School Confessions

Proper Farewell

Right before COVID was a thing life was happy and once it started becoming a little worse before my schools spring break life was still hoot but when my school got off for spring break everyone thought that we were gonna go back to school after our one week but that didn’t happen and I graduated middle school without giving it a proper farewell... [more]

Uncomfortable in School

I'm in my second year of college. My friends and I go to school together which makes me happy. There is just one problem, one of their boyfriends is white and that makes me uncomfortable. I'm black, grew up in a Hispanic area, but I don't like white people. I need to be around them all the time now which I hate.
Black people joke about... [more]

I'm scared.

ALRIGHT SO. I’m going to tell the truth here and nothing but the truth. I’m 13 and I’ve been doing online school since March now. I turned 13 in February and I got an app called discord maybe a couple of months later. I’ve made some of my best friends there! I haven’t met them, but I’ve seen them on camera so I know they’re not some 40-year-olds... [more]


I am so overwhelmed. I only have one friend and she's depressed. I'm always the edge of tears. I think I have bad anxiety. I have humiliated myself multiple times. I want to die. I could never tell my parents or teachers or friends. I am brojen . I cut to calm down. I will kill myself soon.

You know Heather by Conan Gray? Yeah...

So there’s these two boys in my class, one I’ve been in the same classes as him since 3 years ago (we’ll call him F) and the other who I started being in the same classes as him since 2 years ago (we’ll call him K).
I guess you could say I started liking both boys over time, but I never really came in terms with that fact because I didn’t want... [more]

She pimped out her Brother

Another story from my messed up youth
I was 13 and in the 7th grade. Awkward and just starting Puberty, totally inexperienced. Through some other Kids I knew I met a kid from a nearby Neighborhood named Garry and we all hung out together, he was 11 or 12 and had a Redhead sister 9 years old, Her name was Linda. She was fat with too many... [more]

I'm an Alien in my All White Town

19 year old black guy from nj. mom is an immagrant from St.Lucia, don't know dads ansestory. I feel like an alien in my all white town. white people just annoy me. black people are more creative, athletic, relaxed, ext. I stick out like a sore thumb and i can't fit in.
people pitty me and act like i'm a victom. mom is a nurse and dad is an... [more]

I saw a guy get birth front teeth knocked out during a fight

The guy missing his teeth was just standing there in shock saying something I couldn't understand. The guy who hit him had the guy's teeth embedded in his hand.
I graduated high school and many years later I met the guy whose teeth had been knocked out and he had two porcelain teeth where the other teeth had been missing.
I'm not sure... [more]

Close call

when I was thirteen , I would have completely uncontrollable and extremely strong o****** just by thinking about my crush(not even sexualy)it feels amazing of course, but as I said it was uncontrollable so it wasn't all good. This one time I was sitting in class and looked at my crush, who sat... [more]

Mouth taped shut in school

My 5th grade teacher gagged kids who talked too much in class. She did this all the time. Her usual method was to plaster a big jumble of masking tape all over the offender's mouth.
I remember once a boy who received this punishment for the umpteenth time managed to work his mouth open underneath all that tape. So she sealed his mouth shut all... [more]

Middle Scholl Tracher

Have any other teachers watched p*** jerked off under the desk while the students take a test?

Away from home part time job

I’m home from college because of the pandemic. I picked an out of state university and my parents told me to get a part-time job for extra cash. I didn’t want to work at the mall, fast food or the movie theater. A friend convinced me to try a ‘dating’ site she uses. The guys are old, most are married but they’re all polite & respectful. It’s fun... [more]


I wasn't supposed to see a question to a test but I did. I was prepared and it gave me no real advantage even though I did take a look at my notes one last time. I wasn't supposed to but again, i knew the material and didn't look at the notes when I took the test.
I feel horrible but since it gave me no advantage, I'm not sure how I should... [more]

I bullied a guy

I do regret this and I know I’d get hate for this but this is a confession website, so I’m just admitting something bad I’ve done. Back when I was 16 I was in a relationship with some girl, she was really popular and hot. One day she told me some guy had told her that he likes her, it was some skinny unpopular nerdy guy. Obviously she told him she... [more]

I'm 16 and I drink alcohol before school all the time.

Yep. I get really drunk before I get on the school bus. From homeroom to the end of 2nd period I’m pretty drunk. I also dip at school. It’s just so boring and my teachers aren’t hot like they were last year. My history teacher caught me dipping and told me I should stop. Haha what an idiot. I spit my dip in his coffee one morning while he was in... [more]


So… I have always had a sense of breathlessness whenever I enjoy lots of activity or when I’m around certain triggers, and I always wondered what it was; so one day me and my mum went to the doctor to see what it was, did loads of scans tests and came to the conclusion That I had severe asthma. I told my closest friends about this, and expected... [more]

She needs guidance

I work at a private highschool as a counsellor. Every week I have a particularly dysfunctional girl (12yrs) who has to report to me to have a behavior sheet signed. She only can get it signed if no incidents of truancy or disrespect have occurred.
She is a superbly attractive little girl but her manner is rough and rude.
About 3 weeks ago she... [more]

7 grade s**

It started a month ago . I don't like wearing underwear . One day our teacher left the room for a few minutes . I got up and flipped up my skirt . To guys got one took my p**** from the front . The Uther got me from behind in my ass . They barely finished before the teacher got back . The word got... [more]


I’m a high school teacher and the school I’m in has a lot of fistfights. Most of them don’t amount to anything but some get pretty b*****. At first I didn’t like watching them but now they actually kind of turn me on. Being a woman I can watch without trying to break them up. I see a lot of [more]

Sorority initiation week

I was 18 when I went to college and pledged into a sorority, and I was a really innocent small town girl who just finished high school and had no idea of what it was like out in the real world. The way this sorority worked was a 2 week initiation period where an active sister in the house had to choose to sponsor you from among the pledges, and... [more]

I am going to kill everyone on the bus in the morning SylveenHill

The cops can think all they want that i am lying, but i have given up. so i will be bringing my ar-15 to the bus and ill hide it in my gym bag. im going to kill everyone on the bus. then i will shoot at cars. the best part is nothing will happn because they think all the threats are hoaxes. can you imagine how bad they will look when everyone... [more]

Teacher and Ex-Student

I have been teaching high school for many years and have resisted the flirting, gropes, sexual aggressiveness and infatuations (theirs and MINE!) of many of my students. Last week, one of my former students showed up at school and dropped by my classroom. He was out of college and had just gotten a great job. We exchanged contact info and said our... [more]

Brat at school

I went to school in the 1960’s. I was a nightmare for the teachers. I was always chatting in class, mucking around, being cheeky etc. I got caned regularly by several different teachers. Despite the pain caused by the canings I still did not learn. I would like to say sorry to all those teachers I annoyed.


I am an English learner. She Her Hers. Recently, I'm feeling very alone and miserable at school. I came to the US last year from Japan because of my dad's job, and I'm a freshman in high school. Since I came here, I feel like I'm not accepted by anybody. Yes, there are people who are very nice to me and care about me (I am very grateful for... [more]

I love bullying

I love bullying because I love seeing worthless b****** get beaten up one day at school this little nerd tripped me up so I basically threw his glasses on the ground and mocked him then I pushed him over and spat on that little f****** waste of... [more]

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