LGBT Confessions

Come and look

A girl in my school fingered me in the shower. We were both in there naked when she grabbed my b****** and shoved her hand between my !egs. I was so scared about other girls finding out, I let her go down on me. She locked the front door, !aid me on the bench with my legs spread and sucked my... [more]

I wish I could stop fantasizing about her

We are probably never going to properly confess or date, but holy shittt she is so mf beautiful, like I think?? It's natural to think about doing sexual stuff with ur crush sometime s, but I feel really guilty especially when they make sexual jokes and I'm like ghhh, like I'm sat there while we are on call and she's breathing into the mic and my... [more]

Violate Me

I am 40 years old, I am husky, hairy and male. I am looking for guys who would enjoy forcing their c*** inside of me. I prefer women, but I want a guy to force himself on me. I am open to trans and women doing the same but I don't see too many of them wanting this.
To those who think I am sick... [more]

Mid50's Married Male Closet CD and bi Bottom

I am a married 50+ married man in Ohio that has been crossdressing since I was 11 and bi since I was 13. I want to confess to my wife that I love to bottom and want to dress 24/7 as a woman. I currently undersee every day for work in stockings panties and a bra when I can. I have shaved legs panty area and underarms. I want a dom to take and... [more]

Love c***

I married but love the feel the aroma of c*** b**** n a****** , love sliding my mouth around a gorgeous thick beautiful c*** t sucking it till it shoots... [more]

Why I despise the LGBT community?

In my own words I can happily say I despise the LGBT as it’s been in my life for 6 years and with 70% of it being torture. I see kids becoming the “gender” they made and it’s really disappointing as these kids think of LGBT as cool and starts to change there way of life in a way that will never be accepted by me. Here’s a story, when I was in... [more]

I want a d***

I really want a d***. I don’t think I’m trans cause I like being a girl but I love the thought of having a p****. sometimes I put socks in my underwear to make it look like i have one

The gay agenda is toxic and the gays aren’t good people

I know it. I’m proud to be a straight boy. I like t****** p****** and butts. Always have always will. Stupid dumb gay boys try to make me GAY! It won’t happen. Idiots. You’ll never turn me gay. Every time I turn on the computer, gay propaganda... [more]

Being gay is NOT okay. Pray the gay away.

I know it. It’s evil and immoral. They have gay disgusting butt s** which makes me throw up. We need to pray the gay away. Just last week I beat up 5 gay boys and got sucked by 55 girls with big b****. Haha. Good times. Stupid gay idiots will never feel as... [more]

I can't unsubscribe to a YouTuber now that they're out as trans.

I subscribed to them a couple of years ago and enjoyed some of the content itself, but they always rubbed me the wrong way in that they came off very conceited and full of themselves. Their Twitter was not much better. But I never unsubscribed to them and now I can't because I see what's happening to other trans creators and don't want to... [more]

I dont kiss, but I do tell

I am one of the many straight men who has had a time or two in the bedroom of a man. But all in all, staying straight. I was in my hotel in KC. I got out of the shower as the male maid came in to clean the room. He was peaking at me. He bravely walked in. Took my towel and dried my back. and knelt to dry my legs. His tongue considered my bottom an... [more]

Lost more than money in Vegas

I am 100% straight. Never ever thought about s** with men. I entered a legs contest at a Vegas hotel pool. Just for fun. I finished third. The organizer would not let me drive away because I was tipsy. He invited me to sleep it off in his suite. I got out of my wet trunks and laid face down across this... [more]

Im a lesbian…

My parents, especially my dad are really conservative, hes the head pastor of a church, and is really homophobic. ive been acting straight my whole life. im so tired of pretending and i just wish they would accept me as the way i am. its so mentally exhausting 😞

Gay Awakening

My gay awakening was seeing my friend's mother in a bathing suit at the beach. They had invited me to go with them and I developed a crush on her. Seeing her with her brunette-blondish hair with her small bathing suit, reading a book and drinking wine on the beach made me fall in love with her and girls. We still hang out despite me being in... [more]


I wear all kinds of panties and bras


That I am unsure about my gender. I don't feel like I'm male or female. But at the same time non binary doesn't feel right either. I have female anatomy and it doesn't bother me and I have no issues with my body but I don't really feel like I'm fully a woman. None of this makes sense and I'm so confused.

My mom buys me nylons


My weird secret fantasy

I have a weird fantasy and it's a secret that kills fantasy is the following(plzz do not read if u r disturbed by kidnap and s** stuff)
i fantasize about getting kidnapped by a group of unknown shemales that will isolate me from the real world and no one will ever remember me.they blackmail me... [more]

I think I'm transgender

I was born a girl but I've always knew I wasn't . When I was younger I did play with dolls and so called "girly things" but as soon as I turned 12 everything changed, I felt different from the other girls. They started to talk about guys and wear make up while I was trying to figure out why I was so different. My best friend is trans gender, he's... [more]

Palm Springs bi moment

I watched the film Palm Springs. I liked it that the leading man in the film had a fling with a handsome black guy in the film and that his female love interest accepted it. As a bi guy I find some girlfriends or potential girlfriends don't like it when I tell them I have had boyfriends in the past. That scene in the film also turned me on a bit... [more]

A Girl forever.

Grew up wearing my sisters hand me down dresses. I enjoy-ed wearing all her clothes when I could. Sis gave me her older petticoats and formal dresses after she wore them, b/c she always purchased new one each year to wear to social events. I got so used to wearing her clothes that I ask her one day if she could help me look more like a girl... [more]

Late 50's married man cd sucked c*** at AB store

I am a married man that my wife does not know I love c*** or I am a crossdresser. Last weekend I dressed with my sexiest panties, bra and stockings. I was wearing a nice top and woman's jeans. I went to an adult book store theater and over two hours there sucked a number of [more]

Late 50's married man cd sucked c*** at AB store

I am a married man that my wife does not know I love c*** or I am a crossdresser. Last weekend I dressed with my sexiest panties, bra and stockings. I was wearing a nice top and woman's jeans. I went to an adult book store theater and over two hours there sucked a number of [more]

I'm Proud to be an Effeminate F*****

I always wear only women's clothing, because I wear Panties exclusively for my underwear. I keep my legs silky smooth, along with the rest of me, and I grew my hair out longer than a foot. I look like a woman, and I am very proud of myself. I am just too Feminine to be a man, and I refuse to be one. I prefer to kneel before men to prove my... [more]

Girl friend's male 'best friend' dominated and humiliated me

So my girl has this best friend, he's a slim and tall guy, handsome and muscular. He's a tree surgeon so you can imagine his body. He has been around too often and they go out together every week. I got jealous and ended up arguing with her and she got tearful, left the room. I was still angry but I let it go. A few days later she was away working... [more]

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