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Our family wife and kids were visiting another family that we have just gotten to know. They invited us over for dinner. They have two daughters 12 and 15. At 8:30 they told them go get changed for bed. The girls went off without argument which amazed me but then they came back wearing white nighties. Very 1950's. I was mesmerised. All... [more]


My husband (32) and I (29)are recently married (8 months) and I was left in charge of house sitting my sisters house while they were away on vacation a few months ago, My husband and I were going through netflix and couldn't find anything we wanted to watch so we started fumbling through their DVD collection and stumbled across a home movie stuck... [more]

I hate this lonely feeling

I always feel alone.
Even though i know i have people around me who care about me, i cant shake this feeling.
i miss people that dont miss me
i feel that im in this alone and no one cares
my brother and sister always do things together and never think of me
my best friend who was like mirror to me moved to a different country and now were... [more]

Feeling her up

There has been times when some of my female friends and family members get so intoxicated that I have been able to feel them up open up their clothing and suck on their nipples and finger them and I have taken pictures of them like that and they have no idea what I was doing. True story

Mom saw my d*** pics

I took alot of graphic pics and videos of me naked and somehow they all ended up on my moms phone...any moms know what she might have thought and you think she would have taken a good look at them before deleting them?please lmk your oppion...

Friend crossed the line. . . . imo

I've been married for 3 years, love my husband, and everything has been great. We recently had my friend Carol and her husband Tim over for dinner. I've known her for a couple of years, we work together.
We were having dinner and chatting about things that are on our bucket lists. I said that I'd like to vacation in Hawaii, my husband said he... [more]

Stolen nude photos

For many many years I have been going through friends and family members dresser drawers and closets looking for their private personal pictures of them nude. I've found private nude pics of close friends friends wives and girlfriends and my family members. I love looking at them all naked having s**... [more]

My father doesn't love me anymore

I can see it in the way he is uncomfortable around me, when he avoids talking to me, the things that he says and doesn't say. I came out as bisexual to him, and when I tried to give him a hug goodnight, he didn't hug me back. It was the first time in the 17 years of my life that he has refused a hug from me. I feel awful. I want to die

I hate my stepdaughter

I hate my stepdaughter. And I resent my bf for f****** baby momma again and making this kid. She’s 10 now and I came into their lives almost 2 years ago. In the beginning we were cool but then her s***** ass behavior came into play. She’s awful... [more]

Room Service

After having s** my husband asked me to take a shower for he was going for some food. Still in the bathroom I heard him coming in and went out to his encounter to realize all naked it was the room service guy. My husband came in right after him and to see me all nervous trying to cover myself up.

I think he likes you

"I think David likes you" my husband told me when I was wet and ready for his penetration after a good session of foreplay. "David who?" I asked him all desperate for him to start thrusting. "David your boss" he replied as he slowly penetrated me the deepest he could. I swear I felt as if it was my boss making love to me. My husband kept talking... [more]

He'll remember that forever.

I went home to visit my family over this past weekend, I am 23 and my younger brother is 18, I went to the kitchen around 2:00 am and was in the fridge looking for a drink when i heard footsteps behind me, I turned around and my brothers friend was standing at the counter.
I looked at him and smiled then said "Hi", He said "Hi" back and I poured... [more]

My story

When I was 14 me and my family went on a holiday to Fiji for a whole month. We mostly stayed in my dads village where my cousins lived (3rd times removed). My cousin that lived their had a thing for me ever since we were little.(we're 2 years apart) like every time I went Fiji he would always just touch me in certain places and tell me disturbing... [more]

Pics of his gf

When a good friend of mine started dating his gf about 6 years ago he took a couple nude pics of her. He had sent me some of a fat ugly chick he was s******* but didn't want to go with her. Then came Diane and she was hot and he liked her. So I told him to send me pics of her not feeling very... [more]

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