Strange Confessions

Getting Beat Up

I'm a female who like being beat up by males. I love trying to get them to punch me in the stomach.
My favorite encounter was one night at the park. There was a group of guys drinking and they were pretty drunk. I decided to start some mess with them. I'm black, 5'9" 280lbs. I was dressed in a very tight shirt that rolled up when I walked which... [more]

My Boyfriend in love with his sisters

Honestly , I have this sick feeling in my gut my boyfriend is secretly having s** with his sisters . I first started noticing things around last year. I've been living with my boyfriend & his mother for about a year and some change now and I've basically heard & seen some [more]

Being a Mom Sucks....I AM LOOSING MYSELF

I HATE what my life is now. I waited until I was 30 to have my first child because I thought I was going to be old enough...mature enough to handle the sacrifice of being a mother, of being a wife, of giving up my job (my own money, which was my ticket to "life my way"). I wasn't ready to give up MY WAY OF LIFE.
For everything that I had to... [more]

Knocked up my neighbour

This is not a s** story, but its true.
When I was living in Jersey, the apartment opposite mine was occupied by a woman who was around 35 or 36 and worked in advertising. I was an young guy in my first job, and we were friendly, but not particularly close. She was a bit overweight and worked as a... [more]


“If you could swap genders, what would be the first thing you do?”

Belly punching

I'm a boy and I always wanted to get punched in my stomach like I want to be left breathless and still get punched while I'm breathless and I want my stomach to get punished and if any girl in Maryland with it please hit me up please I even like to get trampled

Swallowing marbles

I'm a teenage guy who has this weird fascination with swallowing objects. I would swallow marbles, pebbles, beads, you name it. I don't think it's some sort of mental disorder. I just like the feeling of things dropping into my stomach as well as the sounds they make when they fall in my stomach. Normally I would swallow about 20-40 marbles and... [more]

Stomach Growling Fetish

Okay, so I'm a teenage girl and I have this strange fetish for stomachs growling and rumbling and gurgling and I don't know why. I look up stomachs growling on YouTube and Google Images, usually from the stomach of a female or anime. And when the growling and rumbling starts I get turned on, and when the person starts rubbing the growling belly... [more]

Too late

By the time I saw the cat it was too late to avoid it and I ran over it in my car and killed it. It made me sick. It made me hate myself. But there wasn't anything I could have done. I feel so sad and in pain.

Can't stand them

I think she is a spoilt brat to be honest much like J-lo. I actually feel pity for these women like Angelia Jollie, they are such jokes of women. Jollie looks so ugly and haggard and unsexy, you get to see these freaks as the boy-dickets they truely are spoilt bratty and all need a good woopsi-daisy pole up their [more]


I want to be kidnapped. I really want to be kidnapped. I live in Chicago and I thought it would happen but I'm still in my house she and sound and I don't like it. I just have a thing for s*** like that and I just don't know why. If anyone can help me let me know. My Kik is ghostlove231 please... [more]


I was 7 and my 10 year old sister used to squeeze my nuts to get me to listen and it started turning me on. I love how she would knee me in the nuts or kick them and stand over me in her 4 inch wedges or heels. I love seeing it when other girls do this to boys: older or younger.


Ok here it goes. I have the hots for my MIL. I ride to work with her all the time. I so want to tell her let pull off and relieve or stress. She has flirted a little with me. She always wears no bra when she's off work. She came out once and had her shorts pulled down where I could see her blue panties. Anybody have any insite in this.


I am a 24 year old woman, single and is boringly dry. I have never been into s**, make out and oral for that long years. I have been curious about how to feel when I get to try one. Am I still normal perhaps? I wanna hear myself moan. T_T

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