Sex Confessions

P e d o s**

Hello looking for parents who want there kids to get f*****or who wanna trade experience also I have a 010 year old sister I really wanna f*** her in her tight little pu*** I’m located in South Dakota rapid city near Best Buy drop your stuff where I can contact you at in the comments also tell me about some good d*r*g*s

F__d up dillema

I have this friend and she asked me for advice. I am her most trusted friend and she thinks i'm good with this kind of stuff because i work in a medical field.
She has a son who is 15 wich is the legal age of consent in my country. Her son is retarted and has autist elements in his behaviour. She worked really hard to get him quite functional... [more]

Dog breeding wife

My husband bought me a dog for breeding purposes. I have trained him over a year and now I have to breed with him once a day for my husbands pleasure. Then my husband gets his turn once the dog has finished with me. This happens every night and I look forward to it now. I also enjoy both of them taking turns on me. After all, what is my [more]

Family Thanksgiving

My family Went across the country to visit family. Very stressful. This morning I woke up before my wife and kids. I was looking at escorts in the area we are In online just looking. I saw this bbw black woman that looked to be about 25 and she was right down the road like 10 min. Right when I saw it my wife asked if I could go to get some stuff... [more]


I am a 42 year old married female, Have been married for 15 years, and recently we agreed to see a marriage therapist to renew our almost non existing s** life , In group therapy my husband has revealed that his fantasy is to have me his wife to have s**... [more]

Pics of my wife

I've always fantasized about my wife being with another guy. She's super curvy and a bit on the BBW side. She's also very conservative and would never agree to being shared, but she does fantasize about it during s**.
I would love to share her pics and have someone [more]

Begging my wife to f*** my best friend, but scared to get hurt.

I want my partner and mother of my kids to have revenge s** by f****** my older good friend who has a big white d***. I want watch her smiling at his c***... [more]

Begging my wife to f*** my best friend, but scared to get hurt.

I want my partner and mother of my kids to have revenge s** (while pregnant preferably) by f****** my older good friend who has a big white d***. I want watch her smiling at his [more]


I confess that i cant stop crossdressing and fantasies of no only being a woman but a total bbc w****

Freaky or f***** up

Im into a lot if lil things dependin on my mood but mainly i like cnc ( consensual non consent) so basically giving someone permission to rape you whenever n however even when you dont want it
and somnophillia and thats basically someone f****** you while your asleep but i want them to give... [more]

Breeding kink

I have an insatiable urge to breed, damn near uncontrollable, I wish almost every day to find a girl who shares this feeling.

Any experience???

Hello I have so much cp and I even have a little sister
Looking for someone who is down to meet and both of us take her p**** and drug her up
I’m also looking to chat and sell her to men over night post where I can contact you at and when I text you I’ll say where I texted you from I only do snap... [more]

I f***** my sister while sleeping

One day i got weed from a friend ,then when i got to my home my room was smelling like weed then i saw my sister in the bed naked
i smoked a little bit of weed then i got naked myself then i thought my bed was empty and with a b**** i fell on my sister and my [more]


Asa young teen I would return home afterschool and stay with a neighbor until one of my parents arrived home from work, she was mid30's with 2 young boys.
I would sit and watch tele, do homework, what ever, she would sit with me in the lounge room, often squatting down and spreading her legs as she talked to her sons, this gave me a great view up... [more]

Pedo pleasure

Hello my fake name will be jame
My jame is Jake and I’m bi I like boys and girls and for the past yesir I have really been into under 015 boys and girls and lately in*est really turns me on I have a 010 year old sister who looks 08 she’s white skinny kinda tan in some places but about 4 weeks ago I was talking to some pedos and they talked me... [more]

I have a hornyness problem lol

I'm almost 16 and still a virgin. I get very turned on by the thought of being caught. Im tried loads. By leaving my door open and stuff. This isn't normal and have huge daddy issus


#dog #dog #dog

Foster bro

So I’ve been living here for about to years now and my foster brother about 3 months. I’m completely wondered by him and the thought of his naked body makes me so hard when I think about it. I wanna tell him so badly but I’m too shy. I caught him jerking off once (we both share a room) and it was honestly the hottest think I’ve ever saw. Please i... [more]

I Love Giving Rimjobs

I confess that I am obsessed with giving rimjobs. I gave my first rimjob to my then girlfriend at the age of 24. She was a hot, skinny redhead with a tiny ass and a shaved p****/a******. One night I was eating her out on while she was on all 4's... [more]


Are there any young mothers that want to confess that they have a sexual attraction towards their younger children

Wife's Pictures

I like showing nude pictures of my wife to other guys who know her. She walks by them in the office and has no idea what they are thinking. They also laugh behind my back, giving me weak and pathetic names. They are hitting on her daily and she has no idea of them seeing her nude photo's. I'm waiting for her to give in for I can watch.

Girlfriend aunt

That i want to f*** the s*** out my gfs aunts huge ass even if she wouldnt wanna f*** and just wanted me to eat her p**** and ass id die for it

F****** my sis

You go and f*** your sis I'll do mine...Lol...Troll.

I dreamed that a horse f***** me in the ass

I had a wet dream where I was getting f***** in the ass by a horse. I could feel his breath on my neck, and his flaring head pushing against my h**** hole, which was contracting and relaxing rapidly because I was so excited. As soon as he penetrated... [more]


I am a female in my late thirties. I had a f*** buddy for 3 years whom I fell for. I was aware he was with other women and had two children. The connection was not always constant but we always talked again. I broke up with him in February because I had to get an abortion. I was deeply ashamed... [more]

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