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Jehovah Witnesses and resurrection

Ok folks here's some more nonsense from the JW'S. They claim that the body has no soul. They claim the body itself is a soul. They claim that since DNA from the dead decayed body is what god will use as a sort of template for recovering the human body and restoring you to youthful good health.
Here's the problem with that. Using DNA to... [more]

Sir Anthony Flue and deism

Anthony Flue is a philosopher and he was once an atheist but after observing the complexity of a living cell he came to the conclusion that this could not have come about by chance and that there had to be a creator.
So did he join the church? No he did not. He feels that there is no afterlife and that the god he believes in left after our... [more]

More nonsense from the Jehovah witnesses

I was at my doctor's office in the waiting room when I saw a Jehovah Witness tract and having nothing better to do I flipped through it.
These people claim that Christ was not crucified on a cross but apparently they believe he was nailed to a torture stake. An upright pole. I got a question. Where did these people get that idea? The bible... [more]

True God


I am a Theistic Satanist

I worship only ONE God--SATAN! I committed myself to Him when I was 11 years old and have never regretted it! I reject all other so-called "gods," especially the christian jehovah and jesus. Only Satan is truly God!

I hate Islam

I don't necessarily hate individual Muslims as some of the nicest people I;ve ever had the pleasure to meet come from Pakistan but overall the religion itself is vile, violent and they marry little girls under ten.
Islam has no place in a free society with laws that protect the rights of all peoples. There is no reason for Muslims to be in... [more]


Help dear jesus

Jehovah Witness at my fathers door

I was visiting my father in his front yard when a young man approached him. The young man said he wanted to talk with my Dad about his religion which he described as a peace-loving faith.
My father said well that's good what denomination? The young man replied Jehovah Witness. My father said well you can forget it.
The young man asked my... [more]

Its said that an atheist thats near death turns to god

I'm struggling with the problems that come with old age and being old and alone. I'll soon be in a assisted living home and I'll have to sell my house I guess go there to die. Not that I'm deathly ill but I am old and who knows? Many of my friends some of whom were younger than I am have passed away.
So how do I feel after a lifetime of... [more]


Is f****** ATTRACTIVE. I'm going to Bipole your a$$hole till my d$$$ looks like a f****** melted cherry freezie pop

I f****** HATE Islam and it's followers

Islam is the most vile, disgusting, barbaric cult masquerading as a "religion" in the world, and Muslims are the most hateful, violent, bigoted savages to ever walk the earth.
If you cannot accept the fact that men, women, LGBT+ people, and non-Muslims are equal in Western society, then you need to go back to your barbaric Third-World Muslim... [more]

I Am Not So Perfect

Hi, I am Forgiven, and, yes, I am a Christian (oml, here comes another Jesus kid with some stories to tell us all!). Well, I do have a story, but I'm not about to start thumping your head in with a Bible. to start, eh?...
One summer, I went to North Carolina on a break from my classes. It was halfway through my vacation, one night when I... [more]

Theistic Satanist

By the tine I was 11 years old, I realized that I had always had a strong interest in everything of the occult, including the Devil. I never shared this with ANYBODY, but I started to get more and more interested in it. My parents always let me go to the library on my own (it was near our hoyse) and I would always go there and Sur and read... [more]

3 Truths. 1 Lie

1. There's a frail man 2. I kidnapped. 3. Who I waterboard with bleach each night. 4. He's my friend.

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