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Lies, All lies.

I always thought my wifes younger sister had a beautiful body, I have fantasized about her many times and recently had a chance to see her naked.
She had been in town for a friends birthday and stayed at our place and after hearing her sneak in around 2:00 am i laid there trying to fall asleep but couldn't so i got up to get a drink and noticed... [more]

I'm sick of my younger sister

My sister treats me like I was a monster or a bad guy and she tells me I'm the worst thing and I ruined her life.But if you were to know me in real life I'm a very awkward and I like personal space.She says that I don't love her because she is always bothering me and I tell her to please stop. Then later I accidentally I do something wrong and she... [more]

My sister in law said she loves me & I can give her a baby

My sister in-law has been married to my younger brother for over a decade, they have 5 kids, and the youngest is under 2 years old. Suddenly, we have been flirting and seducing each other for the last month or so via text messages/chats.
She has told me she loves me, wants me, and even wants my kid. I have told her the same. The problem is, I... [more]

My Wife

I split from my wife after an affair. I still love my wife but there's no way back for us and I can't ever accept the fact.

Catching my mom masterbating

I am 18 and still living with my mom. It's just me and her all the time. I got off work one day and walked in the door and I heard my mom moaning. So I walked to her room and she was lying on the bed with her legs spread and her fingers in her p****. As I watched her I started to get hard so I went... [more]

Sister in Law driving me crazy

My wife and I started dating in High School. My sister in law, I will call her Nancy, is a couple years younger. She started coming on to me almost right away. One time I had a headache so was laying on the couch in the basement. Nancy came down stairs and for some reason I acted like I was still sleeping. She had a night gown on and started... [more]

I'm in love with an old girlfriend

My girlfriend of 30 years ago came back into my life after I divorced. She's married and not very content at home being he's a loser. She called me and wanted to come by the following night, a little out of the ordinary for her. She came over and all she wanted to do was f***, she was forcing me to... [more]


My gfs bro is almost 30 his dad got him a job where he works in petrochemical plants he started in the field and his dad gave him a good scholarship from the same company used it to go to school and moved up to a office setting. He's always been a arrogant spoiled Mexican brat. He lives with his parents still and drives a corvrtte. He's always... [more]


To wanting my 21 year old daughter. Cute sexy and a massive 34dd t***. What dad wouldn't get thoughts passing through his head. Xx

Mother in law

Admitting to fondling the mother in law in her 70s still a good tidy body nice b**** and bum.
Took her home one icy evening parked some way from her house as parking is tricky had to have a firm grip on her around the waist and under one arm needless to say I repositioned them as we walked one... [more]

I wore my friend's shoes today

I put on a pair of shoes left to me by my friend a few months ago today. We were the exact same size.
They aren't really extraordinary - just black leather wedge boots. She never wore them. She bought them two days before her car skidded on an icy road and rolled over. I gave the shoes, thinking that her mom and dad could take them to the... [more]

Family Exposed Naked at the local pool

Although I've always been a bit of an exibitioinist, just recently I can't stop myself showing myself and my two young daughters to anyone who cares to see, at our local pool.
When we're had our swim and showered, there's nothing I love more than noticing people staring at us. I always make out I'm inocently squatting down to dry my daughters but... [more]

I love camping

My wife and I bought a big fifth wheel camper two years ago, First trip out we took her 23 year old sister with us and the kids, the master bath which is the only shower has a door from our room and one from the other side, twice while her sister was showering she didn't lock the door to our room and I went into the camper for something and... [more]

Cousin touching me

Ever since i was maybe 10 my younger cousin would touch my ass and b****** whenever we would have sleepovers and i mean i didn't hate it but i felt gross every single time after it happened. now i am older and that cousins older brother has been doing it too and i mean when it comes to getting... [more]

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