Love Confessions

A good suggestion for bully girls and their rival in love

If another girl dare to like the same guy that you want to posses , bully her in order to turn her in a foot fetishist for female feet , so she will only seek to worship a girl and forget about boys , maybe she can become YOUR foot slave ;)

I want to take you from your wife.

So, that is what I am going to do.

Proud to be bullied

I was bullied since my childhood , one year after another, i learned that bullying is a natural way to have fun for people who have gut , dignity and a good sense of what is funny, infact bullies only pick on certain people , they know who deserve respect and those who don't , also , people who get bullied are a failure so is better for the likes... [more]


I refuse to fall in love or maybe I forgot what it feels like to let someone in my heart anymore. Whatever the reason is, I stopped caring. However, it would be the very last thing I want happening in my life. Single life is great!


Yes it's true that I love it and I wear panties all the time . My wife lets me wear them anytime I want. I even got a chance to have someone that let me suck him wearing my panties and bra and I liked it to


So this guy (I know who it is and confronted him but I then had to log off because bossy siblings) confessed that he liked me.
So what's the problem, you ask. Everything seems fine.
You see, I'm *technically* not supposed to be talking to him. (It's a long story.) But I am because why not?
We started texting again about a week ago and I... [more]


I see no harm in guys wanting to wear lingerie or wear women's clothing,i believe lingerie was made for both s**'s..I've been wearing lingerie and dressing in women's clothing for 20yrs.i wear silk lace panties and bra under my work clothes,at home i only wear either skirt or dress and wear sexy lace... [more]


I look into your eyes I just can't resist myself from reaching out. I only know how I look away.

Emotional connection

One day I'll pour out all my inner emotions to someone I trust and hopefully it'll strengthens our emotional connection without expectation. At times, keeping everything all to myself is difficult. I'm a human being who sometimes do need the support and affection. Just not from everyone. Just by someone special. One day. Some day.

Let me know

When the moon covers the sun and we plunge into darkness, do you get an insight into how it feels living in my mind.

No change

Isn't it time to change gears Overcome every doubts and fears How long we will be testing It's proven there's no stopping But this can't be the way To talk and communicate Even when everything seem Crystal clear The doubt still remains. Time is running out While heart aches for touch But we like two fools Only keep waiting.

Confused in love

There is a man at my work who i think i'm about to have a affair with. we have been talking about our marriages and neither one of them is any good. in fact we talk about all things just everything. we have told each other that we love the other one and we are so close in every way. we didnt have s**... [more]

Vice versa

I wish my boyfriend loved me like I loved him. I wish I didn't love my boyfriend like he doesn't love me. That way I could leave my boyfriend and he would be the one getting hurt. Isn't fair

Women's dressup

I love to shave and tap my b**** and up and put on a pair of women's thong panties bra dress and I would to find a women how would dress me up in all that

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