Love Confessions

Superior Men

I love just being with and around black men, they are beautiful. the've all got to know this pink assed primate would drop to its knees and ** and worship any one of their hot poles with just on a glance.....

I’m in love with a girl that doesn’t love me back im married

I’ve been married for some time and we had issues. We also divorced and got back together. In the midst of the seperation I feel madly in love with a girl. She’s beautiful and takes great care of herself unlike my wife thst drinks and smokes and is overweight. Anyways, the girl I feel in love with knows my history with my wife. I was madly in love... [more]

I don’t find my wife attractive anymore

I’ve been on and off with my wife for years. She’s my best friend, however she drinks a lot and smokes. It’s so gross. I tried getting her to work out with me because we’re not in our twenties anymore, but she refuses. We don’t have ** at all. The last time we had [more]

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Am I the only one?

I try to be romantic and i want to be romantic with someone. I read romance novels and I watch romantic comedies as well but no one is romantic anymore. Are we such a dead generation? Why do people hate love so much? Why can’t love be beautiful? I hear about open and poly relationships and that’s not at all something I want. I want to love and... [more]

I ** up

I miss you, Melissa. I miss you so much it hurts. I know I ** up. And that you were the best thing that ever happened to my godforsaken life. But I know you deserve better. So I'll just keep crying about losing you until the day I die. I really, really hope you achieve all your dreams and goals. You... [more]

Feeder Wife

So it all started about 3-4 years ago my wife would ask me to eat stuff she ordered but barely touched until I was stuffed. Then it progressed into her buying sweets and baking more and more for me. Next she eventually fed me during while she was on top and I've gained over 140 pounds so far. My waist has exploded to 48 inches around I was very... [more]

Dance Moms & Lilly K

I must confess, I’m in love with Lilliana Ketchman and most other girls that where or are on dance moms… but Lilly K, mmm she really takes the cake… yummy. I love everything about her, her bubbly personality, her fun faces, and of course her bangin body… mmmmmmMmmmMMMMMMM!!!


In 2015, I started engineering diploma. I was 15 and about to turn 16. I was fascinated by Big F on MTV. Our college did not have any girls, but we did have a female math teacher who was like an angel to me. I don't know how, but she started approaching me. My weak conversation skills and introverted personality acted as a barrier. It would have... [more]

Married women

I want to have ** with a married woman while she is on business and I love to make her scream for more If any married women interested let me know

My computer is useless someone or something did something to **

I love animals it is said that people have domain over the animal kingdom. What does that mean to have domain over the animal kingdom. It is simple if an animal is hurt unable to free itself from a net or fishing line, has injured its wing, arm, leg, paw, back, neck, body etc. it is our duty to be capable in some way to help it. It may be as... [more]

Am I self sabotaging

I am married but about to be separated. I have reconnected with someone in my past. We have feel for each just talking on the phone. I almost feel like I’m 14 and in love for the first time. This person has had a horrible life though addiction lost their spouse and 2 kids to drug overdose. Then spent some time punishing themselves. I am having... [more]


In person i feel like the only person who has your attention, there’s even times we’re messaging that I feel like I’m the one for you, it’s when you send a risky photo that makes me question things, I know we’re not official. But I always ask myself “ am I the only guy she sent this to?” I don’t wanna be that guy. But I am.


"On this new day, I want to share something deep. We've got issues in this world, and we've got wonders too. What gives me strength is seeing anyone, anyone who can lend an ear and do some good. Remember, everyone counts, everyone matters. Together, we learn from our mistakes to make things better.
I've seen folks in awe, and I've seen 'em... [more]


I adore crossdressing. I've got beautiful pvc ** and bra, pvc micro mini skirt and thigh high red pvc boots. I feel like I'm in heaven when I dress up. I love lipstick and make up as well


I don't know what I'm I'm supposed to do when we text you're a brick wall but in person I swear you love me

6 % life

I want to talk to u nonstop but I feel like I'm too much. My batteries at 6% but I will spend that 6 percent hoping for a text from you.

You're on my mind

Tonight I go to sleep with you on my mind. I keep saying I'm not in love just falling but I don't know how much longer I can lie to myself.

You are

You are the best part of my day I can not wait to snap you in the morning!

Growing closer

I feel as tho I've made strides since my last post. I've really gotten to know you and sitting in the backseat next to while our legs touch. Feeling the slight lean of your body on mine while we turn. ** ash I'm not in love but it's only a matter of time.

This guy again dawg

I text him daily and he doesn't respond, we hung out once and we were smoking pot in my backyard together. I was sitting next to him on a branch when I really got cold and asked if i could lay on his lap, he said yes and I played angry birds on his phone while doing so. I didn't know my friend was his ex girlfriend so told her about this and she... [more]

This boy...

I have a crush on this guy... I've liked him for 2-3 years and he's SO CUTE!!! He's tall, he has blue/green eyes, they change color sometimes :P. I told him I wanted to sit next to him the other day and he asked why, I told him it was because where I was sitting was cold, but really I just wanted to be close to him, we talk sometimes, when I'm... [more]

Why is it so easy

Why is it so easy for me to fall in love. You're here at my house most days but you're not here for me. Your hips are so ** ** and the arch in your back makes me whisper "mm **" under my breath. You talk... [more]


Hey I know we don't really know each other. Well ** it wanna get drunk and go bowling together?

You're not there

I posted before about the day I met your boss but all I really sighed was to meet you. I've waited to see you again and every sat I show up and hope you are there. it's been closer to three months now. I kick myself in the ** for not speaking to you.

Is it to much to ask?

I don't want love. I want a friend but not a normal friend and not this over sexualized friends with benefit thing either. I want someone to hang with someone that it's not weird to hold hands with in public, or someone that is willing to be comfortable with kicking their feet up on my lap and we just have a truly innocent form of physical contact... [more]

Submissive wife

I wish I had a obedient submissive wife. Some one who I could take care of but who would not argue with me and was happy to be with me. She might work part time or even be involved with volunteering.
But when I arrived home, she'd be happy to see me and smile and kiss me. She'd work out and keep toned. She'd wear cute clothes.
I don't mind... [more]


I ** love you, I contemplate text you my real feelings daily...and you don't even ** follow me on Instagram bruh!

Love a woman who was a lesbian

I fell in love with a woman who is a lesbian and have Tom boy lover. At first she seems to fancy me too but then she kept distancing herself away from me. Probably because she knew I am married. I have not seen her or talked to her for 2 years but I still love her. My wife and I finished long time ago and we now only live together now because of... [more]


Those three letters is all it takes for your name to pop up in my predicted text. I talk about you more than I see or talk to you combined. I do not know what I feel about you besides the thought of you comes across my mind often.


Whenever my boyfriend treats me badly i go onto apps that are labeled as “friend making” and i post pictures of myself (just selfies from the shoulder up) to get attention. i like seeing all the messages of guys leagues above my boyfriend calling my pretty and wanting to take me out. i never answer them back though. i’m tired of showing people... [more]

In love

I still love her... The one person I shouldn't love. I wonder what she is doing right now, I want to know how she feels. I want to experience that connection again. There is part of me feels like I will never have the same level of connection ever again, and I fear I missed my chance at true happiness.
I am afraid of truly living my life. ... [more]

I miss you

I love you. Well, I love who we were. I think too much about the past but how could I forget it. How could I forget you? I miss you. I miss the stupid childish things we did together. I miss the game of cat and mouse we used to play. I miss the smell of your perfume. I miss your warm embrace. I miss the songs we'd send each other and how we knew... [more]

In love with my bestfriend

This is the least original confession ever, but I'm in love with my best friend. We're starting college in a week and we've known each other since 7th grade. Me, her, and one other friend have been a trio for the entire time, and I've never been as close with any other friends as I have with them. I cannot afford to lose our friendship, but I... [more]


I've known you 16 yrs now. The last five or so we haven't really talked. Since the day we met you have had a place in my heart and you haven't left my mind I will always love you. I think of you constantly. I love you dawn


I just need to get this off my chest I'm bi

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