School Confessions

High School is Miserable

I feel aboslutely depressed in high school. Everyday I feel like I'm going to cry. I don't really have friends I'm constant with, but despite that nothing is wrong. I am a straight a student who's not being bullied and is liked bh many people, but not popular which I am cool with. Everyone told me that high school was better than middle school... [more]


I f*****g slept with a chick in the third grade


I wake up in the mornings
Sinking halfway to the bottom
There's a loud distorted screaming in my soul
Everything is dark and empty
And I don't know how to fix it
So I curl up in a ball
And cry in the comfort of my home
I don't know why
I feel like s***
I say I'm fine but I'm not... [more]

Luke and his teacher

Ever since he was a little kid, Luke had a special thing for older women. Especially those who wielded some kind of authority like teachers, women policemen, even nurses. As he grew into his teens he began to fantasize about what he would do if he ever got a chance with a woman like that. Luke was pretty attractive, and so he could go out with any... [more]


I hate talking about how I'm doing at school with anyone. My parents push me all of the time to do well in school, my mother sets up study timetables for the entire year wih me. I'm not doing as well I should be doing, and I hate talking about how I'm doing. Whenever I talk about it with my parents, even if they are saying that I'm doing well, I... [more]

Sucky sucky 10 bucky?

My teacer f***** my ass all night bby dol' ye boiiiiiiiiii

Confession of an international student in Malaysia

Malaysia... Malaysia.. Malaysia..
Where do I even start about this country? I think I'm on a pretty high place to talk.. Being that I've been living here for over 3 years. Before coming to Malaysia I obviously had a very good perspective about this country.. As every other International student. But ever since coming here I ask myself daily... [more]


I pretended to have a stomach flu last week so that I would not have to go on a stupid field trip to a stupid lab.

Becoming notable

I've worked far harder than I should have done for years now. I pushed my secondary school to let me take a GCSE in year 9, completed the corresponding AS in year 10, then self-studied two more AS-levels and 3 A2 levels in year 11 alongside the rest of my GCSEs. Not because I was outstanding at the subject - I was far better at english, and... [more]

Is education actually important?

So, obviously the better qualifications you have the more you earn, but when you go to all the richest of people dropped out or failed school, or inherited it. I personally think education should be partially or even mostly based on motivation rather then education, especially since you can literally just google it, this way, as long as somebody... [more]

Being too scared to tell

A lot of things go on in school especially high school and the weaker students are too scared to tell. Often when a larger boy hits or robs, shoves, spits on the victim knows that nothing will be done and telling only makes it worse.
One night some kids disguised themselves in masks and spray painted obscenities on the sidewalk and walls of... [more]

Larger boys taping a smaller boys head

I was in pys ed in the dressing room when two larger boys started taping a smaller kids head as in wrapping tape around his hair. They soon had one eye taped over much to the struggles and screams of the smaller boy.
Ok, the poor kid was wrapped up and then the two boys backed off and watched the smaller boy try to get the tape off of his... [more]

College is a waste of money

Anyone who tells you college is a must is lying. It's part of a scam. I went to a 4 yr liberal arts college and am still paying off my loans. I make the same money as the people who work with who didn't go to college. I wish I went to a trade school or something. Liberal arts degrees are a waste of money at the bachelors level.


Ok so I'm going into 7th and I have a huge crush on my guy friend, he's super athletic and he's really good at basketball, when we were little he played basketball against me and my friend at recess. She also liked him when we were little. He came to my school in about 1st grade and has been here ever since. My friend and I have been friends since... [more]

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