the moment I saw her. But I played it cool and we all went to change in the little... [more]

Jerking off and getting caught by neighbor in garage

My neighbor is so hot I would often late at night go down to the garage of our condo strip naked and m********* next to her car. Since it was late at night felt my secret would be safe until one unlucky evening I had my earplugs on so I could not hear anyone. So i am using vasoline as a... [more]


Ever notice that most migrants , or mig-rats , are "people of colour" who come to nice , white countries . One never sees hordes of white people travelling to African , Middle Eastern , South American or East European countries in search of a better life . Okay , okay , technically East Europeans are white but morally , culturally and mentally... [more]

Stomach sitting real event

I'm a young girl from India, I'm not into this stomach sitting fetish, just came across this forum randomly. So I decided to relate a real life event that took place when I was in 9th grade, since i have ample time during lockdown. I've never shared this event with any one before. Once again let me remind that I am not into this stomach sitting... [more]

My wife and her bull bf f*** in front of me

My wife has 3 bull boyfreinds that love to slap me around and make me watch as the f*** my wife.

Stomach sitting

I am small teen from india....I love when large man or woman sit on my belly and squash or crush it harder ......I love when someone rides on me... anyone interested to sit on my belly can drop their mail id...I will surely contact

My friend had a bet with me saying he could seduce my mom.

She didn't cross the lines but she did allow him to touch her butt and kiss her on cheeks multiple time.
Because of the lockdown we were so bored I called few of my friends and ask them if they would sneak out for a day so we can have some quality time.
They did manage to come and we were playing games and other silly talks.
So one of my... [more]

Fantasize mother

I annuj from india and mu mom urmila. I always fantasize about her her thinking her nude. Watching her changing dress. While i was a child and my father was on job at night. She went to urine. Door was not locked and was visible. What to do

Fantasize mother

I annuj from india and mu mom urmila. I always fantasize about her her thinking her nude. Watching her changing dress. While i was a child and my father was on job at night. She went to urine. Door was not locked and was visible. What to do

I got licked in nuts by my sister. [Nothing sexual]

Due to lockdown stuff we have no other option but to just be with each other.
Yesterday she got p***** off because of all the pranks I played on her. I guess she had enough of it and jsut went for my nuts.
I'm still in pain and things have changed since yesterday. This morning she order mr to... [more]

Loved Denise

I was mad for Denise Borino Quinn, the BBW gal who played Ginny Sacramoni on The Sopranos. Her character was the butt of every fat joke and insult on the show, but I loved her and masturbated over thoughts of her for the entire time she appeared on the program.
Still, to this day, when I need a good [more]

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