LGBT Confessions

Mummy's Girl

I love being my Mummy's girl! She's dressed me as a girl,since my 16th birthday! XXX

I want to be transgender.

I am 10 and I cant express my feelings to my mom that i domt want a pink dress. I have all these girly clothes i just want to burn them. I want to shave my hair on one side. I want to dye my hair blue. I want to wear huge round glasses and not so girly overalls. Thats my future self, but im afraid if I tell my mom i feel transgender it would ruin... [more]

How do i do this?

Im a 22 year old guy who considers himself bisexual. However ive never done anything with a guy before. Not even a kiss. Im closeted about my sexuality and the main thing holding me back is the fear of my families reaction. Ive heard some family members say some bad things about homosexuality and im afraid of opening up to them. Ive met a guy at... [more]

I love c***

I love c*** Travis pollock...

Sister in Law

I was just discharged from the Marine Corp and my brother worked in Alturas as a prison guard fire camp at the time and told me that I could get a job in the woods if I wanted and I could stay with him and his Wife Opal.
I figured why not and I could move in a suitcase at the time so I took their spare bedroom and went looking up the logging... [more]

I am coming out and telling everyone i am a sissyboy

I am coming out. I am a sissyboy. I look act and dress up like a sissy girly girl all the time. As i have been since my early teen years. I even did so even as a young child starting at age six. But of course i was kinda forced into it by my aunt at age seven and forced to live and act like a young girly girl by my parents until they kicked me out... [more]

Bad job

So I'm a girl still in school with a boyfriend and good family but I'm not happy. My boyfriend thinks I work all weekend but actually I go to parties for women where I get paid to model lingerie or occasionally have s** with a lesbian. They don't know how old I'm and I don't tell. Some older women pay me... [more]

I will be a lesbian

I'm sure it's possible to will it.

I want to have s** with a girl

I am not a lesbian but i saw a p*** video a month ago with women . There were 6 women and the 5 women of them for punishment put d***** and vibrator to 1 woman and sat on her face and pulled her hair and put their shoes in her mouth and pulled her head... [more]

F****** f***

That i absolutely want to stab f***. Get away from me you c*** suckers you guys got manipulated by the governements media to be a f**. You may have not noticed but every single thing you’ve been shown on the... [more]

Excited Excited Excited

My order of new panties has arrived, can't wait to try them all on. I guess I am technically an Underdresser since I will be wearing these under my work clothes on Monday.


I have this strong desire to experience s** with another man. From a young age I have had this need to wear girls clothes I used to dress up in my sisters skirts in my closet. Now I find myself wearing panties all day and in fact i just bought my first bra. I still am attracted to women but at the... [more]


The thought of ever being able to fully be with you, makes my heart race- In an absolutely terrifying yet exhilarating way. I will always miss you.

Transgender fantasy

I have always been fascinated by transwomen. I want to get physical with a pre-op transwoman. A feminine woman with a bit "extra".

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