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My first gay date...

I've recently have identified myself as being gay. In the past I've had s** with men but never realized that's who I want to be with. This past week I not only ran into a man who I found attractive but someone who I was able to carry conversation with. By the end of our talk we both felt like there was... [more]

My sister’s friend

My sister has this one friend she usually hangs out with and let’s just say he’s hot. One night while my sister was at work he came over to the house. My sister texted me and said he was going to take me for a little because she wanted someone to make up for the time she lost during work. Ask he took me dancing then to eat and on our way home we... [more]

I have what might be considered a “niche” fetish

I have a fetish that doesn’t seem too common, and it’s pretty tame compared to the other uncommon fetishes out there. I love girls’ stomachs. I don’t know why, but they just look HOT. I mean, a nice, soft, flat stomach just really turns me on and makes me want to worship it, kiss it, rub it, etc. The thing is though, this is REALLY amplified when... [more]

Sleeping with our boarder

To make ends meet my husband and I took in a boarder. We have four bedrooms in our house and are planning on a family. We both looked at several people to live with us. Two young girls and one man our age. I would have been ok with one of the young gals. They were both students and would have been ok. But my husband said the older guy was a better... [more]

Not sure

I love crossdressing,sucking c***,kissing guys,licking ass and being submissive. I have sucked off 180 guys and I love it.
I don't go out looking at men,unless they show a big bulg,I think women are pretty,but p**** does not interest me at all. I love... [more]

Panty sniffing

When my brother and his super hot GF were going on vacation he asked me to come over and take care of some things at the apt. They were just getting out the door when I got there...they leave and I'm inside. I see her panties next to the bed and boom I'm in business. I know they just came off her cause they are damp in the crouch ….they most... [more]

Fun with Margie

Margie is my best friend. We were college roommates and we had lots of crazy fun times together. She and I did some outlandish stuff. She was more of a follower . But only took a little prodding to get her going. There is just like way to much tell you about all the fun and wild crazy things we did. But here are some for you. Hope this gives you... [more]

I really don't need as much s**

My husband and I have been married for over 34 years now. He has always needed more s** than I. When we were first married he wanted s** at least three times a day and sometimes more. So for the first ten years or so we had [more]

I slept with my husband's best friend

I let my guard down for what seemed a moment and now I regret it. Of all the people I had to sleep with my husband's best friend. He had come over to borrow a tool from my husband to work on his car. My husband was at work and he let me know that Stan was coming over to get it. Stan came and he got it and then left. He returned about four hours... [more]

My girlfriend has other boyfriends

Me and my girlfriend Hannah haven't had s** in over a year. It started with her f****** her big d**** while I watched. The thing is about 8 inches long, so a few inches longer than me and really hits the... [more]

I go to the pool just to see younger guys naked in the lockers

So I'm kind of an exhibitionist, ever since high school I've enjoyed other people seeing me naked and vice versa. I missed that when I graduated and started college, so I started going to the university gym in my sophomore year for a similar experience (it was kind of a twofer, since I got fit and got to see hot college guys naked). Long story... [more]

No longer can perform

I am in a wheel chair after an auto accident several years ago. I have been steadily declining in the performing my husbandly duties. Wife still enjoys s**. I have tried all sorts of things and devices along with taking V*****. Now things are getting worse... [more]

Older man meets 19 year old

I was emailing a girl on Craigslist recently regarding a panty fetish. She wanted to sell her panties and pictures of her feet. This went on for about 2 weeks then she starts telling me she needs money for an amusement park trip with her friends and 18 year old boyfriend.
She managed to sell a few panties and pictures I told her I needed more... [more]

Cheated with the Preacher

My husband and I have been going through a rough patch. I wanted to go to talk with our pastor. My husband said no he didn't want to talk with anyone but I could. So I started going to see our pastor. Brother Knight is a wonderful caring man. He listened to me and helped me to understand what I need to do to safe my marriage. Then on one of the... [more]

Show Off

From a very young age i loved to expose myself. I was always afraid i would get in trouble. At first it was walking around with my Zipper ''accidently'' down.. real cool eh..then i got into wearing the short gym shorts we wore back in the 1970s and 80s..and my junk and/or ass would always be falling out as i bent over.. in stores. .on walks.. my... [more]

North Korea

I want to move to North Korea so I can liberate all of that fine p**** with my BBC.

(10 years ago) I slept with my sons friend

Firstly please do not fetishise this post. whether you chose to believe it or not this is my confession.
I was about 33 in 2009 when this happened and so i don't get in trouble lets say he was 18.
my son was in highschool and didn't really have a lot of friends. occasionally however he did bring one or two over. One particular night he... [more]

My friends Tomboy sister up in a tree

I was in my early 20's and his sister was visiting him on her 18the birthday. She had always acted like a boy although she was not gay. She climbed up a tree and I was looking up at her and talking to her. She was wearing loose fitting shorts and you could see up the leg. She was not wearing any underwear.
Her entire [more]

55+ Communities

Love having s** with seniors 55+ , sexmoving to a 55+ community and like to hear any comments, advise or actual sexual encounters . I do like to jog so hoping this may help connect.

Glory hole bj

So 2 years ago I did something that I had fantasy's about for years. I went to a local “gay sauna” and I gave a b******* through a glory hole. It took a while for me to get the courage to do it. They had a maze with glory holes in certain areas. First time I walked into a booth and got on my... [more]

My gang bang fantacy

I want four or more c**** at once one in each hand one in my mouth and one two or three in my bunk would love that

My b****

I love to have my b**** crushed, pulled etc. Eventually it makes me shoot.

Is it wrong

To like to dress in womens clothe if you are a guy? i dont get why women get to have all the cute and sexy under wear. us men get stuck with the same old same ole of tighty whiteys or boxers. all made out of cotton and in drab, boring colors. women get all kinds, thongs, gstrings, bikini, boyshorts, granny panties, etc, etc...... and in lace or... [more]

Panty sniffing

When I was married my wife step sister used to live with us she was 12 and leaver her underwear everywhere and her bathroom was full of dirty panties p... smell n taste now that I’m divorced I work on this restaurant with one of my co-workers she knows about my sniffing addiction and let me smell hers after work she’s 16 btw love those young... [more]

J*** off and rate my wife’s nudes

I get off to showing other guys my wife while they j*** and tell me what they would do to her.

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