Venting Confessions


The Chargers are moving to L.A.? To a 30,000-seat stadium???????

Sick Leave

I'm beyond disappointed.
I've seen three different doctors in the space of four weeks, since I injured my AC ligament in my left shoulder, I've had an x-ray and been taking codeine and naproxen medications everyday. I'm in a lot of pain.
There's a 8 weeks waiting list to receive physiotherapy. My first appointment is in March. The doctor I... [more]

People die

When someone dies in a accident or swimming. I really don't care. Like it's sad for them and their friends and family but it's not a national tradgedy or anything. On the news they make a big deal about these sorts of deaths and I figure they made the decision to go swimming or rock climbing or whatever. So they got eaten or drowned or fell... [more]

I hate my husband's son

Just a little warning, I don't appreciate any comments that hissing and dissing me or any other kind of offensive and cruel remarks. The basic is simple, if you have nothing nice to say don't need to say it at all..
I know I'm a tough girl. I have brave everything under the sun and challenges all my life. But I can't, In fact I think after... [more]

The title requirement is f****** stupid

F*** you, Mom. I'm suicidal too, and I have no one to confide in either, but I don't call YOU up and b**** about my life until you want to die even more than normal. If I told you how I really felt, you'd actually do it. I have to pretend I enjoy my... [more]

I really hate most of you people who confess here

The majority of you are absolute scumbags. Either horrible b****** or pathetic perverts. I hope you are exterminated in a fema camp soon. You don't deserve to live.

When My Egg Donor Dies I Will Dance On Her Grave!

You might be the vessel that carried for 9 months and brought me into this world, but you are not my mother and are frankly the reason why I hate not only everything black and american, because the are your race and nationality, and I have no good memories whatsoever of my 5 years of childhood with you in your country. No I am not an American and... [more]


Stretchmarks are mabye stop posting photos of them they are just a reality of getting pregnant or getting fat and then skinny

In love with a lesbian

It's a sad existence and it's not made any better by her mixed signals and the way she acts around me. I like her a great deal and I haven't told her once but she seems to get some sorta amusement or sexual kick out of tormenting me, which is strange considering she's usually all cutesy and innocent. We were wrestling and she put her leg between... [more]

I know now

I recognize your voice...I'm both immensely p***** off and in love at the same time.

I hate my girlfriend's son

Very plainly...I hate my girlfriend's son. I tried to like him but in every way possible I absolutely can't stand him. She has 2 other kids and we get along fine. I'm just waiting until his 18th birthday so I can throw his ass out our house. Ungrateful incompetent dirty little s***! UGGHHHHH!!!

Who ever said u had to enjoy being a parent

I'm 24. My son is 5. He's intriguing, speaks at most times well beyond his years. He's funny silly and I often see myself in him. I love him . BUT I F****** HATE being a mom. I can't name one joyous , pleasurable thing about it. I didn't have him for awhile, my mom did. While I was in college... [more]

Abusive relationship

When I was 15 I started dating this guy named Jeff, we we're really close before dating so it just seemed so right. At first our relationship was amazing and i loved every second of it. But sometime around a year of dating all his insecurities must've hit him because he changed. He would interrogate me and go through all my personal stuff. He used... [more]

Intactivists Need To Get A F****** Life!

Seriously! All of this anti-circumcision Intactivism bullshit has gone WAY TOO F****** FAR!!!! People need to mind their OWN damn business and leave the decisions to the parents raising the kid as it should be! The whiny little b****** who buy... [more]

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