Religion Confessions

I got turn of by priest his p**** as hard

I walked pass him he say that i had thong on so he ask me about my panties,we went in room and showed him and he askif i wanted to suck on him, so i did and after he bent me over and i told him not clean but e didnt care so he enter my hole for 30 mins, another priest een us , he watched and later he enter me,there was 8 priest watching and enter... [more]


I am addicted to p*** and I am trying very hard not to view it or think about it, but I am having difficulty trying to kick this habit. While I am able to not look at it for a while, I always seem to come back to it. As a boy I was inappropriately touched and had experimental touching with a friend... [more]

It's Lent, so confess your filthiest sins to Sister!

Confess your know that you want to. Confess your filthiest sins, and don't lie to me! Nuns always know, and lying will just make your penance worse. Kneel on the floor with your hands behind your back while I ready the instruments of your mortification.


I’m angry because I’ve been through h*** on earth, and somehow I still don’t have the will to keep living. Someone throw a brick at me and cal me Humpty Dumpty.

One has to ask this question about God

My first cousins 20 year old daughter was killed by a drunk driver. She was stopped at a red light and he rear ended her killing her and two other very fine young people. So God. Where were you?

What's your favorite whipping fantasy?

Many people fantasize about being whipped. Watching movie scenes gets the juices flowing. What part of a scene is important to you? For me, it's the sound made by the whip. My favorite is the scourging of Saint Barbara, as seen in Whipping Compilation 2 on xhamster.
In my fantasy, I've been crossdressed in a beautiful wedding gown, and find... [more]

Master of my staff

I'm a 40 yr old male, and I can't get off when I stroke my member unless I am doing it while I also talk with a female on a text prayer chat, or preferably have her lead me in prayer whilst I rub my staff. In know that I sound like a freaking pervert. And I probably am. But, listen to how this came to be. When I was 12, I was at home alone and... [more]

I love Islam, because it’s a Pro-Man religion

I am in love with Islam, because I love the Holy Quran, that book has remained a unchanged book since its creation. Plus I love that Muslims have murdered more Gays than Christians and Jews have, if Christianity truly cared about their Teacher Jesus, they would have joined and United with Muslims in their Vengeance against the LGBTQ community... [more]

Idiot Kirk camorn

I always knew you were a j*** and an idiot, but you do not have a GOD given right to have a super spreader event and put people at risk for the COVID! And yes I am aware that I misspelled your name I done it on purpose what a selfish b**** you are !... [more]

Allah is f*****

Muslims are f****** because their already was
He f***** everyone that this d*** got half cut
To what they say khatna
Shut up f******
You... [more]

Pastor locke in tennessee

Are you really that f****** stupid? You are not a real pastor, you’re a demon ! Any one attending your so called bigot party that gets COVID-19 and dies their blood is on your hands ! I bet you also preach that homosexuality is a sin, even though it is not one of the 10 commandments! Do you care... [more]


Jesus was an Alien. Estimated end time is 2060

I WANT my Christian wife to do something with another man.

I want my wife to have minor and major liaisons with other men-- casual, no commitment. And, I want open communication about it. I've been with my wife for 30 years, and I confessed this fantasy to her about 20 years ago. She'll tease about it, but there's no chance she'd ever do it. I want to compete for her affection and know she has real... [more]


Sometimes I question religion and it’s laws. The Bible says gentiles (nonjews) are a law unto themselves and have the law written on their hearts. Our consciences convict and sometime do not convict ourselves...
That being said, why is it important that we believe in Jesus that brings sinners back from error acting outside the Jewish law? I’m... [more]

Deacon “George”

At my Kingsbridge-Bronx RC church I recently discovered that our soon to be Deacon “George” has a very checkered past. He was arrested years ago for having oral s** with another man right next to the children’s playground at Van Cortlandt Park when a mother saw him and called the police. The playground... [more]

Why are muslims the scum of Eart?

Why muslims exist? Why! Why these retarded piece of s*** exists??????? They're all f****** bad people.

Got fired by a Jewish guy, It was my fault

I got caught sleeping on the job which is against company rules. The Jewish manager got on my ass and I deserved it. After arguing I got fired. Understandable on his part as sleeping on the job and I should have just apologized and left. Instead, we cussed back and forth before I left.
This bothered my conscience for quite a while and I... [more]


If you will take offence by ANY of what I am about to say, please stop reading now. I don't want to offend anyone.
My family has never forced me to believe in God or Jesus. My mom believes, but my dad does not, so they thought that that would ruin their relationship (not that my opinion matters at all). I do not believe in any of that, but... [more]

The reason Noah cursed Canaan.

I read the Bible over and over again, the Bible is filled with nothing but mysteries and stories of b***** wars. But there is one story that busted my mind to look for answers.
Why does Noah curse Canaan, I looked at this story in the Bible and the Torah and I find no answer. Than I found out... [more]

I'm not black or African American, don't call me that

I'm a child of God
I hate America and I don't care about the people in it. I hate anyone that call themselves American. I'm not a traitor
I'm keeping it real. I'm not on the side of the America. I'm on the other side.
The Nation of Islam is realamerica is not great
White people are murderers and rapist.
I'm not black I was not born... [more]

I hate religion

This Theology student flunkout kept preaching to me at work. I didn't give a shot about anything he said. When I told him his religion was full of s*** he said "You just keep thinking like that" If we had not been at work I'd have kicked his ugly little ass.
The experience with him and... [more]

God doesn't exist

I don't believe in God because we can't see him or because we don't know for sure what happens when we die, I don't believe in him because it's like believing in folklore. The stories in the Bible are stories that have been passed down from generation to generation, adding new details and elements to either teach us a lesson or to entertain. We... [more]

Is it bad?

I don't believe in God. But, I believe in parallel universes and reincarnation. Is that weird?
My mom is kinda religious. Some of my friends arent totally religious, but still believe in God.
Today when we talked about something like 'What happens after death?'.
I said my therory of like 'What if there are other universes and when we die we... [more]


1. Forgive me God not telling the truth to my employer for my job transfer. I should have told I was not going to take care of my sick brother but I only wanted to move out of state. 2. Forgive me for lies about me telling my job the reason I wore a headcovering not because of religion but to not be embarrassed by my hair.

All Religions project toward what can't be explained

Whether we call it "god" "divine" "oneness" "infinity" "dao/tao" "deity" "supernatural" "forces from beyond" "spirit" or anything in attempts to speak of what's beyond our ability to bring down to our level of awareness and experience of so called "reality" only works upon those who experience it from within. Blindly following others by the... [more]

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