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I made myself throw up for the first time today

I've been struggling with my weight a little but lately, I'm not super weight or anything I just don't like the way I like. And I feel like it's so selfish because people look at me and tell me how skinny they think I am but I just don't believe it. I tore my ACL so I haven't been working out as much but I'm getting back into the swing of it but... [more]


To the best counselor I've ever known ..... I heard you were made the fallguy for other people's inadequacies ..... I can't believe they would be so incredibly stupid to lose a gem like you! I will always remember you and your kind heart ..... I will also pray that better doors will open for you

Weight gain

I have let myself get fat. Over about 20 years with my hubby, I have gained well over 200 pounds. He makes no pretense about feeding me too much food. We both love it. Along the way, Ive got high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. I take meds for all of them and quite frankly don't give a [more]

I've gotten so fat

My six post. Ever since my best friend Sara rubbed my belly and started feeding me I've gotten so fat my boyfriend is a bit concerned about it all my jeans don't fit and my shirts are soooooo tight well I've started working out and I'm more slim than I was Sara is still my best friend but she doesn't feed me anymore only rubs my belly when she's... [more]

Made myself ugly

I made myself ugly by washing my face too much. I became obsessive compulsive about washing my face. I thought it would heal my acne but it just made it worse. I used Spectro Gel antiseptic cleanser because the drug store lady told me I had to kill bacteria on my face. I also used Neutrogena soap also, and Noxzema too. To top it off I would put... [more]

Im happy with my kids smoking

I have 2 girls ones 10 and the oldests is 13. Me and my hubby are heavy 40+ smokers, I smoked all the way through both my pregnancies with no intention of quitting and both came out fine. i let them smoke when they were 10 and 7 and me and my partner were quite happy about it we've been happily smoking for years and the fact our kids now joined in... [more]

Cheater Payback with Herpes!

I caught my boyfriend cheating! I dumped his ass and then secretly set him up with a girl who I know has herpes! Last I heard he's burning and itching and is miserable. I thought it was much more effective than keying a car!

Herve B-Rectification of previous share done on Thu 9th June 2009

Hi. This is Herve. B . Today 25/04/2017. I deleted the last post And thought It was better to share in more concise and simple form. I wanted to take the courage to tell the truth about this post shared on the net on Thursday 4th June 2009 and this confession site that I thought was private and safe at that time 8 years back. In fact, I want to... [more]

I'm a chalemelon

I am 14 years old and female.
Does that make me more emotional.... probably.
So the fact is, I've never understood myself, who I am, my feelings, the things I do, none of it.
And to avoid showing the true self I am alone and inside I have created a fake me. The me everyone thinks I am.
A cheery happy girl, who yells a lot and smiles... [more]

Things to do.

Recently im a wreck. My mental and physical health is spiralling. My home life is becoming like a little civilised mental house but its just me feeling this... no sympathy from no b******.. not even when i just had my hand shrunk. She just [more]

I look fatter than I weigh

A little bit of background.. I was 150 lbs about a year ago. I didn't even try losing weight and somehow lost about 15 lbs. 2 months ago I was 135 lbs, did some dieting and went down to 130 lbs then eventually down to 125. I kind of gave up on my dieting and thought that I would gain weight over the course of these last few weeks but every scale I... [more]

I think my p**** is to big

I'm 23,in college and have a beautiful girlfriend with lovely t*** and a tight p****,she is 22.But all she does is give me a handjob or make me go down on her.I asked her why I can't put my c*** inside her... [more]

There will be blood

My gf bleeds after intercourse most times -not at that time of month. She say she had abortions before but is this a thing? Anyone? Please help -doese she have a VD?

Really down in the dumpsters!

I am worried about everything, I never switch off and truly relax anymore. I have forgotten what living with love and safety and peacefulness feels like well over decades ago. the other day I went to the toilet and did a pee and noticed blood in the toilet and I was in a public toilet and I was sure it was not there before I sat down so I wiped... [more]

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