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My ex is cheating on my friend

I'm 15 and female. The other girl in this is K and boy is C... I'm A... So I was dating C for 8 months then we broke up... During the time I got him to come to my church and he met everyone there... My friend K and him talked and I thought nothing of it cause I knew they were friends but about a month after C and I broke up K asked me for approval... [more]

Mom is abused by step-dad

Before my mom met my step father, she was raising me, my sister, and my brother, without any help from family. She was constantly working, but she always made time for us. She would cook, clean, and help us with school. It wasn’t until I was 12 that she got into dating.
Now she is married to someone who degrades her. She is constantly being told... [more]

Bar Mitzva gift

I'm friends with a Jewish chiropractor who has set up a practice in a small southern town. He treats my aches and pains in a very professional way and we often have a beer or two at the neighbourhood pub.
I met his son while visiting this doctor at a small farm he owns. His sons Bar Mitzvah was coming up and I didn't know what to buy... [more]

Torn between husband and grown son

My 69 year old husband of 10 years has his good points, but he uses his ptsd and ADD cards to justify everything... he's always "deeply hurt" and constantly feels sorry for himself. I have a grown son from a prior horrible marriage. My current husband has a grown daughter and granddaughter. My son and I are working to find healing of our... [more]


I have read a few stories on here about spying on various people which got me thinking about my wifes mom, She was divorced before i met my wife 10 years ago and until recently i have never actually done it but had often thought about taking a peek.
Over the past few months i have started trying to catch a look at her naked since she is a mature... [more]

Who does that

4 years ago my wife and i moved to be closer to her family due to some health issues, Since i work from home it was no big deal to move but we did leave the city we had both been in for years (20 for me and 15 for her) so we moved away from all of our friends.
We went back and stayed at my friends place and Saturday night we all got pretty... [more]

Great vacation

Three years ago my wife's younger sister moved to the UK, It has taken us that long to finally go over there and visit her just due to the fact that for the first year and a half or so she came home one every couple of months or so and since then we have been super busy but she finally guilted my wife into agreeing to make the trip.
We ditched... [more]

Longing for the 20 years

I want to die. I've wanted to die since I was about 10 (40 now) but never actually went through with it. First I didn't want to disappoint my parents and cause my mom any sadness. But then I moved out and those feelings began to disappear. So, I turned to drugs, therapy, religion, anti-depressants, etc. and none of that worked. I only slunk... [more]

My and my sister

I am a 13 yr old boy with greens eyes and black hair and I have a belly fetish. My sister Ashley also has one she is the same age as me but has long skinny but semi plump legs, nice ass, blonde hair because our mom had blonde hair and our dad had black, and average b****. On our parents anniversary... [more]

Hate being a father

I hate my life.
Ever since my child was born.
Little s*** will ONLY sleep while laying on rather me or my wife.
Think about that for a minute...
Put the baby down and she cries. Try to discuss letting baby cry always ends up in huge arguement.
Try having [more]

Toxic b******

My so called "friends" have recently turned against me and they wont tell me why or what happened. even worse, this b**** seemed to be trying to flirt with my crush (i told her before when i thought i could trust her). because of this, every time i see them at school i have this urge to drag a knife... [more]

Blackmailing my sister in law

A while back i bought an old iphone from my wife's younger sister in a bit of an emergency situation when i couldn't get in to get a new one right away and although she had deleted everything she had not done a factory reset on it so i was able to recover a lot of potentially damaging stuff, there were emails to other guys, Texts to guys and... [more]

My fantasy with my father in law

I do fantasize about my father in law f****** me and, I c** very hard every time.
I have trouble accepting it and, my personal values make me feel it’s wrong. I am really on the fence about realizing my fantasy because I am afraid to be disappointed... [more]

Rohit and his sister-in-law

Hi everyone! This is the story of my friend Rohit from India.Rohit always had a soft spot for his sister-in-law. She was only a couple of years older than Rohit, so they were good friends. But deep down he fantasized about f****** her hard. She was voluptuous with the perfect curves and a deep... [more]

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