Venting Confessions

F*** the Chinese faggots

As the title suggests this is a rant about the f****** Chinese people.
But let's settle something first; I don't hate every single Chinese person out there, I even have a few Chinese friends, which I even respect. And I know this rant does give an impression that i'm hating on every one of them... [more]

I hate Julian Assange

He's the reason for all the alt right racism and sexism.

I wear women's underwear

I have worn panties since I was a boy; I'm not fifty one. The first time I wore them was when a schoolmate put a pair of his sister's panties in my gym back as a joke. But I went home and tried them on and liked the feel. I hid them and never said anything about them before I finally carefully threw them away.
While my sister lived at... [more]

Idiots are surprised by Hollywood sexual indiscretions

I am sick and tired of hearing people complain about the predatory nature of Hollywood and all the "s** scandals". Are we being f****** serious here? This is the film industry you morons. The industry regularly "employs" slaves. Sure, they call them... [more]

Just say "NO" already

So, sexual assaults are all the rage to complain about right now. Powerful men (sometimes women too) are using their positions to influence impressionable women (sometimes men too) to participate in sexual acts. Yup, it's a problem, but not as bad as you think. Sexuality is just another thing that you sell, like your mind, body, enthusiasm... [more]

Too much...

So, I really just need to vent and no-one listens so... Today my mom got mad at me for not doing HER job the right way (her job is babysitting) because the children made a mess, i tried to talk to her and say "Im only 14 I shouldnt have to take care of 2 toddlers and a 7 month old" and the only thing I got out before she told me to leave her alone... [more]

I hate my wife, I hate my family, I hate my life

I don't feel one single ounce of love for my wife. Not one bit. I can't even look at her, I can't stand being around her. Instead of love my heart feels like a burning pit of fire. I despise this woman with a deep burning passion.
Why? You ask.
Before I met her, I was excited at the prospect of settling down, and having a family. I met her... [more]

Dreading Christmas, Only going for the money

My parents are narcissists, and they think I am an 11 year old that drives. (I am 51.) I am going to see them a few days at Christmas this year for the money they give me and to meet the new dog. I do not want to see them again after that. If they want to see me Christmas 2018, I may require that they sign property over to me that they said... [more]

Really crappy attitude, and I am right most of the time

I confess that I have the most negative attitude, and I do not really care how most people view me and my behavior. Like some people enjoy cruelty, I enjoy being blunt, angry and nasty about situations that s**** up. I have been hurt, and I do not care when others hurt most of the time, unless... [more]

Everything is all good or all bad

I was abused as a kid (verbal and emotional), and I seldom was cut any slack about anything. My parents treat me like a kid even though I am 51. The all-or-nothing view is from abuse. I cannot shake it. People who criticized at church really were just as nasty and no different. They were critical and controlling. They looked down on me as a... [more]

Problems with hate

Due to abuse, I have problems with hate and depression. Really, most people just do not like me using the word "hate" because it upsets them. They (and most people) care less about me and my angry, hurting heart and more about appearances. S**** them.

I want my stepdad to be dead

I just want my step dad to die i've lived with him for nine f****** years and he is an obnoxious c*** who calls mum a "fat troll" and a "w****" and he calls my sister a "little [more]

I have an obsession with stabbing people's eyes

Please help. These thoughts consume my life.

I F****** Hate Malaysia

Okay, as the title states, this post is about Malaysia.
There is a lot of s*** to say about this shithole of a country. but i'll try to shorten it as much as possible.
Short Background: I'm currently attending college in Malaysia , and I would just wanna transfer out of here as soon as... [more]

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