Sex Confessions

Old men

Im a 17yr old female and i look for older men (50+) in my area and let them f*** me any way they want, i love the real filthy ones that enjoy eating my a***.
Before covid i enjoyed putting on a real short skirt, no knickers but with tights and riding... [more]

Saw what religious girls do behind closed doors

My wife asked our shapely mid 30's neighbor why a pretty girl like her wasn't married, and she told my wife she was still a virgin and wouldn't have s** till marriage because she was religious. Now get this: I did occasional security work around our building and one night I was walking around the back of... [more]

Bi Curious Married Man

Ok, I am a married man in my early fifties with my wife who is her mid 40's. We have been married now for 19years. My wife is very well aware of my fantasies to have MFM Straight and bi... mostly through my dreams as I talk in my sleep very often. I know the MFM Straight fantasy totally turns her on and we have done some role play on this... [more]

My dog licked my...

I was really bored one day and was scrolling through this app called quora. well i came across people saying that they let their dog eat out their a**** so i wanted to try with my new dog. i spread my ass checks and waited. after she sniffed for a few seconds her tounge went right into my [more]

Getting in shape for the wrong reasons

I’m a black male, 42 years, 6’4”, 250 lbs, dark skin. I’ve always been reserve when it came to pursuing women. Lately I’ve been getting noticed more by women because I’m starting to get fit for the first time in 20 years. It’s women my age mostly, a few younger women here and there but not much. The attention is motivating me but for the wrong... [more]

Hotel S**

I love to bend my wife over in hotels. I love to leave the blinds open and press her t*** against the glass. Mainly do it at night. Makes me c** so fast.

Rebound Niece

Two years ago My wife Amanda and I divorced after a 20yr marriage. We where just different people now and ended it on good terms. After the divorce, I stayed with my older sister Becca and her family for about 6 months. By that time I was able to save up enough move into my own place again.
But during my stay at my sister's, my niece Samantha... [more]

Dog is man best friend

Wow so am not the only one! male and dogs do have hung, 1 dog shot his sperm and my hole was full and i didnt think that could happen, wish some one to video was hot, i stand up warm sperm dripping out of me, who need a man dog is man best friend

Degrade my wife

I have been married for many years and I've discovered that sharing pictures of my wife and having others degrade her turns me on so much, like hearing how fat, shapeless and ugly her body is.
Maybe the fact that she always considers herself to be smarter and prettier than any woman she knows give it an extra level of satisfaction.
Are there... [more]

Looking for a text buddy

Looking for someone who loves to talk.

I want to be used

Hi Im Jules and i wanna be taught how to fuckk like a good f*** and you could use me however you want just PLEASE teach me how to be a s***

Married bi-sexual

I used to walk my dog at this park and met a guy walking his dog and we became friends. One afternoon at his house,he was divorced and I was married,after some beers we began to confess secrets we each had.
He had a fainting fetish and being carried,something he had since childhood and when I told him i have fainted a few times it really turned... [more]

Join me for sexting

Https:// Join me if you wanna sext im Male Bi and 16

Killer S** Dream.

A couple of weeks ago as i lay down my ginger head, I had a wet nightmare where I was tied to my bed face down nude. I struggled against the ropes bounding me to it until I felt a hot knife stab my spine (held by a dominatrix of course), and then my shoulder blade, and all over my exposed back until I was dead. At first when I woke, I was needless... [more]

3k Before Christmas

Now normally I would NEVER do this but this guy legit offered me 3k just to f*** him.
So because of COVID I didn't have my job so that means obviously, no money. I only had about 1k in savings and really couldn't spend it. Call me cheap, whatever, I needed money. I'm a very big family person so I... [more]

Perfect Relationship for Me

I am a SWF 42, all I can think about is having a ABF/ANR relationship with an older guy 65+, releasing him sexually, laying naked together reading exotic stories, and being his toy all day and night. Wish I could actually find someone real, into this.

Being A Housewife Is SO Boring

I got married 9 years ago, had my son 4 years and while my life isn't partially bad it is just so boring. I'm 41 and I feel like i'm just not going anywhere. I feel like I'm nothing. Like, I go thought out my day just feeling nothing. How many times can I clean my house, feed my family, and talk to my friends over the phone. Nothing hit harder... [more]

Storage Room S**

I work at a fairly close Dollar Store. Been their for over a year now. I work mainly the night shift at the register or if no one is around I do stock. It's me and the assistant manager mostly during these night shifts. She is a older woman, divorced, maybe late 50s or early 60s. She is a nice enough lady and her and I got pretty friendly over the... [more]

Qos wife

Let’s talk about qos wife.

My wife passed away but I still w*** to her pictures

My wife was really sexy and I have a lot of pictures of her t*** and ass, I get turned on just thinking about her. But she died 3 years ago.


I have always had sexual desire for my sister-in-law. I have been with my Wife for 20 years and I have always wanted to f*** my sister-in-law. She has cocked teased me for years and years. I once took my sister-in-law tank top and bra off and seen her C-Cup [more]

High school

In the 10th grade, I finally got to look at my friend, Heather, wearing sexy panties. I then told her that, being a guy, I jacked off after seeing her wearing those panties.

Adult Wemon

I've Always found it attractive when girls older then Me wanna do sexual things because I'm kinda young😍😍 I'm M15 And I've always been thirsty for My school teachers but never got to do anything with them😞 I'm also very attracted to girls younger than me around the ages of 11+ It sometimes even makes me jealous when other teens did every dirty... [more]

Xmas party

I used to live in Greenville S.C , and I had regular fwb that I would get together with her when I could. The s** we would have was always hot and at times she would surprise me with wanting to try new things. We had plans to get together around Christmas but are plans were uncertain due to family coming... [more]

Dog eat

Kik valflorr I love having my p**** eaten by my dog. He loves the way my p**** feels and taste.

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