Sex Confessions

Why now

When I first met my wife, she already had 2 daughters. One was quite young, but the other was in high school. She got p***** because I started seeing her mom and left to stay with a friend. Fast forward several years and now she is grown up. I used to think she was a [more]

Black men are like the myth says...

I am an older w/m that has plenty of encounters with black men. My partners range from 21 - 50. I used to date black guys when it wasn't so fashionable. Here i am 35 yrs later still seeking b/m. 25 different lovers later and 5000 masturbation s i still only desire b/m. And i am still a virgin. Oral is my thing. I live in sacramento and am seeking... [more]

I wonder if she will come this year.

(All names have been changed to protect the guilty)
With may long weekend approaching i can't help but think about last years camping trip. Me and my two friends always go camping and usually find at least a few good parties and have never had any trouble finding girls willing to party with us.
Last year was kind of strange since my buddy Mark... [more]

Gaining weight to please my husband

I love getting fatter and fatter for my husband

Hollys hot holes

I humped the a*** off my 15 yr old stepdaughter after i put her to bed when she was wasted drinking my vodka.
I striped off her little red silk panties spread her legs and sucked on her c*** while fingering her dirty bum hole.
She started to [more]

Young Women Come After Me and I Like It

At age 50, I am having some of the best s** ever. Been divorced almost 10 years. And while I do not have an answer for this, I also do not give a damn.
Been attracting and hooking up with women 20-30 years younger than I am. I love the attention. But I am starting to feel like a man-[more]

The Benefits of Teaching

I became a high-school drama teacher because young girls turn me on.
I go out of my way to catch glimpses up their skirts, I stalk them on social media for pictures, and there's even a faculty bathroom with a small window I can watch them out of. On a good day I can go there and look at their beautiful faces as I [more]

Mum and me

My name's Gwen. I had my son when I was 15 years old, thanks to Daddy and a broken condom. I told Mum that the father was a boy at school. She never found out that Daddy had been f****** me off ans on since I was 12.
I live in a country cottage with my son, who is now 25. He had his first [more]

Hot time

So as soon as i enter his house, he is hard and ready, so i rubbed his crotch, and he rubbed mine. He couldnt wait to pull out his c*** and get his mouth on me.While he sucked my nipples, i stroked him good, and played with his b****. Once i was good... [more]

I'm On my bf Confession Post

I love j**kin him off while I talk about how I want his friends to take turn f*ckin me until they all c*m for me I'm about 5ft. Nice perky B**bs and my bf black his c*ock is so huge I enjoy watching guys c*m for me if interested Do email , comments questions ?

Mother in law drove me crazy

I was working two jobs and on weekend I would go over to my inlaws when I got off work at 3:00 in the morning every Sat. night. My wife would come over every Sunday and we all had lunch together. Each week my MIL would come into my bedroom and wake me up to get my shower and get ready before lunch. Several time I had gotten a shower and purposely... [more]

Amateurs on chatabate

Some people are huge jokes thinking they are so hot and good in bed and s**. I mean they have hair and greasy stink holes and creepy looking genitals like most. its only a rare few that have hot bodies and hot faces and hot genitalia to go with it. most of them make me laugh or just wince in pain at how... [more]

Uncles huge c***

My mothers youngest brother is very nice and comes to the house on holidays. I think he's a little f***** up because my grandmother was taking so many meds at the time of his birth. He has a regular job and has a girlfriend but what i saw on this particular day shocked me. I walked in on him while he... [more]


My best friends wife is very hot and h**** and is always staring at my bulge. There is this sexual tension thats been there since we met a few years back. Anyway, I stopped at there house on christmas eve to give the children their gifts and have a few drinks when I got there my friends wife said... [more]

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