Sex Confessions

I am sleeping with my wife’s best friend

It was my wife’s 30th birthday her childhood best friend threw her a hugh party. Everyone got drunk and they all started leaving or passing out my wife passed out hours before. I was in the hot tub when her friend got in with me. Before I knew she was completly naked. I have always found her friend super attractive. My wife is very thin and her... [more]

Why is it wrong?

My uncle has been " playing" with me since I can remember, I enjoy it and it is not forced so why is it looked at as wrong?

Should i seek help?

Ever since i was a kid..maybe 8yrs old back in'91 -'92 i have been sexually attracted to certain family members like much older sisters (2),same age or 1-2 yrs difference give or take nieces, (multiple) cousins (multiple) etc.. anyone that i wasn't very close to almost, I've lusted after,and i believe on a few occasions it's been recipticated... [more]

Brother in law and me

I'm a 28 year old woman. My brother in law and I own a food truck business together.
What my sister does not know is we perform oral s** on each other at least 4 or 5 times a week for the last 6 years.
My sister hates to give or receive oral. But I doing it and the taste of [more]

S** for ladies

Society tells us that women should not like s**. The fact that I love s** somehow makes me a w**** or a s*** in the eyes of many. I had my first sexual encounter... [more]

Is this normal?

It is normal the fact i want to have s** with more than one man? I think s** with only one guy would be limited, great but limited. But the s** with many guys at the same time i believe it would be wonderful. Two guys... [more]


When I was 18 I dated this girl who was a s** addict. She loved to f*** anytime, anyplace, and really anybody. We literally f***** 2 or 3 times a day at least. I caught her [more]

Niece and Uncle

I'm a 27 year old woman.
Right or wrong, after my fiancee cheated on me for the 4th time I dumped him and threw him our of my apartment.
At that moment I realized there was only one man in my entire life who accepted and loved me as I am. My Uncle Jack
The next night I went to my Uncle's house, let myself in with the key he gave me. I... [more]

My son in law

Yesterday my son in law was at my house sitting at the table wearing a pair of shorts and I could see his manhood through the opening in the leg of the shorts and it made me very excited and I think he let me see it deliberately


Over the years I have done many things I am not proud of. One of those things got my ass in hot water with the law and I was convicted of the crime. Try as I may to flirt with the DA and judge, I still received a 3 year prison sentence. I was sent to a small minimum security prison that looked like it had been built in the 1800s. During... [more]

Twin Sisters Lovers.

My twin sister and I are 27. And since 13 we have been lovers.
Our family knows we are lesbians, but not that we are only with each other.
There is nothing sexier than making love to your mirror image. Our bodies react in the same way to each others touch.
We 69 almost every morning before work. And spend most nights and weekends in bed... [more]

My Beautiful sister

I was 15 years old and my sister was 17, we were on a cruise heading to New Zealand. One day me and my sister decided to have a nap in the afternoon, so we both went back to the room and fell asleep. I ended up waking up before her and seen that her sexy ass was pointing right at me and I couldnt resist. I started rubbing my [more]

Teen s**

When I was 17 I dated this girl who loved to have s**. We f***** all the time. Before school, after school, at her house, at mine. We never f***** at school though. The reason it was so easy is because I lived... [more]

Movie theater head

I asked this girl out on a date. I been wanting to ask her out. I finally worked up the courage to ask her. She said yes. I picked her up last night. We went to dinner. Then we went to the movies. We sat in the back. I was not really paying attention to the movie. I kissed her on the lips. She started rubbing me. I got a massive hard [more]


Hubby and I been married for 6 years. He is definitely more sexual than I am and he is always trying to get me to do more sexually daring things. I would have never read this site or posted had it not been for my husband.
We went on vacation last month and we stayed in a cabin retreat that had a hot tub on the back deck. When we first got there... [more]

My fetish is being selfish

I met a girl who was more than willing to do whatever I want to make me sexually satisfied. Normally this would be a dream come true. The thing is that I don't return the favor and I don't feel bad about it at all.
I always get what I want when she comes over. I always get at least one bj, she licks my bawlz, and if I'm in the mood for it... [more]

Shamima begum

I confess that I would totally bang that Isis cu.nt shamima begum!!
I'm a white English man,and totally abhor everything she's done and would gladly shoot her in the face before she can step foot on English soil
Yet, I would spread her hairy legs and chow down on her traitorous pu$$y and f*** her... [more]

Mother in law

I want to f*** my mother in law so bad. She has these huge double D's and a nice sized ass. Her feet are so sexy and so well manicured. Her hands too. I can just feel her p**** now riding my c***. Whenever... [more]

Office s**

I have been married to my husband for 5 years. We dated all through school and college, then dated for 3 years after college before we got married. We have 2 lovely children with your typical American home. I work in an office building with 3 other people as part of the IT department. Our lead person, Jason is also married and has 1 child.
We... [more]

Bad movie

Sometimes things happen and we have no idea why, we just learn to deal with it and move on the best we can. Case in point when I was 19 I was sexually assaulted by my friends older brother. Up until that point I had also thought he was cute. I was spending the night and had gotten up to get a drink. He came in drunk and proceeded to come on to... [more]

I have a huge stomach fetish

I am a straight guy and reallly love to punch and squeeze girl's bellies. It really turns me on. If there are any girls near the NYC area that would be willing to let me punch and squeeze their belly, please contact me at

Friends wife

A friend of mine was going through a rough patch with his wife. Unrelated to their problems me and my girlfriend broke up. I stopped by their house to see how things were going with them and found out he had moved out the night before. Not knowing what exactly to say to her I suggested that she and I should go out to make her husband jealous. Our... [more]

First affair

I work for a global company where we have a facility in the UK. In the 8 years I have worked for the company I have never been out of the US. That is until last month when they asked me to visit the UK facility. I have been married for 12 years and have never thought about s******* around on her... [more]


When I was in school I had the biggest crush on this girl named Karen. Omg, she was so beautiful and funny and smart and if I could have sold my soul to the devil to be with her for eternity I would have. The problem was she didn't know I was alive. That was partly my fault because every time I got near her my pulse when up and I couldn't breathe... [more]

Gay uncle

10 years ago i discovered my married uncle is gay when I walked in on him give the UPS driver a b******* in the house.
He begged me not to say anything, as he love my Aunt, but only found sexual pleasure by sucking c*** and swallowing [more]

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