Strange Confessions


Quiet moments stolen from life's journey gave a nice warm feeling soothed my soul.Few but precious. I don't want the greed to spread it's root inside me .So in this silent moments of night I am ready to bury myself let the wall stand tall so that I don't slip again.You might think am selfish may be may be not.The restlessness inside is thumping... [more]


I think it's strange you never knew


Like to wear woman's see though laugure chothes.


Love is life

I hate myself and feel ashamed for what I am

Alright, here goes nothing...
I'm 23 (will be turning 24 in a month) and I feel heavily attracted to teenage girls.
It all started when I was very young, like 16yo or something like that. I would get involved with girls way younger than me. Girls who were older than me never caught my attention that much and that was when I realized there... [more]

What happened?

Is Katy Perry braindead? She's a total moron all of a sudden. What happened?

Dreaming is Believing

There is someone here who was in my dreams last night.

H**** Pet Dog

So im a 15 year old Mexican/American female. 2 months ago my parents got a dog for me and my little sister. Me and my little sister allways wear nothing but a T-Shirt and no panties, when ever were at home. Our parents know about this and think its cute. I do it because when i wear no panties people can smell my [more]

Ur fave! "MY Poetry"

Pools, they are so sweet\ntools, not in the street\nrules, not fun at all\nstools, so i dont fall\n\nhippos and rhinos and baked beans and pianos\nmix them together and what do you get....\nTOILET PAPER\nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay\n\ntolls, inside of water\ntrolls, theyre getting hotter\nrolls, just like heaven\nmoles, she has seven\n\ncandy and... [more]

Boyfriends best friend..

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 2 years. Recently we broke up. The same night we broke up I went out to a party with a couple of friends. His best friend was there. As the night went on I was with a guy but wasn't doing anything with him. While we were at his house, my boyfriends bestfriend and I had sat at the couch, I rested my... [more]


I have a stomach pain fetish.I get aroused by watching handsome man holding their bellies and moan in pains.I would like to rub his stomach and gently examine it.I also like enemas and often give them to myself.

My wife fools around with her photographer

For the last four months, I've been sending my wife to take sexy pictures. I could tell right away soon as I found a photo of the photographer that my wife thought it was. After the first few shoots they started doing videos. The first one she slowly took off all her clothes on the bed. The second video actually had the photographer in it. It... [more]

Friends mom

Growing up, my friend up the street and I began smoking weed. His parents bought a cottage somewhere and began going there every weekend. So every weekend we would smoke weed at his house and pass out downstairs in front of the tv. One night, after coming out the bathroom, I had an idea. I wanted to see his moms panty drawer and [more]

I got naked and went into my girlfriends little sisters room

I got naked one night and went into my girlfriends little sisters room while everyone was away. I grabbed a few panties, high heels from the closet, and pics, and recorded myself jerking off and cummin in her bed. I also came her in tissue box.

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