Love Confessions


I want to be with a man. People think I'm gay, but who cares what world thinks anyway. Lol
I haven't dated in five years and people think that's because I'm gay. But the only reason I don't want to be with someone anymore is because I've already given up on love. Any man who asks me out makes me angry because they're making me feel something I... [more]

It's what I believe

S** is love. And hard s** is true love.

No perfect answers.

Everyone goes through changes looking to find the truth.But I please Don't look at me for answers,Don't ask me
Because I don't know
How am I supposed to know
Hidden meanings ,secret riddles.
Life's a stage and we're all in the cast.Neither you come out of your shell nor do i.
When you are not hundred percent sure about my feelings then how... [more]

Stomach sitting

Wow I thought I was the only one that like to be sat on. Hi everyone my name Fredy I am 43 and weigh almost 300 lbs solid not fluffy lol. I allways been interesting in women sitting and bouncing on me with no fear, even knowing that hurts sometime but I love it and can take the pain. I live in Maryland us, and I am looking for a women so she can... [more]

My German Shepard

I loce f****** my dog, and I think she loves it too, she used to always sniff around my crotch and finally after I had just gotten out of the shower she licked my p**** and one thibg led to another and I ended up [more]

I'm so tired

Put me to sleep so I can dream of him forever. I no longer wish to live apart, I no longer wish to live like this. Take me in my sleep, please have mercy.

My sister's husband loves me

My sister's husband has been hitting on me lately and we have been talking through texts when my sister found and there was so much drama and heartbreak she almost even called for a divorce but was talked to and changed her mind just the next two days after the drama her husband apologised to me and said we should keep it calm i just couldn't... [more]


Where the springs blossom You'll find me there Where our trust resides You'll find me there I'll meet you in this way, it's a promise I'll be by your side always.

My dad died so i wrote a poem

I lost my dad to cancer when i was 9 years old . I am 17 now and still grieving over him. I don't know if you can comment on here but if so, tell me what you think about this wrote this poem i wrote in his memory.
Cloudy day
Today's the day.
The cloudy day.
The day they took my dad away.
I only was 9,
Doing just fine
But then they... [more]

One day

One day we'll become official. I'll look into his eyes and say, "I'm all yours. I won't stop you anymore."


I'm about to start my fifth year of a 5yr curriculum at a university in my home town. There is this one professor everyone hates, and who frightens her students with her meanness. Thing is, she only teaches fourth and fifth years, so although I'd seen her the first three years, I hadn't been around her much. But last year, I was in one of her... [more]

I worship Shrek

Well what started off as a joke has turned into something much more. I was never really attracted to him at first me and my friend's would f*** around saying shrek is love shrek is life but then outta nowhere i got a sick fetish for him. I remember googling images of shrek and seeing a picture of him... [more]

It just happened, don't know why.

I'm 19m and for some reason I can't explain, one day last week I realized that . . . . . I'm in love with Madonna. What is she, like 80? WTF?

I love you

As long as my heart is pumping I have the reason to love you..

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