Sex Confessions

I fantasize about my wife getting felt up

I would love to watch (or hear about) my wife get felt up. Whether a friend at our house, stranger at a club, stripper at bachelorette party, or happy ending massage. Thinking about her getting some light sexual fun is a huge turn on for me.

Wife's male friend

I write erotic stories for my wife, it turns her on most when the stories involve her making me submit to her in some way. I had always kept my darkest fantasies to myself, but I slipped up after a guy who fancies her and tried for months to chase her turned up at the door, unannounced at almost midnight , while I was out working. The first I knew... [more]

Wife Susan

My wife Susan has been a hot wife from the first she had a couple affairs at first that almost ended our marriage but I found that after thinking about it it turned me on and we began an open cuckold relationship where she sometimes strayed and later told me about it when we were making love and at other times we looked through adds on the... [more]

My big ass sister part 2

Well after that night I was waiting for weakened because my parents go out on weakened so only i and sister r alone, I waited and waited at last weakened and my parents are out , I went to check on my sister and to my surprise she was sleeping or she's acting ....
Just like the other night I started running my [more]

My big ass sister

I was 18 she was 25, I was very shy kid back then , we have a small house so me and my sister shared bed , I used to watch lot of P*** , and I started having wet dreams about my sister , one night I dared and started rubbing my d*** on her butt , she... [more]


I remember the first time that I shared Diane with another man.
We had talked about it many times but she was always against actually doing it but we used t as a foreplay thing until recently Dug a fried divorced and he started visiting.
Diane was friendly with him and she and he flirted around like normal men and women do and I tried... [more]

Not Your Ordinary Perv

In short. I’m looking for some large breasted and fertile women that I would induce lactation, train their bodies to associate let down with sexual stimulation, and they would be bred and kept in perpetual pregnancies. Milk production would be maximized with diet and draining her udders multiple times per day. Excess milk would be sold, and... [more]

Stretching them Greatly

Ok so I enjoy stretching a woman’s p****. I don’t mean some 8” long d****. I’m talking about 8” girth towards the beginning of my stretching relationships with these insatiable relationships. I’ve stretched several and every single one of them... [more]

Tyler Vanduynhoven

There is this really tall guy who goes to my school who makes me so h****. I always fantasize about his long skinny arms in my a******.

Unaware milf

I would love to chat with a guy that knows my girl and can keep it secret that we chat about her. Message me Arkansas guys

Unaware milf

I would love to chat with a guy that knows my girl and can keep it secret that we chat about her. Message me Arkansas guys

Lookijg for older women

I like to talk with older women i like them so much so any of them please mention yourself i m 22

Fetish confession

I had a fetish of having foreplay without removing my Jockey underwear. I love the way my d*** dances in the confines of my tight underwear when I am h****, and I love my underwear too much. Ah! AAH!

My second s**

Part 1:
कुछ समय बाद मैं छुट्टियों के लिए घर आया था। मैंने किसी को अपनी खोई हुई वर्जिनिटी के बारे में नहीं बताया। मुझे फिर से सेक्स करने का मूड हुआ।
किस्मत से मम्मी और पापा को 3 दिन के लिए किसी शादी फंक्शन में शहर के बाहर जाना पड़ा। उनके निकलने के बाद मैंने आॅन्लाईन रंडियाँ ढूँढी। किस्मत से मुझे वो रंडी... [more]

Desire of disgust

I want to lick p****** I want to eat a whole line of girls with spread open legs and slurp up juices out of their p**** holes Idc what race size age I just want to lick inside a bunch of p******... [more]

Lost memory card and honeymoon couple's s**

On an official trip to another State, I found a lost memory card and came upon some young honeymoon couple's candid s** videos in it, s** in bed, bathroom and in all possible ways, closeups and b*******, all... [more]


We were young and newlyweds s** was something exciting and Diane had gotten pregnant in our final moths in high school so we married soon after we graduated .
I got a job at a lumber yard and Diane found work as a nurses aid s** was still exciting and Diane... [more]

Found my wife on admireme

I found my wife’s admireme profile Where she was selling naked videos of herself playing with herself .. I got off at the thought of men watching her and now I want to watch her f*** other men

Preteen S**

I was had just turned 12 years old when I got my first b****** from a man. A stranger. I also came for the first time with him. He also came in my mouth and told me to swallow. I did. I've never regretted it. I'm happily marriaged, but happily look back at my first time. I would love to... [more]

Plan On Sharing My Wife

I plan on sharing my wife with another guy. This will be the first guy besides me inside her in almost 13 years. I figure it's time she feels another hard c*** in her. She's got some sexy new Lingerie and preparing herself. So it ought to be a wild time. The guy gets all the [more]


Many years ago I was in a submissive relationship with a dominant wonderful man. I learned the joy and security of submission. He taught me well and I gave myself to him completely. He required me to be clean shaven in my pubic area and always wear tan pantyhose with no underwear beneath. I always felt beautiful in his eyes. Then one day he came... [more]

This hard for me to tell

I'm a man when i was 10 years old i would go in my sister room to try on her clothes i found a box filled with pills i took to my room and i would take one a day when i run out i go to my sister room to get another box of pills did this for 5 years ,, in them five years my body had changed i had hips and a waist and [more]

My subconcious rebels against my conscience

I'm an active intactivist, I go to protests, I am active on Facebook and Twitter, and I support my intact husband and my intact son. I'm convinced that circumcision is cruel, unnecessary, harmful and evil.
I was introduced to intactivism by my now-husband, eight years ago. Before that I didn't really know about circumcision, I wouldn't have... [more]

My bf has no

The restaurant shut down in April but kept communicating on social media with regulars. I'm a server. Tony owns a small construction company & posted pics of his backyard patio bar, grill with fire pit. Totally dope! He sent a bbq invite to his employees & friends. His wife was left to visit her mom for a week.
I asked my bf to go but no chance... [more]

Feet pics

One day this man contacted me because he wanted to see my feet in exchange for money and i thought it was fair so i let him. the thing is that now i want someone else to see them bc i honestly enjoyed the moment when he was masturbating with my pics pls contact m3

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