Embarrassing Confessions

I stole from my best friend

As i was growing up i started stealing little things from stores like small toys and candy... when i was in middle school i started to steal from my best friend. i didn’t have much money while growing up and my parents were divorced, i was very jealous of what she had, her parents bought her everything and they had the perfect relationship. she... [more]

My dirtiest confession

I want a big strong daddy to find my soaking panties and smell and lick them And then take control of me and start raping my p**** I Love when they force me and make me cry while they lick me

Serena Williams...…..

……..needs to retire from tennis. She's an embarrassment.

Stomach sitting

I love to sit and straddle on fat women with big belly and big b****. I have a friend she is 37 years old with 95 kgs and she has got a big belly & huge b****. We knew eachother for a long time. We usually talk through phone and chat in whatsapp &... [more]

Even tho

Shank shank w*** w*** was good but could be better

I like peeing myself

I love peeing in my jeans, skirts, leggings whatever then masturbating after

Small p**** husband now my dog my lover.

My husband of eight months has such a small p****. He even has a hard time keeping it in me when having s**. Once he c*** he is done and I have not even started to become aroused. I can not feel him and I have... [more]

Masturbating in front of girls

When I was 13 I agreed to show 3 girls my p****. When I took it out they started laughing and saying how small it was, so in my embarrassment I started desperately rubbing it to make it bigger, and before I knew it I was masturbating in front of them. After a minute or so I [more]

Want to cheat with a milf much older lady

I want to have s** with a much older woman than my wife around 50+ woman my wife is 34 I am in south africa

Hot Tube Underwear

By any means my wife would make it to a magazine’s cover but for 51 anyone would want her after four drinks. The four of us took the afternoon off to watch a game at our neighbors. After it ended he invited us to his hot tube. We were all tipsy. My wife said she needed her swimming suit. His wife said she had to go number two. I went next door for... [more]

Someone slipped me something

My boyfriend and I were out last night and by the time we got home I had realized I was feeling...Let's say...Uber h****, Like way more than usual. I had to get some NOW so I drug him into the bedroom and ripped mine and his clothes off, we were going at it, I knew someone at the club had slipped me... [more]

Married C*********

I am married, but I love sucking c***. Especially if it is a big black one I'm sucking. Nothing better than being down on your knees with a big stiff one stretching your mouth and taking a big hot load. Hope my wife doesn't find out.

Me and my step brother

I was in my room one night about to go to sleep (naked) and my step brother comes in the room looking out my windows to see if his friends are here to pick him up yet.I told him to get out and that i was naked but he stayed and refused to leave.he gets in my bed and keeps saying that when he gets home he's gonna sleep in my bed, i keep telling him... [more]

My mother

Olen 17.aastane poiss ja ema on 41.aastane.Elame emaga kahekesi väikeses korteris umbes 5.aastat juba peale isa lahkumist meie juurest.Seal korteris nägin juba väikesest east kuidas vahest isa ema pani,mis mind ka erutama pani.Kord oli ema sünnipäev ja tarvitati alkoholi ning oldi lõbusas tujus.Kui külalised olid ära läinud siis jäime emaga... [more]

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