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My daughter still wears diapers

My 13 years old daughter still wears diapers. Yes you read that right. She's barely a teen and still wears diapers. Let's say her name is Coco (not her real name).
It started when she was 7 and her baby brother was born, let's call him Hazel (not his real name). My Coco was jealous that Hazel was getting more attention than she was. She acted... [more]

My daughter acts like a Toddler

Yes... The title is right. My daughter still acts like a toddler, let's call her Tilly. It started when her little brother was born and she was 7, let's call him Scooter. (That's not their real names). She was just jealous of her little brother, and that we spent more time with him.
Tilly threw tantrums whenever me and her dad would ask to do... [more]

I love crossdressing

I've been crossdressing ever sense I was a boy. Call me Strider (that's not my real name). As a kid I received hand-me-downs from my older sister, call her Gazelle (not her real name). We were a poor family to say the least. I got all of her shorts, most of her skirts and some of shirts from her. Both parents didn't mind this at all.
I didn't... [more]

She would stare and let me be me

My mother in law was always fun, tell me about her “crazy” days and listen to my cry’s. She would tell me how she would be high as a kite back in the 70’s abs 80’s and allow me to j*** off in front of her when she was floating on Ambien ( a sleeping pill ).
She was reserved while sober but... [more]

She loves to stare

I remember waking up and seeing my bedroom door closing.
I lived with my in-laws, I had a cat that would tear up the carpet if the door were closed so it was always propped open when my wife would leave for work. (I worked nights)
My father-in-law would leave for work at 3:50 am and my wife at 6 am. My mother in law I thought would leave at... [more]

So much from someone so young

Not so long ago my relationship with my teenage nephew nephew has always been cheeky but recently he's been very sexual towards me, saying things like he would give me one you won't be walking after i had you stuff like that,I decided to turn the tables on him and call his bluff.when he next said it to me and agreed and got him upstairs... [more]

Morning delight

I got woken up by my light being switched on at 1 o'clock in the morning after my eyes adjusted to the light i saw my sister in law standing at the bottom of my bed i was confused to why she was in my house when i asked where my brother was she said oh he's home asleep and let her long black coat drop to the floor and all she had on underneath was... [more]

Another man's wife

I dropped Christmas presents off to my parents on thursday, when i came out my parents neighbor was outside sorting boxes out bent over,I stopped and watched as her baggie t-shirt lifted up and flashed her red lace panties,when she turned round she jumped she wasn't expecting me there,we laughed and i said to her looks like Christmas has come... [more]

First time you sucked a c***

Male or female how old were you the first time you sucked a c***. Who you gave it to how it happen did you spit or swallow

Brother in law joined in

My husband made a move on me in front of his brother,I'm not one to turn down s** and i have flirted with my brother in law in the past but this was new for me,we was kissing and my husband was pulling at my knickers in full view of his brother,I looked over and his brother was enjoying the show,I was on... [more]

Done more than Christmas shopping

I went out Christmas shopping with my sister missy who is 41 and her son adam who's 22,my sister has told me story's about adam and his private time in his bedroom and she's caught him staring at her,at my house later yesterday i mentioned to my sister let's give adam a surprise, when telling her what i had in mind she never hesitated,I called him... [more]

Autistic brother

My brother is autistic he's 28 and single,my brother is great with my son spends a lot of time round my house,he came by when my son was at school we got chatting and noticed he was looking at my b****,my nipple was out,I joked did it turn you on and he shocked me when he said you always do,he likes... [more]


My stepmum Nikki 37 when my dad isn't around likes to wear clothes that's shows herself off,I was working out and she came in and asked me why do i keep f****** dirty slags and she was saying that to me while wearing a shirt that didn't cover her [more]

I like that he watches.

My step dad has spied on me since I was about 15 and I started masturbating around that smae time so now I try my best to get caught naked or masturbating every chance I get.

Boyfriend and my mum

My boyfriend 24 openly admitted he found my mum 41 attractive,it's never bothered me and we tease him about it and afterwards the s** is mum has been single for years now and whenever we're alone we discuss our s** life,my mum said she needed a real... [more]

That worked out well part 2

I peeked out the door into the bedroom and she was laying there with her hand on her forehead but she was drifting off so I decided to wait, I stepped back so she couldn't see me, I waited another minute or two and looked again, She had her hand on the side of her face and her eyes were closed, I stood there and watched her for a minute and then... [more]

That worked out well part 1

Long story short I am a widower and my wife's mom lives with me to help look after my children, My mother in law works in an undustry where she is able to work flexible hours and if need be she can work from home as much as she wants and only goes into the office once or twice a week now.
When I married my wife her mom was 43 and right from the... [more]

Best thing that could of happened

I'm 27 and been married for 5 years and have two children,I was having problems with my husband that he had gone off s**.my best mate who ive known since we was kids was very surportive always coming round my house i felt i had a mate to listen,I have a cousin who i was catching up with who told me that... [more]

Caught naked

I remember my sister walking into the bathroom with her girl friend while I was in the shower. She just sat there telling her "don't you think he looks better with no clothes on" while they pointed their cel phones at me. It the worst time for my Mom going to the supermarket. I had no other choice but to finish me shower in front if them. Now... [more]

The first time I seen a woman wearing thongs with pantyhose!

This happened ten years ago when I was 15 years old and still a virgin.

Cindy, Alex’s mom is a definite spinner. She’s tiny, short & hot as F**K! She’s from a small coastal town in SC and met Alex’s dad in college. He’s a cardiac surgeon and they lived in Savannah, GA until he offered a promotion to transfer to a hospital in North Atlanta... [more]

Can it go back to normal?

My older sister passed away unexpectedly just over a year ago, Her husband is the greatest man I know but I F'd up bad. I went camping with him and my nieces and nephew and made a huge misake, We had a great day of hanging out at the beach and campsite and then kinda started drinking early, Late afternoonish and then got th kids to bed late and I... [more]

I've taken my brothers place

I've got an older brother who now moved away but before he did he said i should start spending time with our aunt.when i asked why all he said was you will see and you won't regret it.I never had a clue what he meant but never had to wait long to find out,in september i texts messaged my aunt to make sure it was ok to come round and when i was... [more]

Stuck in his mind.

I stayed the night at my friends house last night and we were just messing around trying on clothes, Talking, Chatting online and decided to get a bit crazy, We ended up stumbling...Yeah lets call it stumbling across a guy with a huge you know what and we watched him whack it and we were fooling around for him to watch, Got down to just our thongs... [more]

What did she expect.

My friends went out slumming it one night at a downtown strip club known for having local girl get on stage in an amateur night, Well...Low and behold one of them recognized my sister, recorded a short, sneaky video and showed me, I confronted her with it and didn't intend for this to happen but she went to my friend and he blackmailed her into... [more]

Family secrets

My mother used paddle my bother bent over a table while I sat watching secretly snapping pictures with my phone. She would lock his clothes away to prevent him from sneaking to the street and not do his school homework. I remember we went to the same school and he never found out I was sharing the picture with my girl friends. When he goes to... [more]

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