Love Confessions

I Still Love The Person Who Catfished Me

We met on an internet site, It was not a dating site. But she messaged me and at first I just ignored it, her picture was a young beautiful woman say early 30's as I am a little older early 40's, I thought it was a mistake. But she was persistent so I finall answered, the first day we talked for over 12 hours straight and a relationship bloosomed... [more]

Sorry? No.

My boyfriend broke up with me. I needed s**. So I went got with his best friend. Humiliated the s*** out of the ex. Problem solved.

Let me go

Please let me go. I know you don't want me, so please let me go so I can heal. Please don't try to stay friends after you broke my heart. I can't be friends with someone who rips my heart out every time I see them or their name comes up on my phone. Please. If you care about me at all. Let me go.

Never forget

Never forget that you're something special, and don't let the one you choose to be with forget it either. It's been a year since we last saw each other but sometimes I still think of you and hope that you're doing well. I wonder if you ever think of me. I'm still sad that you moved so far away, but I understand that career came first. I hope you... [more]

Right Now=

It's so nice to take a deep breath when you know that it's done. Now is the time to get back to living. To repeat the cycle.

Valentine's Day

I don't f****** get it. I give my crush a rose and she wants me to p*** off. My female friend got a broken pencil and fell even more hopelessly in love with him. What the actual f*** is happening... [more]

its wrong but its love

I am having a affair with my best girlfreinds dad. its wrong but its love.


I'm now in my 30s. No woman has ever returned my feelings. I'm not bad looking. I have a good job. I'm fun to be around. But no woman has ever been interested in me. I go on dates but I never get more than a few before I get rejected. I feel so incredibly worthless and lonely. I don't want to die alone.

Be assured

I won't hurt anyone,won't do anything that will disturb peace of anyone neither you nor any innocent soul. When the glass fills up to the brim few drops spill still I know that, will take care. My silence my bliss ,my love gives me strength. Trust and have faith in me .

Online dating

Online dating is idiotic and all they sell you is false hope. "Look at all these people you could find love with!" Except it's not true. What really happens is you send messages to numerous people who look interesting and get ignored in return. Or on the off change you actually get a date, they decide that you aren't worth their time because they... [more]

Not strong enough

I want to call you and tell you how I feel, but I don't know if I'm strong enough to face rejection.

Forbidden Love

I was engaged when I fell for you. I loved him and I was to be married that next year, happily. But you..You were beautiful and kind thats the best part, you were you. We would stay up all night talking on the phone when my fiancee was being a tool. You would comfort me, make me feel whole. I did visit you a few times. It was nice. We... [more]

Valentines Day

Thank you to Hallmark, FTD, and candy companies for creating this ridiculous holiday. This stupid holiday seems only to remind those of us who have no one that we are alone.

Only if he knew

Only if he knew that I am not a scared to be with him. There's a lot holding me back and I can't disclose anything to anyone.

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