Love Confessions

I need to get over with this guy but i cant

Yeah so i am a girl, and i've had a bestfriend for about two years. I had a mild crush on him for a very little time before, but now its all different. I get jealous when he talks about other girls, and gets close to any other girl. The problem is he just thinks of me as a friend. I sometimes think about us being together in a relationship, and... [more]

No Good Deed...

I feel frustrated. I'm in a long-distance relationship and my boyfriend struggles heavily with depression, so much to the point that I'm the one keeping him balanced and stable. Yesterday, I got upset over a stupid reason, which I also apologised for within the same night only to have it carry over to today, and throw him completely off balance... [more]

How do I help him

My boyfriend is depressed and extremely insecure over his weight. Every day he makes comments about his weight: apologizing for how fat he is, saying how he is going to get fit for me so he won't be fat, and obsessing over new workout/diet plans to lose weight. I don't know how to address it without making him feel worse and I really worry about... [more]


The sweet kisses you left on my cheek, still linger when I close my eyes. I should have fought for you harder...

Want Cindy to Call Me

I'm texting Cindy at this moment. I wish she would call me now on my cell phone. I would love to hear her voice. Or I wish she would call me tomorrow just to talk for a few.

Chubby Sister in Law

My confession is that I'm so in love with my wife's young sister. She is 29 and never married. She's struggling to get a boyfriend, cos of her body. She is a bit chubby,but for me she is the most beautiful female alive. Ones I've catfish her on Facebook as a secret admirer. We got to a point that we even shared nude pics. But to this day she stil... [more]

Still in love

I was verbally and emotionally abusive to my girlfriend of 5 years. I was out of control with anger and we were both drunk the last time we were together.
I feel so depressed over her still and it's been two years! I had this sickness of destroying everything good in my life. I can't move on cause I know she was the one. I miss her and can't... [more]

In the end

It will all be revealed and there are many layers. I've made mistakes but I love everyone. I live that better than anyone else I know but we each have our unique experiences.


You have to leave not because of ego but for own self respect

Cant wait

This could go under either love or school but i put it under love because thats how i feel of it. i have fell in love with this other girl at my school even though shes a couple years younger then me.shes beautiful but i am not nearly so much as her.people know i am a lesbian but nobody knows shes parents hate me for being lesbian but i dont... [more]


I wish you knew how beautiful you are. I wish you were able to see past all the things you did wrong so you can see the very many things you have done right. Whenever you enter a room it instantly brightens. You have a soothing voice and the most radiant aura without any effort on your part. You're kindness is contagious as softspoken as you are... [more]

I like younger boys

This is horrible but I like younger guys like 14-18. I'm in my late 20's. I know the law and obey but man it's a major fantasy.

Love for w****

My mom takes tutions. So there used to come this slutty girl whom I never liked. But one fined day, when nobody was home she came to on the pretext of clearing doubts. I was playing a game and I didn't pay any heed. Then she seduced me. I couldn't control and we started kissing. This continued for around 2 years. I thought I was using her but I... [more]

A tree

I f***** a tree, and I f****** enjoyed it. The motions were so extense that I had an o***** everytime I touched the bark. Its branches were so thick that I just had to slide them in one by one. The... [more]

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