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Hairy exhibitionist wife

My wife is quite an exhibitionist. She likes showing off her naked body. One time in particular was last November. We had a couple friends over for dinner. It was late and we had all had a few drinks. Her long time friend asked me if I was going to do no shave November. I said that I probably would. She (Carol) said that she probably wouldn't... [more]

Wants to be dominated

I have been thinking about domination, I have been watching in online where the woman is dominating a man, it turns me on like crazy. I know it seems weird, but I kinda want to try it. Just once. Just to see how it is, but the whipping so hard, don't know about that, it's worth a shot to try it, but I couldn't control myself from [more]

I want my wife to enjoy another c***

I really want my wife to have s** with another men, almost a year ago I confessed that I had cheated on her (but I was drunk and high, I know it's not an excuse) but I really regret it! She forgave me and asked if it meant something and I said no of course not, and it didn't.
So I also came clean that I... [more]

My wife Peggy

He first extramarital s** had been fantastic.
Maybe John was not the guy I would have picked for her. His c*** was not as big as the ones that I had fantasized about but she had very clearly enjoyed it and she clung to my arm all the way back to my room... [more]

My l*** for her feet

I feel quite guilty about this, but over the last couple of years I have found myself attracted to my friends wife. Well to be more precise her feet, especially in high heels or pantyhose and painted toes.
My attraction to her feet came as a shock to me as I have never really enjoyed this type of fetish with a woman or had desires of that... [more]

My niece

My neice(wife's sisters daughter) who is 19 was staying at our house for a few days. The wife was out shopping with our daughter I was in my room, thinking that our neice must have gone out with them I started to watch some p*** (I like water sports. My wife never treats me to this so it's down to... [more]

I want to get raped

My first sexual relationship left me feeling confused and hurt. He would guilt me into s** when I didn't want it and now I hate s**. I let guys use my body for a while because I found it enjoyable at first but then I realized they didn't care about me as a... [more]

Threesome as punishment

My older girlfriend had a history of drug use but I though it was over. Not to get into too much detail She refused a drug test from Child Protective Services at which point she lost custody of her daughters children. Anyways she kept trying to tell me she wasn't on drugs but coulden't have a real reason why she refused the test. So a few days... [more]

Crying women have griping vaginas

I already know woman's vaginas start gripping when their coughing, or laughing, but during break up s** I noticed she was griping pretty tight when she was crying. Its amazing what woman's p****** can due during intense emotions. What a great way to... [more]

Girl nailed by dog

I really want to watch a girl/woman get nailed by a dog. I don't mean on Videos or an animation but I would love to see a gorgeous woman take the c*** of a Great Dane or other large cocked dog.
To see that perfect little body, be rocked by primal animal [more]

Been interestied in watching wife with another guy for years

For years I have tried to talk my wife Peg into having s** with a guy while I watched without any luck until recently.
Our daughter went to college this last year and we decided to take a cruise. on the first day out I brought up the idea of her doing another guy here since we were all strangers and... [more]

What do i do now?

Ok let get it out there I am a crossdresser. I am married for 12 years now and have been a CD since I was teenager mainly my mothers and aunts clothes. But since getting married my wife's and her mother clothes since they fit me nicely. I have kept it a secret, have only a couple of panties and bras that are my own. So here is my problem. My... [more]


So I'm 23 years old I'm married. And I really like my wife's sister she's only 14 years old but she look like 19-20 she's so hot big b**** big ass.. idk if it's a good idea to ask her if she's down.??

P**** for a day

So my wife and I are open and honest in our s** life. We don't exactly have a completely open marriage, but she has had s** with her long time best friend a few times. Before our wedding she asked if I would let her have [more]

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