Embarrassing Confessions

My worst day

This morning I am at home, My hubby left for work, House is empty, I start the coffee, shower, make a coffee and go to my room, I crank up the music and start getting ready for the gym, I have on my thong and go back to the kitchen, Grab my second coffee, Back to my room, I make two more trips to the kitchen before I am ready to go.
I get a text... [more]

Not alone

So apparently I am not alone in this, I have been reading some confessions on here about women who were accosted when young by a family member.
I was, I can't say who because they are still alive but just imagine, I was 13, he was 55 and approached me and a friend and cornered us with his junk out, neither of us knew what to do, he made her do it... [more]


I used to play cops and rubbers with boys with my girl friend because there were few girls in my neighborhood. We never expected they were going to tie boy to a tree truck and stripped him. I remember they pulled his t-shirt up, dropped his pants and underwear and watched him get a hard. It was such a turn on to see him naked with his [more]

I'm so ashamed

I'm 14 I just sucked a banana to see if it's like giving a b******* since I've never done it before but I didn't want to just put it back because that's gross so I threw it in the trash and my parents FOUND IT. Oh my God I'm so so embarrassed I could cry... I can't believe I did that they... [more]

Idk what to title this

I’m going to be rich as f*** when I get older, and I will work as hard as I can and I will do anything to achieve it. I want to never work when I’m older and I want to be able to enjoy without the confinement’s of a 9-5. I want to be able to buy anything I want and go anywhere I please. I will not... [more]

Random s***

Now whether you are here or not..No, I don't I just speak my mind out..
To whom I am baring my heart I know not it might be that attimes our eyes do meet where as majority times it feels like misfired.
It gives a giddy feelings though but trust me when my heart feels am connected with you a feeling of serenity runs through my veins..
I crave... [more]

Pantyhose Love 2

Further to my confession about wearing my wife’s panties and c****** in them whilst lay next to her, last week she said I should touch myself as she didn’t fancy doing anything sexy. She has her big black lace panties on so I seized the opportunity. I agreed and suggested she turn over onto her... [more]


I want to blow my step son and have him f*** his mom.


I like it and I always have. I want to find others that I can please.

Terrible fantasy

I want to blow my step son. I want my wife to help. So terrible of me!

Navy Blue Leotards

Closest I came to capture was early one morning saw a pair of large women's navy blue leotards hanging on a clothesline and slipped into backyard and stole them off line. Then went and put them on under my ripped blue jeans only to be confronted by a tall tough looking women dressed like me in ripped blue jeans only she had black leotards... [more]

I feel odd

So umm.. I don't know what my feish is but want to found out because everyone around me is asking me to try things with them but I don't want to be an s*** and say yes just because Im very curious to find out my fetish.. Please help a girl out here

Caught my son watching p*** while I was watching tv

Most of the times when my son is coming after school he goes to the computer to do his homework and I cook and watch the tv at the same time. The computer and the tv are in the living room so sometimes I would watch by seconds and by mistake the screen of the computer, is always happening as we are sharing the same space but the screens are facing... [more]

Moms bathing suit

Ever since I could remember, I always had a thing about ladies lingerie and swimsuits. I used to sneak into my moms room and take things and try them on like her silky Lacey panties, bras and slips then put them back when I was done. She also had an 80s one piece swimsuit I used to like to try on. Probably my favorite was a black 2 piece swimsuit... [more]

My own sisters

My two older sisters pushed me out of the house naked to embarrassed me in front of their boy friends. I felt so humiliated I never said anything to my parents. They later told me their boy friends said I had small b**** and a cute p**** just to make me... [more]

Employees daughter

My employees 13 yo daughter told me yesterday she wanted to suck my d***

Panty lover

Love wearing my wifes panties .i have knee trembling c** shots wearing one pair and another pair to my mouth,it started a long time ago anyone out there .

I feel sorry.....

So my neighbor lost his wife a few months ago, and I feel somsorry for him. Hes in his 40s I think. And one day I heard him crying from the hallway. So I decided to knock and see what was up. I came in and we chatted, even though I did most of 5he talking. He's had such a rough time, and all this happening during covid. I went home and grabbed... [more]

I prefer bimbos

In college I left my long term girlfriend who I was with for 3 years for a dumb blonde girl with a fat ass. I left her because I was more attracted to the blonde but over the course of dating her I realized I honestly prefer dating dumber women. She didn’t challenge me now where near as much and seemed to be more willing to make compromises. Also... [more]

Navy Blue Leotards

As long as I can remember I have had a fetish for navy blue leotards (tights)! I began by stealing my mother's. Then I would see them hanging on neighbours clotheslines and would have to use all my might to resist stealing them. Finally, I gave in and stole a thick pair of navy blue leotards off a clothesline in broad day light and fled. I was... [more]

Humiliated for trespassing

I confess to being humiliated because I trespassed. I was nearly 17 years old when this happened. While walking home from a friend's house one Saturday mid afternoon, I decided to take a short cut through the grounds of a factory, to save a very long walk around the street block. I climbed the fence and had reached the end of the empty employees... [more]

She loves it to much

So I got my gf of 9 months into pegging. Now she loves it to much. We still have s** about 3 times a week. But were pegging about every other day. Dont get me wrong, I love it. But now its like whenever I come home or as soon as I go to bed or out of the shower she grabs me, bends me over the table... [more]

This whole time

F*** GOOGLE Get the f*** out

Sucking c***

I have fantasies about swallowing c**. I think I would love to suck several c****. Let me know. I am in Parkersburg, wv.

Halloween embarrassment

My girlfriend's bestie was having a Halloween party with about 30 people there. I got all stoned and h**** so I snuck down the hallway and into her room. I found a pile of clothes on the floor and grabbed a red thong out of the pile. I went into the bathroom next door , locked the door and started... [more]

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