Love Confessions

I give up on love..

I started falling for a man who always flirted with me, sang to me, seemed like the perfect guy with good morals, etc. He swept me off of my feet and always said he'd do anything for me. His actions seemed so genuine and true. He never mentioned having a spouse or anything at all. Since my feelings deepened, I thought it would be good to just do a... [more]

I love someone and can't stop thinking about them

Hi I'm a thirteen year old boy and I love my freind but I can't ask her out. Everything I go to sleep I think about her. And I can't ask her out because we dated in 6 th grade and I f***** up so she dumped me. When I asked her out this year she said you choose me or u lose me so... what the he'll... [more]

Lucky me

I had it lucky having 3 older sisters, I went from diapers to my sisters hand me down panties and slips for t shirts. When I got too big for hand me downs I started sharing with my mother's panties. I did not have a clue as to how good it was. As an adult I have 230 pair of panties and no boxers.

I have f***** 4 people

I loved/hated one girl, didn't care about the other 2 girls, one guy.

Dear Karen

I'm sorry that I made fun of you in middle school. Even when I said things about your glasses and that you were fat, I only did it because I wanted to look cool in front of my friends. I always liked you. I was immature. I apologize for not wanting to be your bf back then too, when you asked. I still can't believe all of the hurtful things that I... [more]

Peace and Love to all!

One love everyone, one love ❤

Ive fallen hard for a girl.

Ive known her for years and am really into her. I love her body and I feel better around her than anyone else. I love her. But I'm just a friend. Friendzone is tough homies.

What is the perfect height for a guy to date a ~5'10" model?

Pretty much just the title, I'm 15 (6'3") and there's this girl...

WHY :'"'''((((((

I saw it ALL from the beginning, and knew how it was going to f*** with me. But I wanted it SO bad. Haha. It was so obvious. Butt, I wanted it again because I know what I am. I'm a victim. I'm a victim. Lolllllllllllll. I GAVE you exactly what you were looking for. Because I love you. I love you love... [more]

Im gay and im christian and oH GOD WHY

Need I say more? I am a religious person. Always have been. Still am. But I'm GEI AND WHAT THE H*** DO I DO.

My World

I want to find a way to organize my thoughts and somehow communicate them to you in an open and honest way. I want you to know exactly what I want out of life and I want to know what you want too. I have a feeling that our aspirations are very similar. Not identical, but the big picture we are looking at is bound to intersect in all important... [more]

I still love you...

I don't know if any of you remember or care, but I posted a confession back in June. (
He broke up with me in August because he still loved my (now ex) friend. We got back together, but he broke up with me again at the end of September for the same reason, but this time, via the friend... [more]

Im 18 and he's 31 ( Both Guys)

I like him so much and we've been talking for 5 moths and I just learn today he has two kids... I ask why he didn't tell me and that the ex-wife knows that he's looking so she wanted him to know them for 5 months.... I literally feel so something I can't explain....

Thank you

For cooking for me. I had a really nice evening. Just you and me.

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