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Men want to date me but I am utterly uninterested. Not because they're not enough, but because I'm not ready. My heart feels empty. I'm not allowing myself to fall for anyone. My past relationship which was my only relationship was disappointing. It took me years to stand on my feet. I have no intentions to fall back on my face again. In fact, I... [more]

Hum chup rahe, kuch na kaha..

Kehne ko kya..baki raha..

Something so pure

Among all this s***, I'm sorry that I've left your tribute here. I know at the end, this is was a world you wanted to escape. I know you saw the worthlessness of it.
The world may never know your greatness but I do. You were a man greater than all that walk the earth, that I am sure of. That I... [more]

Mean mother (in law)

When I met and married my wife 4yr ago I really didn't have much interaction with her mother. She and her husband live in the same town but my wife didn't get along with either of them much and so I didn't know her. What I did know was that she was really mean and a real b**** and she cheated on... [more]

My best friend is also my girl friend and lover

Hi I am Aisha. I feel soooo shy to share this, but my heart is telling me to so I am writing... I was born in Pakistan, I was mom and dad's first child. My younger brother and sister twins were born years later. When I was 10 my family and I moved to the US and we settled in LA. Things were going well for us, my dad got a very high paying job at... [more]

I'm Still in Love my Affair Partner

Even the post is over 3 years old, I can relate. Our affair was discovered on 22 February 2018. My AP chose (for the moment) to try and work it out. Yes, I'm still in love my affair partner. Yes, like the previous post, I'm not attracted to my wife of 32 years anymore. To be painfully honest, not even a little bit. All l I can think about is my... [more]

Self-conscious Wife

That I ask our friends to compliment my wife to boost her self confidence. I so encourage them sometimes they seem to go too far but I take it because it works. I like to see her lose her self-consciousness and act confident and empowered.

My eighth grade dance

So two days ago I was at my eight grade dance so my mom told me to get a nice shirt and I looked and we don't go to church or funerals etc. So I grabbed my Spiderman button up. And god had bad timing by giving me a Huge pimple in between my eyes and I poped it but it got red and puffy do I put an ice pack on it and it turned white so I used an... [more]

Wife Sharing

We are a happy couple(46/42) after 18 years of marriage. I was diagnosed with diabetes 4 yrs back, and our s** life took a down trend. I found that my wife needed s** so we started to check online and found a college student aged 21. We shared pics and... [more]

I like this girl but my friends dont.

So theirs this girl at my school that Ive known since about 6th or 7th grade. We never really talked but we said hey during classes in the halls and lunch n s***. A couple of friends told me that she liked me and at first didn't even consider dating her. But now that i see her she is so damn cute to... [more]

My cousin

I wanted to make a confession about my now 5 year long history with my cousin Lizzy. My uncle's family came to my home country 5 years ago and at the time I was almost 16 and Lizzy was a few months short of 15, it was around August and our first meeting went pretty great I recognize she was really beautiful what really struck me was how much I... [more]


It does take so little to BE KIND...
I know it's a cliche...and it's been said so many times...we are ALL fighting our own, c'mon, get out of your way and:
SMILE broadly and honestly
LISTEN attentively
REACH OUT and touch someone's shoulder
BE HONEST - don't backstab (for crying outloud!)
THINK before you speak...(or as the... [more]

Catfishing but fell in love

A guy approached me online almost a year ago now, I never thought after ONE conversation in an app game that we would ever talk again, so I pretended to be someone else..... we kept talking night after night and now its been almost 12 months and during that 12 months we have shared some very intimate conversations, he has really opened up to me... [more]

Too young for love

I had a crush on one of my best friends who is 6 years older than me. When I confessed he told me I was far too young for him, I am 16 years old. I understand but god was I upset I didn't fit the qualifications for being the gf for the perfect man. He's also into traps and goth girls which I wasn't. To this day we still are very good friends and... [more]

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