Embarrassing Confessions

Big Sister...

A few weeks ago I had to move back in with my older sister. We are both in our late 30s. I swear we were mixed up at the hospital because where I am athletic, lightly built frame, she’s about an inch taller, pear shaped, fat (over 370 pounds) and a bit plain, almost pretty if she gets herself all dolled up. Anyway she’s never really amounted to... [more]

I'm A Sugar Baby

I'm a sugar baby and i love every minute of it. I've been doing this for 5 years. I live in a house, completely paid, have my dream car, my bank account is always in the thousands, and i'm happier than I've ever been. My sugar daddy says that he'll allow a bf, if i want one. But i see no point. I have two children, spoiled rotten like they should... [more]

Hi daddy

Hi daddy it's me daddy

Hi my sweetie

Hi sweetie

College student takes my temperature rectally

We live near a college with a nursing program. My older brother has moved away (I'm 17 and in highschool) so my parents rented out his room. They rented it to a 23 year old woman in school and working part time at a pediatric clinic.
A few weeks ago at dinner she was talking about school and how hard it was to find time to practice procedures... [more]

Cheating talk

I love to f*** my wife while she tells me how dirty she's been f****** other guys behind my back. I make her scream out other guys names while I pound her hard.

She doesn't know

I've been happily married for awhile and since day one it's been my ultimate fantasy to watch my girl with other guys as it was with my ex's, it's just my thing. So thanks to social media I hooked up with an old friend. So I started by mentioning how I would like a 'cameraman' to tape my wife and I having [more]

Not what you think.

Last night my husband was in the garage working on his car, Kids were in bed and I was laying in bed watching 50 shades on netflix, If you have been locked away in a cage for the last few years and don't know what 50 shades is it is as my husband calls it "Housewife p***" and it is pretty hot, I... [more]

Feeling awkward

I was partying with some friends the other night and ended up in the hot tub, We have been friends forever and I have been divorced for 5 years. Me and her have NEVER done anything sexual outside of some drunk b*** grabbing or butt smacking and that night was the same.
Being I live in the next town... [more]

Our secret

A little over two years ago I moved into a basement suite after separating from my husband, Things went horribly wrong and we lost everything and ended up separating, We still aren't legally divorced but he has a full time live in girl friend so I guess that is that. The couple I live downstairs from are approximately my age, 40 ish and a very... [more]

I got punched in the belly in front of my girlfriend.

Maybe this doesn't sound embarrassing to you, but for me it was, and still is; every time I think about it. It was a hot summer day and I was enjoying a walk with my hot girlfriend in a park. I was wearing shorts, and no shirt. She was wearing short shorts and a belly shirt.
This guy was approaching us with his girlfriend. They were dressed... [more]

Everyone feels stupid this morning

Every once in a while something happens and you wake up thinking "Man, I hope no one else remembers that" and when everyone does you laugh about it for a couple days but i don't think that is whats going to happen here.
My wife, My younger brother and I had gotten into a jar of moonshine he brought over, Like real, Completely clear, Burns blue... [more]


I wear stockings and suspenders I'm a boy and it feels so normal and I wear panties and a bra I feel like wearing it make me look gay the way the panties feel against me feels so good any help/advice on how I can just feel normal and how I can wear panties in school

Losing Fights in Front of Girls

I think the most embarrassing thing on earth for a guy is to lose a fight in front of a girl or group of girls. if they know you it's even worse. And if one of the girls you lose in front of is your girlfriend, then that is the ultimate embarrassment.
I've been in several fights in my life, and every time I have lost there has been girls... [more]

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