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Phone/cyber s** or sexting

Male wanting female s** chat partner any females interested let me know

Watching my girl

I'm a guy from New Zealand and I wanna watch my girl f*** a massive black guy and just watch her begg for more and then they start hanging out and f****** more it just turns me on likendont get me wrong I've watched her [more]

Wife wants a fwb

First off, lemme say that my wife and I get along very well. We don't fight. We are honest with each other. We have the type of marriage that we can talk about if we find someone else attractive and neither of us gets mad.
So anyway, we were sitting on the couch watching a movie. She says, "Can I run something by you?" I said, "You know you... [more]

Just plain vanilla

I posted a long while ago on here about my problem with my boyfriend in bed. I got some good advice so im hoping you can help again....
Like i said, i posted here before because i cant get my boyfriend to calm down in bed. We have been together 6 years now and we started experimenting in the bedroom to keep things new and fresh etc but he won't... [more]

I am a w****

I guess that i am a w****. I totaly hate when i f*** soft and simple guys who just remain in silence. I enjoy realy much guys who call me w****/s*** and... [more]


I f*** myself with a 10 inch long d**** every night

My 12-year old daughter wants to pierce her nipples.

My wife and I have been divorced for 3 years. We have 2 daughters. One is 12 and the other 7.
My wife told me the other day that my oldest daughter wants to get her nipples pierced .
I told my wife that it would be inappropriate but my wife disagrees and said it would be alright by her.
When I mentioned that our daughter wasn't even ready for... [more]

I really do want it.

I want to be taken "against my will" by multiple men. Pinned down and forced to accept load after load, delivered by the erect members of strangers. I want them to shove themselves in my mouth, in my p****. I want them to choke me, call me dirty names, and then fill me up with their cream one after... [more]

Walking while driving

I was so h**** after seeing this gorgeous babe working at OTR in Murray Bridge! I was thinking about her all the way home in the car ended up having a want while driving along! Was so awesome, had cars driving past and all!!

Young sister and friends

I have a younger sister who has started to get really hot, she's started to fill out and has a really nice ass and decent t*** now. All her friends are just as hot if not more. Her and her friends were getting drunk in my basement one day and I overheard them talking about sucking [more]

Fat chicks will do anything

I like to f*** fat chicks on the side. About every three months I go on a local dating site and spend about two days tryng to convince a girl for just a random hookup. It's accually really easy to trick them. And to avoid telling them I'm with someone I tell them I have a roommate. I end up meeting... [more]

Craving for domination

I am 27 years old girl...I am in relationship with my boyfriend more than 7 years. we had s** now the thing is am craving for domination/humiliation/bondage s** now. I cant tell him about this fantasy and I am ready to get from some other. Please help me what... [more]

How to make her give bj

I have a very sexy gf, she loves s**, and we really have wonderful time together. However, she can give me a good handjob, and let me f*** her hard, but she never does bj to me. What should I do to make her give bj to me?

Tribute 24 year old wife's DDD's!

I think it's hot when I see another dude c** on her pics! She's a redhead, blue eyes, tan and a little curvey but isn't fat. She's 5,4 and 145 lbs w/ 34 DDD's. Kik me at orangestar4189 to see her! I'll give a couple pics but you have to tribute to see more, including a few vids! She's also a hotwife and... [more]

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