Health Confessions

There will be blood

My gf bleeds after intercourse most times -not at that time of month. She say she had abortions before but is this a thing? Anyone? Please help -doese she have a VD?

Really down in the dumpsters!

I am worried about everything, I never switch off and truly relax anymore. I have forgotten what living with love and safety and peacefulness feels like well over decades ago. the other day I went to the toilet and did a pee and noticed blood in the toilet and I was in a public toilet and I was sure it was not there before I sat down so I wiped... [more]

I am a psychopath and I am tired of hiding my true self

I am tired of pretending to be a neurotypical. Everyone already knows I'm wierd, but everyone thinks I am super nice, but I am, but I'm kind of psycho secretly
I want everyone to die because you all have crushed me, and put me down, but yet I still help people in need
I hate almost everyone, because human nature is to be an [more]

Forgot the sun protection at the beach

I feel so stupid that I got burnt so it was just a quick walk down the road while on holiday and now I feel like I have had a serious chemical peel on my body. I am so worried about skin cancers because my grandfather used to even burn with a white shirt on his ancestors were from Iceland, originally. how shocking is that being burnt through... [more]

Getting fat

After 14 years of marriage and struggling to maintain my weight, constantly dieting, I finally gave up last year. I'm 5'2" and have always been around 145 lbs. Last year, my new year's resolution last year was to purposely get fat. I told my husband, who was relieved that I was finally no longer dieting. In one year I gained 64 pounds. This year... [more]

I have trouble making new friends

I really have trouble letting my guard down and meeting new people. Whether it be meeting someone new or talking to a girl or whatever. At the same time, I feel confident about myself in alot of aspects. And I do believe that I will overcome my social anxiety in the near future. So I have formulated a few suggestions for myself to help overcome my... [more]

I had a mental breakdown

Not long ago, I had a mental breakdown. I completely broke down in a heap, and was close to suicide.
I've had to be strong for so long, I just couldn't anymore. All the stress of being a single parent: the money worries, worrying about safety, stress, anxiety, tiredness. All of it. It all just caught up to me. Afterwards, the littlest things... [more]


I ate a toddler. Such tender meat.

Delusional and afraid

As long as I can remember my brain has been a complete mess and I always thought that was normal. Opening up to people a little more I realized how f***** up I am and how much I need help. I have a therapist but I am scared to mention any of this but my boyfriend says I need to bring it up... [more]

Chickenpox at 16

Having chickenpox later in life absolutely sucks for several reasons (I need to vent):
1. You're expected not to whine or complain as much even thought they're REALLY F****** ITCHY
2. Hormones already mean you can randomly have pain in certain areas of your body as in your teens you're either... [more]

Life Saver

I saved a girl`s life last night by pulling out 7 inches of meat out of her mouth.

Having chronic asthma and getting old

Asthma is a debilitating disease that holds you back from a lot of things. Sports and other activities. I'm what doctors diagnose as a lung cripple.
Asthma can be fatal but it usually isn't. I'll be seventy my next birthday.
To date, I've watched six friends die usually of heart disease. My blood pressure is normal. The people I've... [more]

Nothing compares

To weed. There is no better high and trust me i've tried it all.

Fattening wife

We've been married for 10 years. My wife likes me to force feed her so she can gain weight--she's into gaining. Since we've been married, she has gained 258 pounds and now weighs 406 pounds. She is very happy and wants to keep gaining. She isn't even worried about it until she hits 600. Problem is, she has become diabetic, but she won't stop... [more]

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