Embarrassing Confessions

I love giving a***

I love f****** my wife's big beautiful ass wish I could do the same thing to her mother and all of her sisters ❤️

My sweet sister

I have a 14 year old sister, and two 16 year old sister.... I have have cruel sexual thoughts about them every sing day and I have since I was adopted by their parents when I was 18.
I remember one night my youngest sister (12) at the time was complaining that she didn’t have any clean underwear.. my mom said she would do the laundry tomorrow... [more]

I can only attract one class of women

I tend to be gentle and kind to prostitutes. They get hugs, kisses, and compliments. They get oral s**. Women who aren't in this group think I'm a loser and go for the bad boys. The prostitutes from bitter experience know how dealing with bad boys ends up.

Shopping for panties

There is only one thing better than tucking your manhood into tiny, sexy, feminine, petite panties and that is buying them. Only yesterday I visited an independent lingerie boutique to buy more panties. I openly told the assistant (Hazel) that they were for me and I think she was as excited as I was. She asked my size and I explained I like them... [more]

Tried to suck

I tried to suck my own d***.
I'm an ok size,not gonna bother saying "my 10 inch" or healthy 8.5 member like most of the children posting on here.
Standard guy,standard decent c***,on my bed,trying all sorts of positions,even tried against the wall... [more]

I eat my bogies

So , I'm a 35 year old male, I have a good job,have a team working underneath me and am known and liked in the local area with fellow parents and locals.
I dress smart,have a nice house and lifes good.
But what no one knows about me is that I'm totally addicted to picking my nose and eating the bogeys!!
I've been doing it since god knows... [more]


I found nude pics of wife's friend about 12 of them on internet. I was looking at them masterbating and wife caught me. She wasn't to upset by it.

My Turn Ons

I Confess “That The Touch Of Baby Pink Fleece Encasing Me From Head To Toe, During Breastfeeding, Is Emotionally Overwhelming!” Babied.

I manipulated a gay dude

I had this gay friend and he got all weird with our friendship after his boyfriend broke up with him. Now he is trying to ask me out knowing good and damn well I was struggling trying to be a Christian and I was straight and somewhat homophobic.
He confessed his love to me in my instagram DMs and I almost couldn’t take it but I played it off... [more]


So my friend who likes to get all SWEATY that leaves me her nice ADDICTING PANTIES! She likes to get high and when she’s high she doesn’t remember much. After we are training I’m going to convince her to smoke and and give her a weed brownie get her STUPID HIGH and raid her Gym bag !!!! I’m making my attempt tommarow!!!

Looking for playmate

I am attracted to guys that are a little on the mrdd side. I like the goofiness and playful nature of guys from 18 to about 28. I want to pull off their shoes and socks and tickle the soles of their bare feet!!

Burnt the cat

When I was about 13 I was over my nans house for the wknd (parents split when i was younger,and we had visits with my dad every other weekend,and as his house was small me and my sis stayed at my nans with him)
I was at that age where I was discovering myself and used to stay up really late and when everyone went to bed I'd watch the... [more]

How women feel about my wearing women's lingerie.

Since I was about 10 I began wearing Mom's panties. Now 45 years later I still love wearing silky brief panties, short half slips, ladies control panties, thigh high & pantyhose/tights, a soft nylon cup bra, & camisole. I want to know how many ladies would support my wearing them. Please be honest. My ex wife loved this, but we had other... [more]

Caught peeking

My wife and I were over at her moms the other day, Her mom is a nice looking 58 year old, She had a shower and came back wearing a housecoat, We sat talking for a bit in the living room and I was sitting in a chair off to the side from where my wife was, Every time my wife's mom would turn to the right I could see up her housecoat and she would... [more]


I'm currently all dressed up and ready to play

Id like anther boy and guys like to see me wearing panties

Id like anather boy to see me wearing panties guys would like to see

Going to strip club alone

Would it be so bad if I visited a gentleman's club solo?
I'm somewhat new around here and don't really know many people. I haven't been to a strip club since I was in my early 20s. My game plan would consist of dressing nicely but not over-doing it, having a drink, tipping well, and just kinda dropping in to check out the scene, preferably on a... [more]

Belly Punching

I enjoy abusing my belly. I the belts tightly around my belly then take a broken brick and punch my stomach with it until there are welts and dark bruises all over then I readjust there belts and do it again. I love watching the bruises and feeling the pain for days.

Great Work, ConfessionsPost

That You Are Doing An Awesome Job! Babied.

I got my b**** kicked so bad

Two weeks ago, I was at school. I was chilling at this one place where you can stay to do homework, and wait for your bus there. Today, there was just me and three girls. Ive never really talked to them, as Im not good with people.
Suddenly they asked me to go to them, as they wanted to show me something. I stood up and walked to them. The... [more]

Social awkwardness

When I was younger I never had too much difficulty in talking to people and making friends I seen everyone as a potential friend and had no trouble talking to girls. Now I’m 16 and in school I skipped a year with a few friends I know but mostly new people. I don’t mind sitting in class with these people but when it comes to talking to them I can’t... [more]

Beat Up By A Girl

When I was a senior in high school I mocked a sophomore girl named Candelaria because she wanted to compete on the wrestling team. She finally told me to shut up or fight her. Being older and larger, I had no problem with that. But it turned out she’d been practicing Judo for a long time. When I went to take her down, she sprawled and pulled... [more]

I queefed in my boyfriends face while he was eating my p****

It was so embarrassing I certainly hope this event will not stop him from eating me out again. It was partly his fault anyway. He just had to stick his tongue in me far enough to reach my cervix. This forced the air in and then out.

Belly Pressing Fetish

I love pressing deep into soft relaxed bellies

Fantasy about Samantha Leann Benson I

I have seen all that my sister in law has and I must admit that cute little ass she has turns me on I'd love to eat that ass like a cupcake not to mention her p**** and f*** them both as hard as I can

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