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Timing is everything.

Last night I went over to my mother inlaws to borrow her snowblower, My wife had texted her and said I would pick it up around 9 on my way home but I ended up being an hour early, Her mom said she probably wouldn't be home since she was supposed to meet friends at 9, As it worked out I got there at just the right time, I parked out back and walked... [more]

My step daughter is naughty.

Yesterday I walked around the corner and walked in on my step daughter sitting on the couch in a pair of shorts and a tank top, Shorts pulled to the side and one finger shoved in her p**** while taking pictures or video or something, She panicked and screamed dropping her phone and fixing herself up... [more]

Not sure if we are the first but probably

I am not sure if we are the first people to ever start doing this but my wife and I started swinging at a family reunion, My wife and I had 2 kids at the time when we attended the family reunion and by the time we left we probably didn't talk for the first 2 hours of the drive home. My wife was 36, I was 38 and we had 2 kids, My wife was 5'2"... [more]

Don't drink so much.

Last night my dad and step mom were out for a friends retirement party, My dad came in and went straight to bed without a word and just waved to me as he went past me on the couch, My step mom went into the main bathroom and I was sitting there watching tv, She was in there quite a while so I went and knocked on the door and she just slurred and... [more]

My cousin married a genius and had a daughter

His daughters IQ is off the chart. She's more intelligent than her mother who is a genius herself. We live within walking distance of each other.
Ok I wondered if the child was too smart to want any dealings with me. I wondered what to buy her to exercise her mind. There just happened to be a good novelty store not far from where we... [more]

Voyeur ad

Some PB guy couldn’t get my Jewish wife to cheat with him or some s*** like that so he put out ads for voyeurs to take pictures of her (some naked) and then send to me, all while telling me I’m a c******* and to let him F*** her or he’ll post them online... seriously WTFH?
Let me tell you my wife she not like some pretty teen she a mom (with... [more]

I hate my friends

Every single time I make plans they cancel it, they have some f****** excuse as to why they can’t go. Every. Single. Time. But when they make plans I cancel other plans just to go with them. I feel like I’m putting effort in and they just don’t care.

Love of a Lifetime is OFF-LIMITS and Too TEMPTING

After how many showers my stepdaughter calls for a towel. It's just she and I, so I find, and deliver her a towel. I enter as she steps out of shower like all is normal. But in my world, I am awe struck with the most gorgeous site of a lifetime. And overly aroused at eye-candy so close I could taste it. I was mentally licking every crannies. So... [more]

Staying warm during the Arctic blast

I'm a 25 year old educator currently pursuing my masters degree and married. I was raised in a strict religious family. During college, I was the dorky girl that never attended the parties to enjoy the alcohol, pot and random hookups. Actually, I had to work 30 plus hours to pay bills. I’m 5’8” slim, size 2 jeans, 32A. Until I succumbed to... [more]

My young smoking daughter

Hello everyone my name is Pam. I’ve been a smoker since age 9. I’m am now 33. I absolutely love my Virginia Slims menthol lights 120s. I didn’t realize it for a while but my daughter was taking drags off of my cigarette if I just happened to leave it behind to do something. One day I left it behind when I mislocated my phone. I went to the laundry... [more]

Wearing my sisters clothes

When I was younger than six my mommy had me wear my sisters clothes. This was mainly because my family was very poor. My parents couldn't afford to buy us clothes. We did not have anywhere to get clothes from like a Goodwill shop. So I ended up wearing dresses and all the other clothes dresses, skirts, under pants, even shoes. I also had very... [more]


Caning my wife


I was in prison for 40 years because I gave the wrong answer to one of the questions that the arresting officers had for me. If I had just told the truth that I was being blackmailed for being gay they would have apprehended the guys who framed me. Since I am no longer incarcerated, I have come to the realization that I cannot survive on the... [more]

I wonder if she will say anything?

My sister in law and I have always gotten along well, I have no idea if this Christmas will be awkward or not because of an encounter we had while attending a family wedding two months ago.
Like I said we went to my cousins wedding and everything was all good until my dumbass brother started getting drunk, It wasn't too long before she had to... [more]

Daddy issues

I would love to hear some confessions about girls with daddy issues

I blew up t my sister in front of her boyfriend

Her boyfriend has no high school diploma or a job. He got her pregnant. I found out and in his presence I said this.
Our family may not be the smartest family in the world but at least all of us graduated high school. I screamed in her face saying why did you let this mental midget knock you up? Is this goofy [more]


I secretly tried my terminally ill father's Roxanol after he died there was a full bottle left. I got hooked on it instantly you see as it is an opioid or Morphine in liquid form. I've gone in and out of treatment several times in recent years squandering the trust fund my father left for me. Although, I have no plans to stop, just waiting for... [more]

Daughters boyfriend

Im a 40 year old single 23 year old daughter is living with her slightly older boyfriend that i started sleeping spare time was taken up at the gym and could have the pick of any guy i wanted.we have a very good mother and daughter relationship where we will talk about anything, which my daughter talks about how good in bed her... [more]

Gilt about what ime doing for my dad

My dad is out of work i am at home on my long college break, so we are together a lot, he was up stairs i was going up to the toilet when i heard the sound of dad breathing heavily , i walked into his room, he had his pants down stood in front of the mirror wanking he was shooting his sperm , i walked out embarrassed he came after me and... [more]

Mom's Boyfriend is HOT

For the past three years I have been sleeping with my mother's boyfriend and she has no idea. I cannot stop and want to marry him. I don't know what to do. It is weird at times. Like hearing them get it on and then he may sneak into my room after she is asleep and F--- me. I am needing advise.

Goodbye to You, Brother

My brother is a sociopath. He doesn't know this, being he's not nearly as clever as he thinks himself to be; in his mind, he has everyone figured out, he's cleverer than anyone else. The result of this mindset is he has violated so many boundaries with others it's unbelievable. The things I've heard from others, the things I've seen him... [more]

I Love Marcela!

I Love Marcela! We are forever together in Love!

Little step sister

My mother met and married a man with three daughters. I was 10 and all three were younger than me. One night, for some reason, I can’t recall, we were all on pull out couch. The youngest out her hands down my pants and it began…

My Jewish friend rented a store with a trap door leading to a bas

This isn't a ghost story. Its about being sympathetic to the point of seeing something that isn't really there.
After he started paying rent he found out that some children had been playing chase with the trap door to the basement open. A little girl fell through to trapdoor and was killed.
One day while in this basement my Jewish friend... [more]

My son's bal*s are so big and sweaty and disgusting

My son is 16 and he always wears shorts, and his b**** always seem to escape out of his pants leg. I don't get how they're so big, they're like goose eggs and always all saggy. I can't understand how he just walks around with those things between his legs everyday, it seems like itd be so much easier... [more]

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