Strange Confessions

I inherited a real human articulated skeleton

It's a real human skeleton. My Uncle was a Biology Professor and he owned this thing. He died with no children of his own and I ended up with it.
I keep; it safe in the basement until Holloween comes around and I sit it in a chair. People freak out when they realize its the real thing.
I've tried to donate it but nobody wants it and... [more]

My Aunt is a Virgin

Last Weekend I (M15) listened to my mom and her sister chatting in the livingroom. believe me, it was by accident first, but then it became very interesting. They already had 2 nearly empty bottles of wine on the table and their talk sounded a bit like that.
When I started listening, my mom told her sis about her last lover. Mom is divorced... [more]

I (female) love giving B*******

Yes I love sucking c***. Even typing it here makes me h**** and wet.
Inbetween I am 36 , married with son and daughter. And I know, how many women think about it bein disgusting. especially swallowing the sperm. I just love that! And I learned giving... [more]

First experiences

Between the age 8 and 15 I lived with my grandparents, because my parents had to travel a lot for their job und wanted for me to live steady. I had a best friend at that time and she often visited me overnight. My grandparents agreed to that. My grandpa has had a stroke at age 65 and since then he did not hve much left of his eyesight and he still... [more]

Swallowing sperm

I'm a straight guy but I really love to taste and swallow my own sperm. I will j*** off into a condom and then I will swallow all of my sperm from the used condom. However I needed more so I started searching for used condoms at friends co-workers neighbors and family members houses and I would take... [more]

Addicted to Pain

Since I was a small child I would wear hand me down cloths that were too small. I hated it because my belly was always hanging out of my shirts. I would get made fun of all the time for having on too small clothes that showed my big belly and belly button. I remember being in the second grade and I was talking to my teacher and she kept trying to... [more]

Bra Opening Training

OK, i Will tell you what me and my at that time best friend did when we started and during puberty. I can't say how or who had the idea doing that but I once stole a bra from my sister and then we took it to my tree-house and we took turns putting it on. I was kind of our size because my sister was a little older though but she was a tiny girl... [more]

Drank someone's c** from used condom

While walking through the railway track, I saw a used condom filled with after s** c**. I took it home, went to the bathroom and slowly untied the knot and rolling down the condom sucked and swallowed the c** and... [more]

I wanted to spank a boy...

Hi, When I was 13, I saw many cute, hot boys get whooped with a belt, or spanked REALLY Damn hard. And me being that kind of girl, I wanted to join in on the fun, but well no boy accepted. In my middle school, there was a boy named Bryce. He had a WONDERFUL ass. Every Girl knew about it, but only a few wanted to spank him. And one day close to the... [more]

I'm a pantyhose pervert

I simply love to wear expensive pantyhose and tights. High heels make the look complete. They are so adorable and feel wonderful too.

Want to watch??

I love being caught jerking my big d***.. I’ll go to parking lots and watch ladies park.. if they’re alone, I’ll park next to their car and get ready so when they come back to the car they can find me.. I act like I don’t know I’m being watched... but I have a cam recording them watching . it’s very... [more]

I saw a severed human head on a pole deep in the woods

There was no body. The head was a woman's head. I didn't tell anyone because I'm afraid if I told the police the murderer would come after me.

Grey Pubic Hair

I cannot say why but I love grey pubic hair. When I was 16 I once saw my grandma, when she came out of the shower and she had much pubic hair and it was nearly white. I at once got an hardon. About a year later I asked her to see her bush again and sure she rejected. But she was not mad at me. about a year later when I was overnight with her she... [more]


I'm the mom of an 8 year old boy. a while ago i got pregnant but after some weeks it was a misscarriage. It was hard and my son helped me getting over it. It has been strange but just after the misscarriage my t*** swelled up and started producing milk. my doctor said that it happens in 10 percen t... [more]

Sniffing under wear

I read about a lot of men who like to sniff women and children panties. Personally I rather sniff the real thing, are there any women out there that like to sniff men's underwear. Like to hear from you ladies.

Bad babysitting

I really don't know why! I'm sitting for our neighbors for 2 years now, since I was 11 and their son was 7. Since 4 months they now have a new baby. Any time I see her nursing the Baby I got these feelings. yes, I got h****. Since then, when they are gone and I'm alone with the kids, I take the... [more]

Revealing my wife to strangers

I like to make fake profiles online and share pics of my wife and read what they would do to her. I have gotten several tributes and want to do it more but she found out and asked me not to.

Stomach Fetish

So I have a stomach fetish and I've had it since I was 7, and I really wish I could meet a girl that has the same thing, let me explain. I like the sound of a girls stomach it's kinda a turn on and, I think it's hot! I rlly wish I could meet a skinny pritty girl with the same fetish. Someone help me out here :(

I'm into the Granny Type

Already in my Youth I was educated to respect elder people and help them. Thats how my parents brought me up. And that helped me to my very first sexual experience. I was 12 at that Time and my mom had sent me to the grocerie-store nearby to get some corn for the barbecue that evening. When I payed, I met a old lady from our neighborhood. I... [more]

Pants wetting

I’m in my 50s and enjoy wearing and wetting my adult pull-ups or get the chance adult diaper, I find it a great feeling and have been doing it for about ten years, I actually started my love for diapers at the age of 10, after wetting my bed, Mum said “ I’ll put you back in a nappy and plastic pants if you do it again” this never happened, but did... [more]

Super B****!

I have loved putting things in my butt. Like almost anything just to see if I can. Things like Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. Figures like plastic animals and plastic army men to just about anything. But the most fun I have is putting super b**** in the canal and using my muscles to make them shoot... [more]

Finger Moves!

I found that I like to finger my p**** or my a****** while watching television and then sniff my fingers and or lick them. Is this strange? I have been doing it for years. I always do it when I'm alone. I like to be alone to enjoy this. Nobody knows... [more]


So I live with my nephew , his wife and their baby. I'm 54 years old and cindy is 23. I don't think I'd ever do anything with her but she is very if I see her drive up , I will go into the front bathroom, which is the one they use, close the door but not lock it and take all my clothes off like I'm getting ready to take a shower. ... [more]


I bought some fireworks for the 4 th and me and my girl were going to shoot them off in the backyard. So around 9 pm we set to light them up and shoot em off. I live out in the country on 5 acre of ground and the place is pretty secluded. My girl took off all her clothes and then she grabbed this long clear plastic tube that was about 2- 3 inches... [more]

I've been having intercourse with our dog

I was watching television one evening and looking at our family pet. He is a beautiful Husky with blue eyes. He's not fixed cause my husband and I thought we might breed him. My husband was out of town on a business trip. I looked over and noticed he was fully erect and I don't know what came over me but I licked him until he [more]

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