Strange Confessions

I think I met one of the 9/11 hijackers in late summer 2001

I was walking home from work in lower manhattan in summer 2001. Walked through a bar area, there was one guy standing in the crosswalk which had a view of the twin towers. I usually crossed the street there so as I passed I asked him if he was okay. He was dressed nicely but smelled of alcohol, I guess he had just come out of one of the bars. He... [more]

In my early days I was Erika until puberty

First of all, this is a true story about enjoying yourself for yourself. Back then, before I went to school my mother dressed me as a girl. I had long blonde hair, ribbons, panties and dresses. My little d*** notwithstanding. I had a girl name, Erika, and I went everywhere with my mother when she... [more]

My taste in girls

From my earliest recollections I have been attracted to girls. Starting with Suzie in fourth grade, and nothing has changes since. I joined a gym next to a college campus because I like looking at fit girls, I don't like older women, about 21 and that's it. I keep myself very fit, and smooth. I love women with nice [more]

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Muslim mother moaning hard?

I came home early from the college camping event and heard noises. I peeked in their room. last thing i expected was my father drilling my mother in missionary. She started moaning so loud that i think that counts as a scream.
I dont know what to feel. They teached me to be a lady and dont think about anything kinky since its a sin. My mother... [more]

Have to avoid black people

That I don't hate black people or any other people. In fact, I'd love to treat people pretty much exactly the same. Unfortunately, I'm told that I have to "see" blackness and that race blindness is bad. But how do I look at someone as "black"? I read all sort of anti-racist stuff but I don't feel comfortable treating black another other... [more]

Selling dresses and underwear to crossdressers

I lost my job in retail and a friend gave me a lead on a job in a boutique in a strip mall. The lady was nice, it was all women's clothing, geared towards higher end older women. Nothing sexy. They also had a line of ladies underthings, too expensive for a working girl.
I worked there a couple of months, the traffic was slow, but they store... [more]

Stir paint with my bf c***

We are together with my boyfriend almost one year. I made a bet with my bf last week and he lost me a wish. I didn’t know what wish to make. We are marking renovation at home so I made him dip his c*** in real paint for wood or metal, I was shocked that he agreed and could not believe my eyes when he... [more]

Neck Snap with my feet fetish

I am into neck snap fetishes with Footdomination and executrix. I enjoy doing neck snaps with my feet. Using my high arches and soles gripping the head, face jaw and neck between my feet and twist and twist and hold it as far as I can. Feet are being worshipped . Foot slave playing my victim. Begs and then twist the opposite direction and then... [more]

Dress ride up.

Hiya, I was out one night wearing quite a short dress, shorter than I'd usually wear, just below my bum. At first I was really self conscious as it tends to ride up, but after a few drinks, I was enjoying all the attention! At one point I knew the bottom of my bum was uncovered, but I didnt want to pull the dress down! I got as much attention from... [more]

The art of distraction is premeditated murder

People die from falling off ladder fall off roof shot in the head by a gun. I have thought about this for a while. Distraction can be used as a weapon. I previously considered it could result in death. The person being distracted has a duty. The duty involves caring for someone or something. If he does not do his duty on time or correctly, for... [more]

A frightful site triggered my wife into maternal obsession

Near the college that we attended was a small man made lake. You could row a canoe on it, but not swim or any motorized craft. We would go out there and have a picnic, rent a canoe and row around in the afternoon. That afternoon we stopped on the way and had some BBQ. We rented the canoe and went out on the lake.
We say a shadow, something... [more]

Former anti smoker with a smoking fetish???

For most of my life, from young age to my early adult years, I was anti smoking, vaping, everything, a bit of a prude? That all changed one summer. I was taking a nap and dreamed that I was walking into my house (Not my real one, but familiar in the dream), and was looking for my wife who would usually greet me at the door. I found her on the back... [more]

I want to wear women's panties

I have a desire to wear women's panties. I have in secret at times but I really want to tell my wife I would like to wear them around the house regularly, but not sure how to do it. I am not gay and have no interest in sucking c*** or getting f*****... [more]

I want to be an old bald man

Every time I see an old man on the street with no hair on top, I wish it was me. It looks very distinct and bold to have no hair on top but have hair on the sides. I would also let the hair on the sides grow a bit. Hopefully I get visited by male pattern baldness and even early male pattern baldness. I would like to be fully bald by 28. I am 18... [more]

My obsession about being raped

According to my therapist, my thoughts and angsts are because my father left us. By the time I was fifteen I was having very erotic dreams, I was always the victim, chased, raped, sort of thing. I also had a mouth, curse words and potty talk. Instead of saying I need a restroom, I would say I need to take a [more]

Belly punching

I am a Nigerian girl and I would like to be belly punched by my fellow girl. I have never been punched in the stomach but I feel my stomach is strong. I would love some strong punches to my belly button and solar plexus. I want to be punched till I’m out of breath and on my knees

I did a Strom Thurman

Like Strom Thurman I got my black maid pregnant and helped support the child and I helped put her through college.

I love skinny women

Some men are ass men, some like large t*** but I am a leg man. I love skinny women with long slim legs. I have looked for that in every woman I have ever dated. My perfect woman is 5’6” and about 110 lbs. some may say that’s too skinny but that’s what I like. I like the hip bones that protrude a... [more]

My bf fondled my b****** during s**

My bf fondled my b****** during s** i asks him to not & he now mad 1 told my college teacher & sass my body & to dump my bf

OP From - “My Husband Is Gaining Weight And I’m Into It!”

I’ve been pretty open with my liking of his new, fuller figure.
About one week ago he told me why he thought he was getting fat from stress at work maybe, and I told him I like his body. He said that I only like him because he’s getting fat. I told him how cozy and cuddly and warm he is now and I just love that a lot!
Since then he hasn’t said... [more]

I donated my sperm to a bank and I have over thirty kids

I have a high IQ which is what the women wanted but I am also a schizophrenic and I hallucinate often. I Graduated college at age 17 but I cannot hold a job due to my many psychiatric illnesses. I can't wait to see how the kids turn out.


During attending a New Years party /get together type of thing ..i found myself enjoying the company of another cpl ...way before the clock struck twelve she sort of tackled me and kissed me deeply i was stunned by it ....something like that never happened to me before long we were both on the couch getting all wet and juicy clothes came off and... [more]

Squirting for the first time

I was like 11 when I first squirted. Do this is his it happened my mom bought a rose and it needed to charge since she just got it so she charge it and put it back in the box then put it in her dressing table She said she had to go somewhere a couple hours later so I was curious so I went into her room undressed myself all the way out my towel on... [more]

My mom wore a skirt every time she had to spank me

Yes, I was spanked as a young man. There’s nothing wrong with that. I am currently 25 and living on my own and single. This isn’t a story of of me being a weirdo and wanting to be spanked while the female puts on a maxi skirt or dress, “ it has to be a soft and sexy skirt”. But a story of what I feel inside. But furthermore I was mainly spanked by... [more]

Johzanna panties

Hosanna I think you're so beautiful I smelled all your dirty panties. I can smell you now. Jack up to your picture on Facebook you're beautiful do you think about me

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