Venting Confessions

Social media is bullshit

F*** Facebook. Yeah, you read that right. Get off your damn phone and talk to someone in the real world. Social media is fake and will make you unhappy.

Contact front

I love seeing or hearing about terrorist attacks and any other kind of mass shootings or killings,I f****** loved 9/11 that was the best television ever all those people dieing it made me laugh and smile seeing it.

Dad regret.

I have kids.. my newest is a month old. I could just f***ing run away and start a life in Cuba or off the cost of some tropical island. I want to party and meet different people. I want to have s**, get drunk and go off the f****** rails!! I want to... [more]

Hate my racist mother

I'm sick of my racist mother. She hates me and refuses to see any of her grand children because there daddies are black. It's my choice who I sleep with and who I find attractive.
She's a filthy racist, the b**** called my children half breeds? What sort of human even does that? Especially to... [more]

Not ashamed of who I am

I was born into a white upper income household. My family is conservative about many things, and quite liberal about others. As children we attended private schools and for university we attended private schools.
There are many people who rant at me, try to make me feel that I am worthless because I 'never had to work for anything'. I work... [more]

Just born to die

Apart from the huge mental, emotional and physical responsibility having a child puts on you, and the financial drain of trying to raise a somewhat functioning human in this torrid world, the worry is the kicker.
Always with the worry. It never stops. What if some f***** hurts him? Police... [more]

I hate my step father

I hate my step father he always picks on me, and he always farts on me like I'm meg from family guy and cures me out all the time, he curses my mother out everyday and he's always lazy and always says crap about me when I don't do anything, he complained to my mom about me watching tv in my room when I woke up on the weekend and he always... [more]

Dumb Love Confessions

Why do people express their love for people on this site when they are actually still in contact with the actual person they are talking about? What happened to picking up the darn phone and actually making a simple phone call? We don't know your lover! Grow some b**** and just talk to them !


On the verge of killing or killing myself everyday is a nightmare a living h*** in my head unwanted unloved . hated by all the only stimulus I get is sexual arousal from violence in movies I'm on the verge of insanity.

My liver might be dying , I don't even drink alcohol

My liver might be dying , I never even been with a woman before in my life and yet my liver is making me weaker every month, I don't know maybe I should go check my self into a mental hospital and make sure that my Brain is not badly damaged from all the concussions I suffered in hockey and my real bad bike accident. after all I did go through... [more]

I feel numb

I feel numb. I almost feel like I am experiencing nothing. Nothing seems real. I can't seem to pick up my school habits. I am never practicing my music yet somehow I am still first chair. I do not get pleasure from anything. Medication, therapy, being surrounded by friends, nothing. Nothing makes me happy. I wish I had the guts and the privacy to... [more]

First wife

My first wife when frustrated would order me to lay on my back and tuck my knees into my chest, then she kneeled over me and spanked me, then it turned to an order to get undressed and assume your position. The spankings got longer and harder at times. Then came the hair brush or anything she wanted to try. It hurt bad or good. The submission and... [more]

I'm a fraud

I write,,,sort of. I have written a handful of short stories that I like, and my friends, the very are I have, seemed to have liked them too. But I’m sure nowhere as much as me. I spent 6 years writing a novel and I finished it Sept 9, 2016. Since then I have been working on the 2nd draft. That’s what I tell myself anyway. In truth I have not... [more]

Diary Entry 3-9-17, 6:28 PM, Thrusday

Another bad day. Just like the others. My eyes felt heavy all day, and I just wanted to go numb and not feel anything. School just felt like a blur. The lessons seemed like background music to my raging thoughts in my brain. I had to visit my guidance counselor because it got so bad. I stayed in her office for all of 7th period. And now I'm just... [more]

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