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Bad Dad

I'm an overwhelmed miserable father of 2. My sons are 3 and 1 respectively and although I'm grateful for them I resent them equally. Oddly if anything were to happen to either of them I'd be devastated yet I do anything to give myself a break from being around them.
I'm 39 and my neighbor once told me, "having children is the hardest thing... [more]

Wife and friend drank too much

At my wifes company Christmas party my wifes friend had a bit too much too drink, We went to the bar after and then to our place, Everyone was laughing and joking and flirting, She sat on my lap grinding against me as my wife stood in front of her with her hands on her friends hips guiding her motions.
Her friend is pretty with a bit of a chubby... [more]

Feminine boys name

My wife and I are having a baby boy. We would like to give him a girls name. Like a name that can be either boys or girls name. Suggestions please.

The Last Straw

To my sons' dad. You were once your child's world! You decided you wanted the drug life and low class white trash girls who would put up with your abuse. Your son needed you today and you didn't show again. You give him no money, time, conversation, a card for goodness sakes. He is falling hard - and you hurt him bad today by not being there... [more]

Living with motherinlaw

My wife did not like me in panties she is out of town a lot for work left me with my mother-in-law a lot a very good looking 60 yeah old woman have not had a man for 15 years we fleart all the time she leaves her panties on the bathroom hamper she only has vanity fair silk panties silk gusset we was talking one night it slipped out I think her... [more]

Friends wife

Last night I texted my friend and asked if he was up for having a beer, He texted me back and said "Sure, Stop by in half an hour", I walked over thinking it would take about 15 minutes and that would be close enough, I walked past the side of the house to knock on the back door since we always sit in the garage and drink beer.
As I walked around... [more]

I got the old elbow in the ribs

Last night my wife and I and her sister and the kids were all heading out for supper, Her sister has a great ass, Nice and round and it jiggles perfectly, There is nothing I enjoy more than watching her walk away.
We were in the mud room getting ready and she was wearing a pair of those grey yoga pants or stretchy pants or whatever and when she... [more]

That makes things a bit awkward

I am 38, Happily married with 3 kids, One of my very close friends is a lesbian, Has been for over 5 years off and on but the last 3 years just with girls and for over a year has been with the same girl, We have been friends since we were 3 and 10 years ago she had a bad divorce, I mean real bad, She caught him cheating and using drugs, She kicked... [more]

My brother

recently found out that my younger brother died a few years ago from an overdose. We both had f***** up childhoods. He was adopted by another family. I hadn't seen him in twenty years. I could have stayed in touch but chose to give him his space and let him make the decision to contact me if he... [more]

Quick peek

New years eve my wifes friend passed out on our couch and as I found out she wasn't wearing panties, In the morning I walked into the living room and she was asleep on her stomach and her skirt had ridden up, I leaned over and looked and could see her bum and her p**** from behind, I wasn't surprised... [more]


I've had s** with my mom and she never woke up or moved a muscle

Raising challenged son

I'm a divorced father (48), currently single, and this year I have had primary custody of my son, who is in high school. I feel like I'm in over my head dealing with this kid.
He is failing most of his classes, despite being on a special ed plan, and does not seem to have much of a memory, or to be able to make connections between things that... [more]


I waited until I was 33 to get married--or maybe it just took that long to find the right guy, I don't know. I'm a bit heavy (quite short and stocky), and never could get many dates. I finally found a partner, and we decided to start a family, so there have been plenty of attempts to coat my egg in recent months.
I'm now 34 and pregnant for... [more]

One and Done!

I'm so happy I only had one kid. I stuck to my guns, much to the pressure of friends and family, and knew I would never take on this much responsibility ever again. No f****** way! No support, no help, depressed, close to suicide so many times. I look back and know the only reason I survived was... [more]

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