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I'm pregnant at 49 should I be worried?

I'm really concerned about my health and the offspring's health.
I recently got divorced with my ex of over 25 years and I had a fling with another guy after my divorce. I let not use protection and also I would let him release in me, thinking that I'm at the later phase of menopause, but now I'm pregnant and clueless.
I want to raise this... [more]

Should I quit drinking?

Every time I go on a sober sprint (where I go a certain amount of time without alcohol), I wonder if I should quit alcohol for good. Is this a sign that I need to quit drinking?

I am very happy and excited about the obesity epidemic

I am not the body positivity kind, I know full well that being overweight or obese can be very unhealthy and I also don't think everyone HAS to find obese people attractive. That being said, I am a gay guy with a weight gain fetish and it turns me on to see more and more men just straight up get fat. I love watching the obesity numbers rise year... [more]

Mental health

My mental health is unstable. i think this starts 2020 :/ im always tired, not want to move any inch my legs is hurting my blood is low but im feeling better now ;)

Why Do You Think You Are You So Special

The world is full of products to add to conceived beauty or to take away to make more beautiful. WTF???
Let's see, almost 8,000,000,000 people in the world. Just under 51% male and just over 49% female.
Of all the people in the world, everyone has a butt. Yep,everyone. Nothing special there.
Of all males in the world, they are all male... [more]


I want to be trampled with barefeet by little kids on my stomach

My Mother

My mother beats me and hits me and I cant even have a conversation with another person face to face without getting nervous anymore. I haven't left my childhood home without her hovering in over a year. I'm in college and she guilt tripped me into switching my classes online. Now that I'm home all the time she disappears for eons and I am forced... [more]

Ive gained 80 lbs of fat mostly on my stomach

In the last 10 months or so i went from 110 to 190lbs. Everything i put on is fat my bodyfat is 46%. I know i need to lose it but i think i have a fat fetish or something cuz i get turned on every time a button blows or i get weighed, or when people ask when im due. Idk why i hate it. I am 5ft4 so on top of having abdominal obesity,i probably... [more]

The value of pain

I used to wonder when I heard about kids cutting. I thought why would someone cut themselves. Just seemed weird.
Fast forward a few years and I started to get stressed because the marriage was on the rocks. I had problems at work. Life seemed to be going down.
One day I was feeling depressed and just squeezed one of my nipples and... [more]

Gay man attractiom

My sis was attracted to her gay bro-in -law. non sexual, but liked him alot socially. he liked his brother but became hostile towards her: name calling, etc. she is very bummed about it...........what to do?? the marriage is over and her husband is now living with his brother and they both dislike her....what to do??

Smoking family--kids too

I was born into a smoking family, and have married a wonderful man. Of course we both smoke. We all smoke, his family too. Naturally, none of us women did not in any way treat pregnancy differently than any ordinary time--we all smoked normally. 14 kids later (my kids, my sisters' and sister in laws kids) had any problems. We still all believe the... [more]

Girlfriend getting fat

My girlfriend has gained about 40 lbs since we started dating. She was a model before we dated and had to stay very thin. Shes 5’8” so she hasn’t gotten huge but she has outgrown a lot of her clothes and when she’s naked you can see how flabby she’s gotten. She makes half hearted attempts to diet and exercise but they don’t last. The crazy thing... [more]

I want to be an obese fat pig

I love food, and I love the feeling of my belly being distended. My wife knows about it, and she’s trying to help. She’s worried about me getting too big though.
I’m only 160ish right now, but I want to be 250+. I love stuffing my face with fatting rich food, especially donuts. I drink a container of eggnog a day right now, and boost weight... [more]

Honest question looking for help

So my 48 yr old gf has a serious issue. That is she doesn’t bathe/shower like a normal person. Now you may ask what’s normal… well in my opinion bathing/showering should be done every other day, unless you work in an industry where bathing/showering should be done everyday. She is constantly on the go working for a food delivery service, and as... [more]

I'm 74 and I feel terrible

I have to take meds to sleep at night and they make me ired during the day.

Your Sons Birth

Hello Moms. I had a question about your Sons. Did you know which Method did they used for your Sons Circumcision ? Best Lisa

Staying Sober by Marcel Shihadeh

Sober…I lie…. I’m not really sober. I haven’t been fully sober in two years. I still have a drinking and drug as well as s** addiction. I’m basically lying to the world saying I’m sober, but no one knows it because I have hide it away from everyone. None of my pure white friends are sober. I’m always... [more]

The IQ test determine how I comprehend not how I talk

I might verbally talk mentally stupid mentally silly but I don't mentally comprehend stupid I comprehend mentally slow the encyclopedia definition of mentally slow a person that take longer or long to understand think learn i'm not mentally retarded.

The dictionary definition of mentally slow sound like accusation

The encyclopedia definition of mentally slow a person that take longer or long to understand think learn sound like the truth The dictionary definition of mentally slow a person that mentally retarded sound like a false accusation not a definition

I believe encyclopedia i don't believe dictionary about slow

The encyclopedia definition of mentally slow a person that take longer or long to understand think learn means A person thats not fast to understand think learn also means Not prompt to understand think learn When my associate athena lastname had normal conversation with my associate romeal neese my associate joshua rush the normal conversation... [more]

Letting my daughter to smoke to help her lose weight

I’ve been having nightmares with my daughter she’s very overweight doesn’t stop eating and has been smoking behind my back. Had no luck encouraging her lose weight after trying everything I gave her the choice she can either stop smoking or lose weight she chose to lose weight. Since then for every Ib she looses I buy her a pack of cigarettes and... [more]

I have a short term memory problem

This malady has gotten me fired, kept me from making good grades in school and quite frankly my inability to remember things makes people mad. Not only can I do nothing about it any attempts to improve my memory seems to make it worse.

Boyfriend started me smoking

So I have suffered from anxiety most of my life, and although I've tried a TON of different medications, they really haven't done very much for me. About a year ago I started dating this guy; he's super nice, and has helped me get to a place where I'm finally feeling good about my body. He would always give me words of encouragement early on... [more]

Unvaccinated idiots

Why we strive to cure people with COVID when they refused vaccine in the first place. Let them go with the virus they like. Un vaccinated people contribute to the spread of the disease and spread rumors. We still love them some how. what do you think?

Yes. This is for you.

A wholefoods and plantbased diet could reverse your health problems, and help you avoid all of them in the first place, or at least about 95% of them. You would optimally have vitamin sources of k2, d3, b12, and omega 3 epa dha in your diet, preferring food sources.
3 Hours of active exercise per week would be very good, preferably allocated... [more]

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