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Girls in diapers

I'm a 21 year old girl and I enjoy wearing diapers. I want to find other girls who are in the same age range who enjoy the same. And would like to chat and send pics to each other. I do live in Tx the closer the better. Add me on Snapchat soon ;) Sugargiiirl

I f***** up

I’m just testing to see if this goes through.

Best friend f****** wife

By way of background, my wife (D) is a literally drop-dead gorgeous natural blonde with an incredibly strong libido. She loves s**, c*** strong and fast, and continuously when she gets going. We have always had a great relationship and wonderful [more]

Colleague knows my kinks and constantly teases me

So after a work night out, a woman in my team about 15 yrs older than me (her mid 40's, me 30) ended up getting with each other. There had always been some chemistry in the office and we just let it all out after several drinks. She is divorced and I married but we went back to hers and had a few hours of [more]

I'm 21 and I love my pull ups

When I get home late from work my favorite thing to do is slip into a fresh pull up and see how long I can hold it til I wet myself. But I like to make sure I'm cleaning something so I can feel it fill up. Then I like to hump a teddy bear to get off. Does any other girls do something like this? Because I feel like I'm the only one. But I never... [more]

Looking for a female stomach trample partner in india

I am looking for a stomach trample and s** partner, i have a fetish of making women sit on my stomach and trample or bounce. I love to do the same to ladies. I am a staright male looking for straight female of any race but must be over 18 years of age and could travel to North India. I am not fat but not... [more]

Oral s**

My boyfriend gives me oral s** every day after school. It's something that we both enjoy very much. He even does it when I'm on my period and he says it doesn't bother him. Is there any problem with him doing this?

I got naked for my boyfriends friends

My boyfriend and I were hanging out at my house ,drinking some Capt/cokes ,
smoking a few ,, all was good then 4 of his friends came over with some beer,
we hung out ,, they all kept looking at my t*** as guys do,they arent big,but they are enough ,..They all start talking about girls ,this and... [more]

I have s** my cousin my age.

I am from NCR, India. My cousin (mom's sister's daughter) and i both are same age. She has a dark (brown) skin, normal size of body and D-cup b****. I have a fair skin, normal body and good looks.
It started when we both were 15. I had never had any sexual thoughts about her before. At night we... [more]

I want to be raped

I know it will sound crazy to most but i dream of being raped
i dont know why i want it so badly it could b because i became sexually active at a young age, its weird its like i live 2 lives the natalie my friends and family, i always get complimented on my looks or coments on my body by strangers i normally always have a boyfriend but when i... [more]

I had s** with my cousin in an elevator

It was wrong on a number of levels !

Girlfriends daughter

I recently got back with a girlfriend from 30 years ago. Her daughter (18) is a spoilt brat and is making are relationship complicated. My GF decided that the 3 of us should go away for the weekend to try and smooth things out. The daughter is hot, like the Mum, Patsy Kensit type. On the trip I noticed she was flirting with me, I played along but... [more]

I lost my virginity

So I'm 14 and left home by myself for a few days so I ordered some strippers they came over they both had big a**** and they were blonde they gave me lapdances and one sat on my lap and started giggling I asked wuts up she put me on the table and gave me a [more]

Cuckhold wife

My wife convinced me to attend a part for a male coworker of hers. There were quite a few people there to start and everyone was drinking, playing games, and having a good time. At about midnight the party started to break up and people started leaving. I asked my wife if she was ready to leave but she insisted that we stay longer. About an hour... [more]

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