LGBT Confessions

Do i want to be a woman?

I just recently realized i a interested in men, and this is after 18 years of thinking i was straight. Right now i imagine my role sexually as the one getting f*****. I also keep having thoughts that for some reason i would want to be a woman. I dont know if it is because i cant see myself as a man... [more]

It makes me feel sexy

I am a 29 year old man and I love dressing up as a woman. Wig, clothes, make up, the whole deal. And then I f*** my self in the ass with all my toys. It feels so amazing. I c** so hard and I absolutely love the taste of my [more]


I am a trans man. A trans man who wakes up everyday And puts a bra on And gets called a girl. And gets told by my mother that I'm a pretty girl. And I want to f****** die I feel trapped Trapped in my body Trapped in this house I will never be the man I need to be

Still closeted

It doesn't hit me all that often, but sometimes I get h**** for something I know my wife can't provide: d***. So I go out to a divey little gay bar in the next town over from us and allow myself to get picked up by a young gay man. If he has a place... [more]

Degeneracy via Media/Failing Family Values

How many of you met a "stable" non promiscuous h***? I've had a few male gay friends.. all whores or alcoholic/drug addicts.. and 2/3 were abusive in their relationships..
Also you always see the older gay male with a younger male.. like 40+ with 18-25's..
Pushing the... [more]


I am currently living with my mom's friend and the friends daughter who has become my friend.
My new friends mom found out I was bisexual when my mom purchased a rainbow flag for me but I obviously still liked boys.
Whenever I'm in the room and anything remotely related to LGBT or even marriage comes up in conversation she gets upset and makes... [more]

I'm going to regret this so much.

My friend who is straight is asking me if he should go with this girl and I'm making him do it so I can move one from him because I'm starting developing feelings and I do not want that. I'm gay he's straight its not going to work. But now I feel pain within me but it is good for us. Even though I thought he was bi but I was wrong because he... [more]

BFF or GF?

I'm bisexual and dating my best friend.

Sexuality Confused

There's this one girl who is totally hot and sporty and literally perfect! We sleep in the same dorminatory (I'm a girl) so we got kinda close. I mean I think I'm attracted (in a friendly way) to her cuz why not she has a perfect sense of humor, style and don't get me starting on that body... but every time I saw her getting touchy with other... [more]

Relationship with a s******

I had a relationship with a dominant s****** and I have to say I really enjoyed it . I wish I have another relationship with s****** . I am 40 years old , live in London

I Think I'm Transgender

I've been questioning my gender identity on and off for more than a year. I first identified as genderqueer, then bigender. Then I wasn't sure if I should say genderfluid, but now I feel like I'd feel a lot better as a guy. However, I don't know if this is because I want to escape the sexism I've faced the past 2+ years.

Man I'm a bikini

I love to wear women's swimsuits and I am a guy.

I Wear Girls Clothes

I love wearing womans lingerie all day. Today i have on some shear black stockings and purple panties.
I have on a black sports bra under my white work shirt.
I love the sexinessof it and the thrill that i might be discovered.
I wear lingerie for me not for the thrill but it is delicious knowing that i wear these things when talking to... [more]

Picked up a man walking down a backroad

I picked up a middle aged black man last night on my way home from being out all dressed up in a pretty outfit. I pulled up next to him and asked if wanted a ride since it's like 4-5 miles of barren road. He looked closer at me and laughed and called me a f****** pansy and turned away. I said... [more]

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