Embarrassing Confessions


That i am addicted to coming onto this site each day with one hand on the keyboard and the other between my legs , reading the stories till i come. i love the stories about sniffing knickers people leave their email address but no one ever writes back when i email them

Watching Goku fight Jiren Gives me a Massive B****

Its gotten to the point where i cant c** unless i see jiren fighting in genera;

Being a cuckquean

I really want my boyfriend and my best friend have s**, even just once. I want him to fill her with c**. It turns me on so much only by just thinking of it.

The day I got put down and embarrassed

I was 67 at the time. This young attractive girl was at my pub and she was red in her face crying. In an effort to make her feel better I offered to buy her a few drinks. She said "I'll let you" with a smile on her face.
She sat down and started sobbing again and I went over to her and put my hand on her shoulder. I sad that whatever was... [more]

Embarrassment, redux

Not long ago, there was a post here claiming that our President is an embarrassment. The replies contained some actual debate, but there was much childishness. However, the things he has said and done (and refused to do) in response to the continuing disaster in Puerto Rico -- a territory of the United States of America -- leaves no room for... [more]


Have been wearing ladies tights all my life love the feeling on all my bits have just put a red pair on leotard am waiting foe some ladie friends of mine to come and tie me to my bed

Dear CO

I love you, Cas. And why did you change your last name to Zeviani? Its been forever since we have spoken. But I still think you are so beautiful and kind and sweet and I pray one day you see that in yourself and believe it. From Anonboi

Sister in laws panties

I always had a thing for my hot younger sister I'm law.She and her hubby lived with us for a few years.Every day after she showers I make sure I go searching in the laundry basket for her freshly worn panties. I hold them up to my nose and have a good sniff. My c*** gets so damn hard that I have to... [more]

So there’s this guy i like

So i’m in middle school and i joined a few days ago and me and my new friends were walking and talking with each other listening to music and there’s this guy i see and i ask who he is and my friends told me his name and said he’s weird and i thought well i wanna say hi to him (because i’m weird) and we were 60% the same weird person and later... [more]

My biggest secret

I think all you idiots should be thrown in the gas chamber.

Mother Inlaw and I (3)

As messed up as it all sounds, I didn't plan on being attracted to my MiL.
The way it all happened is actually pretty Effed up. LONG STORY SHORT! Her husband died, she remarried. New husband was a "Perv" I know right who am I to judge. Anyway, We stayed at her house for a good year to save up for a house. The guy always checked out my Wife and... [more]

Want to f*** 80 years old Aunt

I've recently started sniffing my 80 year old aunts used knickers. They get me so hard and h****. While I'm doing it I have the urge to f*** her. Should I let her know?

Embarrassing prank by my step dad

I had some bad stuff happen to me but not like this. I wet the bed my whole life. I was 13 it was on a Sunday I woke up in wet clothes and my step dad ask me did I wet the bed again. I answered yes and with realise what he was going to do next I never thought would happen to me in a mIllion Years. I undress waiting for my step dad to go and get me... [more]


This site is full of s***** liars who want attention by telling the grossest most horrible stories they possibly can.
F*** this site. F*** it straight to [more]

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