Venting Confessions

I work at a health clinic and people are the worst!!!!

I try my best to help people. I offer advice to them and I treat them with respect. The majority of the patients are minorities and immigrants. I’m all for helping people but why do they act so entitled? Why do they assume we owe them something? I do my job but my annoyance for those people is increasing. I don’t hate anyone because of race or... [more]

I hate women.

I hate women.

The lonely depressed alcoholic cycle

I hate this feeling of being lonely it feels stupid what usually helps me is drinking but I have been trying to get that under control but when I try to sit here sober I feel like **. I have always had this slight thought of just taking myself out but I know its bull and I wont but sometimes when I... [more]

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It's okay to wish death upon people

Some people genuinely irritate and disgust the ** out me to the point it would actually be best if they weren't born or were raised ** correctly. Sometimes I wish I could just kill such scums, tell them how they should die. Like seriously, a lot of... [more]

I love you, i'm so sorry

Im sorry. i know i shouldn't love you. i know its wrong. but i love you so much it hurts. im aching for you. i want to hold you in my arms. i want to kiss you. i need you so much i cant stand it please reply to me please.. i know you dont even know about this site or how sick i am in the head.. hhhhh

Pat downs/Frisks/Body cavity should not be able to be executed

All pat downs regardless of validity should not be able to be exercised in any form of government or private entity unless said person wants it. I’m just ** and extremely disgusted that these pieces of ** that do that are extremely villainess, vile and... [more]

Scammed during a vacation on a foreign country

Probably we are never ever going back to this place ever again terrible experience.
Terrible is an understatement for what occurred to us, more specifically what happened to my significant other.
We booked the tickets for a 15 day vacation and nothing was planned, so it was spontaneous.
We were nearly halfway through the vacation and then... [more]

I think I might have miscarried

My period was 2-3 weeks late, and it has never been so painful. In the shower, I was horrified, I noticed larger fleshy clumps coming out. From what I've read, this is a decidal cast, and happens a lot with failed or ectopic pregnancy. It would unfortunately make sense, I have had unprotected ** with my... [more]

A white knight helps me more than a black man ever did am black

I just recently did some fact checking today and I realized that my whole life no black man has ever done anything to help me out. It turns out the only thing a black man has really done for me is a waste my time be not pay me back and spread lies about me. The one thing they do seem to do is use this same statement. If I happen to have something... [more]

I Hate My Son Being a Boy; Was Proud Of Girl Who Hurt Him

I’m a single mom of a 3 year old boy. I’ve always hated boys. I never wanted a boy. I’ve always wanted a daughter. Anyway, we were at the park today for some little local event. He had some toy that a slightly older and bigger girl wanted. She asked for it nicely and he didn’t give it to her. They started tussling over it and she kneed him right... [more]

My girlfriend and her kid.

I can't stand the way my girlfriend parents her son. He's an only child, and younger than my kids. Spoiled, he gets everything he asks for and even if there is resistance from her, she gives in anyway. There's a lack of boundaries and discipline overall, which I believe is linked to his recent school troubles as well but her auto response is to... [more]

I Hate My Son for Being a Boy; Proud of Girl Who Hirt Him

I’m a single mom of a 3 year old boy. I’ve always hated boys. I never wanted one. I’ve always wanted a daughter. Anyway, we were at the park today for some little local event. He had some toy that a slightly older and bigger girl wanted. She asked for it nicely and he didn’t give it to her. They started tussling over it and she kneed him right in... [more]

Eng teacher from **

My english class makes me want to ** and die all at once <3


The future that i see consists of working and coming home over and over again. Maybe i have a girlfriend and kids but i don't like the idea of raising children and the idea of being in a relationship and working just seems exhausting. Doing the same thing over and over again, It just seems so boring and plain. It just feels like i could do more... [more]

I want to be preyed on

I hate my body so much that even attention from pedophiles makes me feel better. i know im being groomed but them asking to see my body makes me feel attractive. i always feel like my boyfriend doesn’t like my body. attention from older men wanting to see it and complimenting it helps. it’s so flat and im built like a rectangle


I know I misspelled a word on my last post title.
I wrote in the comments: “He’s truly the best dad I could ever have. I wouldn’t want anyone else to be my father. I only want him. I’m glad that I’m his daughter and not my stepfather’s. If my mother and stepfather had gotten together before they did, they may have had a daughter, but it... [more]

I wish my mother never married her current hsuband

I wish that my mother, Shurbelle, had not married my stepfather. I don’t think of him as my father. He has one child. I don’t think of his relatives as my grandparents, cousins, aunts, etc. I think of them as my step-relatives. Even if they’re my family through marriage and marriage alone, my real father is more my family than they are. I wish my... [more]

I wanna Tell my ** i miss him

I miss him, he ** me But i still miss him and love him, he was my Best friend, He’s already moved On and found someone new and Im just stuck in the past wanting to die over what happend, i cant keep going like This.

On my woman **

I'm not the same chick I used to be, for me now, romance doesn't phase me. Romance is a distraction. Most people are bad investments. I'm a good investment but I'm not waiting around anymore for someone to invest in me. God will invest in me. And I will invest in myself. And thats all that matters. :)) That's a beautiful life worth living!!

I feel awful and I don’t know what to do

I was driving home from school and I hit a ** cat. It ran out into the road so quickly, and I swerved to avoid it, but I still somehow hit it. It started having a seizure, and was bleeding everywhere. I didn’t know what to do. I called the police, let them know what happened. The cat didn’t have... [more]

Night shift husband sleeping all ** day

My husband permanent nights so needs to sleep during the day. OK yep fine. I occasionally have to do nights due to the job I have. Again fine. We both worked last night him 7.5hrs me 10.5hrs. Again fine. The day I have a nightshift I have to be awake all day with the kids and sort the house out while he sleeps in blissful dream land... [more]

I'm scared to grow up

I'm about to go into the next big chapter of my life but then, this feeling hit me. I don't want to grow up. It's impossible to know my future, but I have this feeling I won't enjoy it. Everything I do, will only send me to a place I don't want to go. I absolutely love art, but my parents wouldn't allow me to take it. I also love sciences... [more]

My school life and mental health is **.

My life is fairly normal. everyday when i wake up and throughout the day i have no energy whatsoever, i can sleep for 12 hours straight, yet i'll still be tired. Ever since the pandemic, ive developed crippling anxiety. Ive started to stutter alot, even sweating and growing hot at times.
i get extremely paranoid and panicked whenever im alone... [more]


I’m a 31 year old with a micropenis. None of my friends know and they all think I’ve had **. But the truth is I’ve been laughed at more times than I can remember for it so I’ve stopped trying.
When my friends ask me why I’m still single I have to say idk. When they try to set me up with someone I have... [more]

Feeling sad

I wanted my boyfriend to spend time with me because I had the day off and every other day I couldn’t go because I have work/school events. He said he couldn’t come now I feel so stupid crying myself in the bathtub. Sometimes I think he doesn’t even want to be with me

Pregnant and broke

I'm pregnant and I have a huge debt due this week. I don't know where to get the money all I know is I won't be pregnant by Friday. Hope I don't die.

I can’t stand my half-brother

I feel so much longing when I think about an alternate reality where he was never born. I wish he were dead. It would feel so good knowing he’s not in this world. I take pride in how I feel. It makes me feel strong and powerful.

How I detest my half brother

It feels like my mother abandoned me and my dad, our family, by having him. Has she forgotten the family we had before him and his dad? I feel that she is being disloyal. I feel hurt, offended, and betrayed. The very least she could do is validate my feelings and sympathize if not apologize. I cherish that a child we once knew mistreated my... [more]

I wish my mother had not remarried

I will always treasure my mother saying that she and my father were soul mates and made her feel the way the song You Light Up My Life made her feel in that regard, that he understood her in a way that my stepfather never did and wouldn’t try to. And I know what she means because I feel that me and my dad are complementary in a way that me and my... [more]


I want to ask my mom if I can get a therapist but I’m too scared to ask and I’m struggling a lot lately

I hate free loaders

People who don’t earn stuff for themaselges . benefits abusers, I can’t help but hate it. Most petiole work very hard for their loves and contribute a lot, why do some feel they have a right to do nothing???

Is this normal?

Im 16, i’ve always had daddy issues and I want a guy several years older than me to comfort me. I don’t want anything sexual I just want to be embraced and told it’s gonna be okay and be taken care of but I feel wrong for wanting that from an older guy.
Sometimes it’s gotten to the point where i go to random chat rooms hoping to find an older... [more]

Birthday presents

I really wish I could be happy with the anniversary presents my bf gave me but I can’t. I know he tried and usually he’s great with presents and he really cares about me, but they were honestly underwhelming and did not have a lot of common sense put into them. He bought them about an activity that I’ve been having so much of a problem with... [more]

I’m an aggressor and i’m nervous

I am a primary aggressor for an old relationship i had, i’ve realized. i take full accountability for everything. anything and everything i’ve done i feel guilt. we were not compatible and i got wrapped up in substances and it only made our relationship more complicated, which eventually lead to a lot of abuse on both our ends, but i am the... [more]

I HATE my half-brother

I recently had a dream that he went missing in a store. I was so disappointed when my mother found him in the end. I hoped he'd be lost forever. My mother made a mistake in having him.

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