Strange Confessions

No ashtrays

I love to see my girlfriend, who smokes a lot (I pay for them), no use an ash tray. She is not permitted to use anything. She has to ash on the floor, or where ever she wants, and put out the cig butts by grinding them into the carpet, or on furniture. Now that she is used to it, it is no big deal for her--actually convenient, she says. I just... [more]

Male pattern bald by choice

Over the last 3 years I have been tweezing, pulling and epilating my head to gradually achieve a male pattern baldness. My hairline is permanently moved back about 3 inches and I have created a very visible bald spot at the crown while thinning out the remaining hair on top. My goal is to eventually have a MPB comb-over with just a few thin... [more]

Being kidnap

I will be walking out all dress up,why a car pulls along side me and two arab men get out and pull into the car /soon I was naked and arab man said this c*** is boy/we can sell as a s** slave/later I was taken into a room with lots men to be sold naked one... [more]


My hubby called his boss for dinner as his family stayed outstation. After food, he asked me to please his boss who was in our guest bedroom. I was reluctant but he forced me saying that his promotion was due. I was a committed wife and never thought of such cheap things in my life. I pleaded with him not to do such evil acts but he wanted to... [more]

Kicked in the b****

When I was a child in the 1960s, I was around eight at the time, there was a guy who lived in my road who looked old to me but he was probably only in his 50s. When his wife was out he would invite me into his house and we'd go into his living room. He would always be dressed in a dressing gown and he and would ask me to take off my shoes and... [more]

One sided love

I am very confused so seeking your advice. I have a very dominating but a lovely husband. I am 42 now and I remember our last penetrative s** was somewhere 5 years back. His libido went down so he stopped penetrative s**. We did only orals but this too faded... [more]

Mom’s Feet

I am a teenage boy that likes my mother’s feet. I take pictures of her painted toes, and then j******* to them, I dream of them and stare when she doesn’t notice. As a 17 year old, it is disgusting but I like it. :(


I just read something about someone having sexual relations with a dog. This is by far the most f***** up thing I have read in a while. If you have an animal fetish don't do it with real animals this s*** is so sick in the head. I don't get this site... [more]

Dressing in lingerie turns me on

I like to wear womens underwear. I'm wearing nylon as I write this. The thought of confession turned me on and made me hard. I'm a straight male who loves womens lingerie I fantasise about swapping bodies with a women and playing with a p****. Would like to find just one woman that is willing to play... [more]

Underarm Hair

On a crazy dare, on Jan. 1 my wife and her friend bet each other on who could go the longest without shaving their underarms. Well, its been over 6 months now and neither has shaved. My wife now has a relatively large and dark area of hair under her arms, very noticeable when she wears sleeveless shirts. She has not been out in public where anyone... [more]


I'm a female college student and I've been seeing a guy, not dating as such, just getting together for s**. He enjoys r****** me, and I enjoy it too, and I noticed that he'll even do it when I've been to the toilet that day. So I asked him if, even... [more]

Disturbing dreams

Lately I have been having disturbing dreams, and I won't go into them, but they have involved either underage people or animals, and I feel very confused and disturbed by them. I feel unclean and sickened by myself, I can't believe that I wouldn't think about someone I know and am responsible for (I am a school prefect) in that way, and it greatly... [more]

Cold Hard Supernatural fear

In 1948 the Jews were fighting in Egypt, Syria, Iraq etc. A small contingent of Jewish soldiers armed with a lever action 30 30 rifles was faced with a much larger army of Arab soldiers.
The Arabs had a Russian half Track armed with a .52 caliber heavy Russian machine gin.
Hundreds of Arab soldiers armed with better weapons than the Jews... [more]

Is this supernatural?

My cousin Joan died in 1996 of brain cancer. Her mother my Aunt died ten years later of the same disease on her daughters birthday. I find this unusual and perhaps there is a meaning to this.

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