School Confessions

Former student now wife

When i was a teacher, there was this girl Melissa who was my student. She was super petite, very flirty, and wore short skirts to school often. As the years went on, we developed an affection to each other. It never crossed my mind to do anything illegal. However, during her senior year she really turned it up - wearing short skirts and... [more]

Teacher hates students

Working with minorities students will make you a racist. I'm an open minded person. But I have become more closed minded and hate people now. Try working with minority students, blacks and Mexicans. White students are much nicer and pleasant and decent. There are numerous times when I had just one or two black students in class and they ruined... [more]


I think there should be more bullying in schools not less. i'm so sick of all these whining b******* b****** who complain all the time. them b****** need to get bullied and beat and then... [more]

I'm insane loner

I'm 16 year old in high school and i'm facing mental problem slowly coming closer and closer to breaking. Some backstory I was a big d*** child in middle school bullinga girl into tears, making fun scucidal boy, etc. As the year grew by I became more racist towards black people(I'm black myself) and... [more]


A cute friend (f) of mine (m) that I've had a thing for started kissing my arm and sucking my fingers and not gonna lie she knows how to use her tongue

Crush on my Classmate

I'm in grad school getting my Master's degree, so I'm older than most of the people who use the school category.
I'm just going to admit something that I've been denying to my friend at work: I have a crush on my classmate who is in both of my grad classes. There, I said it. It's surprising since I have never had feelings for an Asian guy... [more]

My underage school bus dream which has become my fav fantasy

I had a dream about a year ago which has now become my favorite m*********** fantasy.
I dreamt that I was a kid back at school on a school trip on a bus sat in the window seat. Sat next to me in the aisle seat is a little girl. She is very pretty, wearing an extremely short school skirt... [more]

No reason to this post, I just wanted to share

I just wanted to share some ridiculous high school rules. Some of these are pretty hilarious with context, so enjoy the read.
1. "Students are not allowed to wear scrunchies, hair-ties, or hair clips on school grounds." This rule was enforced because some high school girls enjoy playing with their ponytails and hair clips during class... [more]

A daily thing

My friend and I sit in the back row in every class, He always sits next to me, One day in class he asked for some help so the teacher came over and was helping him, I looked over and she was wearing a dress, Not super short or anything but I was checking out her legs which are actually pretty damned nice, I don't know how old she is, Someone told... [more]

A joke gone horribly wrong.

I made a joke about school shooting.. got arrested and charged and got stabbed multiples times, after went back to school got shot twice in the same leg. Shot up the school - July 1988

Class room flash

While in the 9th grade we had a big boy in the back bench who was 3years senior but being failed in smaller classes was attending the classes with us. During the last month the grade on class was free as the teacher was on holiday and all the boys were just playing around in the class. Then the boy next this big boy shouted saying look something... [more]


As I prepare to head back for my second year of university I am wondering what I will have for a room mate, Last year my room mate and I were pretty close but she was a total s** freak, Started out that in our small, Shared room I became almost instantly aware that she had an excessively high [more]

Taming the bully

So I am now in a "secret" relationship with my bully, Marrisa was always one of the popular girls and made sure everyone knew it, She was mean to people just because she could be, Two weekends ago I went to a party and she was there, She had a bit too much to drink and...Well I'll tell you. I guess I should mention that we are both girls in the... [more]

Felt up

The first time I was groped under my kilt I was 11. I was at the same school as my cousin, we were both boarders but as it happened we also lived in adjacent villages. E hung about together in the holidays. On this particular occasion we were wrestling together , he brings year older was winning and submitting had made my [more]

Naked Dares

As a boy I was quite pretty and the others used to get me to do naked dares, being a show off and exhibitionist I did a number. One time when the equipment was set up for sports day I was persuaded to high jump naked, as it happened I was a good jumper. She authority was known to be at dinner, I stripped off and went over the bar a few times... [more]

Face sat at 8

I went to a special school due to my behaviour being not the norm.
It was normal for older kids to be put in with younger kids. Diane was 7 years older than me, but mentally the same age. I was 8 years old and a short and timid child.
Anyway I was running slow in the playground as I loved the six million dollar man, it was the seventies... [more]

School Fun

I went to a special school due to my behaviour being not the norm.
It was normal for older kids to be put in with younger kids. Diane was 7 years older than me, but mentally the same age. I was 8 years old and a short and timid child.
Anyway I was running slow in the playground as I loved the six million dollar man, it was the seventies... [more]

Naked Dares

I posted before about getting naked dares to do.obe dare was to climb a tree naked though I did keep gym shoes on. I don't recommend climbing trees naked, very scratchy. Then a teacher approached and my audience wandered off and I was left up this tree stark naked, fortunately he did not see me. When he walked away the other boys brought my... [more]

Cross dressed

I had a friend at school, he was a weekly boarder, home at weekends, I head a full time boarder. This boy dominated me, he had a painful way of getting me to do what he wanted. When I was 12 he decided he wanted to see me dressed as a girl. I was invited home for the weekend and on Sunday after lunch when his parents were out, he and his 2 sisters... [more]

Church O*****

The whole school walked to church all of us wearing the kilt. I usually wore my kilt commando the school's at in three less. During the sermon the lights in the church were lowered so that the congregation could concentrate on the sermon. My friend sitting next to me knew I was commando and slid his hand up my kilt and felt me up. Obviously... [more]

The Fishy Girl!

My buddy Dave and I sat in the back of 11th grade English class. In between us was Liza. She was hot looking. We slid her dress up a bit and took turns playing with her. Oh man! Her snatc h smelt pretty bad. I looked at him and he looked at me. We quickly removed our hand from under her dress. I raised my hand to use the laboratory first. Dave had... [more]

Remember to close your curtains.

A friend of mine and I were over at another friends having some beers in his garage because his parents were away, My friend was going to stay at my place so around midnight we walked home, We were cutting through the alley about two blocks from my house and he looked over a fence and said "Holy s***... [more]

They found out

So i was in 6th gread and with out my mom i buy i pair of underwaer with a buit in vibraor and i waer thm to school one day the teacher nothe she had a talk with me and she side u know it is not good to waer the to school i side i know then she side u do not have to tunl them off just tune them down

Behind a door in the art room

There was this sexy cute boy I like. We had fun talking and doing our art projects. Then one day while the teacher left the room we went behind the door and pulled it so it blocked us from view. Behind that door I gave him head. I enjoyed sucking on his c***. It was pretty nice at least over 6... [more]

Panties for my 11th Birthday Party back in 2000

It was my 1st year in Jr. High, 6th grade to be exact. I was turning 11 and my mom decided to throw me a party with guys and girls. It will be fun Amanda, where my moms words!! To make a long story short, my mom got me a gift that I opened at the party that were bra and panties, cute bikini sets, bras clasp in front, at 11 I didn't have much on... [more]

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