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Mother in law and me

My wife Carol whose 23 and i am 26 started living at her mother's house when we moved her for new jobs.
My wife is a night shift nurse and I do my IT business from home.
With in a week of moving in my mother in law Gloria who is 45 came on to me, and we started have oral s** several at night after... [more]

I stole money f

My dad gave me to me money to paid my 2nd semester of college but i drop out of the college and my dad didn’t noticed so he gave to me to pay the next semester in advanced i couldnt be able to told my dad that I couldn’t pass to the next level so i just toke the money btw im study in another country so thats why till nos he never find out
Im... [more]

Dad and me. Total satisfaction.

I'm a 45 year old woman and the only man who can really satisfy me emotionally and sexually is my father.
When my mother died I was 17, we became even closer than before.
Soon after I started sleeping in his bed and by 18 we were making love all the time.
He always made sure I came first. And to this day goes down on me almost every... [more]

My friend soanked me ?!!

I am 13 years old and I went to my friends house the other day. We were joking around and I was calling her a b**** like we always do and she then said “watch it or I’ll spank you” and I was like “haha ya ok” and we j kept playing around and s*** til my... [more]

Sharing the bed.

Families sometimes need to have kids share beds. Sometimes after a divorce parent needs to share a bed with their kids. This happens with different age groups.
Finances are strained and one needs to move to a smaller house or apartment that you can afford.
Kids sometimes get angry when they need to share a bed after a long time having one to... [more]

Drivers training.

When my kids were old enough to drive as they were learning. They were allowed to drive as long as a licensed parent was with them. Traveling country roads at first to get more used to driving. Then city driving and parking were next of things to do.
Then came winter and snow and slippery road conditions all were handled very well.
Driving on... [more]

Being top less.

Seems like some people are very upset with seeing female b******. Breastfeeding or just gardening in the yard men can be top less but not women.
Society has made so much fuss that women need to have their b****** covered.
Yet people pay... [more]

A question for mothers with sons.

If your son asked you to have s** with him, would you say yes or no? Please explain your answers.


Well let ne start by saying that I let my used panties laying around where my stepson can get them he take them and sniff them and jacks off in them I saw him do it he went into bathroom for 5 mins when came out he went into my room and put them in the dirty hamper I didn't let him see me I went in and got them out of the hamper and their was a... [more]


I stole 700 dollars from my mom it was in a big envelope i figured she wouldn’t know it was gone. i have been doing this for a while.. i see my mom give my dad the envelope and it was for a car he sold he’s very particular i know he will count it and notice 700 is missing. i don’t know what to do i think he hid the envelope i cant find it. i have... [more]

Going shopping with your step daughter.

Somehow she knows that you would be more lenient than her mother. She wanted a new bathing suit. She picked out one it was a one piece it was black. Her mom was kind of hesitant but did admit her daughter was growing up and when she tried it on. Her mom realized how grown up she was. We did buy it it was expensive.
Step daughter was extra... [more]

Buddies sister

I stayed at a friends place last night, His younger sister is a little bit chubby, Super cute with a bubbly personality but has never really peaked my interest other than realizing that she is super cute and looks a lot like her mom who is a MILF and always has been, I always thought if she was a bit skinnier she would look even more like her mom... [more]

I love my best friends older brother

I have a crush on my best friends brother, nobody knows about it.. but I've always wanted to f*** him so badly, hes just so f****** adorable and nice to me i cant help it

You know what's effed up?

My family.
The world.
The English language.
Not necessarily in that order.
Society has created slang such as 'fam,' and 'ily.'
Society says 'fam,' means family.
Society says 'ily,' stands for I love you.The Society and the English language collectively say that the connotation of family is a group of loving relatives.
The... [more]

Family locker rooms.

It has been a great help having family locker rooms at the YMCA we use them many times. My wife needs help with showering and changing her swim suit also her sister needs some help.
Grandson and his mother uses this room when we go for swim lessons.
Many families have been using them moms say they can keep track of where their kids are better... [more]

Mom in law

I had a thing about my mom in law when we shared the same house one day i was home alone for a while so i walked around naked,after a few hours my mom in law returned so i went into my room,i could hear her upstairs so i went to the bathroom naked knowing well that when she walked from her front room to her kitchen she could see down the stairs... [more]

Mom son loving

I can't stop myself. I'm a 53 year old women widowed for 15 years and did not have s** during those year until 2 years ago.
Since then my 20 year old son now shares my bed each night and I made love to him almost every day.
His c*** is magnificent... [more]

Don't Love My Mother

I would never say this aloud to anyone other than a therapist, but...I don't think I love my mother. She wasn't truly abusive or negligent, but she is the most unhappy person I've ever known, and as long as I have known her she has brought misery wherever she goes.
Still, despite being well aware that I will probably never be able to please her... [more]

Nightmare in Law

I can't stand my boyfriend's mother. I tried really hard to love her and accept her as she is... and I was getting there until she decided to flip out on me tonight.
Backstory: I'm currently living with my boyfriend, his brothers, and his mom who lives with them because I decided to leave my abusive family home where I was not progressing... [more]

Sleepover fun

My wife's sister came and stayed the night with us, She had dropped her kids off with her parents and came to the city to shop for the day and ended up stopping in at our place for supper, She had a couple drinks and figured she maybe shouldn't drive home so texted her husband and cleared it with him then with her mom and said "Guess I'm staying... [more]

We had an orgy

The whole thing started when my friend Megan took off her shirt, Megan had a b*** job, i think she should have waited until after having kids but whatever. Megan took off her shirt and everyone was feeling her b**** (she is quite proud of them) Me... [more]

Wife's neice

I happened across my wife's niece getting nailed the other night, We were staying at her sisters place for the weekend and getting s*** faced the one night, Their daughter was sleeping in the basement, Her boyfriend was over and no one had really noticed that they had disappeared assuming they were... [more]

My inlaws rock

My wife and I built a house on her parents land, They are farmers and I work in the oilpatch, Their house is a 1/4 mile from ours separated by a tree line. From where I built my shop I can see their bedroom window, The first time I ever spied on them was not planned, I had walked over to their place to borrow some stuff out of their shop and... [more]

Overdone care

I'm 17 now but all my life have had Juvenile Osteoporosis which makes it very difficult for me to walk. I was adopted as an infant but have an extremely loving family and variety of close family friends. That's the problem because no matter what, there is always someone taking care of me. Aside from father and mother there are aunts, older female... [more]

My sister is gross

I know my sister and her boyfriend get it on when my parents are not home, They often sneak around on a Saturday while they are at work or if my parents are out of town which they do often now that we are old enough to stay home alone and from time to time I have spied on them, Her boyfriend is hot, Too old for me but he is definitely hot and is... [more]

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