Venting Confessions

Majorrrr rant lolz

Im only 14, but i already feel like there's a huge weight on my shoulders. It's my dream to become a famous actress and be known all over the world, but my parents just don't seem to get it. They just tell me to stop being silly or to grow up. I'm also scared. For the future. All that is expected of me is to finish school, go to college, get a... [more]

No one likes black girls. And still dont find them attractive

In high school back then no one even liked black girls...they would never come in conversation. Its like they did not even exist. Black people were always ugly in group of 17 people i hangout with.

No one likes pale humans, no one likes black humans.

Tan complexion with dark hair up.


Get a life. We all know you don't have one. Stop calling the police. You are mentally disturbed

Blacks no one likes you, hispanisha are not wanted...i kno whos c

Dislike whites also...that leaves..

Bye, Felicia!

Donald J. Trump . . . . . . . . . . One-term Wonder.

White society propaganda

Nope. whites say they made USA a country and everywhere they went beautiful. More like brainwashing, using, abusing, un-natural! Peace bye.

Can't believe it, but . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . it looks to me like Trump will soon pardon Ghislaine Maxwell, the "associate" (read "madam") of Jeffrey Epstein who went out and got young girls for him. He's been busy saying nice things about Maxwell the past couple weeks or so, and wishing her good luck. Her trial is scheduled for July 2021, but he will pardon her well before... [more]

Fed up of life

I am trying hard to look sane, wearing good clothes, imagining and projecting everything is all fine. I am saying it is f****** s*** this life.
My wife looks like a dumb pile of s*** lying down on... [more]


For a few years ive always felt special. i dont know exactly how to describe it but ive always felt like im different then anyone else and my mind just works different. its like sometimes im me and sometimes im not me? some days im just my usual self but there are those moments where im someone completely different. my childhood wasnt exactly the... [more]

Wearing pantys

I secretly put my wife’s panties when she’s gone. Makes me h**** as h***.

Dating and relationships confuse me.

I know as a guy it's expected of me to make the first move but in high school (I just graduated) I saw quite a few girls make the first move but not a single girl ever seemed the least bit interested in me. I don't really see myself as that much different than some of the other guys who scored the interest of some nice girls. I don't quite... [more]

Im thirsty

I miss the taste of blood
I miss the smell
I miss the color
I miss it all
My own wont do anymore
I miss the blood of nikolas
His blood type was O-
It was delicious
It had a rather iron ish taste I had grown a liking to.
But its gone now, forever.
Why do i look at someone and ask myself, what blood type could they be?
I take immense... [more]

You are the problem

I thought you were a good person. I was wrong! You completely f*** up anyone’s lives that come into contact with you. You f***** up the kids lives, yes YOU did. Yet you sit on your drunken ass throne posting all your political lies. Your a [more]

These idiots at work

I was 22 and these morons were 19 and 20. They thought it would be fun to harass me. I was accosted by one idiot and after the encounter, I went to HR. The HR head asked me in their presence if I wanted him to fire them. I suggested he warn them to quit bothering people or get fired. To let it go this time.
I was again accosted out in the... [more]

Making things right

How can i make things right again? I have messed up so much and lost so many future opportunities

What"s wrong?

For weeks now I been getting the same screen over and over and over here every time I log on here. I can't post or comment or nothing. Is it me? Is it my computer? Did I do something wrong? What up, yo ?

BLM sucks

I'm sick of people pretending that blacks are not responsible for their own actions. They shoot up children then want to claim it's the white man's fault. Bullshit! I never had anything to do with slavery. Neither did my ancestors. Quit trying to blame me for your problems.

I want to disappear

I am a person who views my immediate reality as something I’ve created for myself. The people in it. The friends. The co-workers. My hobbies and habits. My own awkward self awareness. This feels hard to put out into the world because if I say it, Its essentially real. I cannot tell if I am becoming more of my higher self by accepting what is... [more]

Sick of the news channels

I have totally had it with all of the news programming in this country. The shows are all filled with the same excrement, and they all try so very hard to tell us what to think, instead of just giving is the information and allowing us to think for ourselves. I'm tired of them and insulted by them. Enough!!!

Just want to live my life the way I envision

I just want to live a simple life. No need to worry about expenses, or appointments or much of anything. I'd take things at my own pace and have a lovely woman to be with. Kinda wish I had a BBW to come and take care of me, with quarantine and the state of the world at large things are really depressing right now.

Bye, Felicia!

Donald J. trump.............One-Term Wonder.

Already tired of Joe

I'm already sick and tired of Joe Biden and all his whining. I wish he would stop telling us what's wrong about Trump and start telling what he can do that is ANY better. In a few days from now I guess he'll name his VP nominee candidate and then she can start up whining too. They are all so really horrible.

I got this problem

I have this problem and it need to be solved. Why yo Mexicans come to this country and do nothing. The women are ugly and hideous. You broads look like men. And the men are weak links. Learn to speak english. I'm tired of you idiots coming into my business trying to play the dumb act, I can't speak english. Cut it out. You know you can speak... [more]

I'm tired of her

Honestly, I'm just too tired to do anything lately. My sister has been abusive towards me since I was 7 or 8. I'm not sure I'll make it through the rest of my high school years.
I was diagnosed with PTSD and still being f***** over by it. I don't want to tell my therapist that I'm having suicidal... [more]

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