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My new girl

Win i turned 18 i moved a couple states away for college after college i got a job and stayed there win i turned 24 my 17 year old cousin call me and said she was being kicked out and had no where to live and she asked if she could stay with me i said yes and told her to get picked up i was coming to get her on my way there i keep thinking how i... [more]

That's interesting

I won't say that I get off on the idea that my wife's mom is a l**** but...After her fathers passing my wife's mom dated a couple guys, Nothing serious but I know for a fact she put out because my wife and I heard her getting pounded, We were at the lake in rented cabins, My wife and I had sneaked... [more]

My sister boyfriend

My sister was 18 and she would sneak her 20 year boyfriend in the house one night he was in our house and our parents made her go and get some from the store she told him to stay hiding as soon as i could hear her car leaving the drive way i found him i ask him what him and my sister do at night he siad something that im to young to know about... [more]

Swimming Baths

I think something is going on between my son and his step dad, it was a rainy Sunday afternoon not much to do, my husband suggested we go and swim at the leisure centre I wasn't bothered so my son went with his step dad, after they had gone I decided to follow, I didn't fancy sitting in on my own, so I followed in my car I saw them walking in as I... [more]

Tormenting my younger cousin

Many years ago when I was welve my Grandfather was burning off some brush so that he could plant a field of clover. There were fires in several places burning hotly. My cousin was there with an attractive toy shaped like a Jetplane. He was stupidly tossing this toy as if it could fly. I asked if I could see it and he sad in a bratty way "no... [more]

I gave my gun away to a friend

I bought a .455 Webley revolver. It needed restoring and I did a good job doing that very thing. The only thing I lacked was ammo. Lacking .455 brass I cut back some Colt .45 long ammo which fired through the weapon very well.
Now what to do with the weapon. I'm not really a gun collector and the only reason I purchased the gun was to... [more]

Sisters surprise

Im 19 i woke up to my sister riding my d*** so i started humping back i sprayed my lode deep her sens thin we have bin doing it alout and now she pregnant she is the best f*** i have ever had i wont her all the time

Sister inlaws panties

I'm a carpenter worked on my brother inlaws house wife was so damn hot I couldn't wait for her go to work so I could raid used panties some times I didn't wait straight to their washing basket my c*** was a dribbling mess soon as panties touched my lips [more]

Conferring my sister

Last night my 9 year old sister got in a lout of trouble and dad spanked her hard and send the to her to her room i could her her crying for a while so i wint to her room and she was laying in her bed with no pants on i could see her ass was already! training black and blue i layed down next to her she was still crying i put my hand on her back... [more]

I spanked my 28 yr old son

Hi I am a women in my mid 50s and my 28 year old son has moved back in with me after being divorced and losing his job for being lazy.
I got in from from work at 7 last night and he was lying in the sofa drinking a coke and eating cereal. He was still in his pjs. The house was a mess and he had made no effort to even look for a job for weeks. As... [more]


Should I be concerned my daughter has always showered with her dad, she is 15 now, I've spied on them to see if anything inappropriate is happening, I haven't seen anything happen except he has an erection I know its a natural thing, I know family relationships are mainly between dad and daughter, should I ignore it I just cant decide.

Brother- Me and pregnant again.

My fraternal twin brother and I have been sexually active with each other since 7 years old, when we discovered how good it is to kiss each other.
We lost our virginity to each other at 13, and have never used protection.
I got married at 18, to a good guy, but with very little s** drive. We got... [more]

Wife Daughter Pregnant by me

My wife Helen and our daughter Terry and I got so s*** faced drunk. We ended up having a threesome. I came in both twice over 3 hours. They 69 together 5 times.
Nothing happened since then. Yesterday they came to me and said they are both two months pregnant by me.
We have decided, there is... [more]

Brother and me married and I love

I don't care what society says. I love my brother Josh and we are legally married.
I'm 26 and he's 40. We began 11 years ago, on my 15th birthday when I realized no man could make me happy but him. I went to him and seduced him The next morning I told our parents I'm going to live with Josh. They didn't understand. We have been together since... [more]

Crossdresser son f***** me

I'm a 43 year old widow and my 23 year old son Jess still lives at home.
Two years ago I came home very early on a Friday from work and found him in his room dressed as a woman with a very young boy (about 17) f****** his ass bareback. The boy came in my son. When they saw me the boy the... [more]


Me and my sister sleep in the same bedroom she was 15 and i was 8 she got in bed with me thin remove my panties she kissed me on the mouth next thing i know thar was a sharp pane between my legs i looked down to see a hare brush handle ln my i could see blood on it every time she slipped it down after a few minutes the pane was goon and it feels... [more]

So funny

We had some friends out to our cabin for the weekend and my wife's friend who's husband I have become good friends with were there, She was passed out on the couch after drinking too much while him and I were sitting by the fire, He went to get a beer and I went to grab my phone so we both went inside, We both stopped and looked at her, She is a... [more]

Mother in law touches it

My mother in law is a late 50's woman, She does sports therapy massage and has always given my wife and I massages whenever we go to visit, recently I decided to see what her reaction would be if I gave her a bit of a show, She is a nice looking older woman and I have always gotten massages in nothing but a towel.
This time I got on the table and... [more]

Fantasize about my stepdaughter

I must confess I have recently become very sexually attracted to my stepdaughter. She is 13, and just this year has hit puberty and her body has begun to change. She is becoming very beautiful, developing some very nice assets and a very slim, wonderfully toned body and amazing hour-glass figure. I can't help but be turned on by her looks. She... [more]

Family fun

One day win i was 15 my mom called for me so i wint to my parents room i wint in to find 7 year old sister riding dad d*** she was really getting in to it and and mom was laying in bed playing with her p**** mom told me to strip so i did she told me... [more]

Our Daughter is no Virgin any more

This morning when I went to our daughter for waking her up as I do each day, I pulled open the curtains and when I looked down on my daughter, I froze. What I did not see, when I came in the dark room, she was naked and she was on top of the Blanket. But that's not what made me freeze. Her legs were a bit spread and I could see the End of (I think... [more]

Off limits

My cousin came to visit last week while my parents were away at a conference and I told my BFF that she was coming over, They had never met and we were just gonna hang in the hot tub and have drinks so I invited my BFF, We were in the hot tub with my cousin and the two of them were "Hitting it off" It was the first time they have met and my cousin... [more]


I have an idiot friend that I resent because he won't go away. I treat him disrespectfully and his reaction is to make excuses to ME about my OWN behavior. I say to just F-off and forget about me, and yet he's still around. What is the next step?...violence?
It gives me a knot in my stomach thinking how naive he is. I understand that I need to... [more]

Me & my cousin

I have a cousin who’s 1 year older then me(both girls)and we‘ve always been close, but one time when I was 8 and she was 9 we were playing a game and at one point we were “sleeping” on the bed,I’m not sure what happened but we ended up rubbing each others p****’s, and from then on every time we saw... [more]

Tricked my mother

I found out that my mother had signed up for a online dating service. I created a fake account and contacted her. I was able to tell her everything she wanted to hear simply because hey she's my mom. We would chat for hours and then traded email addresses so we could chat in private. Things started to turn into sexual teasing with each other and I... [more]

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