Sex Confessions

Confession S** Fantasies to Therapist about Therapist

As the hourly session drew to a close, I realized I had to finally confess. She sat in her chair about 6 feet from me as I sat with my legs open on the couch on a quiet Sunday, us being the only people in the building.
She was your average wife and mother who also had a career. She was naturally curvy with blonde hair and the sweetest ass I... [more]

Stealing panties

I love to steal panties and then j*** off with them. I want to steal panties from the 17 year old neighbor girl, she is so cute and sexy

Joining my sister-in-law in bed

My sister-in-law and I had been playing around for a while. She was 36 and i was 18. She was soooo sexy. I stayed at my brothers house one night…..the next morning he left early for work. I slid into bed beside her…..and saw the excitement in her eyes when she opened them. She started stroking her [more]

Man to man

I had a*** with my cl lover, for the first time recently..he accepted my thick member into him, and it was amazing. He begged me to be bang him hard, but i came quickly, cant wait to do that again.

My bro

I've done with my younger brother when we live together in one room for study at Jaipur , he started by clicking my photos while sleeping . He came out after bath in towel , without wearing underwear,used to wear in room , sometimes shows his p**** as he don't know,, he approximated our beds and... [more]

Sister in law ass s**

My sister in law and I were home alone again today and she is wearing really small shorts that make her ass hang out the bottom and you can see the whole thing when she bends over I was getting h**** so I went to the shower and got a full erection and put the towel on to were my [more]

Naughty wife

I want to watch my wife have s** wif other men.she use to b so she wears short dresses and no do i get to next stage?

I L*** after my mother in law

I met my wife in high school but ever since I was a teenage I was attracted to her mom. Lately we started having flirty conversations on Facebook that progressed. I sent her an anonymous email with "dirty " things I would love to do with her, she knew it was me and replied back : yes. Thats it, the email just said yes. She asked for my phone... [more]

Got my future step Mom drunk part 2

Quick update when we got back to our actual house we had a massive party again anyway my dad hid Friend and ange all got really drunk later on when his Friend left my dad was still heavily drunk and ripped ange's clothes she was wearing so she was laying on the floor naked I was so hard at this time all I wanted to do is push him out of the way... [more]

Advice Needed - Boyfriend Wanting To Come In The Back Door

Hi, I'm looking for advice on how to handle my boyfriend's desires and requests to "come in the back door" if you know what I mean. I am 24 and we have been dating for 6 months. I've been with just a few other men - just "regular s**" and a little bit of oral. When I am "with" my current boyfriend... [more]


I had s** with my boyfriend michaels brother... after i was done hanging out with michael i saw his older brother when i was about to leave and he grabbed my arm pulled me into his room and told me he "wanted me"... and he pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me neck and it progressed from... [more]

Step daughter s**

I'm on the verge of f****** my step daughter. She turns 18 in a few months. I've known for a while she wants my c***. She has spied while I change , shower and m*********. She tries to hide her... [more]

Puppy Love

When I was fourteen I was staying with Grandma in Northern Cali ... the neighbor one evening asked if I would take care of her Golden Lab while she was gone on a business trip ... anxious to earn a few bucks I said of course. The first day I went to feed and water "Max" we started to play tug-o-war with a dirty dish towel ... Max was fired up and... [more]

S** with step daughter

I confess I had s** with my 18 year step daughter. She was the one that first showed interest in me. But I soon got feelings. She gets me so h**** with her long legs and firm ass. She already overheard me masturbating calling out her name fantasizing about... [more]

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