Strange Confessions

The New Sewer Pipe

Right now, and for the past week, the city has been tearing up the street in front of my house to install new sewer pipe. In recent developments, they are now storing bundles of the new sewer pipe on the parking on front of my house.
In the wee hours of the coming morning, say around 3 a.m., it is my intention to go outside, up to one of these... [more]

Stomach sitting

Hello friends i am from jammu. i like girls sitting on me full weight wearing patiala salwar suit. is there any girl from jammu who like sitting on boys and who also like wearing patiala salwar suit. i am waiting.......

Best friends Dad

I am an 18 year old mixed girl. Heavy set. Nothing to look at. I recently started hanging out with my old middle school friend again . She means the world to me. She's everything you want in a friend and more. But things turned for the worse when I started to hang around her dad more. I was required to be in the car with him because he takes... [more]

Sniffing panties

I'm at a wedding right now and I'm walking past the girls dressing room and I see all the brides maids and brides clothes and I can see panties and bras I have the biggest urge to sniff them but I don't want to get caught I'm writing this as I'm in here they smell so good and the girls who were them are so [more]

How can I stop this

I have a Saint Bernard how has a big sloppy tongue i sleep naked and my dog sleeps in the same bed she is to big to move her at night she lays down on top of me and starts to lick my p**** it feels so good because it is so sloppy but how can I stop it I'm sometimes even inside my dog because she lays... [more]

I like to dream about eating anime girls p***

I just like to eat it so much it makes me happu

Bf took pic of cameltoe

My bf and I play a lot of Pokemon Go. This was a big weekend for raids and stuff, so we've been out playing a lot. Well we went to the park to try to get one of the new legendary Pokemon, and we needed to beat it with a group of about a dozen others. We got a group together through social media.
When we got to the park, most of the people... [more]

Blubber belly bliss

My belly is getting big and I love the way it jiggles. Went from flat to small pot belly to chubby beer belly. I'm obsessed with it. I can't keep my hands off of it. The way it jiggles and bounces. I can't get enough!

Should have remained a fantasy

All my life I have been utterly addicted to total-enclosure bondage, the most extreme possible. Naturally girls my own age wanted nothing to do with me, and I was never attracted to men or boys, so I became an adult, alone and frustrated, and relying on self-bondage for any real release. Having a trust-fund, I only worked now and again, when... [more]

Peeing in the pool

I'm house sitting for this guy. He has a pool, so I invited my gf to have a girls weekend at the pool. We were out by the pool all day long for both days, drinking beer. Too lazy to go inside, we just used the pool to pee. All weekend long. Didn't care. Every one does it. Right?

WTH is all these pantie post?!!

Ever get sick to death of the pantie post? I swear its a few guys that are hung up on it and make up panty BS stories.

Looking to gain

My boyfriend dumped me after he found out I was fattening him up he lost his six pack after a week of me stuffing him he is out of shape ;) I miss fattening his soft belly up anyways. If you need a hot girl to feed you message me your Gmail I have thin legs blonde hair I weight 120 pounds and I'm dinky since after I stuff two days straight I just... [more]

Ever since I met her

I did another confession on how my friend who's a girl rubbed and played with my bloated belly I'm a girl too. After a month she started bringing food to my house she eats a little and makes me eat a lot I have a huge belly I used to be fit and sexy ever since that night she's wanted me to get bigger and bigger softer and softer all she wants is... [more]

My fetish story

I was at a restaurant with some of my girlfriend I am a girl as well when I was done desert my jeans were so tight they were squeezing my bloated stuffed belly. Nobody else notice as I put my hand on my aching belly. When we left I could barely get up when we got in the car the seat buckle was squeezing my belly so tight my friend Sara put her... [more]

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