Embarrassing Confessions

Caught in panties by mom

Ever since I was a young boy I went in and took my moms panties and never got caught until I was 14 years old. one night I put on my moms sexy pink thong and pink bra and went to bed. (my 12 year old sister found out I like panties and bras when she worked in on me on my 13 birthday). she tied me to the bed when I was asleep and put my moms all... [more]

How to do I finger myself/ get horney

I try to finger my self but nothing happens do I have to be horney? I'm almost thirteen by the way. How do I get horney?

Caught in panties and spanked

I was 16 at camp and me and my girlfriend went skinny dipping in the local lake when everyone was asleep. turns out my best friend stole my clothes but left my boxers. my girlfriend accidentally put on my boxers and her clothes. it was dark. when I got out my girlfriend was gone and I soon found out I had no clothes. the only thing there was my... [more]

Gfs sister

I added a post recently titled "gf sis"
I recently was on her iPad and found some naked photos she's sent to her boyfriend.
I took pictures of them off my phone and plan on masterbating to them.
But I'm thinking about telling her I have them when we are alone and tell her I have masterbated to them, and see what she says thinks.
Do... [more]

Met a past s** partner

My mother asked me and my wife to come over earlier today to be there with her while a contractor was doing an estimate. When we got there and were introduced he said I looked familiar. He's a cute black male so I tried not to show fear as I recognized him after that. So all went well and i walked him out and he smiled at me and asked if I was... [more]

My experience

I was walking home I am a girl I'm very hot the hottest in my school and job I wasn't paying attention that a van was following me. Two men came out and pulled me in then knocked me out. I woke up in a room strapped to a chair with a tube in my mouth down my throat a man walked in a flipped a switch turning it on. Water rushed and bloated my belly... [more]

Hubby gave me permission

I have been married for 20yrs. I'm 45 and chubby with large t*** (40dd) which are saggy. Over the last couple of years hubby has had erectile problems, he is 55yrs old.
A couple of weeks ago after a few drinks and him ducking me with a disco he said you need a nice hard [more]

Swearing just for ratings is bad.

I don't want to meet gordon ramsay, he is so rude and agro and swears all the time, the cops would arrest him for swearing alone. but nothing would please him. he aint coming to my place, i couldn't help him any. if he came to my parents house lucky we are not cooks or restaurant owners. I am embarrassed for you.

Embracing day with mom. Nudity infront of mom.

Hai iam 18 years old boy. This is my life experience which I had last month. I would like to share it here. One day I'm not comfortable in my room because my Air-conditioner is not working it is very hot. So I slept in nude I locked the door but my room door having tow way locking system. People out of the room can easily enter into room.Next day... [more]


....at any point i am dating 2 girls ... 1 from my school and 1 from another school....but at the last week end i got busted......... so i now i dont have none .......so now i have to go get more of them .... and soon i hope...

Taboo Mom

I moved back home temporarily when I was 25 years old. My mom was 57 years old.
I was snooping through her room one day when she wasn't home and I found several p**** magazines and two p**** movies that she stole from my stash. She must've been... [more]

Accidentally caught nude to my mom

Iam 19 years old boy.recently I have faced a big embrrassing situation with my mom.last night because of over heat my room is full of hot temperature.so I can't sleep with clothes on.so I went for bath and slept naked in my room. Somehow I forgot to lock my door. The next morning when I woke up I saw my mom arranging some objects in my room while... [more]

I want to taste my own c**

I confess I have tasted my own come and it taste so good I know I suck d*** all the time and I love it

Share pictures of my wife with my friend

I had taken nudes and explicit pics of my wife. My friend had just married. I asked if he had taken nudes of his wife. He said yes some lingerie pics and some more. I sent him a lingerie pic of my wife and he sent one of his. It went to topless and then full nude. We then exchanged spread leggs pics of out wives and even with their [more]

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