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Evidence not mentally retarded but mentally slow

My IQ score of 80 plus not 69 or below are the evidence mentally slow not mentally retarded the encyclopedia definition of mentally slow a person that take longer or long to understand think learn are the evidence mentally slow not mentally retarded lying b**** believe that

I over doubled my weight on accident.

I weighed 145 pounds just over two years ago and now I’m 340.
I’ve just been eating constantly and can’t stop at all, I was a medium and I’ve grown into an XXXXL.
And, I kinda like it? Like, I can barely get out of chairs on my own and I’m still gaining more, but I’m so soft now?
I’m gaining weight so fast I’m kind of scared, but worryingly... [more]


The loneliness and sadness is getting worse. I wish it would disappear. My seasonal disorder is making things far worse.


I feel so tired. I'm in highschool right now and I have very strict parents. My dad just told he he's going to take my phone and computer away, so my social life and the only way i can communicate with people. He's planning on taking my phone and computer Saturday (today is Tuesday) and is going to give them back in march. My head is hurting from... [more]

What this website think feel believe i am

Profound mentally retarded a person that don't understand learn know nothing uncapable Moderate mentally retarded a person that understand learn know very very little limited Severely mentally retarded a person that understand learn know very little limited Mildly mentally retarded a person that understand learn know limited amount of stuff... [more]

420lbs and still wanting to get fatter

I weigh 420lbs and i want to gain weight, get even fatter like an actual pig.

I haven't told anyone, but

I am going to commit suicide in Jan.
I have saved some pills that my husband had, both are major controlled substances and I know cannot be taken together. I plan on going out to a lake or even driving down to the ocean and take the pills somewhere I either wont be found for a while or that i cannot be found by someone who would be traumatized... [more]

I survived cancer thanks to my (future) husband's intervention

During my husband's college I worked as a teacher in a preschool. I had the three year old class. I was too skinny then, I just couldn't put on weight. The lady that owned the school had her son, who was an accountant, come over on Fridays to do the books for the week. That's where I met him. He told me I was too skinny, and pressured me to... [more]

Need advice..

It's been 2 months I had breakup, my mental health is f***** up, I don't feel love anymore. I am having anxiety attacks. This all happened after last day of highschool, she said she is not interested in me anymore, so she left me. I still don't know how to overcome with it, everyone has left me. I... [more]

Can’t stop eating/addicted to food

I can’t stop eating, and I don’t want to! Yesterday I went to Wendy’s and ate a triple pretzel burger, a double pretzel burger and a strawberry frosty. I love feeling full and stuffed with food. My wife is finally starting to enable me, and I’m ready to shoot up to 300 pounds. I think she’s enjoying the extra flab >:)

My mental health is sometimes a mess.

So, I'm 19 years old. I at 18 years old, moved out of my mothers house because of her abusive tendencies. I however, I never knew, that living alone would be so stressful, because not only on top of being a graduate of highschool, I'm still in a job core school, while managing an aparment. If I were younger, you would hear alot of, "I can't wait... [more]

The evidence i'm not mentally retarded i'm mentally slow

I understand why the president said that the hurricane the tornado can cause you to catch COVID 19 if you not vaccinated the hurricane the tornado got germs and viruses trap in it why the people that talk on the radio station don't understand it lying b****** believe that

Made my Wife a heavy smoker

My wife used to smoke half to a pack a day of L&M reds. I always loved to see her smoking. She's damn sexy when she smokes. Since every I wanted her to smoke more. I myself smoke a pack a day, also L&M reds. My wife is also lazy in bying cigarettes, so she often runs out and I need going buying them. But that changed when the pandemic started... [more]

I'm an empowered woman and i raped the UPS driver

I knew that this title would grab your attention. LOL! Now read on.
The insane news story that I found earlier this month goes out to all of the trolls on social media who've either flamed me over the past 20 years, or who've deleted my posts relating to my preferred topic.
Keep in mind that the perp in this headline is a woman... [more]

Am i using this as camouflage to hide that i'm mentally retarded

I understand learn knew algebra one algebra two geometry one geometry two back in school I understand learn know judo moves headlock takedown front facelock takedown single leg takedown double leg takedown armbar takedown standing triangle hold takedown russian leg sweep takedown The encyclopedia definition of mentally slow a person that take... [more]

Got her to start smoking

A woman I work with in her mid 30's was having trouble with her fiance and had an off again on again relationship. She though he was the one, and it seemed like he wasn't then and she was starting to not give a f*** about things. She sort of gave up on dating, quit working out and started... [more]

Never become a landlord if you want to ruin your health!

Never become a landlord if you want to get into depression!! Tenants will s**** you over like there is no tomorrow!! Tenant thinks they have it, so hard to pay rent? Well guess what? So, do landlords!!!
Currently, we have this tenant that has been renting our house since 2019. We haven't... [more]

A person suppose to understand learn know something new everyday

The people off this website don't understand learn know something new everyday thats why the people off this website won't read the encyclopedia definition of mentally slow a person that take longer or long to understand think learn which means not immediate to understand learn not prompt to understand learn

Out of tragedy I came back whole to live my life

14 when I fell off the back of a pick up, hit my face against the pavement, broke everything. I was aware of everything going around me, just not aware that my face was gone. This doc, a really young woman argued with the older in charge doc. Let me try she said. I went to the operating room, 14 hours she worked on my face, the pictures tell the... [more]

Fat family

I have a very fat family. When my wife and I got married she weighed 250 lbs. She came from a big family and has always been a big eater and it didn’t stop once we married. A year later she was 300 lbs and then she got pregnant with our first daughter. She just ballooned and weighed 370 when she was born. A couple years later she was 430 when she... [more]

I want to die

I have so many issues. I don’t see the value in continuing

I'm only 16 and addicted to pills

I truly need help. I am only 16 years old and have a whole life ahead of me but i can feel my body getting worse. i take about 50 pills every day i don't know how i am still alive. i'm on the verge of losing all my friends and my boyfriend. i want help and i have tried stopping multiple times but i keep going backwards. i need help but i refuse to... [more]

The encyclopedia vs the dictionary whats right

The encyclopedia definition of mentally slow a person that takes longer or long to understand think learn or The dictionary definition of mentally slow a person that are mentally retarded which one makes more sense which one are right.

Need guidance

Ive been bulimic for almost 6 years along with orthorexic behaviors and chewing and spitting.
everyone in my family has some idea of it but dossnt ask to many questions hoping it will just go away before they need to take any action, or they just have the thats how it is attitude about it. ive had my grandma say to me " i used to hear you when... [more]

Remedy for premature e**********(PE)

This is not a confession. I would like to know from men here what they do to last longer in bed? When I am with my girlfriend for 10 years I am so excited that I e******** with 2 minutes. Could men please share their experiences on PE? Remedy with or without medicine?

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