School Confessions

Being too scared to tell

A lot of things go on in school especially high school and the weaker students are too scared to tell. Often when a larger boy hits or robs, shoves, spits on the victim knows that nothing will be done and telling only makes it worse.
One night some kids disguised themselves in masks and spray painted obscenities on the sidewalk and walls of... [more]

Larger boys taping a smaller boys head

I was in pys ed in the dressing room when two larger boys started taping a smaller kids head as in wrapping tape around his hair. They soon had one eye taped over much to the struggles and screams of the smaller boy.
Ok, the poor kid was wrapped up and then the two boys backed off and watched the smaller boy try to get the tape off of his... [more]

College is a waste of money

Anyone who tells you college is a must is lying. It's part of a scam. I went to a 4 yr liberal arts college and am still paying off my loans. I make the same money as the people who work with who didn't go to college. I wish I went to a trade school or something. Liberal arts degrees are a waste of money at the bachelors level.


Ok so I'm going into 7th and I have a huge crush on my guy friend, he's super athletic and he's really good at basketball, when we were little he played basketball against me and my friend at recess. She also liked him when we were little. He came to my school in about 1st grade and has been here ever since. My friend and I have been friends since... [more]

School relationships suck

I liked this girl as a teenager and I wanted to tell her that so I did, and her friends laughed at me. After that I asked her out but she friend zoned me. Next year I found out that, the girl I liked actually liked someone in my friend group. I was excited and confident that it would be me. So I waited and soon enough she approached me and 2 of my... [more]

I'm lost

I am dying inside I'm depressed and in need for guidance.

I got caught kissing with my SO in school and lied to the teacher

Im only 13 and yea ive gotten caught by a teacher.. kissing. It was one of the scariest moments in my life and we both lied. She didn't see us kissing but she saw us in a restricted area, and asked for our level. The guy said we were cousins just passing through the area, and that he was a level younger than me. The fact still haunts me every... [more]

I'm backstabbing people who think i like them

To preface: I am in a frat which got kicked off campus. We started out good when I pledged, but as older guys graduated we started getting guys who weren't so great. I told myself they were just lost kids at the time, but it became harder to ignore the growing amount of people with coke problems, nasty/gross remarks to people on campus, and... [more]

My students...

I am a teacher at a middle school with a student body that is about 60% white, 30% Hispanic, and 10% black.
Those 10% of students that are black account for over 80% of the discipline problems at our school. Even as young as 10 (the youngest students we have at our school), the black students are confrontational with teachers and... [more]

I have a crush on my graphics design teacher

Let me get the basic down. He has a beard. 😍 His voice is deep and masculine. He is kinda hench. He has a perky butt.And when ever my friends (we are girls) say hi sir he winks as a joke. He is so attractive.

I have a crush on my English teacher.

Okay. I have a HUGE crush on my English teacher. I dream of him every night. Oh, Mr. T... *faints*


I lie about purging. I do have body image issues and I am constantly thinking about how I look. I have restricted my eating and binged but I never actually purged. I don't know how the lie started but it got out of control. I really want to purge but my mother is constantly watching me. Am I a bad person?

Giving up hospitality management

I am giving up my course at school for another easier one. I don't care if they make it hard to pass I just go somewhere else easier.

As soon as courses get hard now I give up

I know I might sound like a slacker but I just don't believe everything in life is meant to be so hard when eventually things are just common knowledge! I do my best but once I see the roadblocks and the trouble the courses bring I just say "STOP" and find a easier one that gives the information but in an easier way for people to understand... [more]

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