Sex Confessions

Looking for buddies for S. Exting

I am looking for buddies who I can se.xt with. Those interested please reply with your em-ail or ki.k co.ntacts. Male and female both


My wife and I wanted to try something new and decided to go a swingers club. We both enjoyed it and have continued with the life style. On the weekends sometimes we go to the local pub for a drink and to meet guys to come back home with us. The thing is that I haven't told my wife that I pull these guys aside and tell them that they can have [more]

My girlfriend's sister

I need to know if my gfs sister (21) fancies me (26), so I'll just start by saying what she has done to make me wonder this.
1. She's constantly commenting on my body and wolf whistling when I have no top or trousers on.
3.She's always making flirty remarks.
2. Ever time she's round and i go to get changed she walks in on me, the last time I... [more]

Our threesom

My fiancé and I had our first one a little over a year ago. We were at a local bar and she started talking to this 40ish guy. At first I was a little annoyed but I got over it after a couple more beers. Well the night went on nothing sexual had been brought up but closing time and she asked if he wanted to stop by and have a drink. We get back to... [more]

I like to watch

I like to watch my wife have s** with other men then eat the creampie

Mutual Cuck Fantasies

My wife makes me tell her how i would f*** two slutty girls and let them lick my ass and d*** and then come back to her for dirty s**. Then she tells me about having several guys [more]

I am a Christian, but

I am a Christian but always fall for the temptation to have s** with my boyfriend and have even played with the idea of finding another woman to join us one day. This. Needs. To. Stop. But I have no idea how to change things for the better.

Best friend

I'm a 50yr old married woman my hubby is 10yrs older and over the past couple of years he has had erectile problems. I have reassured him that it's o.k. but it's not.
After a few wines at my best friends house last week, I told her about my dilemma and that I was h**** and frustrated all the... [more]

Ski strip

I fooled around with a bunch of my boyfriend's friends on a ski trip just after Christmas this year. We'd been on and off for a while and he invited to me to join at the last minute. It was a very much a lads trip — lots of heavy drinking and joking around. We were staying in a dorm room in a chalet. I had to get changed in the bathroom as there... [more]

Needing my husband's friend to dominate me

I am S from Inverness. I am 35 and a married to my husband who recently turned 40. My husband has a serious health complaint which means that while we have a very intimate and loving s** life he isn't able to be rough and physical with me and sometimes a girl just wants to be [more]

Married, but...

I got married over a year ago, but to me that doesn't mean I can't f*** around! I have had s** with over half dozen men since I got married. I need the variety, and my husband either doesn't have clue or doesn't mind. For anyone who thinks marriage is a... [more]

I love getting raped by someone else

Im a 17 years old student who always get a sexual abuse at school or home, but im into it and having so much fun. i don't know if this is normal or not but i really enjoy it when they rape me in class or when my uncle rape me in his car.

Panty thief

I love stealing my friends daughters panties and sniff and lick them . My Girlfreind loves doing the same . I hold them on her face while I do her so hard . Sometimes I make her lick and suck them till they are clean as can be . it's such a turn on to watch her get worked up with girl panties on her face and I. her mouth .

Pedophile desires

I can't remember when they started but i have been having dreams of having s** with 5-14 yr old boys for a good 18 years now, it bothers me that this doesn't bother me like it should. If I had to guess they probably started a couple years after I was molested by a neighbor at age 8. The odd thing though... [more]

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