Embarrassing Confessions


My mum caught me tied to my wearing red ladies tights red long sleeved shinny leotard and gagged tights over me head

Nude wife pics

I have been Married for 18 years and i love taking nude pics of my wife ( With her Permission) She loves possing for me in very erotic poses. But here is the thing, she does it for for me only. She dont want it to be shared with anyone.But I cant help myself sharing her pics all over the net. I love the idea of other men looking at my naked wife... [more]

Catfishing Or Not?

So, I'm A 16 year old Trans Male to Female, And I Play games as a girl, i act like a girl online, and i talk to people (not voice calls) as a girl, I do this because it's enjoyable, i have fun, i like to do it, and it makes me feel good, it's mostly because i'm self-concious about my actual self, (me being a guy), I start online relationships with... [more]

Jeez What are you doing to me

So, theres this guy that i like and hes the only thing keeping me together like i dont know what id do if i had to move. Half of me is like'keep him hes great' but another half of me is like 'omg just get over him already hes not even that good' like i dunno what to do can somebody help? Thanks -Venus


I was brought up to obey my parents and when older then to obey my husband. I was to be submissive because I was female. I believed this with all my heart. I demonstrated that submission by accepting their decisions and directions. I accepted their right to punish me. I actually used to feel it was something I needed. I had [more]

Didn’t Cream right

Sooooo like I’m a 34 year old woman and I have always thought my p**** was broken or it just didn’t work right. My boyfriend in high school looked at it once with disgust and he told me “eww your p**** doesn’t cream right!” I always thought having a naturally dry v***** was the thing men wanted in a... [more]


I am sure my work colleagues can hear my stomach grumbling from hunger. It's mildly embarrassing.

Mom caught me using her s** toys

My mom has a vibrator and a couple of d***** that I found one day and have been using so one day she walks in on me while I’m about to c** while using the vibrator and the big one inside me and she says omg . We haven’t talked about it since and it’s... [more]

Shy girl

So..I Don t know how to start this but..I'i'm 14 and I am a pretty shy girl and don't talk to much and I feel weird typing this but here goes...I don't know if it's wrong to feel this way but I always have set dreams about s** with older guys and I wake up feeling weird all over but am to scared too... [more]


I encourage my son to crossdress

I want her so badly

So I have went through my mils laundry and found her used panties but. Its not enough for me I sniffed them and basically ate the crotch out of them. I want to f*** my mother in law so badly its always ony mind and my wife gives m e nothing g

I love my p****

It is moist and squishy and feels like warm mayo

I f***** super mario

Ya he was a plumber with a 6inch thick small c*** it was so small and his name was Mario he even had the hat with the m on it as a joke

My history teacher

I have had a massive crush on my history teacher since last year, he's mean but old, everytime he insults me I get so turned on, there's rumours that he's dating a girl who came to my school, which made me think that if I graduate, it won't be illegal for us to be together. There's just something so attractive about him, he's old but he's got a... [more]

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