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Ms. Lisa

Muy Mom's best friend is named Lisa. They go out drinking at least one
Night during the week and then one weekend night. They came back from their favorite lounge one night 2 weeks ago, and once my mom passed out on the sofa, Lisa came over to my room and after we talked a little, we made out. Sh had told me that her marriage was a disaster... [more]

My brother’s friend

I have a crush on my brothers friend He stays at our house often And is 4 years older than me. I always hang around them when he is over. Is 4 years too much older ? Idk i just can’t stop thinking about him.

I saw my friend's girl's f****

I stayed with my best mate and his girl Anna in an old cottage in Pitch Place , Guildford.
The internal walls were made of vertical wooden strips.
I noticed one day as I climbed the stairs in darkness that there was a gap in the wall and I could see right into their bedroom when the bedroom light was on.
had a shower each morning after... [more]

You're not going to see anything boys !

I was ten when I started to sniff my mum's knickers . Mum was 41.
My brothers and I ( 8 and 5 ) had seen her strip in our shared room on holiday to her underwear before leaving the room to change her knickers.
I became fascinated.
I remember her saying
"You're not going to see anything boyd " as we.watched.
One night in her bra she pulled... [more]

You're not going to see anything boys !

I was ten when I started to sniff my mum's knickers . Mum was 41.
My brothers and I ( 8 and 5 ) had seen her strip in our shared room on holiday to her underwear before leaving the room to change her knickers.
I became fascinated.
I remember her saying
"You're not going to see anything boyd " as we.watched.
One night in her bra she pulled... [more]

Too funny not to share.

My wife and I went to visit her mom, She has been single all her life, Never married, Doesn't date anymore and I don't know what happened with the wife's dad but he is not around, I think he is alive but no one mentions him, She has never even seen him and if it ever gets brought up the subject gets changed so I always leave that alone.
We were... [more]

Watching aunty and uncles homemade p*** with my sister

My sister was 13 and i was 11 when we discovered my dad and uncle were swapping their blue movies.
They'd always joke about it when they were visiting.
I realized it was p*** films because they looked shifty and would go to the car to trade them.
I overheard dad telling uncle that this one... [more]

I had an old man for a friend

He owned a cool 10 gauge shotgun and I always admired it. He said I could have it after he passed away and a year after this conversation he did die of a heart attack. He was nearly ninety.
His family inherited the house and all of the furnishings and belongings in said house. I thought I can kiss that shotgun goodbye but one day his... [more]

Is it incest?

I'm 40 year old divorced mom with a 20 year old son Bobby. He is so stressed from college that for the last two years I have been jerking him off in the morning before classes and at night before bed.
I don't take his c*** in my mouth but I swallow his [more]

Not so weird

After coming across a few articles written here I have come to realize there are a lot of people who have messed around with their cousins so now I dont feel so weird that I did, We messed around for about 3 years off and on until she went to college.
She has never been super hot or anything and never got a lot of attention from the guys, she is... [more]

Daddy and sisters

I just walked in on my little sister riding Daddy's d***. I watched for a bet dad never noticed me but win Carly noticed she smiled and moved her leg so I could see more .than she got louder like she was putting on a show for me . I left as they was finishing . Now she smiles every time she see me... [more]

Wife's niece

Well, We just returned from a family vacation and it was a little awkward for some of it. My wife's sister and her cousin both traveled with us and their families as well. We have three children under 13, Her cousin 2 under 11 and her sister 1 under 13 and one 18. My wife comes from a family of well built, Good looking women and it's never a bad... [more]

F***** and multiple pregnancies by Son

I'm 60 years old. My father began f****** at 7 after my mother died. He impregnated me at 13. And I had a son James. I loved my Dad we continued to f*** until I was 20 when he passed.
I was alone on my 24 birthday James was 10 and I became sexual... [more]

Son is a r*****

Our son is developing slowly so we took him to the doctor. They ran tests and basically said he is a r***** who will need care for the rest of his life.
I sure as h*** know it's not my DNA that did this, but his [more]

Pre-Op MTF tranny Dad's Wife

My name is Taylor, I'm a 19 year old MTF transexual. I'm also been my father's lover and in love with him all my life. At 14 I gave him my body.
I knew I was in the wrong body since I was very young about 6. The night I saw my father and mother f****** for the first time Mom was begging dad... [more]

Can't look my parents in the eye

I'm so embarrassed! Last night I came home over an hour past curfew and got a major spanking. I haven't been spanked in quite a while and I feel so embarrassed I can't even look at my parents :(

I don't care if my father dies

I don't care if my dad dies because he's a stupid abusive piece of s*** who's**** and strangled my mom too many times. She's a stupid b**** who didn't feel the need to get away from him when there were so... [more]

Had NO idea I was pregnant

I (23 f) was shopping with a female friend last month to pick up some of the Black Friday deals. I didn't feel that well when I went out, but I hadn't felt that well in some time, and knew we were only going to be out for a bit.
I started feeling really sick and dizzy, like I was about to pass out. My friend called mall security and they... [more]

Sluty sister

I just walked in on my 18 year old sister right my dad d*** she looked like she was living it win she seen me she smiled at me with a Evel smile . I won't to my room about 15 minutes later she walked by my room . She turns around and walked in my room she was in her underwear . She was so sexy... [more]

I know they watch.

I have known for 3 months that my little brother and his friends watch me in my bedroom, I have a room downstairs and I noticed his friends started staying over a lot more often recently. One night after showering I went to my room and toweled off, I was sitting on my bed and in the reflection of the mirror I could see them looking in the window... [more]

Needs my son's c**

My son Robert and I have been sexual for 25 years since my husband died hen Robert was 14. I was only 35 and turn to him within days, I had been fighting my desire for Robert since he was 12.
To this day we make love and have oral s** at least 3 or 4 times a day. More on weekends.
When I have my... [more]

I regret parenthood

I used to have a nice life. Good job, loads of money, doing anything I wanted. I’m an outgoing introvert. Really funny, good friends and colleagues. But also phone off for the weekend, hiking, reading a book. When everyone around me started to whine about my singlehood, I met The guy. He is amazing! (Very extravert btw). And so it began. Living... [more]

I want to start over in life, change myself completely

I'm doing somewhat okay currently, but I also just feel like I want to start over completely, with a blank slate. Move to a new city or state. Get fat, find a nice wife, maybe get a simple easy job. Maybe have my wife do everything while I stay at home, a fat happy man. Might be happier than I am now stuck here in nowheres-ville Don't have the... [more]

My mum Edna's dirty knickers

I'm sniffing s pair if my mum Edna's knickers (on my face including pubes) as I type this. It's. 3am.
Mum had them on all day today and today isn't the first day .
I can't describe the smell but it's my mum's hairy c*** and I love it.
I'll. Put her knickers back in her dressing gown pocket before... [more]

Should I pull mum's knickers down ?

I see my mum in her underwear every day as she walks around the house in her bra and knickers.
She had nice t*** and It's
I know she is hairy as I sniff her warm dirty knickers every night.
It is so tempting to take her unawares and unexpectedly pull her knickers down to see what she is hiding... [more]

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