Venting Confessions

Friends dad

This summer I decided to stay with my best friend and her family in Austin. I’ve known her since 7th grade and her family knows me pretty well. I could just be overthinking this but I think that her dad has flashed me twice while I’ve stayed with them. The first time I was alone in her room and her dad comes in with a robe but it was like tied... [more]


I have a voice in my head that want to murder everyone. I don't know how to control it, but I don't want to, she makes me happy. I am a female (12) who has a voice in her head, I have been admitted to a mental institution 2 times before and I would honestly go back. it's so fun and I get to have new friends. at this point I don't even see it as... [more]

My Husband Stopped Having S** With Me

I'm a 32/f and have been married for almost four years to my husband. My husband and I always had great s** while we were dating and early on in our marriage. However, lately things have slowed down and I can't seem to figure out what it is. We've talked about it, and he says he's still attracted to me... [more]

I hate my wife

I don’t mind living with this woman I hate, someday I might love her.
I don’t mind going to bed with this woman I hate.
She gave birth to a daughter whom I love.
My wife is a b****, she is completely s***, she goes to an office filled with... [more]

I wish i wasnt poor.

I wish i wasnt poor, i wish i could afford things that other people can afford. I can barely afford food and other basic necessities. Its so annoying hearing my friends ask me why im poor. Its not my fault im poor, im trying to help my mom earn a lot of money some how but its hard being a minor and trying to find a job or some sort of way to earn... [more]

Feeling left out.

So...Last night I was sitting around with my 2 room mates drinking and we began discussing b****, My one room mate has huge b**** and the other 2 of us are more in the average range with me being the smallest of the 3, It didn't take long before we all... [more]

I wish my stepson would die from a accident or just go away

I’ve been married for three years now with my wife, and I had my first child who’s just turned two today and my wife who turned 30 were born on the same day. Me and my wife have been together a total of 4 years, so exactly a year later of dating we married, during that year we lived in different countries she was a childhood crush from my... [more]

Oh my god

I am an absolute mess. i feel like nothing is going my way, yet stuff is going my way, sometimes, i feel really depressed one moment, the next im a ball of sunshine, the guy i have a crush on doesnt even know i exist, and i just feel so damn fractured. i feel split into two people, the side of me who wants to be a hedonistic knife weilding... [more]

Useless, pathetic sack of s***

I j looked at my pictures from the past and I’ve never felt so sad ever
I’m gonna look at those photos again but my parents won’t be there to look at them with me
i can’t believe how much of a failure I’ve become to them
they’ve sacrificed so much for me
they’ve restarted their life so many times for me
they risked their physical health for... [more]

Worth it?

Am I ...? Aren't we all at some level...? Fluidity seems to be the KEY word of the century. It's been too long...Sharing this could certainly hurt the ones I love the most...I have been granted another chance at life after being diagnosed with this insidious, God-forsaken disease. I keep telling myself I should live MY truth. However, is this... [more]

Caught naked

I once caught my sister and her girl friend sun bathing naked on the roof of our house. I got such a h****** looking at her girl friend's pink p**** with just a small patch
of pubes y jerked off three time that same day. They never found out I... [more]

Whites are discrimated against and people think its normal

I kinda look white but im not actually white, but people are so racist towards white people and they don't realize it. They say all whites are racist and have prejudice towards them while unaware that they are being hypocrites. One of my friends said that she saw me and was like oh this guys white and was like freaking out and stuff but she wasn't... [more]


When I see my neighbour's wife leaving for work, I hang the laundry naked on my backyard line. It turns me on thinking he's looking at me stroking his d***.

Am i depressed? whats wrong with me?

I feel like nothing at all is enjoyable, any activity just leaves me bored wondering how much longer. i thought i like things like going to the gym, hiking, biking, running, yoga, but i think thats just because im bulimic/anorexic and they give me peace at mind and an artificial high. i also thought i liked cooking but i wonder if thats just... [more]

When I was younger I tricked my sister into letting me wear her

I was curious about what panties were like, so when we went on a family trip I pretended to panic and when she asked what was wrong I told her I forgot my underwear. She said I could wear her extra pairs until we got home and I wore them all weekend. I'm not proud of this and feel really bad now that I'm an adult.

People that hunt should be hunted

I feel people that kill animals for fun that often are overcompensating for their lack of manhood should be hunted too. It’s unfortunate that deer can’t have a weapon. Only fair. Beautiful creatures massacred for joy. Lovely. These people make me sick. Same people that ruin good breeds of dogs. Take up a real hobby and enjoy animals as they are... [more]

F*** life

No one cares that you give up your life, raise kids, care for a giant man baby, lose your mind, body, soul and all that's vip to you, all in the name of beyond a sahm. Don't have kids, or get married, be selfish, ruthless and above all happy making life all about you ans wtf you want from our out of it.

We know why people are wearing black!

And white people act like blacks don't know why wearing a black shirt and black pants and hat is hidden, yea right, we know your insidious. Its systemic in why people did white-out (white shirts, white pants, white hats etc) because constitutions were written by Caucasian and the energy around constitution was government is also favoring whites as... [more]

I have a secret fetish I can't seem to shake

In the eighth grade we had a family move in next door. They were rentals. They had a daughter my age and we walked to bus together and sort of became friends. She was at my house after school, no one was home with us, and she suggested that we see ourselves in the mirror. She put the standup mirror on the floor and took off her panties and... [more]

Surprised by my Ex

I'm a contractor and i took a job to do some repairs on a rental property that is occupied. I had been working outside for most of the day the headed into the garage to fix the garage door opener.
It was late in the day when i finished in the garage. much to my surprise my ex walked out the door into the garage and headed for her car in the... [more]

You Always Know

I titled this 'You Always Know'. I didn't 'know' when I was in the fourth grade, I 'felt' it. A boy named Carlos who was in the sixth grade showed me his p**** in the bathroom after school and made me touch it. I was in the fourth grade. Touching his [more]


I am a teen and I can't stop watching p*** and it's gone on for almost 6 years yes even as I was a tween. Not for pleasure reasons and even if I hypothetically decide to 'touch myself' it is a scenario I've created in my head while watching so called video. There was a time where I didn't watch or... [more]

Insecurity ruins relationships

Maybe this might help some “mature” women looking to date. I met Carol on a dating site. You can tell the insecure ladies by the pictures they post. If the pictures of their face only they are probably overweight. If they post pictures of themselves when they were much younger, they are telling you “Look! I used to be pretty.” There are more tells... [more]

Im probably not depressed

When i watch movies, videos or when i search up on google why am i feeling like this no reasons apply to me. i searched up like an clueless idiot on google ''WhY Do i hAtE tHe IdEa Of BeInG TrANsGeNDER?'' i couldnt find anything that i feel like i feel. i searched up almost everything about Lbgt but i couldnt feel anything that felt like me. even... [more]

The me I Despise

The me i hate was the person that rubbed off them even if I didnt want to. they didnt want to at the time, i thought i had to do it. I didnt want to do it, they did it. i let it happen so its my fault. i asked for it even if i didnt want it to happen. the only thing that really makes me upset is that they thought of a different person instead of... [more]

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