Venting Confessions

When I see an attractive woman

I don't just think 'I want to have s** with you' I think 'I want to get you pregnant' I wish I could do that. Of course in a scenario where everyone is happy and there are no consequences for me. I'm a man, biologically speaking it is my purpose to get as many women as possible pregnant.

Attacked by my daughters boyfriend

I won’t lie I didn’t know whether to put the under embarrassing, venting, or funny. Yesterday I confronted my 17 year old daughters boyfriend about the way he not only speaks to her, but to the rest of our family. It’s constantly “f*** this house”, “[more]

I'm sorry, A

Sometimes I wonder if I could have changed what happened that Halloween night.
I always said that if I'm going to die young, I wanted it to be a car accident on Halloween so I could be some stupid urban legend they make a cheesy horror movie about someday.
But I don't want that for her.
Maybe if we were nicer to eachother, if I had extended... [more]

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I want to get high

I'm lost I don't know what to feel anymore I lost my grandfather to a stroke a day ago my family is in chaos I'm thinking of doing drugs or something to feel good chaos has been going on for almost a year f***.

Stop pushing labels on children,

16 in school a student teacher introduced me to s**. I'm not angry or regretful, she brought out in me something I had repressed. In that sense she saved me from future misery. Being a teenage gay person had it's moments, but mostly it just became part of my identity.
My experience in no way excuses... [more]

Humidity will cause more damage than the water

My apartment suffered water damage from the Fire dept. It sucked but everything was ok after a week went by it dried up. It rained for a couple days a little tropical depression mild wind but steady rain. I covered my roof with a tarp but it was a s***** set up. I struggled to get the damn thing up... [more]

I hate bro code

6 months ago my crazy parents packed us and up and moved from LA to the near Asheville in NC. I'm 17 and forced to go with them against my will. i had to quit my job at mcdonald's making 15 an hr to a job at a local mom and pop making 13. the only thing cool about this job is they close at noon on sat and closed on sunday. a family came in on tues... [more]

I haven't had an erection in nearly two weeks

But that is the least of my problems. It is a side effect of my life falling apart around me and the anxiety and pain caused by that. My wife doesn't feel much for me anymore, but I love her all the same and I might be forced to moved back to my home country, Britain. I don't want to move back yet. We live in the Czech Republic and I like it here... [more]

Life is a b****

Life f***** hates you

Daylight Saving Time is stupid.

Daylight Savings Time has got to be one of the most useless things in the world. Does DST actually have any real purpose or function? No. Well, not really. It seems the only function it has is to s**** up people's sleep cycle. Even though, it's only been a week, I'm still getting up way to early... [more]

Perfect timing

I took my girl friend into the bathroom so she could see my 14 year old brother naked in the shower. Sexy as h*** because he got stuck soaped up, red faced and couldn't stop himself from getting an embarrassing erection. So humiliated he never said anything when my parents came home from work.

Plz punish me

I'm a f***** a****** I told one of my closest friends that I'm going to kill myself for weeks she's forgave me but I don't what should I do.

I almost attempted suicide

At school I got mad and tried to drown myself in a sink no one knows


I used to flash myself naked to the boy next door because it turned me on. A later found they the new boys in school was him.

Broke no contact

Made it almost 2 months. I had promised myself I wouldn't reach out again. Nothing good will ever come of it, no matter how nice he is. And he isn't always nice.
Been a week, no answer. Guess that's it. I feel so sad when I wake up, it's still my first thought. He was my best friend, even though he was sometimes so [more]

Step daughter

My 25 year old step daughter is a nut job, vegan, financial strain. She recently broke up with her boyfriend who made amazing money at an IT company. Once they broke up, she realized she couldn’t afford living on her own. She basically begged her mother and myself to allow her to turn our garage into a tiny apartment while she saves money to try... [more]

Part 2- I have the worst mom ever

The anxiety you bring to me the hate you feel toward me could be erased so I could sleep better cus guess what! Im sleep deprived too! 2) the vibrator is for me. Bc im a teenager who has specific f****** feels and ATLEAST im not hoeing around getting [more]

I honestly have the worst mom ever.

Okay, so it all started when i began 8th grade. I've always known about s**. I always was yk h**** and was always wet. So obviously i masturbated and stuff yk i felt like for me it was good for me it was good for me to express but my mother obviously she... [more]

I can't deny I'm a bad person

Today I bullied my teacher for no damn reason I get into arguments a lot with people and a bunch of other s*** I'm a b**** what should I do?


My husband flug me over his shoulder and carried me out naked in front of his friend. He did it because he knew I had the hots for him and wanted to see him sucking my p****. It was so arousing y almost fainted in the middle of my o*****.

Longtime Crush

I developed a crush on one of my husband's friends more than a decade ago. I met him and his wife at a family bbq. I thought they were an attractive couple & nothing beyond that in the beginning. Then we all had a dinner together, our kids in tow (they had none). Months later there was another family bbq. I was tending to the kids, and husband's... [more]

Israel vs Russia

I cannot understand why Israel is allowed to steal palestinian lands and brutalise peoples but putin cannot do the same in ukraine. The world keeps quiet to exactly the same as russia is doing by israel against palestinians. My hatred keeps growing exponentionally. Good on you Kanye!!!

If my mom died I would commit suicide

She is one of the only people who cares I hope she doesn't die because then I will too

I hate romance

I confess it just seems a lot of hard work has to be put into trying to distinguishes whether or not a gal likes you or not and its really fustrating because you glance at her and she glances back at you. Its boring from my point of view it always has to be the guy that makes the first move in a traditional sense its too much to [more]

Fired for not doing and fired for doing

It was me and my boss, and the HR representative. I was fired. For not agreeing to do something immoral. I was not a good fit, he told me. No, I wasn't a good fit, I don't have s** with the boss.
I had a hard time finding another job that paid anything like the one I got fired from. I finally... [more]

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