Strange Confessions

Found out my girlfriend enjoys r******

My girlfriend got pregnant 16 and her daughter is now 5 years old. We met at work last year and things are getting serious. The two of them have moved in with me.
Recently the 'baby daddy' has came back into the picture to be part of her life.
I'll add he has no interest in getting back with my girlfriend. He's married and has has two kids. My... [more]

I broke my dad's b**** for fun and I don't feel bad about it

So I'm a 13 year old middle school girl, and my friend told me what b**** are. She said she messes with her brothers b**** all the time, she kicks them whenever I go to her house - it's so funny 🤣
Well I wanted to try it myself, so I chose my dad... [more]

Shameful bellybutton

That sins i was little i have been playing with my belly button. When i was little i had a big outie belly button. I started to play with it as a form of comfort but also to calm my nerves. The older i got the darker that area became. With that my outie became an innie that i can pull out. Now my belly button not only does it bring me comfort and... [more]

Adult Sissy baby

Hi there all
I’m a big sissy wimp helpless diaper baby and love being in my diapers and plastic pants and ruffled rhumba pants and sissy baby dresses and bonnets and whumba panties all the time,,,
Prancing around the house,wike a wittle 18 mos old baby,,
Love to b seen as the sissy wimp baby I am and have al, know,
Cloth... [more]

Shameful bellybutton

That sins i was little i have been playing with my belly button. When i was little i had a big outie belly button. I started to play with it as a form of comfort but also to calm my nerves. The older i got the darker that area became. With that my outie became an innie that i can pull out. Now my belly button not only does it bring me comfort and... [more]

Love for Crotches with Lips and D****

I am 23 and married 2 years. I love him but I have started looking at guys crotches when you see something obvious. I have this new thing for BIG. I have had small and average but never big. I have been too obvious at times and wonder if guys like guakers. So I thought I like guys checking me out. On that note I now try to show my toe and rarely... [more]

A Wet P**** or A Big Fat C***? THREESOME

25 yo female married at 18 with 2 kids and great s** since I was 12 or 13 only with males. My husband saw me looking at his friends huge package and threw comments like how can you not notice, I'd like to see you ride it, etc. Lately he keeps hinting at a threesome. I've heard extra-large can hurt and... [more]

Spotted in two different places on days when I wasn't there.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at work when Barb, a coworker, asked me a question. She said I didn't have to answer if I didn't want to. Barb asked me if I lived near Waterdam Plaza. I said no and told her where I actually lived. She said that it was strange because she somebody who looked exactly like me near Waterdam Plaza. What amazed her the... [more]

My husband is gaining weight and I’m into it!

My husband used to be an athlete in high school. Football and track, basketball as a hobby. Very talented! When we got together nearly 7 years ago he was 155 - 160 lbs and a little over 6 ft tall. Very lean and toned.
I was always into toned or muscular bodies, until recently…
So, he is now 186 lbs. Over the years from his job he gained some... [more]

Something disgusting

This isn't really a confession but this is something i needed to get off my chest. i was on a random r34 page thing not really a safe one but a girl came up and it had a link for cp and i thought it was a joke site but i was wrong it was really cp it was gross and im traumatized over it the girl was like 5-7 years old at least it was [more]

F*** freedom - I got what I want, need, and deserve

I live to be confined in my inescapable rubber-lined bondage-bag, my only connection with reality, the air-tight zippered opening at my mouth, kept shut unless there is one or more demanding c**** to be tirelessly sucked...I am video'd both during this, and when ruthlessly milked until I first pee... [more]

Keep getting upset over my mom's death even though she isn't dead

Every so often, for no reason, I get the feeling that my mom is dead and when that feeling comes over me, I get upset and am very close to bursting into tears. The strange thing is, my mom isn't dead and she isn't dying. She's alive and well but, for reasons I can never explain, the thought of her dead just pops into my head from time to time and... [more]

Being the female I can attest to wanting to be mounted

There is this thing that never leaves my mind. I grew up on a ranch and I loved horses. When I was pretty young I watched my first mounting, it was exciting, I really loved how he stuck in her. My mother explained that horses and men were pretty much the same. All they want to do is stick it in you.
Well, I was twelve and I would go... [more]

I never thought I would become a trained b**** but here I am

Everything normal, everything all f***** up. I married a guy at college. It was all s** but he never grew up. I got divorced and became a fast and loose divorcee, if he dropped his pants I sucked him, if he pushed me back I fell with my legs open. I... [more]

First Lush for A Female

My confession of unpleasant disclosure, curiosity, and stimulation of a 22 married female keen of a girl for the first time ever. I'm a gym coach with nasty ideas and a yearning for a particular client that's a 10 in the tightest pantiless nylons exposing crotch cleavage, firm and perfect curves from head to toe and toes. I must make a proposition... [more]

I'm white and I f***** our skinny but pregnant housemaid

I thought she couldn't get pregnant by me since she was pregnant already but here's the strange outcome. She was pregnant with my fathers baby. My mother said that hed have to support the maids child and if he didn't shed testify against him in paternity court. Maid had the baby and the kid is fine. A pretty mixed race girl.

Runaway 30 years later

I ran away at 16 and a college guy driving thru picked me up and kept me. He put me in school where he was going to college, said he was my older brother. At the time not too many questions were asked, or they believed him and that was that. I graduated with good enough grades that he put me through college and when I was done he put me to do... [more]

Big arms on women

I love big arms on women. Not even muscular ones. Not saggy ones either. I just love women with massive, non-muscular, totally tubular upper arms. I would love to squeeze and hug them tightly.

Girl first time thoughts of a girl

Before my just divorced sister-inlaw arrived for the weekend, I put my favorite rocket vibrator in a bathroom drawer thinking she might find and need it. When I heard it and her getting off I imagined her hot little body going through the moves and then I thought c**********. So aroused that... [more]

I'm not gay but I've been with a few

I'm a 38 year old white guy and married for several years and I'm hung like a horse. Well Id been working out at a gym and I always took long showers out in the middle were all the guys could see my very big c*** hanging down to my knees and I started to notice a guy who I thought was really hot and... [more]

So this happened

I was on a well known dating site making an honest effort to get a girlfriend. Trying to sort out all the cat fishers, professionals, etc. You know how difficult it is. I came cross this girl that was married and of course we hit it off. Not at all what I was looking for. We messaged for a while before she dropped that her husband likes to watch... [more]

I P***** in her drink

My 20 something neighbor would routinely come to my apartment at night. Her husband worked nights and she didn’t want to be alone. She would stay until he would stop by telling her she was home. He Han no problem with her being there.
She was very cute. I would light a fire and we would sit and talk. She drank sweet tea. One night when she went... [more]

So ballsy

I walk through a nature trail almost every day. i wear my spandex shorts and sports bra, cross trainers and thats it. i sat in good shape. im 41 and a petite 5'3'' 112 pounds 34c 22 -24. oh and im shaved everywhere but my head.
i was walking down the trail and i passed a guy maybe 19/20 years old paying him little attention when he yelled to... [more]

Victory screech, reeeee

Ive been trying to get nudes from an autistic girl I went with at school for years until I finally got em. Took some sweet talking, but I got em!

Remember the old show Kablam?

Well, it had a segment called Life With Loopy, that was stop motion animated, you can find em all on YouTube these days including one not aired with the show at the time.
Anyway, not the point. The point is that upon reviewing these shorts after so many years, I developed the deep, desperate need to DO THINGS with Loopy.
How she's... [more]

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