Venting Confessions

I can’t stand Mexicans

Mexicans are stupid, fat, short and they’re ugly. They’re Probably the ugliest of all Latinos/Hispanics if I’m just being honest here. They’re on par with AfroAmericans in terms of being annoying, but at least AfroAmericans have some redeemable qualities to them. Mexicans have zero talent outside of being violent and their culture is boring. If... [more]

I hate f****** god

Everytime I want to do something I get rained on. Since god, yahweh or what ever that piece of s**** name is wants to p*** rain on me I'll go ahead and commit blasphemy.
F*** you god [more]

Hey Muhich, Rot in h***!

You little spoiled brat motherf—….
Your coked up ass owes me big time because you should be in jail, instead of muthafu—‘n dead.
I helped you climb the ladder and loaned you over $120k and you put a shotgun in your mouth??? what the f—-!!!!
Where’s my money, b****???!!
You know what I put on the... [more]

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This is sad

I literally have no words to describe how far I am into rock bottom right now. This is the worst I’ve been.

Same questions coming up.

I'm currently on a one week paid vacation. I go back to work next week and that's when the same questions will begin. Every time I go back to work after my vacation ends, my coworkers will always ask me the same three questions. 1. What did you do on your vacation? 2. Where did you go on your vacation? 3. Did anybody go with you or did you go by... [more]

Heavy post

Don't read if you are looking for something happy or of sexual content to read. I need to vent. TW: suicide
It's been 26 going on 27 long years... Ever since I was a little girl, I have been abused physically, mentally, verbally, emotionally, and then later, sexually. First, by my family until I defended myself and fled to live with my now... [more]

I wish

I wish a guy can kiss me all over my neck and chest and make out for hours 😩

I'm sick of the drug addicts everywhere

Most of us are just trying to get by or make the world a little bit better and yet everywhere I go, there they are; a bunch of belligerent, unstable, mean people who are convinced that the world is out to get them.
And you know what? Yeah! A lot of the world is out to get most of us. The economy is [more]

I think every single V***** pill should be destroyed

...when the number of women getting raped/sexually assaulted is a quarter of what it is today, a limited batch can be released. As long as the rates keep falling or at least don't rise again, a new batch would be released every year. When it's gone, it's gone until the next year.
Since men can't be bothered to give a [more]

I hope death comes

I'm a f***** narcissist

I’m an adult woman who kicked a little boy in the b****

I’m biased and have only daughters who have had bad experiences with boys. We were at the playground and there was a little boy (I’d guess 8 years old) on the swing for ages. I asked if one of my kids could use it eventually. He said no very rudely. Eventually he got off and when my daughter went to get on he said she still couldn’t use it. I... [more]

Self harm

I think about the past, a specific time of last year. I did such stupid things. I hurt myself and for what. I get emotionless when I think about it but yet there is so much emotion inside me. I can’t help it but when I feel like this I self harm. It makes me so relieved after. I’m not mad about the fact that I did it but how I feel so good after... [more]


I'm crazy I should go to a psych ward

Words don't work. I am unable to say no to him

Please forgive me if I get a little long winded. It troubles me so much and I need to tell someone. I am a high school senior and I have been having s** with an older guy, 28. He is a mechanic's helper and will never amount to anything. I am college bound and hope to become a doctor or a nurse... [more]

I stopped self harming but

I haven’t self harmed in a year (two days ago 😎) but I’ve had no reason to. Instead I’ve been spending all my money, intensely picking at scabs, destroying my hair, getting tattoos, not doing anything I enjoy. I’ve been going downhill and I literally cannot take it anymore. Movies are great aren’t they? They let you escape from everything, but... [more]

I have no one

My family members say they love me, but I know it's because I'm useful/helpful to them. Beyond family I only have a few close friends, and one is too busy for me, I've overwhelmed another one by going to him when I felt suicidal, and the rest keep me at an arm's length. I'm in a new place right now and don't know anyone else. I'll be off to school... [more]

Life is weird

I f***** wish everything was better

I wish she’d just go the h*** away

So two years ago, my now 25 year old step daughter, moved back in with my gf and I. She is my gfs daughter. I had explained to my gf that I had no problem letting her move back in as long as she had a plan to get back on her feet, and find her own place. Now two years later she’s living in our garage which she calls her “tiny home”. She pays... [more]

I'm so confused

I'm so so inlove with my ex and we're still friends. He cares about me and tells me to take care of myself and praises me. I never wanted to leave him but I had to under some circumstances. I keep thinking about all the romantic moments we had and it makes me cry. I can't move on and I don't ever want to move on

All I wanna do is hear and share about s** and kinks.

I am a very h**** married man. I think I'm pansexual. I fantasize about our friends individually and as couples. I wanna talk about how my wife won't peg me. How I love shopping for and wearing all kinds of underwear. I wanna talk about nasty Reddit communities. I wanna hear what my kids' friends... [more]

I am a narcissist

I feel like I am controlling and mean to everyone I don't know what to do

S** games

I once tied my wife naked to our bed with her ankles strapped to the corner posts and left the door open. I then pushed the bed against the widow, slid the curtains wide open so the guy that lived across from us could see her. Exposing herself nude to strangers was her biggest sexual fantasy she had admitted to me. I just helped her play it out... [more]


I got bully stripped on the first week on a new school. I knew it was normal to put new students through rigger, but it had happed in other school that had gone too. I later found out boys were acting to be nice to me. They ask me if had visited the tunnels of a fortress that was a block away from school and so naive to go with them. There were... [more]

Conspiracy theorist

I'm Australian.
I was never antivac. I'm pro choice for what medical procedures an individual chooses is and is not right for them. Everyone has the right to get a second opinion from medical experts.
The last few years anyone voicing concern over mandates and experimental treatments has been branded a conspiracy theorist, racist?, extreme... [more]

What should I do

I feel like I'm going to hurt people I love if I lose it

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