Venting Confessions


Now im sure there are alot of us freebee lovin cam watchers that are SICK AND FUC*IN TIRED of "crazyticket" and "private" shows, I have NEVER paid for s*** and Have NO intention of EVER paying for camshow, You cam skanks and if the word gets censored ill say it again Cam S-K-A-N-K-S, you care more... [more]

You see how it works stalkers?

You hacked me so at least observe how it all works....or are you too dumb to see it? It all aligns but I don't even think you are perceptive enough to detect it. You're useless, all of you. Sometimes I just laugh so hard at you. You're up on technology but you know nothing, even with all your hacking and spying. It's quite hilarious.

S**, alcohol, double-standards

Why the f*** is it that when a woman is drunk and gets it on with a drunk guy it's the guy who wronged the woman presumably because she can't provide proper consent. Isn't the guy also not in his right mind to provide his proper consent? Is it just the [more]

I hate myself.

I can't even see anything good about myself anymore. I hate the way I look. I'm fat and ugly. People say I'm smart, but I feel like an idiot. I seem to be unable to make and keep friends, and I attract people who couldn't care less about me. I hate the way I talk. I hate my name. I hate my personality. I hate how sensitive I am. I hate where I... [more]


I never want to hear from you again, don't stalk me, don't bother me again.

No relationship with step daughter

I just don't feel close to my 22 yr old step daughter. I have been her step mom for 10 years. She can't even acknowledge me when she leaves the house or comes in. It's a rare occasion when it happens. She has told me that she doesn't want to be fake. She will not hug me either. It probably repulses her to think about touching me in any way. She... [more]

If I had known from the start

The sort of player you are, I never would've gotten involved in this. I just wanted a good simple man, not some don juan. I feel like smashing my head in for being so dumb. If I had only known back then what I know now...

Fat and ugly 11 year old, a flaw of this earth.

I wish i was beautiful and skinny. my weight is considered a joke. my friends all say that they wish they were as skinny as me, but i known you are lying. can't even sympathize correctly. I'm afraid of being judged... that they will see my flaws. they say flaws are good, but i tend to disagree. my being fat is a flaw. my cracked lips are a flaw... [more]

I hate Indians

I learned the hard way they are awful to do business. After I complete the requested repair in there convenience store/gas station they pay no income tax on they suddenly can't speak english screaming about the bill. No matter what it is they now want to negotiate it down.
Signed contract makes no diff they babble 100 mph wanting to... [more]

End of PC and the truth

This comment is protected by my first amendment rights and is NOT slander just opinions n facts, Now I'm sure I'm not the only person annoyed by this, there's a list of new genders which is absolute bull, if don't live by societies rules I'm not on social media. I refuse them all I'm using this site as my place at speak the truth on Twitter your... [more]

No such thing as white privilege

I'm so f****** tired of hearing about white privilege. Everyone says "it's such a simple concept, why can't you understand it". Well, because privilege is not simple; it's very complex. Simple concepts are for simpletons. Forgive my white education for making me think things through rather... [more]

My teenage daughter is ruining my life...

I'm so sick of her and I really wish that I could afford to send her to boarding school. I would not reccommend having children to anyone because it becomes a joyless pile of s*** peppered with the odd moment of happiness as they get older. My daughter does her best to ruin my happiness and is... [more]

Social media is bullshit

F*** Facebook. Yeah, you read that right. Get off your damn phone and talk to someone in the real world. Social media is fake and will make you unhappy.

Contact front

I love seeing or hearing about terrorist attacks and any other kind of mass shootings or killings,I f****** loved 9/11 that was the best television ever all those people dieing it made me laugh and smile seeing it.

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