Sex Confessions

My wife's black boyfriends

I don't know why my wife married me. Every other guy she ever slept with was black; I am white.
I had never asked her much about her past until several years after we got married. Then in a moment of passion I asked her who was the first guy she f*****, back in high school. She told me, and then... [more]

No shame

For years ive jerked off with my sisters underwear started at 14 first time my heart was beating so fast waiting for her to go out and used her cotton ones as she got older she had all different types even one time i was watching a film in bed when she asked could she watch it to and got under the covers we feel asleep when we woke up she was back... [more]

Fun with the lad nextdoor

For years my husband treated me like crap hit me controlled what i could wear and who i spoke to and had enough and kicked him out around that time i the lad nextdoor seen i was upset and i told him everything he ended up coming round more often went on for months one morning it was raining so i offered him a lift 20 minute drive when i dropped... [more]

My first time

The summer I turned 11 I had a lot of sun and a lot of time on my hands. A neighbor family was hosting their niece, Amy, for the summer. She was approaching her 13th birthday.
The niece was a few inches taller than me and was a little plump. But the look in her eye when she saw me confused me and excited me. One hot afternoon Amy asked if I... [more]

Keep having gang bang with teen boys.

I'm a 25 year old woman who can pass for a teenage about 15 when I have no make upon.
I can't stop myself, for the last 3 year since my ex-husband left me for an 18 year old girl. I have been taking 3 or 4 teen boys home and having gang bang s** every weekend. It seem to be the only way I can [more]

Any tips

Is their any moms or aunties that can help with my little problem over the last 8 months ive started to have feelings for my teen nephew he's 16 when i see him i just want him to give my c*** a good smashing sometimes i see him looking and being a teen it won't be hard for him to be aroused i no the... [more]

Game turned real

Cousin and i was in my room bored and desided to mess with my 20 year old brother head both put bikinis on and went downstairs to the living room where he was to make him feel uneasy having to 14 year old girls like that around him told about some things we done with lads cousin asked if he wanted to play a game pick a piece of paper and what is... [more]

Wild time

I'm 15 and love sucking c**** guys say i have BJ lips well it was have term had a week off, uncle and his wife split up and both moved out of their house and mum asked me to bag everything up to chuck away so i got my 17 year old brother to do it with me we found in my uncle cupboard [more]

2 sisters and mum

Been with my gf for 3 years and moved in with her at her mum's house to spend more time together we're both 19 it was good at first but now work comes first with her,i was sat watching tv when her sister who's 16 had to tidy up( mum makes her for not working) wearing a denim skirt and little top bending over as she cleaned asked if i wanted we... [more]

My wife and I have a strange s** life

I'm a married man of 7 years, and to this day, nobody outside of our relationship could even guess what weird stuff were both in to. Since very early in our relationship, we've both been using our bathroom time as foreplay. Confused by what that means exactly. Basically when one of has to take a dump, the other watches and gets aroused. I like... [more]

F***** my husband's brother

Last night I told my husband I secretly wanted to f*** his brother since we were talking about threesomes and who we want to do it with
And I know his brother likes me too and apparently he's been j********** to my photos and doesn't come around when I'm around because he just stares at my... [more]

Not past it yet

Being 46 i thought i was past it feeling down telling my 28 year old nephew i felt old no one would want me when he said tapping that would be a dream come true thought he was joking but no way saying he's thought about it for the last 14 years that was a huge surprise and when he was leaving told me he will take me out the following night for a... [more]

B**** friend

I am a 31 year-old woman, married to "Antoine" with one little boy. For the last two years I've been having an affair with "John," a co-worker, which has been really hot and fulfilling. My friend "Lori" somehow found out that I was f****** John. She took me out to lunch and told me what she knew... [more]

Pregnant by brother

Im 15 and little bro is 14 it started less than a year ago got him to show me his d*** first then asked if he wanted to put it in my f**** every night after school when we should of been doing are home work just lay and let him do it he was firing... [more]

2 nephews

Seen on here incest is more common than i thought,from young teens my 2 nephews have been cheeky like looking when they think i can't see them comments about how sexy they think i am now both are 16 and 17 now the comments are aunt look how big you're t*** are nice ass is you're [more]

I’m 16 (f) and I m*lested my 8 year old sister

Honestly I don’t regret it. And she liked it. She kept begging me to keep touching her and she was so wet. I ate her out too, it was pretty fun.

Threesome with wife and brother

My fiance knows stories about my brother and I fooling around as kids. One night we were at his house, his wife fell asleep. It was just us 3 up drinking, while I was outside smoking a cigarette she told him sf he knew about what we did as kids and that she wanted both of us. When I came in she told us to meet her in the garage in 1 minute. I went... [more]

I am addicted to navel play

I have always liked belly buttons; innies, outies, inbetweenies but there is no belly button I find sexier than mine.
When I was a teenager I started showing my belly button and I got the best feeling when strangers would see it and/or poke it. I tried finding people online who wanted to worship my navel and it took off from there.
My first... [more]

Plans for teen nephew

I went in to my 16 year old nephews room to tidy up and couldn't believe what i seen so much used tissue most crusty and got rid of it down the toilet and checked under his bed for more didn't find tissue but found underwear all hard screwed up little f***** been nicking mine, desided to get him... [more]

Complicated sexual urges

Sometimes I wish my husband would be more opened about being in a open relationship. In a sexual way at least. I think I’m not sexually attractive to him anymore. Our s** life is dull idk when’s the last time we had s**. We are amazing together we are literally... [more]

My brilliant career

You can call me Julia. I'm 34, and the CFO of a mid-sized publicly owned company. I've been with this company for over twelve years.
I started right after college graduation and a June wedding, as the administrative assistant to an older woman executive. In that capacity, in my second week on the job I sat in on a meeting involving the CEO and... [more]

Me daughter nephew

I noticed my 16 year old daughter flirting with her cousin who's 20 and asked what she was playing at she said if something happens then it happens was she really trying to sleep with him when she asked for my help told her no way she wouldn't let it go i said i will tell him im going out and you need help upstairs told him and pretend to leave... [more]

Sexy sister

My 17 year old sister walks around half naked when it's just us 2 at home im only 16 and can't always control myself she's got big b**** and was wearing a very tight bikini top her nipple was showing and i couldn't tell her when she noticed as we sat on sun beds when she said oh you could of told me... [more]

Step mum

My step mum accused me of wanking in her underwear she sat next to me saying next time you do that at least put them out for wash i didn't have a clue what she was talking she told me to follow her she picked her underwear wear up you used these i walked of she is hot mind 41 year old milf hours later she burst in my room wearing a silk blouse top... [more]

Sons best mate

My son's mate came round one evening i just got out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around me he was sat down waiting for my son to get changed i sat down and began rubbing cream in to my legs when i looked up and he quickly looked away was thinking to myself was he checking me out im single 5'2 slim ok sized breast and people say im good... [more]

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