LGBT Confessions

Closeted Bi Married Crossdresser

First my wife has no clue I am BI or crossdress. I have dressed since I was 11 staring with my mom's panty girdles, bras and corsets. Had my first gay o***** when I was 13 with a boy down the street. My wife is away and I have been dressing every day and night. Today at work I am wearing panties... [more]

Closeted BI married crossdresser Loves c*** should I Tell Wife

I am a mid 50s married BI crossdresser. I started dressing with my moms panties and girdles when I was 11 and had my first gay meeting with an other 13 year old boy. He loved me dress and I was the bottom. I found out I liked c*** but I also at that point liked girls too. Fast forward to getting... [more]

Recent adventure in an adult theater

I can’t lie ! I love doing this. I usually do this while traveling. There are 3 shops with booths and one small theater. I change in a carpool lot along my route to full dress and makeup. No wig I maintain a full head of blonde and slightly greying hair typically in a pony tail but now left down to flowing curls over my shoulders and to the... [more]

I'm a religious, closeted bisexual

As a kid, I watched Spy Kids 3 all the time. I became obsessed with Demetra, the purple girl. To avoid suspicion, I told everyone I had a crush on Arnold, the red boy, but that wasn't true. I was in LOVE with Demetra; even wrote my first poem about her.
Fast-forward to on-campus college, I came out as bisexual to my bi roommate, lesbian... [more]

Dear Future Lover

My Angel, my future lover, there is no one else in the world like you, no one I would rather trade every remaining hour of my life to spend time with, no other lover I wish to share my bed or the hidden treasures of my body and soul. I would trade everything I am; past, present and future to be reunited with you in body, mind and spirit. I would... [more]

Wine, You, Me and Besos

In my sweetest southern drawl I whisper, " Meet me tonight, so we can share a bottle of wine and you can kiss my beautiful lips to process this past life relationship connection we shared, the energy of which is overflowing into this lifetime. " I know you feel it because I do, it's not something we can deny. Would you be down to give up your... [more]


One reason I never wanted to date you is you still talk to and string along all your ex lovers because you have an addicition to receiving attention and adoration, even if shallow or superficial. The only time people still connect to an ex is when they are still having sexual relations with them. I do not, once the relationship is done, it is... [more]

Trans Men Are NOT Biological Females

A man who buys a v***** is not a "biological female" since he was born/birthed as a male. The Y chromosome is passed only from FATHER to SON and surgery cannot change it. He also can not give birth to children but can adopt or hire a surrogate. He was born a male with a Y chromosome and has the DNA... [more]

I Think You Are Transgender

Marilyn Monroe. No different with transgender; you can wack off the p****, buy some silicone b****** but your DNA and chromosomes will ALWAYS BE THE GENDER AND S** you were BORN with. No amount of surgery... [more]

My secret life

I am Bi, I slide in and out of the gay life over the past 60 years, I sucked my first c*** at age 15? I felt guilty at the time because I enjoyed it so much. this Liason was between me and another boy, I have sucked many c**** secretly of course thru... [more]

My special talent

A few years ago my neighbor asked me to talk with her son regarding his choice in sexuality. We met once a week for several months. We started with biblical discussions then moved to a discussion on human sexuality where I showed him my body and allowed him to touch me.
One thing led to another and he ended up fathering my fourth child. ... [more]

Methwhore in the making

There is a meth shortage that has raised the price exponentially in the city where I live, and I had to walk 50 blocks after midnight to get to the only dealer I know who had any. He got me super high for free, but refused to sell me any to take home, and when I complained he took me to his bedroom.
He had [more]

I think my ex friend is a DL with feeling for me

It’s 2021 we stopped being friends about two months ago to paint you a better picture that was in August we were decent friends our friendship started in high school but IG I had to be honest I think that was only because we were forced to talk to each and that’s how a friendship started. Oh I forgot to mention that I am pansexaul, mom-binary and... [more]

Took the wrong turn and now I am back on path

As a conservative student, focused on my education, I avoided organizations or groups who were either political or into activism. I was generally not out about my romantic preferences and had had only had two serious relationships.
I was on a university visit to USF to see if that is where I wanted to follow up with my graduate program. I... [more]

I like d***

There's this girl who is a real d***. When I first met her I thought she was a dude and said so to her face. Then everytime I saw her I'd tell my friends I thought she was a dude. Then one time I did this she charged over to me, grabbed my t** and started... [more]

My gay roommate f***** me last night while I was high on Ecstasy.

Ryan has been my roommate just for this school year because we are both out of state transfers. I knew he had a crush on me or at least wanted the novelty of f****** a straight guy. Last night at a Halloween party I took ecstasy like I had a few times before. It does make me [more]


I want to find out how to get into real catfights with other women. Not street fighting where people seriously beat the s*** out of each other, but not some fake ass fighting. But I do want it where clothes get torn or stretched out. I want an audience watching and yelling and betting on us, egging... [more]

I chickened out... huge regret!

I'm a straight guy and I've been married for years. I have one coworker who makes a joke about flirting with me and has been sending me pictures of guys sucking c*** or getting f***** for months.
Last night, after work, a few of us went over to his... [more]

Loving Shemales Fetish

I’m a straight man who loves women but always have this fetish of watching s******/tranny videos cause these trans women somehow turn me on as much as cis women do, especially the ones with full transformation that you can really tell they’re already 100% women(apart from their sissy penises of... [more]

Unrequited love

I am 22 years old female. I live in a developing country, so homophobia is pretty much a given. It’s quite hard for me to find a girl for a committed relationship. Only one night stands in a gay club.
So one day my friend confessed her love to me, and now I don’t know what to do.
But if it was just that, I wouldn’t be writing this here. I... [more]

Come and look

A girl in my school fingered me in the shower. We were both in there naked when she grabbed my b****** and shoved her hand between my !egs. I was so scared about other girls finding out, I let her go down on me. She locked the front door, !aid me on the bench with my legs spread and sucked my... [more]

I wish I could stop fantasizing about her

We are probably never going to properly confess or date, but holy shittt she is so mf beautiful, like I think?? It's natural to think about doing sexual stuff with ur crush sometime s, but I feel really guilty especially when they make sexual jokes and I'm like ghhh, like I'm sat there while we are on call and she's breathing into the mic and my... [more]

Violate Me

I am 40 years old, I am husky, hairy and male. I am looking for guys who would enjoy forcing their c*** inside of me. I prefer women, but I want a guy to force himself on me. I am open to trans and women doing the same but I don't see too many of them wanting this.
To those who think I am sick... [more]

Mid50's Married Male Closet CD and bi Bottom

I am a married 50+ married man in Ohio that has been crossdressing since I was 11 and bi since I was 13. I want to confess to my wife that I love to bottom and want to dress 24/7 as a woman. I currently undersee every day for work in stockings panties and a bra when I can. I have shaved legs panty area and underarms. I want a dom to take and... [more]

Why I despise the LGBT community?

In my own words I can happily say I despise the LGBT as it’s been in my life for 6 years and with 70% of it being torture. I see kids becoming the “gender” they made and it’s really disappointing as these kids think of LGBT as cool and starts to change there way of life in a way that will never be accepted by me. Here’s a story, when I was in... [more]

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