LGBT Confessions

I am Married and she doesn't know I am a complete CD Sissy

I have been into men my entire life. I have s** Oral or A*** whenever she goes away. I love being a sissy and have a very hard time trying to get motivated to have s** with her.

MWM likes to cam for men

Been bi-curious since my early 20s. I recently turned 50. I'm married to a very vanilla woman, and I do love her. But I've long fantasized about taking a man in my mouth and . . .
A few years ago, I started live camming me pleasuring myself for other men. What a turn-on! I've even posted some videos to adult video sites and I love reading the... [more]

I've been wearing female panties for 49 years

I grow up 8n a very strict conversation family. But by the time I was 8 years old I knew I was gay, and that's when I started wearing female panties. The very first pair I put on, I loved how they looked on me and how they felt against my skin plus they made me feel girlish. I love shopping for panties as much as I enjoy wearing them.
I live in... [more]

I knew at twelve years old I was very different.

When I was twelve years old I was being molested by an older boy who was like nineteen years old. I weighed like 85 pounds and quite feminine for a boy. At first I was afraid and resisted his advances. The first time we were in the woods next to my house, he laid down next to a path and said come here and lay down with me. He said I didn't have to... [more]

Wishing for days gone by

I grew up in a big city. As a teen I spent a lot of time outside and riding my bike. During the summer when I turned 16 I came across two men who were kissing and having s**. They were inside the bush line but I heard a noise and went to look and saw them. I watched, watched as they kissed, watched... [more]

Becoming a whole new person

I’m a 19 year old guy. When I’m living as my normal self, I’m pretty much uninterested in s**. I even look away when people kiss in a television show, for example—though that’s just a habit. All this to say, I’m boring.
But speaking of habits, I’ve crossdressed on and off since I was really young. I... [more]

Our mother's made do, with our father as their husband

I'm the youngest of four kids. I'm 32.
My home was my mothers. and my father. In the day when my mothers were young, women weren't accepted as a couple. My father. who is nine years older than them, gave them 'cover'. After they finished college my birth mother married my father. They are still married.
Today women as a couple would not... [more]

Just telling it as it is

We grew up in a farming community in the hills of Kentucky. Hillbillies. We learned to work early, the boys helped with the heavy work, the girls with the house, babies, chickens, slopping the hog. We grew up close.
I got drafted in '71 and went off to VN. When I got back I didn't fit in. I left after a couple of weeks and went to California... [more]

It’s just me

After 13 years of marriage I have come to the fact I’m gay, we have lived apart 7 of those years and now in the closet as gay at 55

Now that I've met her I want to get married and have kids

I went to a wedding (32 and an officer in the Air Force and a closet lesbian) and I sat at a table with a couple from out of town who were staying in the hotel where the reception took place. All night the husband had his hands on me and he looked me up one side and down the other, sizing me up, and telling my wife what a 'fine' specimen I was... [more]

In love with a play date lesbian

Personally I think that's what going on is a lot of experimenting. There are not any more lesbians or any more gay men. But there a lot younger boys and girls experimenting and pretending. I'm a confirmed lesbian, 34 and I live with my current girlfriend. She is a play date lesbian, and I am well aware that one day a man is going to take her... [more]

Becoming gay experiences

My uncle was stationed in a small town in Mexico as an agricultural advisor to the local university. When I was 15 my parents sent me down for six weeks during the summer to learn Spanish, and to spend time with my cousin (he was 16).
We went out one day to this part of town he had never been in and we were followed, blocked and forced down an... [more]

Sort of backed into the lesbian thing

I was in Amsterdam and waiting by the front desk were two young women speaking an Eastern European language, the front desk clerk said they were Romanian, and they were there waiting to go up to their clients' room. We laughed, and he said that it was quite common for men to ask for two women. No judgement of any kind, I guess at the front desk... [more]

We didn't even know it, but it's all been worth it

I'm 34, single never married. I have been unlucky all my life and no man has wanted to go all the way with me and I am still a virgin. In the last four years I haven't had a single date.
A friend of mine, she is 37 is in the same boat. She works for a law firm and is a paralegal but has not had any luck landing a lawyer. She hasn't gotten... [more]

First time, you never forget

I went to college and got a degree in Geology. I got a job working for a seismic company and they sent me offshore on a boat on a 14 day assignment. My job was reading the results, so I worked in the office on board. I was assigned to a two bunk room which already had a man assigned to it. When I got to the room he told me he was the top bunk... [more]

I'm married and have secretly been having lesbian s**

I have a small salon in a strip mall next to my friend Linda's bridal shop. When she moved in a year ago we'd chat during slow times and I always felt something electric. We are opposites she is tall dark Italian brunette and Im shorter & blonde, I think she is beautiful and she did model in her teens.. Eventually Linda kissed me in her office, I... [more]

F*** you guys

Every single middle aged man and anti gen z pizza face teen it out to get the gay kids so why don't you grow the f*** up and stop fetishizing and bullying some kid until you make them kill themselves? You're all sick in the mind. If you're telling some kid that they're mentally ill go end it dumb... [more]

The twists and turns to recognizing that I was gay all along

During my college days I had a habit of going to the Waffle House late at night to study. Just ordered coffee, filled a booth and studied until 2 or 3 in the morning. One night a man was sitting at the counter and he kept looking at me. I guess I looked back, but I don't remember. I got up to use the bathroom and he followed me in. It was a... [more]

We are old men now

I was in Latin America on business and I walked a couple of blocks to a pizza parlor for dinner. It was not so full and I got a seat at a small table towards the back of the place where I could watch people. In a booth to the side of the place two young men in suits were talking and sharing a beer. One of them kept touching the hand of the... [more]


I want to be a s** slave! I wanna be f***** constantly and be used all the time. Could someone here help me out with this, and if you can then tell me what you would do to me if you had me.

Just coming out.

I am a non-binary demiboy. Asexual, on the side of the umbrella where i do not experience sexual attraction nor do i have s**. On the other hand, I'm panromantic. Everyone (Besides minors and old people, i have standards.) is hot.
In short, since my family would never accept this..
Hi! I use... [more]

Get something off my chest

Im 22 male and i have a family but for the last 2 years ive been questioning my sexuality ive experimented (giving blow jobs and others things) just to see what its like i like painting my nails i like wearing women's clothing i fantasize about what my life would be like if ia was with a man so i before i choose to come out in person i just want... [more]

My college years

I went to college in the old van and not much else. I couldn't afford a dorm on campus so I rented a room from a veterinarian, a woman who took care of horses. She looked older but she was 36 and her hair was streaming gray and she very tanned. She was also a woman who liked to be with other women. She told me, she asked me if I was like that... [more]


This is a very embarrassing and weird true story that happened on my 31st b-day. So I was hella down because no one remembered my Day no bday calls cards gifts or s*** so I sat home drowning my sadness and anger with my wine and pot when my 14 year old niece Samantha called and said she wanted to... [more]

First lesbian experience

Last weekend I had my first lesbian experience including 69. Girls, I always wondered why guys are so eager to give me oral but now I know. That p**** smell they go on about - I get it now:-)

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