Embarrassing Confessions

I want to be a bench

I have a strange fantasy. I want find a public bench somewhere, dress the same color as the bench, lay on it face up and let people sit on me.

I was selfish

I was selfish hipocrytical prideful disrespectful tyrannical unloving unmerciful unforgiving irresponsible ungodly lazy feminine oversexed disgusting pathetic devisive goofy immature irresponsible I lied I was self rightous and I used profanity

I was selfish

I was selfish hipocrytical prideful disrespectful tyrannical impatient self rightous unmerciful unforgiving irresponsible ungodly unloving lustful flirtatious immature irresponsible unprofessional disgusting pathetic devisive goofy feminine oversexed tyrannical I lied I was lazy anxious afraid faithless worried I had violent thoughts worldly... [more]

Woman wanting to bust me at the Beach with my Wife

My wife purchased this kids car from his dad. Well the kid was only 7 and thought the sports car his dad owned but was not driving was his car. Hist dad owed us money for several electric bills that my wife paid so the power would stay on for his family. She needed to buy our young maid/house keeper a car. She immigrated to America from Romania a... [more]

Uh oh, caught wearing sister's undies

So imma male but love wearing female clothes, mostly naughty lingerie and underwear. I passed out after pleasuring myself in sister's room wearing her things. She's telling everyone

Only for simps

Men drool over ugly b****** like the adorablest camwhore

Wife told her friends she spanks me

My wife started spanking me late last year, it started off as Playful and became more of a punishment. Well, one day she took pics of me bent over with my bottom red, wearing briefs (she calls them man panties) and a paddle laying on my butt. Well, she sent that photo to her best friend and one of my good friends (both female). Well, they both... [more]

I enjoy showing off my little d*** online

I get a thrill from posting pictures of pathetic micropenis all over p*** sites and exposing sites. Of course I really don't want anyone who knows me to see but it is such a rush to see mostly gay guys commenting on how pathetic I am. I've made myself like small [more]

I Have an Extreme Fat Fetish.

For as long as I can remember, and from my earliest memories I have been fascinated by huge fat ladies. When I hit puberty I could only spank it to extremely fat women. Women with huge double bellies, huge sagging b******, enormous butts and thighs, plump round faces with double chins that quiver... [more]

Panty play

I really want to chat and play with panty wearimg people. I wear mainly satin thongs and bikinis and love to show them off. Hope to hear from other panty waers that want to play..... live in the Mankato Minnesota area if there is anyone on here from the area.

Desperate, Mum made bedroom proposals to my husband.

My mum wants my husband to sleep with her... it was at xmas party last year I found out and I was shocked after her asking him if he remembered her asking him before covid! he never said anything to me and now I can't quit thinking about it.
She’s my mum so this thought that she made a proposal 2 or more times is very disturbing me. this time... [more]

What would you do?

I am only 24 years old and have been married nearly 3 years. My wife, Kristi, is now 23. A year after we were married she was raped by 2 men after a night class at the local college. The guys were caught and went to jail.
At first Kristi withdrew from everything. She quit school, quit her part time job and refused to leave the house. She avoided... [more]


I fantasise about older strong men treating me like a little girl that take advantage of me in bed.

Wrestling with two sisters

Growing up I had two sisters as neighbors and they were a year apart. I saw them wrestling each other. They were in tight jeans and bras. I watched them wrestle and was hoping to be able to wrestle them. After they got done I wrestle the younger sister first and then the older sister. It was some of the best wrestling I have done with any girl. We... [more]

Satin Panties

I just want to say how much I love wearing satin panties they get me so excited . I wear mainly thongs but do wear some bikini ones as well and purchase all mine from Classic Satin, Anias Poison and some other places. My fetish started back when I was young by wearimg my friends moms, his sisters, aunts, cousins or what ever I could find to wear... [more]

Fat Women Are The Best Barnon

I had a fat chick that I met on plenty of fish. I’m really fit and 6’ 1 and hadn’t have any in a while due to being in Iraq for 2 years. The girl asked me what I want and she went “to town” sucking. Seriously she should had a Master’s in sucking because she took a shower put on some nice music, pjs, shampoo in her hair and she went “Ham No... [more]

I am that skinny woman

I read an article on this site about someone who likes skinny women. It was refreshing to read that there are guys out there that actually like skinny women. It was refreshing because I am a skinny woman. I am 5’7” tall and weigh 118 lbs. I am only a 34 B on top. I get shamed all the time and told I need to eat more and put some meat on my bones... [more]


I know I am a sissy, and its why I like to wear girls clothing. I wear panties and bra's and skirts dresses etc. I try not to but always end up dressing like a girl over and over again

Can't believe he told me this

I have a buddy, he is an idiot. Two years ago he got back together with his ex wife. After a year she left him again. She moved in with a guy simply to have a place to live. Over the next year my friend tried everything to get her back. She would do an occasional hook up but refused to move back in.
Recently she has gotten into meth. My friend... [more]

Son in law

I am obsessed with my son in law Michael Madrids huge 10 inch p****. I got a laptop from him and I found a file with maybe a hundred pictures of him nude and videos of him masturbating. I saved copies in my phone and now I can not stop looking at them. Several times per hour. I'm divorced and lonely... [more]

She won't stop teasing me

My girlfriend and I are very open sexually and have done a lot of kinky things. 3sums, moresums, s** clubs and I love seeing her with another girl.
Well last week we met our first bi male with the intention of male/male action. It went very well and both of us enjoyed it. But something happened during... [more]

Diaper lover in ny

I love to wear diapers and just enjoy the feels ng that noone else knows trying to find friends in NY that just want to have some unattached fun

Should I tell?

My daughter is 24. She has a history of drug use and legal problems. I know it is not very ethical but as her mom, I try and spy on her activities as much as possible.
Last week I cracked the code on her cell phone. Aside from the numbers to several people I didn't approve of I found a few photos and videos. 2 of the videos show my daughter... [more]

New years resolution

Hi, my name is Emma. My boyfriend and I were out on NYE and I wore a short dress with no knickers as I didn’t want a VPL. We were talking about New Year’s resolutions and he joked that I should make a resolution not to wear any knickers for this year as he found it so h****. Anyway I quite liked the... [more]

Wearing stepdaughters panties

My stepdaughters are 22 and 20 now, when they were younger and lived with us I used to wear all thier panties and training bras. I had my own panties and lingerie that thier mom would watch me dress up in... skirts dresses, I still dress up would love to m********* with other men while I... [more]

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