Strange Confessions

Why do blacks from other countries look down on American blacks?

Blacks from Africa often distance themselves from American blacks. So do Caribbean blacks and South American blacks. They stay away from American blacks for much the same reason many whites do. Laziness, poor academic behaviour not to mention violent and aggressive behaviour often for no reason at all. I personally saw a white guy who liked... [more]

I made a mess of her dirty thong

I work as a heating and air technician and I am on the residential crew and this position gets me into many homes every week and a lot of the ladies are very attractive.
This morning my first call was in a very wealthy neighborhood with 2 million dollars homes.
I knocked on the door and a dark haired lady answered, she was in her early 40s and... [more]

Her **

I love sharing pictures of my wife’s **. Leave your email here and I will send you photos

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Her **

I love showing my wife’s ** to guys. Leave your email address here and I will send pictures

Tight Tops

I am a very ** woman my bra size is 34 DDD most of my tops and blouses are revealing because it is very hard to keep these ** covered even when I wear lose blouse it still shows some cleavage, well any way I have ran my own business for a year now and... [more]

Pantyhose face rub

Do any women have a fantasy of doing this to a man? I love women in pantyhose. It would drive me crazy if a gorgeous woman with ** nylon covered feet would massage my face and gently stand on it.

I Love Pee

I have a ** kink. I love watching people pee anywhere but the toilet. In their pants, the woods, their bed, you name it. And I love watching people holding it desperately(I do this myself sometimes) I also love peeing my pants and wetting my bed. I’ve also had fantasies of peeing outside naked.
I... [more]

Cry in the night

I had an over night nurse, I know, after. Some surgery. I found out the other day she heard my talking in my sleep and came in and finished me off. I never woke up. I can’t wait till next time.

I rub my ** juices on

The top of beer cans before I give them to friends to drink. They don't know it and I love that they are putting their lips on my ** juice without knowing it. I will also go to People's houses and take silverware or a spatula and stick it in my ** then... [more]

I'm a bully

That I bullied a group girls last year and I don't know why I did it and I made a total ** outta myself and I'm not like that, I wish I didn't and it's weighing me the ** down

I just did surgery on myself

No… i’m not joking. for context, i am a trans man who was born with a partially inperforate hymen. basically, where there was supposed to be one hole there was two. no one ever really figured it out because i wasn’t taken to doctors and didn’t want to have ** but… well, i realized it was odd years ago... [more]


I have this online friend, who I've known for years. Even though we haven't met, they've been there for me in my darkest times, when no one else was. We used to play all the time but I can no longer have this app for some reason (strict parents.) So, I'm left with pretty much sneaking around just to be able to make sure that they're alright every... [more]

The rumors about our present situation

People say, the Mother Goddess is sleeping. That She had went into another Spaces, and forget all Her former Incarnations. We are wandering now between the Spaces, and forget our former Lives, either. Nobody knows how to find Her. Missing Her guidance, the Computers, and Systems decoy, and begin to mulfunction. The Autonomous Bots only, are still... [more]

My Life is Different

My life is different and corny. I hate it! I have a stalker that is watching me on the internet and on foot. On top of that, I am dealing with identity theft. The strange individual is a stinking **! They ** up my income, my business... [more]

Very odd situation comes to light after my Rabbit died

Timely information means that it was given before it expired. For example your lawn service calls you before you get home to notify that they did not lock the gate to your backyard. It was timely because when you come home your routine is to open the patio door and let the dogs out. If the gate is not secured correctly with the lock your beloved... [more]

Wet comfort

It's kind of comforting to put on a diaper before bed and feeling the bulk between my legs.
In the night, I wake, the air is chilly and I'm warm and just relax and wet. I drift off again conscious I've done something socially unacceptable but feeling this strange feeling of security. Possibly a bit of rebelliousness. I know it's disgusting but... [more]

Heard a voice telling me to shut up.

Last night, before I went to sleep, a thought kept running through my mind. The thought isn't important. What is important is that halfway through the thought, I heard a voice angrily telling me, "Shut up."

Lazy bed wetter

I actually like wearing diapers. It's comforting in a way. When I wake in the night and need to pee I just let it flow.

Black woman on YouTube ad addressed me by my name.

I swear this happened earlier today and this is not a dream. After I woke up, I turned on my PS4. I decided to watch some YouTube. As everyone knows, just before the video starts, there's always one or two ads that appear. I couldn't skip the first one but I knew the second one was skippable. The second ad had a black woman appear and I swear, she... [more]

Love nylons on myself and looking at women wearing them

I must confess that I have had a fascination with women’s legs in nylons since I was about 5. I used to look at pictures of them in the JC Penny’s catalogs. I used to massage the feet of the women in my family from under the table at all the holiday dinners. I never had a desire for men, still don’t, but I love the feeling of nylons so much that I... [more]

Feeling superior to a person who has died

My first cousin was a college grad. Beautiful, intelligent and lovable. I was envious of her although when she got cancer I was devasted. The doctors wee unable to save her and she died in a slow painful way,
Despite myself when I looked at her face in her coffin I felt a sense of triumph. Not a good feeling though.
A very good friend... [more]

I ** up

When I was 12 I had my friend over I was in a stupid mood I was was ** around. I don’t know how it happened but I was gonna put peanut butter on my ** and let my dog lick it until this day. I regret it so much I remember running down the hall and... [more]


Having strange rememberances of things Id rather not remember but not sure if they actually happened

Was called into the front end office.

Don't see how that's possible since I don't work today and I was wide awake in my bed.

Strange thing happened to me

Okay, so this happened and I'm still trying to figure this out. This guy I work with told me about this thing he likes to do with his wife. He invited me over for dinner. Nothing seemed weird. They had a normal house, and his wife didn't seem like that "kind of woman". Pictures of their family in the living room, she was dressed casual, not at... [more]

Toupee Obsession

Since I was very young I have enjoyed seeing men wearing obvious toupees, to the point that I wanted to be one as well. I am not balding at all. I have no biological need for a toupee. I'd like to find a barber willing to transform me into the clueless, rug-ged man who thinks he is fooling most of the people all of the time when, in reality... [more]

I want someone to (literally) take my heart.

I at some distant point in my life I want to find someone who's willing to cut out my heart. I get aroused by the thought of someone cutting open my chest and pulling out my heart. Is there anyone out there who wants to do it to me?

Land lady

I was 18 and came home to find out my parents were not home. I was all wet from the rain. The land lady asked me to change my shirt. She was 40. I felt shy and said no. On another ocassion she asked me to check a fault with her TV in her bedroom. I went in and didn't see any issues. I wonder what her intentions were?

Mrs. ** Caramel

I confess I like it wen girls sit on my chest stomach and bounce and put me in pain I would love for a 300lb to 250lb woman sit on my chest and stomach and bounce until you get tired.

A straight A student and tri athlete donated his sperm. He was s

He was handsom. He had done male modeling work but in addition to tht he was a straight A student and when he donated his sperm he was a college professor and tri athlete.
His sperm was in great demand and he father several boys and girls via artificial insemination.
Trouble is at age 40 something he developed schizophrenia and is now... [more]

I think I met one of the 9/11 hijackers in late summer 2001

I was walking home from work in lower manhattan in summer 2001. Walked through a bar area, there was one guy standing in the crosswalk which had a view of the twin towers. I usually crossed the street there so as I passed I asked him if he was okay. He was dressed nicely but smelled of alcohol, I guess he had just come out of one of the bars. He... [more]

In my early days I was Erika until puberty

First of all, this is a true story about enjoying yourself for yourself. Back then, before I went to school my mother dressed me as a girl. I had long blonde hair, ribbons, ** and dresses. My little ** notwithstanding. I had a girl name, Erika... [more]

My taste in girls

From my earliest recollections I have been attracted to girls. Starting with Suzie in fourth grade, and nothing has changes since. I joined a gym next to a college campus because I like looking at fit girls, I don't like older women, about 21 and that's it. I keep myself very fit, and smooth. I love women with nice [more]

Muslim mother moaning hard?

I came home early from the college camping event and heard noises. I peeked in their room. last thing i expected was my father drilling my mother in missionary. She started moaning so loud that i think that counts as a scream.
I dont know what to feel. They teached me to be a lady and dont think about anything [more]

Have to avoid black people

That I don't hate black people or any other people. In fact, I'd love to treat people pretty much exactly the same. Unfortunately, I'm told that I have to "see" blackness and that race blindness is bad. But how do I look at someone as "black"? I read all sort of anti-racist stuff but I don't feel comfortable treating black another other... [more]

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