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I want a divorce. My marriage offers me nothing. My wife had an affair and got pregnant while going through the immigration process. I hate being a step parent to my wife's mistake. I hate it.
The wife has made no attempt to better herself in 7 years being here, constant nags me about seeing other people, world sucky hours for [more]


I am a gay boy

F***** my stepmom

Once I was staying at my Dad’s house while shifting apartments. He happened to be away during that time. It was summer and the house had a pool so one Sunday I was sitting by the pool drinking a beer. My stepmom happened to walk in. “Pretty hot day...wait for me..lemme get changed!” A while later she walked in wearing a bikini. I noticed she had a... [more]

Our cat doesn't like me

I love animals. Instead of having human children, my wife and I basically opted to have a zoo instead. We have two dogs, two cats, and four fish tanks (20g, 48g, 75g, and 90g). I spend a lot of my time in the evenings taking the dogs for walks or maintaining the fish habitats. I love it.
All of our dogs/cats are from rescues (and had decent... [more]

Yeah I Had A Good Idea Of What Went On When I Was Not At Home

Yes, I know my husband is somewhat racist, although obviously not very or he wouldn't have married a black american woman, and wasn't exactly a big fan of my older children not being very nice to them when I was not around. I did not need people to tell me that something isn't right in my household. Bottom line is, whether people agree or not, I... [more]

My husband wants me to have s** with his best friend ?

My husband wants me to have s** with his best friend Eddie . My husbands best friend has been so depressed ever since his wife left him . Both my husband and I have been worried that he might do something really stupid . My husband said that i have s** with... [more]

Brother/father of the year yeah right

My stupid brother who is 47 went on my teens Facebook and posted some very personal and nasty s*** after my teen had a nervous breakdown. This is the same a****** who collected money at his work for my dads cremation and kept the money. He didn't... [more]

Far Away

I am moving as far away from interstates and cell phone towers as I can get. Wilderness, here I come!

Being used as welfare

I've been married to my hubby for 18 years, and we've been good. We started out poor, stayed that way for many years, but now we have a few grand in savings. It is not much, but to go from $40K in debt to having something in savings is good. We've busted our rears to get there.
My husband has a female friend who seems to be dead broke and in... [more]

Valentines day horror story

I posted this some years ago but I imagine its been forgotten and I'm equallu sure there are new members.
Just before Saint Valentines day in 1985 my wife and I were in bed. We had been having problems and it was about to get worse. She suddenly st up in the darkness and yelled at me, "you took me away from Randy the man I really loved" I asked... [more]

Let him touch her

It is no secret that my wifes best friends husband has a "Crush" on my wife, We moved 10 years ago to a new city three states away to further my career, My wife met some new friends and she has become very close with a few of them but one I would say is definitely her BFF.
They are in a similar place in life, and do pretty much all of the same... [more]

Sister in laws b***.

We just returned from a vacation with myself, my wife, her sister and her sisters boyfriend, While on the beach the one afternoon my wifes sister was laying out in a big lounge chair beside me and rolled onto her side, She is a bit "Top heavy" and with her bikini on one of her b**** flopped out, She... [more]

Wifes friend

This past summer on a weekend camping trip with some friends and their families we had been hanging out and playing drinking games all day, Somehow I ended up sitting by the fire talking to my wifes friend, I was pretty drunk and didn't really notice people disappearing one by one but suddenly it was just the two of us, She is really pretty but... [more]

3 Lives

Every man has at least three lives the professional life, the personal life and the secret life ... the hardest part is making sure they don't interfere with each other ..

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