Sex Confessions

My cousin and I

When I was around 11 and my cousin was 9 we started to show interest in each other. We would hold hands and cuddle together. The first time we had an experience together. We both woke up on the couch. And she asked for a back rub. So I sat on her a s s and started to rub her back. Eventually I made it down to her lower back. And later to her a s s... [more]

Boss thing

I work at a small packaging plant in the shipping department. There are only 4 of us that work the department including my boss. Sometimes we get hot orders in that require us to stay past our shift getting them ready to shipped the next morning. Normally I don't think much about staying late but just last week we had one of these late orders come... [more]

Stepdaughter tease

My stepdaughter has been doing these things for years, she is 20 now but has been walking around in a g string and topless in front of me since she was 12. One time she sat on my lap in her g string and moved around for a while then when she got up she could see that I was hard, i covered up with a pillow, she said what's wrong? I said you know... [more]

Granny and me.

I went to live with my grandmother who was 70 at the time when I was 14 as both of my parents died.
The first few months were normal, then one night she came in my room, in her robe.
I was on the bed in my boxer's, she dropped her robe, and was naked.
Before I could do or say anything she was on her knees and my [more]

Mother in law

I think about my mother-in-law every day and m********* when I do. her name is Oti and she is Colombian, about 63. short and a little plump, with big milky b**** and a nice ass. She has short reddish black hair and is very cute and sexy. One day... [more]

I'm A Gerontophile

I'm attracted to women of all ages, actually, but I do have a thing for older women. There is an 81-year-old woman in my building who I find very sexy. The last woman I had s** with was 60 and I was very turned on by her. I tried to f*** her all the time. I... [more]

Army guys are hot

A lot of people hate their army recruiter. Thinking of my own, makes my nipples hard and my puss wet.
My recruiter was dedicated. Accompanying me to the gym, he helped me stretch. Leaning his weight on me, I couldn't help but imagine him slipping into my spread p****. Of course, I was just... [more]

Once upon a time......

…. i dated a girl named "christmas", and lemme tell ya.....when i got in that fucken chimney.... i tore that s*** UP!!

Beach night

My boyfriend and I love to go camping. We go to a local spot that has a nice little beach in the middle of nowhere. No one has ever been there when we were, so s** and nudity had always been easy. The last time we went, everything was as usual with no one around. It was later at night when we stripped... [more]

Morning flash

Normally I get up really early 3AM to shower and start my day at work. My husband works third shift and isn't even home yet when I leave. I have never closed the bedroom curtains because honestly who's awake at that time? And it gives me a little thrill knowing that I'm naked in front of a window with the lights on, even if my bedroom does only... [more]

Far woman undies

I am a Bbw and I want to sell my worn undies but don't know how to get started!

Wax job

I went and had my everything wax today. It was the first time ever, and let me tell you that m************ hurt like a b****. A friend of mine convinced me to go because she goes. I had my [more]

MFM Threesome

I must confess my wife and I part take in MFM threesome relationship with a younger man. I am 62 with stage 4 cancer and have ED after 3 years of chemo. My wife is a beautiful 51 year old who has always had multiple vaginal o******. I am frustrated that I can no longer please her. We put a... [more]


Y husband had this fantasy from the time we started dating. He used to talk dirty to me in the bed and tell me how he wanted to watch me get "serviced" by another guy. At first it p***** me off because I thought he didn't want me, then I thought it was just his way of making things interesting in the... [more]

High school friend...

When I was in the 10th grade, I stole and masterbated to my friends panties. I never told her, all though I think she knewπŸ˜‰πŸ˜€πŸ˜‰πŸ˜€πŸ˜š

Groupie confesion

I had a girls night out with some friends. Went to a concert in Jaxsonvile FL. Wound up back stage after concert. Had s** with popular band (not to be named) drummer. Husband stayed at home, knew,we were back stage....did not know full story. Not sure if I shou,d disclose.....
Hot , :emorable... [more]

Dominatrix Sister

Hi. I'm in middle school and recently found out my older sister is a dominatrix. I want to ask her if she would dominate me, but I'm scared she will hate me for it. How should I ask her? Thanks

Asian Message!

I finally got the b**** to go in to one of these Asian message places. I was a little buzzed after dinner out with some clients. One my way down the road I decided to stop and check out this Asian spa I have seen a few times passing by. Parking was in the back and there was just a door that looked... [more]

Road head.

My wife has flashed her naked ass many times to truckers on I-40 by James town New Mexico. We have dinner at the Denny’s at the Refinery truck stop and she always wears a short skirt with a see through shirt. She never wears panties or a bra and her t*** are very visible. After dinner we walk to our... [more]


I just f***** my neighbor lady. I have lived next to her and her husband for about 6 years now. I have always thought she was hot but she is married so I never thought anything would happen. I have dated a few different girls since I moved to this place but nothing too serious. I'm not dating anyone... [more]

Like s** stories

I love reading s** stories

Mother in law Maxine

My ex-mother in law, Maxine, used to tell me about her s**-life, details about the size of her husband's p****, and would bring me her used panties.
We went to lunch together once and she gave me a handjob in her car, which she felt guilty for afterward... [more]


When i was young i was dating this girl . And her mother was a busty bbw woman in her late 50s but attractive . Anyway they lived in apparment block and at times laundry would be hanging out . Well ud wanna see the underwear especially the mothers . I started just touching it . Then i took odd pair of panties . Oh i use to [more]


My bestfriend and I have been friends from our first day in Kindergarten. We have done lots of things together from vacation to late night crying over boys. We have always been there for each other even sharing an apartment together.
For the longest time we never let a boy get between us, ever. If she dated a boy then I was never interested and... [more]

Summer is coming

I had madeout with this girl a bunch of times last summer when I was visiting my dad for the summer. He lives in another town because him and my mom don't like each other anymore. I tried to have s** with her but she always told me no and something about not getting pregnant. For whatever like I wouldn't... [more]

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