Circumcision fetish

I am a 44 years old woman and I have a really strong circumcision fetish. It's not that I like the shape of cut p****, but I am really turned on when I know an uncut man surrender his foreskin to be cut. The idea of a man who got his foreskin sliced off really arouses me and make my p**** soaking wet. It's the action that aroused me, not the result of the circumcision itself.

When I was young, I spent few years living in England, and dated few guys. All of them are intact and I always nagged and demand them to have their foreskin removed just for my own fetish satisfaction, and not long after they had it done, I would leave them.

Finally I married a guy in his late 40s last year, he was also intact and I got him cut prior to our wedding. But what really excited me is not only that he's willing to had his foreskin removed, he also successfully convinced his son to have the operation done. His son just has got his p**** shaped last week

We have been living together for a year, and I always perved at his son who is 20. I once took a really risky task, leaving a mobile phone on top of his wardrobe and recorded a video of him. Seeing him playing with his foreskin made me really eager to have him cut.

After brainwashing his girlfriend, having his dad convinced him to get the job done and also spending some money to buy a car to bribe him, he finally surrenders and agreed let his lovely foreskin chopped off. This happened just last week.

I am so happy. No words in the world can describe my joy that day. I never tell anyone about this fetish. This is a secret that I have to keep by myself as I am one of the respected person in my community due to my role and occupation. However, I am very tempted to share my glorious victory. That I am always win.

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  • Men should get circumcised if asked by their wife! Its respectful and by doing so put in their best effort to make their wife happy.

  • Are there an Irish women out there with a circumcision fetish.

  • I was cut right back and it is the best thing i had done. If any woman in the uk with a circ fetish want to use my cut c**** email

  • Please mail me about this topic;

  • I believe that circ. fetish is more common in women than we know. My ex wife had that fetish and she knew other women who also had it. When I had my vasectomy, she urged me to be circumcised too.

  • Did you get it done and how do you feel about it?

  • I have a desire of my wife having me circumcised so which I wish had been done at time of vasectomy.

  • I am seeking a woman who does circumcision. My mail
    I 29 years

  • My foreskin is ready to cut. Preferably in the home environment.
    I find female circumciser?

  • Brilliant

  • Read with interest. Had a circumcision two years ago in a private clinic. I love being circumcised and my wife loves the look. I live in a country where this is not common. Sorry I didn't do it years ago. My confession is that I am totally turned by young women who prefer this. if anyone wishes to talk.

  • I too find the topic of male circumcision topic fascinating and promote the many compelling reasons for it. I was not successful in persuading my livein boyfriend at the time to get snipped. later in life when my son was born I did have him circumcised and experienced sort of a sense of accomplishment and maturity becoming a Mom and being the reason his circumcision was done.
    Also, because of my spreading the word to other Moms to be who were having
    boys and were unsure or doubtful about circumcision I was successful in convincing four others to do the op. So I think I have contributed to getting five penises circumcised.

  • If you wish to chat further I am at

  • Did you watch the circumcision?. And we're you allowed to keep the severd foreskin? Some hospitals are allowing it .

  • I am circumcised! And I'm wanting to get recircuncisied again for a high and tight, and remove my frenulum. What tool should I go with gorcom clamp,or taraklamp?

  • Foreskins are extremely pleasurable

  • F*** you you're a selfish waste of life

  • I want to be circumcised, since the age of 12 im now 31 and want to get it done. i always pull my foreskin back and almost all my previous girlfriend thought i was circumcised as my foreskin was not that long.

  • Do it. I had always wanted to be circumcised since I knew what it was and finally had it done at 23. That was 20 years ago and I haven't looked back. My advice is to go high and tight. Looks great and feels even better!

  • I resent being circumcised as a baby and well know that most men that are intact dont have a problem with it, this was very hurtful to know that my parents let this happen to me, and the american medical industry is a criminal

  • I think any man that does this by choice is not right in the head, being forced on me as a baby , i resent that and hate being circumcised

  • My ex girlfriend forced me to get circumcised last month then left me. I think a woman making a man get circumcised is so sexy I would love to talk to u about your fetish email me

  • I remember getting naked for the first time in the showers after P.E. in middle school and realizing I was in the minority of uncut guys, and it was a bit shocking, although my foreskin wasn't bad looking ,my p**** was more veiny, but I always thought that having the Glans head exposed looked more cool, I had wished for so long to have a p**** that exposed the awesome head without skin to cover it, at the age of 30 I finally got circumcised, like every American male ,after eight years I still get excited when I see my p**** and my mushroom tip is visible now, when ever I go to the gym shower I no longer feel embarrassed ,by the way I wished the doc was female , but he had two female nurses to assist him cutting off my foreskin, which just added to the turn on , I wish I could have filmed it

  • I would love to be forced to be circumcised....persuaded by my girlfriend or fiance...or maybe even her mother! I would be helpless and know that I have no choice but to undergo an extreme high and tight circumcision.....there would be nothing I could do. The excuse would be tradition and hygiene...if I want her, I have to agree to the 'little snip' as they would call it....just a minor removal of a useless small flap of extra skin......all the while knowing that it would be much more than that...... So helpless and unable to stop it from happening!

  • Fetishes are all well and good until it becomes a method of manipulation and self-indulgence then it goes into a place of perversion. This, if you ask me, is a perversion because you're idealizing a man severing a piece of himself for you. What if it was one of his fingers? What if you were turned on by the idea of a guy getting a finger cut off? That would be considered some form of sadism. I don't care if these men fell prey to your suggestion, I think what you do isn't healthy in the slightest. Your fixation on someone losing a part of themselves won't do your relationships any good and I think you ought to look into yourself and ask why it's so important.

    Why not just do S&M?

  • Thanks for your great story.
    If you would like to chat more about it.

  • Thanks for your great story.
    If you would like to chat more about it.

  • Way to go.....cleaner and healthier!

  • Rubbish as long as you clean it its ok .it is apart of the p**** .

  • You are a piece of S***!

    Bribing people to mutilate themselves for your pleasure.

    You are some kind of demon!

  • Deep down, they must have wanted to have it done. And it must have been nice for them to surrender to your the end it is best for them anyway. They will always know that they had themselves permanently altered to satisfy your whim. Those boys you left right after you persuaded them to be circumcised must have felt really frustrated and used...but it is better for them.....they can keep it cleaner. But there's nothing they can do about it now and they will just have to live with their decision and get used to it.

  • Obviously written by a sick man.

  • Indulge my fetish, to rape you with barb wire, to torture you with acid and electricty until u are begging for death, and then drink the blood out out of your decapitated neck

  • I wanna shove my BIG UNCUT D*** down your throat until you gag on it.

  • I've always been looking for a woman like you , except I want to be cut at home by a nurse , will travel for it , contact , subject : circumcise you

  • I think a man who will sacrifice his foreskin for a woman is paying her the ultimate compliment. You must be a beautiful woman to have men doing this for you.

  • F*** You !

  • I am 40 and i am european. i also like the look of a circumcised p****, however in europe it is just about impossible to have it done. if you real, i would love to get my foreskin completly removed and the frenulum as well. if you make the arangements/ co pay, i will agree for you to film the process for you. i have way to much foreskin and as bonus let you have the frenulum. what do you think? contact me, krugejir at aol .com

  • You are a cruel lady! But maybe them having the circumcision was for the best anyway......they can keep themselves cleaner much easier now.

  • No doubt at some point in the future your son in law will regret his decision and wish he could have his foreskin back but he can't, EVER. Your victory is permanent. He will live the rest of his life cursing his weakness, fighting back tears of frustration that he will never be whole again. You've beaten him, you've beaten him! You made him sacrifice his precious covering to satisfy your passing whim and now will toss him aside like yesterdays garbage. You are everything and he is a nothing compared to your power. Revel in your victory, know that it will last till the end of his days. When he is on his deathbed he will feel his uncovered c*** and know you are responsible. He will never be free of your victory.

  • Don't gotta deal with s***** now though. so thats good.

  • Are you going to spy on him now to see him trying to m********* without the skin? To compare how much harder it is to do now? How he struggles to do it? If knowing he lost it got you off, wouldn't seeing the result be even better?

  • I can see the point you're trying to make but I really don't think he will "struggle" to m*********. Certainly, we cut men do it differently but I've never had to struggle and the absence of a foreskin has never prevented me from masturbating (contrary to what Victorian Britons and people like Mr Kellog on the other side of the pond, might have hoped and/or believed).

  • Let's review your statements. All for your selfish pleasure you:
    1) Convinced men to be circumcised and then left them.
    2) Convinced your husband to be circumcised.
    3) Lusted after his adult son and secretly viewed him masturbating, noting the pleasure he got from his foreskin
    4) "Brainwashed" (your word) the son's girlfriend and enlisted his father, your new husband, to bribe the son against his preference, to circumcise his "lovely" (your word) foreskin.

    If this story is true, aren't you a piece of work. What's your next project? Perhaps you will join tribal mobs in Africa that seize men off the street and circumcise them without anesthetic, sterile equipment, or their consent.

    If you have committed the fraud and assault you claim, you are a psychopathic narcissist and a criminal that deserves be tried and punished to the maximum extent allowed by law.

    You have clearly demonstrated that you have no empathy or concern for others. Nevertheless, I recommend that you look-up FGM Types IV - VI as well as accounts of acid attacks upon women by men from societies where such violence is endemic.

    And to those of you on this blog offering this b**** support and appreciation, consider your actions because you are morally complicit.

    I am a gay man, an American, and a Jew. I have seen firsthand that circumcision offers NO protection against HIV and other STD's. The authors of the studies in Africa have misrepresented the data. Over history, Jews have abandoned stoning to death, slavery, and animal sacrifice. Jews and others must now foreswear non-therapeutic circumcision as well. I thank the author for her vivid evidence in support of banning this practice.

  • Yeah please cut ur c*** too
    It turns me on a lot

  • Would you have your c*** and labias removed? That turns some men on

  • The idea of having your c*** sliced into pieces really turned me on

  • I think act of an adult man having his foreskin cut off for a woman is very exciting. My wife had me circumcised 5 months after we were married. I was 44 at the time and she demaned that I have a vasectomy and be circumcised. That was 27 years ago, and it is still a turn on for me.

  • Love this.

  • As a return, you should have your l**** circumcised as well

  • I am having a circumcision in a few weeks time and am excited by it. I am being circucised for no other reason than that i want to be. Soon my foreskin will be gone and my glands will be bare. Hope this excites you as much as it excites me!

  • I am having myself circumcised in 4 weeks time and am turned on by the thought of it. Soon my foreskin will be gone and my glands will be bare. Hope this excites you as much as it dose me!

  • I would love to be fully circumcised, and know I can do nothing about it.

  • wow, this is my fantasy to have it me if you want bencurrant at yahoo co uk

  • His is also my fantasy to have my foreskin totally removed and know I can never cover my c******* again.

  • I wonder whether you have though through all aspects of that. Basically, I am happy with my cut status. In the privacy of my own home and the company of my partner, it's fine. I consider the glans to be the most intimate part of the body; something which should remain private and intimate. I don't have any problem with my wife seeing it but what I really don't like is having it on public display in, for example, swimming-pool showers. It's just "out there" for all to see and, unlike all the other men there who are able to keep their most intimate part private, there is nothing I can do to hide mine. I really don't like that one aspect of being cut.

  • OMG you are such an evil lady!!
    You are a foreskin vampire!!

  • I think you might have a control issue.
    And like to see men be submissive to you.
    I would look for help for a therapist or some one.

  • I have a strong and intense fantasy about being cut, i want you to meet me, persuade me to submit and get me down the surgery haveing it smipped off, i want a high and tight one though, no nerve endings severed in other words,
    my email or call 0044 1202 064194

  • That's really hot. Wish I had a girlfriend who would want me to get circumcised.

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