Embarrassing Confessions

Love to pee

I love to pee yes but i find i have to force it i just want to find myself peeing in the middle of the night to feel the warm pee running down my leg

Birthday Humiliation

Why do women find it so funny and amusing when they see a guy stripped naked in public? A few weeks ago I celebrated my 30th birthday by attending a party held at our local football club. There was about 180 people there with a DJ etc, and I went with my girlfriend, who also invited a group of her friends to come along. My girlfriend Kate looked... [more]

Embarrassing underwear

I'm a guy who gets turned on by wearing briefs. I love wearing ones with print or stripes. My favorite are from American eagle. I have them in all different colors and they have little eagles all over them. I fantasize about being stripped in front of girls. I just want to stand there with my embarrassing underwear on and be laughed at with no way... [more]

My friends house

When ever i go to my friends house i master bate in his shot milf mom or one of his hot sisters thong or bra thats in the bathroom an i put them back and now my friends sister is pregnant an she said her an her bf never had s** so i think it might be my babie meaning im a 13 year old father

Party friend

I took a girl I knew from college to a party.She was flirting with all the guys there so I let just let her to see how far she would go and if she cared for me. Saw a another female friend I hadn't seen in a while, got her number and before you know it I lost track of time and Stephanie. I asked one of the guys at the party that I remember seeing... [more]

House sitting

After graduating from college and living next to an older couple I was asked by the wife to help her move some remaining boxes from her apartment into her new home while she flew to meet her husband in LA
After moving most the heavier boxes I came across a small steel cabinet with a key dangling from it. In order to make it lighter I decided to... [more]

I'm a 48 year old woman and kicked a young boy in the b****.

I'm a middle aged woman. I was wearing my gym clothes (tight, revealing, you know) and a boy, prepubescent, skinny, shaggy hair started taking pictures of me. I kept walking, but he kept following. I asked him multiple times to stop following me and taking pictures. Eventually, I treated the boy like a man and kicked him square in the [more]

Dirty cross dressing

When I lived at home with my younger sister I liked wearing her dirty clothes sweaty bras panties shorts and top or blouse her musky armpit smell and body odor was a big turn on for me we looked like twins she liked it as well now when i go to spend time with her she skip the shower for an extra day to smell ripe and we will both go out to eat in... [more]


I love wearing women panties, bras, stockings, nylons, even make up. i have been secretly wearing womens clothing since i was 11, i am 57 now. i could never tell anyone. i am married now. and yes, i m********* using a condom so i dont get them yucky. i am in the closet, a crossdresser... [more]

I hate Mexicans

I hate them.

My neighbors wife

I helped with the neighborhood block party and after everything was over and neighbors were calling it a night. I was one of the last left to clean up.While in my garage my neighbors wife Stacy walked up and asked me if I needed any help and then asked me if I cared to drink one last beer together.Me not thinking anything of it agreed. After a... [more]

I still love him

Someone kill me :(


I was THE whole day in My room bewuz My step dad came And i dont Like HIM.
So When i My mother Saïd u NEED to sleep i was Like okay :-:
I couln't sleep😞
I wanted te keep My mom save...
When i heard strange things i hot uncomfortable.. So i went slowly downstairs... I listened quit...
I opened THE door And i saw them lying on eachother
I... [more]


When nobodys home i go into my sisters wardrobe and take her panties out to sniff then m********* on

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