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Secret session with SIL

So, this just happened 2 weekends ago! My wife and I was visiting the in-laws and her sisters organized a get together dinner. We arrived half an hour earlier because my wife wanted to help with the preparations but when we arrived, her younger sister “K” arrived much earlier than us and had already started on the drinks.
As my wife helped in... [more]

My step daughters

My youngest step daughter just turned 17. She constantly walked in on me in the shower and would accedently walk topless threw the house on the weekends. Her brother was gone and her mom was at work one Saturday. I was just watching the news when she walked in totally naked and sat down next to me. Acting like she wasn't naked she asked the... [more]

That came out of nowhere.

What the heck happened this week, My wifes family had planned a 50th for her cousins parents and I have been a part of the family for nearly 20 years, In that time I have seen 3 things, Once, 10 years ago I seen her moms b00b who is now 55 was then 45, I seen her little sisters b00b when she was 22 and her sister is an anomally in their family, My... [more]

Obsessed and in love with my brother

My name is Betty, I'm 25 years old. I'm getting married in two months. But can't stop having s** with my older brother Max. I was 13 when it started he was 15.
We love each other so much, i can only c** with him. We make love or oral 2 or 3 times a day. My... [more]

My best friends Mom

With the CoViD situation my parents and I decided it would be best for me to stay home this year and attend the local community college instead of moving back to the college I attended last year which is like 600 miles away.
My BF who just graduated from HS decided he wanted to go off to college and he asked if I could help him and his mom... [more]

Catching my mum at it

My mum told me she's been seeing someone and he's younger than her by 18 years,I haven't really seen her much in the last 7-8 weeks and wanted to pay her a surprise visit but it was me who got the surprise when i walked in on her f****** my cousin,she's asked me to keep it a secret but don't... [more]

I just f***** my Kindergarten Teacher

Your not going to believe this. Our next door neighbors are teachers. They had a party last weekend. We have a gate between our back yards so my man and dad allowed them to open it and for them to use our pool along with giving them more room so social distancing could be practiced.
I’m 19 and attending the local community college with... [more]


Our neighbor is a yoga instructor. She is from India and is very, very flexible. During CoViD she has been holding classes in our backyard around our pool and has invited several neighbors. It’s been an amazing experience. She has really improved my flexibility and I feel soo much better. I’ve been trying to get my husband to attend the class... [more]

Daughter and Dad Oral

I'm a 31 woman and since I was 18, my Dad and I have shared a bed and 69, at least 2 times a day. His c*** is also big, 8 inches.
I came on to him, and wanted Dad sexually since I was 14, he resisted but slowly I wore him down. I was 18 when Mom came out as a lesbian and divorced him, I went... [more]

Younger lads

I'm in my late 30's and can't stop sleeping with young lads if they are virgins that's even better,I slept with my friend son next door around 2 years ago and now s******* her 16yo.

Skintight leather trousers

My nephew has a thing for me wearing my leather trousers and i told him he will love my other pair so put them on for him they are skintight and he asked could he touch them and put his hand on my ass i could see he was f****** h**** so i told him... [more]

The Wondrous Summer Of '97 !!!

The Wondrous Summer Of '97 !!!
Back in the Summer of 1997, my three Sisters and I were very curious about each other and how our teenaged bodies looked and worked. My "first-time" was with my big Sister when I was 15, and less than a week later, I was both of my little Sister's "first-time".
We four siblings were secretly and constantly... [more]

I want nothing to do with my brother. I take care of his unwante

He had a marriage that didn't work out and he had a child by this lady. A girl. He divorced her and remarried. His second wife wants nothing to do with his daughter and wants him to have nothing to do with her. She first lived with our parents then my angel of a wife wanted her to be with us.
This [more]

My friend is being abused by her family......

I'll try to be as detailed as possible.
My friend is being mentally and physically abused by her family. She is 15 and her little sister is only 6, both of them are going through a lot of torture.
We became friends 3 years ago. She was always happy, social, and a really friendly person. I never got a tiny hint of what she was going through... [more]

I want to say goodbye to my family

I don’t see my parents and younger sister in a future where I’m happy. They’re just chronically miserable. They think that since they’re rich they can spend money to make a problem go away.
Spend money, buy things, take medication, hire people; It’s a surprisingly sad existence. I’m 19 and being forced to do a 5th year of high school because... [more]

My sister showed me what her and her boyfriend you'd to do

One day me and my sister was walking home from school . She told me she had to show me some . I followed her and she lead my behind a 7 11 store back behind the trash bins . There was a old desk setting back there that had been thrown out year's ago but never got in the trash . She removed her pants and underwear and sat down on the desk . She she... [more]

My girlfriend has a secret

We have all had fantasies that at some stage in our lives we could have never shared with anyone. A natural fear of judgment and hypothetical concerns of what others might think of us grips hold and forces us to shut our deep truths deep down in our minds...
until a quiet moment alone welcomes you once again and that taboo thought crosses your... [more]

I feel kind of bad but..

Sometimes i read my friend's bad (s*** but sometimes other things) fan fiction on wattpad. They're terrible at s***, it's hilarious and they're ok at regular writing. They think I only read the SFW stuff and I tell them it's great. I feel kinda bad for... [more]

The night the teen next door asked to spend the night

One night there was a nock at my door . I answer I to find the girl from across the street was starting there in a short skirt and a bra on holding her phone . She told me she had been out skinny dipping and she had locked her self out and ask if she could stay the night some one would be home in the morning to let her in . I told her she could... [more]

Did my old Den Mother

I’m 19 and about to head back to college. I thought I’d go see one of my old friends before I leave town. Had not seen him since last summer when I finished my Eagle Project as I went off to college soon after. We had been close friends for over 12 years as we were Tiger Cubs together and his mom was our Den Mother.
Mrs M was my first... [more]

Finding my Father's P*** Magazines

When I was about 11 or 12 I found my dads p*** mags. And while I enjoyed looking at the naked women, I actually enjoyed reading the Penthouse Forum stories. I was always more intrigued by the kinky and taboo stories and many have stayed with me all these years later.
I enjoyed to forced stories... [more]

Dad Daughter

I notice there are a lot of posts about mum son adult taboo relationships but not many about dad daughter

My daughter's friend Started it

One day my daughter had went out shopping with my wife . Shortly after they left there was a nock at the door I opened the door to find my daughter's best friend standing there . She had on a black skirt witch barley cover her underwear and a low cut tank top that barley cover her nipples . She nervously ask if my daughter was home. I told her no... [more]

Salt and Pepper

I’m 19. I prefer older women. Have popped a couple cherries but s** with women over 45 is amazing.
During CoViD I e been trying to bag the lady on the cul de sac down the street. I f***** her daughter a few years back when I was a freshman in high... [more]

One to meney to drink with my sister

Me an my sister wonted to let home so bad we got a appointment together a fue years back and we have been staying together . We even sleep in the same bed but not naked . A few months ago we was drinking a lot . The next day we woke up in the nude the next day . Nether of us could remember what had happened that night . After awhile we start... [more]

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