Sex Confessions

Has anyone ever heard of a “Triple Header?”

I had a boyfriend in college that was always wanting to do a “Triple Header” with me. Has anyone else ever heard of this? He’s the only guy that I have ever heard about this from. His theory was that on average sperm could live 3 days in a woman’s body. So, to him, a “Triple Header” was when we would have [more]

Chubby and single

I'm 50 and chubby with very large b**** 46hh. I'm single for the 1st time in 25yrs. I'm insecure about my body, my ex called me a fat slang even though he was the only man I had f*****.
I want no strings s**... [more]

Stepdaughters selfies

I have a 23yr old stepdaughter she is so beautiful to me she put on a few extra pounds that she is self conscious about but i think it made her hot body even hotter she has peirced 38d b****** we get along great but one day she bought a new top of the line phone and gave me her old one because it... [more]

I am obsessed with my wife becoming a hot wife

I love the idea of my wife becoming a hotwife, i used to be a very jealous husband, but recently I have had thoughts of her being a hotwife, I would love her to go out and have fun with another guy. I would love her to text me updates through the evening and then tell me about it when she got home. Is this normal??

First time sexting with a stranger...

So I am a bi girl and last night I sexted with a stranger for the first time... And it truly was awkward. Okay, guys it is not sexy to have you say you are going to shove your fist into us, or that you are going to pull out and shove it into the other hole... I mean unless she is into that... But he had no idea what was sexy... I think will just... [more]


I love watching my wife get f*****. I have vids and get so hard watching her.

Mother in law crush

I'm in low w/ my mother in law. She's in her early 50s, but has the body 10-15 years younger. Her peppered hair flows down to her VERY large b******, then to her small waist. I don't think she feels the same way about me, but I've gotten the feeling she's appreciative of how I stare at her in... [more]

Sharing/Exposing Drunk Wife

When my wife any I go out, or even just have guests over, always try to get her to where the sluttiest outfit that she is willing to wear. Miniskirts are a must, always wearing a thong underneath. And any top that really shows off her t***. something low cut, and even overly revealing when she moves... [more]

I want to be gang raped

I first realized that I wanted this when I watched an episode of Law and Order SVU. I was 9. It wasn't the first time I felt that tingle, so I knew what it meant.
Every time I'm walking alone at night, or at the bar alone, my mind wanders to a rape scenerio... The bar scene is usually a mysterious looking man watching me from a poorly lit... [more]

Took their place

When I was a kid mom and Dad had some important business out of town and couldnt take me and my two sisters with them.They called everyone and finally Moms step brother and his wife agreed and we were dropped off at their house.As soon as Mom and Dad were gone Uncle Rick started touching my sisters where he shouldnt and his wife just stood and... [more]

I cheated on my boyfriend with my dominant ex

I'm in a happy relationship with my husband but he was a bit too vanilla. Once in a while I found myself craving for the kind of weird things my ex used to "force" me to do. I have neither interest nor love in him. Just want him to use me like in the old days.
In our country, high school girls must wear a uniform of a long fitted dress and a... [more]

Jacking in public

I have been know to take out my pennis out in the restaurant and stroke myself tiil I come


Kathryn Hahn is the sexiest beast who ever lived. DAMN, she makes me weak.

Love & Happiness

I notice people are on here saying they love their spouse yet their happy with their secret lover .. So the question is .. How long have you been with your significant other & how long have you been with your secret lover, side bf/gf, mistress & what are the things that you like about your secret lovers? also How do you avoid getting caught?

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