Love Confessions

All that for nothing..

My biggest fear about love is it being unrequited but let me explain a bit deeper. I’m a male in my mid twenties and I’m straight forward. I’m not for that “won’t tell you I like you, but will do small things to hint at it and hope you will pick up on it and reciprocate” NO, kids and teenagers do that [more]

Should I be worried?

I’ve been talking to this girl this semester in college, she knows I like her but I know she’s also been talking to some guys here and there. I’m worried that someone whom she’s known longer may be in a better position for her to consider being her bf.
I’m afraid that I’ll be thinking I’m doing good getting closer to her then get blindsided if... [more]

I wear panties

I started when I was younger 8 or 9 started with mom's panties .then sisters panties and tights . At 59 I still love dressing up . Now I dress complete top to bottom wig makup down to heels . Love it all. We are ho we are ! :-) wear on and be happy!!

I want to marry her

We've been together for two (almost three) years now, and our love has only gotten stronger for each other. I want to spend as much of the rest of my life as possible with her, I want to make her happy for as long as I have breath in my body, I love her.
I've secretly made a necklace from bones that I've cleaned, polished and carved, I hope... [more]

I have feelings for you

I want to tell you, but there are so many complications. For one, I doubt very highly that you consider me anything more than a friend. You are two years younger than me, which may make certain immature stupid people tease you, and I don't want you to be teased. One of your best friends has confessed to having feelings for me, and I don't want to... [more]

I hope masseur seduces my wife

I confess that I have a strong fantasy about my wife being thoroughly satisfied. She has lost her desire for intimacy so she is very seldom willing in bed and when we do it she avoids foreplay and urges me to finish quick. She used to like it so much and enjoyed it in so many ways that I miss watching her moaning and shaking. My fantasy is to see... [more]

Who want's to get Sat on by Women.. ?? {leave ur mob number}

Devi here!!! My Friend, who had Sitting on Stomach & Chest fetish. . . . He want a girl to Sit on his Stomach fully dressed and . . listen to his stories about being Sat on by other Women and Girls.

His family

I'm only with my boyfriend for his family. Don't get me wrong, I have love for him, but it's becoming more that of a best friend and an attachment. I enjoy his company. However, he isn't really a good partner, at least in my standards. He's gluttonous, insecure, and immature at an age where he shouldn't be, which I was happy with until I grew up... [more]

I ended up making out with my friend

I am in a serious relationship from past 2.5 years and now my bf had moved to different country.. we will not get to wet each other for next 2 years.
Everything was going fine between and we were handling well this long distance relationship but I have a friend in my office whom I know very well and we are very close.
We live nearby so we got to... [more]

I can't stop it

I'm a married female working for a married female, and I've worked for her for a little over a year. Last summer our office had a cookout at my bosses house which is where I met her husband for the first time. He was nice enough but not drop dead gorgeous or totally sexy so I didn't fall in love with him or anything. But later in the afternoon... [more]

Poetry I want to share, but not with anyone I know

We live many miles apart
you and I,
but we still
each other.
Too many miles.
Too many.
I see you
and in
everyone I can.
Your kindness.
Your compassion.
The joy with which you fill me.
Each time I see someone
even vaguely like you
I stop,
and stare.
I have to remind myself that
you aren't really... [more]

He came inside me - Does that mean I'm Pregnant?

So, my boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years + and he recently decided to move to Australia. He knew I don't want him to leave yet he still left.
Anyway, so its been 2 months since he's gone and he wanted to take a break from our relationship. I was pretty upset and my best friend was there for me. I started spending a lot of time with... [more]

One day I loved my stepdad

He's treating my mom like crap I hate that he's nice one day the other he act like a ceralkiller

Yes I like you

You are everything I have ever looked for in a woman. Demure and kind with a good heart. You get along with my narcotic mom and you make the best baked goods I have ever had. Even though you worry a lot I know it's only because you care. You don't talk much but when you do you speak with such depth in a gentle voice. Why don't you speak up? Why... [more]

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