Sex Confessions

Hole in the fence and neighbour

I moved from London in 2009 to Kent,rented a detached bungalow with fully enclosed garden and in the summer sunbathed naked,noticed quite soon that every time I did the lady (30 ish) next door would either put washing out or take it in,and take plenty of time doing so,I lost sight of her at times due to the fence and bushes but always got a semi... [more]

Idk what went over me ??

K so i ain't going to say my name but i been in this hotel for 7 months due to my home being ruined by a tornado in long plain first nation. im 16 i just turned 16 in october. anyway so after a few months of being in this hotel i began to make friends that were security guards 2 females and 1 male & people that were staying , working here but omg... [more]

Wife's new t***

Wife got her t*** done recently and wants to know what other men would want to do to them. Anyone want to see and tell her what you want to do to her?

Father came down stairs.....

I once meet this girl at a bible study I go to one day she ask me to give her a ride home usually her best friend would take take her I said sure I was surprised really cause normally she was quite and didn't talk to anyone really I figured she was just shy we got in my car drop her off and her father decided he wanted to meet me he invited me... [more]

Sister in law

My wife's sister stayed with use when she divorced her husband. She was hot as f*** but I knew nothing would ever happen between us; her and my wife were too close. We have crawl space above the bathroom that is only accessable from my den, and I started thinking that maybe I could spy on my sister... [more]

Holiday fun

We were away my partner and I on our first holiday together 14 years back;she never could and still can't handle alcohol well and gets firstly talkative then flirty then becomes a pain;anyway there was a couple few years older than us so I'm guessing mid to late 50s,she had amazing nipples big like jelly tots and always hard as f^*€ he was a hard... [more]

Playa den bossa ibiza

23 years back on holiday I was 38 lady company director that took me was 42; s** on legs my friends called her;anyway was dancing at a bar/club with her and we got very risqué and took it outside to the pool area; went right over the back and she rode me on a sun lounger;next time we went to the bar got... [more]

A customer

I used to work in a gaming store and we had a regular customer, she was young, still at school,but legal. I ended up f****** her in the backseat of my car in the parking lot one evening. Still in her uniform just pulled her underwear aside and blew in her.
I had a girlfriend too, she knew... [more]

Belly and Navel Fetish

I confess I have a belly and navel fetish and has had one for Years, I really would like to meet and chat with some woman who also have the same fetish. I am a 26 yr old male, and I would love to press, squeeze and kiss a girls belly ;).

Replaced her vibrator

I found my step daughters vibrator in her room. I love the smell of her teenage (18) p**** juices on it. She used it so much that the switch broke. I got a new one of the same model and switched them so she gets a new vibrator to m********* with... [more]

What's going on with me?

I don't know what's going on with me. Up until a couple years ago, being with another man never crossed my mind. Pretty much every woman I have ever encountered I have pictured naked and imagined having s** with. Seeing my wife naked makes me lose my mind. I have watched [more]

Slipper baths cleaning lady

Back in the early 1970s when ever I had home leave I always visited the slipper baths in Wandsworth,if I were lucky the younger of the two cleaning ladies were on duty,she used to wear a pleated skirt just above the knee and when cleaning as you would expect was bent over from the waist,she used to wear those high riding knickers that cut up over... [more]

My Wife's Revenge

I had confessed to my wife that while at a friends batchelor party, I received a b******* from one of the strippers at the party.
She was beyond p***** at me and told me she would make sure to pay me back one day special.
It was about two weeks... [more]

I want to cheat on my girl to get another girl pregnant.

That I want to get a girl pregnant. I don't know this girl too well, but she is keen and we've spoken about it. The thought of getting a woman pregnant drives me crazy and makes me super h****. The thought of a random woman walking around with my seed inside her makes me feel good. I don't want to... [more]

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