Love Confessions

I need advise with this complicated situation.

The summer before senior year (five years ago) a group of us decided to go camping on property along the river Jason had access to. It required 4-wheel drive and no one would bother us. We’d fish during the day then drink and smoke weed at night. Tony is related to Jason and when he found out, he invited himself AND his girlfriend Sandy insisted... [more]

I lick buttholes

I lick my own b******* it is delicious everyday I eat it in the car to and in my backyard I'm very flexible and bend my back I also eat my aunt's dogs b******* when she's not looking it tastes better that anything in the world try it someday

I'm in love with my best friend

My best friend is also an ex-girlfriend, though we didn't date for very long. We had a brief, passionate fling after a prolonged mutual crush, then decided to be friends. At the time, we both felt it was better that way. Our feelings for one another got very intense very quickly and I think it frightened both of us, and I don't think either of us... [more]

How long does it take to get over a crush?

I have a bf but I have fallen for someone else and I don't know how to get rid of him from my from my mind. And I don't even know if he likes me back. I am so lovelorn, It's been two months and am still thinking about him.


That cheating is going to be the best f****** thing that I will do while in this s*** thing that I have been in with this guy Ive been with for a few years. I'm tired of the back and forth abuse verbally, mentally, and sometimes physically. He can... [more]


I am in love with my uncle,crazy but true and we share the same name.anytime I see him or when he speaks to me I feel happy.but now I avoid him because he is dating my aunt.,i just hope one day he would know I like him.

Friend's Sister

She's 13 I'm 18 but I find her attractive, I can't help it, I've jerked off to the thought of her several times

Interested in young ladies (35-60) LTR relationship

Hi I am widowed and have been for sometime and interested in a young lady
for a serious ltr relationship and possible marriage as I miss being with a special young lady in my life. I live alone and still work in my profession but maybe planning a retirement before long. I live in southern Illinois and I am 74 and in very good health. If you have... [more]

I willingly gave up my girlfriend even though I loved her.

I had a girlfriend back in my early 20s. She was beautiful, a thicker blond girl with lovely blue eyes. Laura had a great, curvy body and was so much fun to be around and kind, too. We were close to getting engaged but the one problem was her ex-boyfriend, who was still interested in her.
He was a former college basketball player (had a... [more]

I'm in love with a fat woman, but I'm afraid of getting fat too

It's like a different world with her. She's sweet, unpretentious, smart, and caring. She cooks and bakes like the legendary women of long ago but is also a modern, highly educated woman. Hanging out is so relaxed and natural, but also deep and engaging.
But all this love is really starting to show around my waistline and fast! I'm sure I... [more]

I lost my best friend today

I guess you couldn’t do it, you couldn’t trust me. I don’t blame you. I knew your lies Would catch up with you. I know you’re not afraid of me. I know you love me. I love you too. I want you to know that I have not thought any less of you for anything. That I would tell people to not talk about you if they had bad things to say. I had taken on... [more]

My young lover Graeme

We have just celebrated Graeme's birthday and it was something of a milestone for us, as we went out for dinner and drinks and Graeme was fully dressed as a teenage girl and he looked gorgeous!!!!
We had talked about him going out as a girl for some days and I treated him to a session at a hair dressing salon and they styled it perfectly and ... [more]

Girl friends lies

Been dating a girl for 2 years , then she suddenly starts cheating on me .We both work in the city and from time to time we would have lunch together. Then out of the blue she stopped going to lunch with me. she came up with every excuse in the book why she couldn't go to lunch.
Then she had excuses not to see me on weekends when we used to go... [more]

Littie girl panties

Love to sniff little pee pee stains have to be little girl panties white cotton pink LACE COTTON CROUCH full or bikini CUT hate thong like in the seventh all girls wore beautiful little PANTIES.

Liz - still love you and want you.

I still love you. It is since more than 50 yrs now. We were then so emotionally attached that we missed the physical part to proceed much. Wish we could f*** at younger age!! xoxoxo


Hello I’m a driver baby

I need help

Three years back our family went on a trip to a hill station with my dad's friend who has a really cute son (lets call him X) . We've been friends and playing together since childhood. Anyways at the trip I get extremely sick and my mom gives me a medicine that probably had a sedating effect. I'm sleeping in bedroom upstairs and feel someone... [more]

What she said

I didn't think I really loved her. I thought it was just illicit s**. I didn't think the affair we were having was going to continue. In fact, I took her to dinner that night to break up with her. As I walked her out of the restaurant to her car, she reached over and unzipped my pants, slid her hand... [more]

I love my b itch.

I was 26. I think she was 22. Worked at the same place. Both of us were married. I flirted with her and finally scored. She loved to sück a dïck and she’d füćk all day.
I used to call her bïtch and whóre, but always affectionately and she never minded...always smiled.
I loved everything about her. Her naturally rubbery tïts were... [more]


I haven't fallen in love with you, but I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I could. You're the most exciting woman I've ever met. I would be happy for the first time in my miserable life if the feeling was mutual. You're beautiful and sexy with a dirty, twisted mind. You're a sunspot in my overcast life. I feel depressed because we had a... [more]

Help my friend

I'm 14 year old boy and I have a crush on Jan she 13 . She asked me to come over and play I keep getting there and finding her crying and she refused to talk about it . One day I got there early and Hurd her crying I looked in to see her older brother holding her down and f*** her . She seen me... [more]

My sister as my sexy toy

My sister moved in with me and my wife. After her boyfriend kicked her out . One night my sister asked to talk to me . She had just gotten out of the shower. So she was setting on the end of her bed raped in a towel . So I sat down next to her and she started crying about her boyfriend braking up with her . I guess she needed to let it out ... [more]


I have crush on someone More than 7months and I never say hi to him


I pick up a h***** she was 30 she was one of the best fuckes I ever had she was so tight I gave her a big load of c** . After she told me how she had been doing it sense she was 13 . I wonder what she was like back thin . I hope to pick her up again some... [more]

Submissive Slave Woman

I am a 33 y.o. woman. When it comes to achievement or success my rocket never did take off. Kind of a quiet loner. No romance until I met the man I serve. He led me down the path of submission and it actually made me feel empowered in my femininity and sexuality. Each day brings more confidence and more love from this man and I am so happy to have... [more]

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