Love Confessions

My Boyfriend Hates My Weight

So...I have always been a heafty gal. I was overfed as a child by my grandmother, and it developed into a disorder. When I was 12, I was 215 pounds. I dropped down to 172 when I met my boyfriend (3 years later), and everything was swell. We got along, he called me beautiful, he couldn't wait to talk to me.
As it happens, he and his family... [more]

I still regret the words I've said to her

Those words...those horrible words have tormented me for the past five years. It eats me alive and my chest hurts so much every time I think about that fateful day. Even though this is an anonymous confession, I don't even want to write these horrible words on here. It'll just be too much for me.
I want to apologize to her so much but I'm afraid... [more]

Teaching her how to swim

In the past I thought a girl how to swim in the swimming pool. She wanted me t hold on to her really well. I gripped her really well between her legs holding her little v***** really well. It was scary at first but I quickly gave her a good rub. I enjoyed it so much I got an erection.
She enjoyed it... [more]

Belly punching

I'm a boy and I always wanted to get punched in my stomach like I want to be left breathless and still get punched while I'm breathless and I want my stomach to get punished and if any girl in India Delhi with it please hit me up please I even like to get trampled


I am a crossdresser from Lakeland Florida I just back from a hair salon where I just bought my second wig and I love it. The lady that owns and runs the salon is a beautiful person I ask her what she thought about me being a crossdresser and she said dose it make you happy and bring you joy I said very much so she then rock on baby I told I would... [more]

I love when guys see my nipples

I love going to the mall or anywhere without a bra and a tight shirt and seeing guys stare at my nipples. Ill also wear loose tops and bend down a lot so they can see my t*** . I dont have big ones , I wish , but hey , I have what I have .
I'm thinking about randomly flashing my [more]

He's going to be mine

This is a very long story, but the short version is that I'll be leaving work early today to drive over 300 miles to the city where I was raised, and staying with my best friend since 4th grade. She and her husband have been married for 7 years, and I have been married for almost 10. Her husband and I have been fooling around since before they... [more]

Opening Up to my GF

My girlfriend walked in on me wearing panties about 3 months ago. I thought for sure she was gonna laugh, or worse, break up with me thinking I’m a freak. She thought it was a little weird, but was alright with it as long as I don’t force it onto her. About a week later she came to me and asked why I wear panties. I told her it’s to get in touch... [more]

I Love Em Both

Ille try to keep it simple. I have 2 girlfriends. I had been dating one girl (girlX) in one state for about 4 years. We moved and i ran into a girl (Girl B) i had Talked to in the past. We ended up dating also (yeah i know its f***** up). I end up dating both of them for about 5-6 months before i... [more]

Don't read hehe.

Hello Im 24 . I met a girl when i was 17..I really liked her...I once proposed her but she said she consider me only as a friend and probably she thought like I'm very boring...Because even now i don't have very much real friends to talk open..I want to forget her.because i can't get her .she has good position in her life and I'm at low stage of... [more]

Mother in-laws panties confession

Today I was sitting here at my mother in-laws house and got bored as h*** and I was h**** so I went to my mother in law dirty clothes hamper and found a nice pink thong put it on my face to smell and taste her [more]

Inove but not with my kids father

I always seem to think about this person when we were young I knew he had strong feelings for me we separated but he was always on my mind always I was in a relationship with someone through it 6/7 years later we saw each other met up and had s** (I was on a brake with the other guy) after that we never... [more]

I am searching for something from him, but I have no idea what

My best friend (m17) and I (f17) have known each other for almost 12 years now. our relationship is very complicated - mostly because, although I rarely lie to others, I lie to myself a lot.
I say we grew up together, but really, we didn't. despite being in the same school for 12 years, by some crazy anti-coincidence, we never had any classes... [more]

Crazy in love with Daddy

Since I was 12, I have been crazy in love with my Daddy.
At 16, one night I went naked to his bed, got in and seduced him. He gucks like a machine and his c*** is long and thick.
I'm 36 now, we live in the West Coast and live as husband and wife. The [more]

Stuck In the Friend Zone

So I'm married and we both want a divorce but we ended up staying together. Don't ask, it's complicated. Going straight to the point, I really like this girl I've been visiting like everyday during lunch cuz she works at taco bell. Only problem is I'm about 100% sure I'm in the friend zone. She thinks I'm cool and badass which is good but she says... [more]

Asking for panties

I was at the mall and walked past a V.S. store there were a few Women in shopping and a couple of younger girls . I decided to go in and feel the panties and bras. Well as i was looking at the panties one of the younger girls joins me and tells me she needs new panties i tell her so do i i pick up a pair and ask if she likes these and i will buy... [more]


I had gone over to a friends house to help him and his gf move into their new place. While unloading the truck i picked up a drawer and init was his gfs panties and bras no one was around so i put a few pair of her panties in my pocket . A fair trade for me helping . Anyways as i was carring the drawer inside a pair of panties falls on the ground... [more]



Wearing panties

I love wearing panties .I tried a pair on the otherday when i was doing laundry .The laundry room was empty but there was a load of clothes in the dryer.Who ever was doing their laundry hadnt returned to get the dry clothes ,since there was a empty laundy basket i took the clothes out so i could dry mine. There was a very sexy pair of panties that... [more]

Celeb crush

I have a crush on Jenna Ortega and like i really like her but i know it impossible to date her. Before anyine calls me a pedo im 16 and so is she when this is posted. I just think shes really pretty and looks like a lot of fun to be around. Sucks that i will never get to date her


I just would like to be able to talk to some ladies that dont mind a guy wearing panties. I wore my sisters panties since i was in grade 10 .When she moved out i didnt have that anymore .I liked the closness it brought to me . Last weekend i went to her and her husbands place to housesit . After they left i looked in here drawers until i found... [more]

Mother in-laws panties confession

I was just smelling my sexy mother in-laws dirty panties and I enjoyed the smell and taste of her p**** I'd love to eat her p**** until she c*** in my mouth I would swallow all of it

My daughter's pantys

I went and picked up my daughter one day from her mom's she couldn't handle her any more and sent her to live with me I really didn't have a relationship with her as I wasn't around that much when I seen her I feel in love with her so I didn't want to do anything to her but she would walk around in her pantys and bra or just a towel right out of... [more]

My sister in law 2

I confessed recently that I was in love with my brothers wife. And I have been in love with her since I was ten years old.
I have been trying my best to forget about her but she has just taken all the space up in my mind lately. It started a couple of months ago when I fell in love with her all again at this house party. Since then I have been... [more]


I knew I was a lesbian several years ago, as soon as I became sexual. I was attracted to one of my mom's best friends. She had just started being bi, even my mom didn't know that about her and she still doesn't know. She's married and has kids. This woman and I sort of tried avoiding each other, even though we knew we were attracted to each... [more]

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