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Family nudity.

An observation I have made is that in many families when one of the family is going to take a bath or shower they get undressed in bedroom and throw a robe on and walk to the bath room.They get into the bathroom lock the door and proceed washing or showering.Once done drying they put on bath robe and walk back to their room.You are in your own... [more]

Getting families to do things together.

Many families do not have suppers together they are eating food by themselves in their own room with a tv or game system. Parents have made this possible by having each child have their own tv in their own room or game systems.
No more family unity at all to each his own.
If families have gone to the beach together this is a plus.Camping in a... [more]

Fisherman's dilemma

I spend about three months of the year, including currently, working as a seasonal commercial fisherman in Alaska. That's all I work yearly, and I make a $45K a year. It pays well for the time worked, and my family also gets annuity payments that brings our annual income to $60K. We are not rich, but I get to spend almost nine months at home per... [more]

What kind of discussions at dinner table.

Many families do not get to eat together at the same time because of work or delayed in traffic.Eating on the run.
There are families that do eat together at the table say grace and have great meal together.So at our dinner table discussions were about work what happened.Then we talked about what we learned at school.Then the kids talked about... [more]

What now?

You put your kids to bed and you might catch up on some reading or having a glass of wine.Time has passed by and you are getting tired one last check on the kids. You quietly come to their rooms and you look no one is in bed so you check the next bed and you find it is empty also.Quick check all of the other rooms in house and no kids and your... [more]

How do you discipline your children?

In your family do you give time outs? Do you ground them? Do you take away personal electronics? Do you make them stand in corner? Do you spank? In your house what do you do?

My sisters GF

Many years ago my sister decided she was no longer into men and started to...Dabble in hooking up with girls, She had a few bad relationships and I get why she went the direction she did but coming from a very conventional family...Well, Maybe not conventional anymore but our parents are married still, My husband and I are married and my brother... [more]

Being a caregiver.

I take care of my wife with all her needs and also my sister in law and of course my grand kids.Each one needs are different my wife has on going infections with bowel and bladder.So many times I would have to get her cleaned up with wipes and wet towels I know what a nurse goes through with messy adult diapers.I love my wife so I take care of... [more]

The love of my life

Im a Married Man , and im in love with junnette koegelenberg.

Parenting difficulties.

Ex gfs son masturbate on game chat

Girl died whom I stole off

Sleeping nude.

Family bed.

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