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Should God forgive man or should man forgive God?

Since the world is full of pain and misery that a kind, just, loving all knowing all powerful God can plainly see why does he do nothing to ease this pain? I don't believe in God but if I'm wrong and he does exist what good is he? You pray and nothing happens.

I want to ordain.

I am a pious, dorky, asperger-y, forty-three-year-old virgin, and I really want to be a Catholic priest of a traditional community! I want to be a holy father!

Why are cult type religions relatively stable when most religions

These days most religions are hurting but cults are not. No ones leaving the Jehovah Witnesses on the same scale people are leaving mainstream religions like Baptists, Methodists, etc. Same with the Mormons. Believing in religion is stupid to began with and the cults are the worst of the bunch.

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If God exists what good is he?

Reading the bible I see that the overwhelming majority of the human race is going to tossed into a fiery pit of eternal fire and other horrendous torments. only less than one million people are going to some vague paradise. So for most of us what good is God?

LDS they say that unlike other American religions theirs is stabl

No one is leaving the Mormon religion. Other religions are losing members but not LDS. Why? I wouldn't be part of that cult for anything on this earth.

Tragedy as church roof collapses during mass, killing ten and inj

In northern Mexico a church roof collapsed killing ten people and injuring 52. It happened during prayers at Mass.

Unpleasant chat room conversation

Many yers ago there used to be excite and Yahoo chat rooms. ONe day a Muslim was touting his religion and comparing it favorably with Christianity. I corrected him with this unfortunantly very true story.
At the black stone in Mecca an American sea plane was having engine trouble. The pilot was frantically trying to get more power out of the... [more]

Reply to a religious biggot

The little nerd liked to start arguments. One day he told me he wouldn't marry a divorced woman. I said I don't care if you stay single, marry a virgin, live or die. Your comings and goings mean nothing to me and I wish you would not talk to me.
what the short little loser wanted to do was start a argument with me to show he was a great... [more]

The immorality of God himself

Why did God flood the earth killing everybody but Noah and his family? Dit the people he drowned comit murder? Gee that never happens these days now does it? **? **. child molestion? Mass murder? Do we commit [more]

I don't believe in God or an afterlife but my dear mother did

I believe that when you die that's it. Mother believed in God and a afterlife. It comforts me to know that she passed away thinking she was going to a paradise to be with Jesus God and her beloved parents brother and sisters. I will not have such comforts when I lay dying.

Wanna peace inside?

For 20 minutes sit down alone in night at any corner of your house and chant slowly ‘RAM’ that you should be able hear your own voice.

I am a sinner.

I have committed many sins in my life. Too many to post. What I will say though, is that I am honestly and truthfully sorry for all of the horrible things I've said and done. I pray to God with all of my heart that he forgive me. I do try to be a better person but, with how sometimes a horrible thing will happen to me, I struggle not to lose my... [more]

Way to go Muslims

This happened in Atlanta, Ga back in the late 90's. This man had studied Islam and wanted to convert to Islam. He went to one of the Mosques here in Atlanta and said he wanted to be a part of the Islamic community. The Imam and other Muslims greeted him warmly and allowed him into their congregation and he converted to their religion. Several... [more]

Against God

The concept of God really **, no matter what religion you follow. I am sick and tired of his flowery/fake prophecies. They say he is coming back. Please let me know as I would be the first one to stand against him or join the forces of evil to oppose him. #Lovedarklord

Presbyterians preach pre destination but say prayer is good

If everything is pre destined then why pray? It won't change anything. The concept of sin beng pre destined by God himself is odious to me. It means God caused you to do it but you get the blame. To ** you go. Hey its OK God pre destined it.

Pastor online

I like posting on here. Its good for venting and seeing other peoples hangups-It makes me realize we are human but the others dont want to "admit it"-Anyway, please take my advice-If you send you confessions to the Pastor online and truly "feel bad" and confess you will spritiually grow up and the measure you believe and forget the livlier and... [more]

Americans leaving the church and sometimes religion itself

Young men and women are increasingly leaving their churches, Synagogoges, and Mosques in America. Some are still religious just not attending services wile others have become atheist. I personally never went to church if I could get out of it.

Did Jesus actually die for our sins or did he just die? Did he e

Being crucified for the sake of humanity seems to be an odd way for the creator of the Universe to atone for the sins of humans.
If God can do anything and if Jesus was God then why not just forgive human sins and skip the torture?
God caused a virgin to give birth to himself so that he could sacrifice himself to himself so that he could... [more]

Does prayer work?

IN Revelations there is a verse that has God telling a guy who prayed to him but God didn't like him so he ignored the prayer. Why even pray?

I'm an atheist with a tendency for cussing

Try as I might I sometimes drop the Lords name in vain word. I should not do this because you can get fired for being overheard saying that. You would deserve it too.
Try s I might I cannot always suppress the urge to use profanity.
Despite my atheism I do try to respect people with a faith. I mean the concept of a man up in the sky... [more]

I haven't had faith in God since I was under ten

I turned 76not long ago ad Ive had a lifelong problem with religion and faith in God. Try as I might faith eludes me. I gave up a long time ago.

Jesus is not the Messiah

The Messiah was supposed to usher in a brotherhood of man. Peace on earth and goodwill towards man. He did not. Things got worse after he was crucified. Wars etc. Telling the world that he was returning quickly and then over two thousand years later there's no sign of him shows this wasn't true either.
The Messiah was not supposed to be... [more]

My mother died thinking she was going to Heaven Thts good

I on the other hand don't believe in life after death. I believe in annilation. You die and go nowhere. I'm glad mother thought she was going to Heaven though and I envy her. I sure miss the fine old lady.

Jesus isn't coming back

Spoiler. Revelations is a book of myths. Nothing like tht will ever happen. There is no life beyond this one.

Why does God get credit for things humans do?

I have athma and I take meds to ease the symptoms and prevent a full scale attack of this horrible disease. The meds usually work. Without these human invented medicines I would either be dead or in misery.
God if he is real could cure the disease entirely but he doesn't. Human invention and science are responsible for all of my treatments... [more]

Seven Jehovah Witnesses shot down in Germany

I'm no fan of this stinking cult but they do have the right to live and pretend they worship God with their silly little beliefs and rituals. God throws up in his mouth when these people pray but perhaps he will have pity on them. I hope so.

The temptation to be sure of gods secret room

I have become increasingly aware that my love for satan is more than love for god The top guy. Five times greater is the satan only. God ** and is not even worth the effort anymore

Science is responsible for all of mankinds comforts

Unlike God religion exists.

Stopped believing in Science.

After I went back to Jesus... I realized math and equations were useful. But science became meaningless. It's like it doesn't exist for me and I love it. I also realize too that a lot of evil people aren't just going to perish.. They will never be remembered... That actually gives me a lot of joy.

Sick and tired of having to go to church.

Don't get me wrong. I do believe in God, the devil (freaking **), Heaven and **. But, I'm just sick and tired of having to go to church every Sunday. Truth is, I've had it with going to church. I mean why, exactly, does a person need to go to church in... [more]

If there is one good thing about being a Jehovah Witness I'd like

Theres nothing good about the Jehovah Witnesses so called. I don't hate the members but I hate the religion itself. They don't serve in the military. They don't get a education. They have the gall to say their religion is the one and only true faith in the world. If that were true I'd have to reconsider worshiping a God that had such... [more]

Whats your version of Heavin?

I kind of agree that Heaven is full of sexual activity like the Muslims say it is. You get a number of virgins when you die.
Me I'd prefer a harem of **. Me and some friends could have an ** on the floor and do [more]

Is the planet earth Gods biggest creation?

It doesn't look like it. Maybe thats why God doesn't answer prayers. He's off tending to something else.

Nun sexuality

I was going to Catholic school and on the playground this girl about seven was sitting on a bench with her legs wide open, underwear very visilbe. A Nun who was a teacher saw this and went over there and told the girl to sit more discretely. She then came over to me in a huff accusing me of looking at the girl.
I had not been looking at the... [more]


In the late 1980s, I had experienced a new birth as a Christian. I was young and naive, but I had this epiphany to pray for the adversary in order to restore harmony to the heavens. After repeating that prayer for many years, I realized that everything and everyone I had ever prayed for had either been destroyed, had passed away, or had met an... [more]

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