School Confessions

Girls knickers .

Until i was aged 11 , i went to a mixed school in England . The girls wore loose green flanelette knickers . It was part of their school uniform . At break times . They liked to do handstands agianst a wall . There dresses would always fall over their faces . Leaving their knickers and belly on show . Girls also did handstands against walls on... [more]


I got my skirt forcefully held up, panties taken off in the the school bathroom by a group of girls. They did it in front of three boys to embarrass me, telling me to keep my legs spread. I never said anything because they threatened to pinned my panties on the school's bulleting board with my name on.

Showing off my knickers at school

I was always the fattest girl in my year at school and I had huge legs, as a result my skirts would never fit me properly. As well as being fat my legs were also very long, we were made to wear short skirts for PE lessons and I couldn't wear shorts under them as they would have shown too much cos of their length. Gym knickers were too tight on... [more]


It happed in coed boarding when I was 13 years old. A teacher once caught a boy standing on a wood box peeping on naked girls in the showers. I was so embarrassed about being seen naked, because I was one of the girl in there when he got caught. She walked him into our bedroom, told to take his clothes off and swatted his butt 10 times with his... [more]


I have a fantasy where I am bullied and humiliated by a school girl or a group of school girls 11-16 slapt spat at and degraded.

Second grade teacher kept marking my paper with a horrible grade.

When I was a kid in the second grade, we had a teacher who taught us how to write in cursive. I'll call the teacher Mrs. K. She would be a good teacher if she only stopped giving my paper a bad grade. Every Thursday, a woman would come in and she and Mrs. K were clearly friends. I never knew the woman's name so I'll call her Miss T. As said, Miss... [more]


I have fantasy's about f****** teen girls

Thong swimsuit

I confess that when I swim for my high school swim team, I pretend stretching bunches my swimsuit up in the back and I pretend I don’t notice, but the truth is I like the thong look. I like knowing the cute boys are staring at my booty.

Discovering a new fetish

In high school, I discovered a fetish I didn't know I had when a girl was sick in class. She didn't have time to run to the toilet to be sick so did it out of the classroom window onto the grass outside, and I couldn't understand why I felt so weird upon seeing her do it. I tried to look it up online later, and, well, yes, it is indeed a fetish.

Incident in High School

I was in History when an argument broke out between a guy whose last name was Futch and a guy named John. John was big and tall, Futch was medium height but built like a fireplug. John kept saying "right here Futch" and after about the third time he said that Futch came flying in and started swinging with John not fighting back but kept saying Ok... [more]

I want to beat the s*** out of the school principal.

Mr W,Miss M,Miss D,from Keota school,F*** you for taking sides with two boys claiming my 13 year old daughter said she was going to blow those boys heads off with a shot gun and skin them alive when all she said to a friend on Snapchat that she ought to kill those boys jokingly ( no she shouldn't had... [more]

I wish I had enjoyed going to school but I hated every second of

I wish I had enjoyed going to school but I ended up hating every second I was there. Bullies ran the school. The robed you, they shoved you, they spit on you and every day was a lesson in just surviving through the day without being beat up. The school bus was the worst because you can't run away riding a bus.
I was un coordinated... [more]


Sooo im mentally ill and I couldn't complete my first year of uni I just burnt out and f***** everything up so I applied for a appeal so I could redo my first year and they rejected me lmao they said they can take me in next academic year or I can appeal again but yh I cant do this anymore like im... [more]

A Fake Grade A Student, hated by everyone

I just feel so heavy...i can't breathe on the environment im in...if you only knew how i badly wanted and begged to transfer just to stop all the dishonesty and cheating, but my mom just won't let me and i carry that guilt every single monday that i have to face you...back when i first entered high school, my mom started hiring teachers inside our... [more]


Worst thing that happen to me, was getting my clothes taken off in a party, in front of a bunch of girls, and getting erection waiting to get them back. Felt so degraded laughing about it trying to play it down. Most of those girls were from my school and they still laugh about it to make me blush.

I helped a Brit girl get a teachers certificate

I had just graduated from a mediocre University. My father didn't like it because he had plans for me and he wanted me to go to a better college but I wanted to go where I went.
Working in London with my father I met his secretaries daughter. We became friends. She was in the same circumstances as I was with higher education except the UK... [more]

Ran into the girl I used to bully

A very humbling experience, I’m 23 now and recently ran into the girl I used to bully when I was like 13-16. I was a mean b**** back in the day, I guess I was young and stupid, and let some problems and issues at home affect my personality in school. She was small and skinny, I was skinny too but... [more]

Some punks vandalized my High School

They painted the words f***, s***, n***** go home, and they described a s** act complete with a boys name using white paint on black asphalt. They broke in the... [more]

Spending those wonderful days at boarding school

My parents are career diplomats. This meant that we grew up in far off places as my father advanced in his career. In most cities the schools were fine until you got to middle school, after which you get shipped off to boarding school. You arrive, along with other boys your age. Get assigned to a dorm room, and your Dad leaves. I went to the... [more]

Hairy roomie

It's the first week of school and I already saw my new roommate's huge bush. We live on the second floor dorms that are tiny. She came out of the bathroom with a towel on. I heard something fall so I turned around and saw her huge brown bush in the mirror. It looks like she hasn't shaved in years. I told my bf about it. He said bushes are a thing... [more]

Doorless showers

It happed in the boys dormitories of a boarding school I used to go too. I was excused from physical education period by my teacher for scraping my elbow in a basketball game. He sent me to the dorm building and told to wash it with soap. I remember walking down the empty hallway to the showers with a towel around my waist, when two girls ... [more]

My triumph over a fat stupid soon to be high school dropout

This fat ass loser demanded money from me and I refused to give it to him. He threatened me but it didn't work. I kept my money. This caised his friends to laugh at his fat stupid ass and he looked and hopefully felt like the fat stupid loser that he was and probably always will be.

High school upskirt

In my PE lessons at high school there was a fat girl who would always sit cross-legged in her short PE skirt and not realise she was showing off her white knickers. I used to always make sure I got a good look up her skirt in every lesson and she never noticed.

My High school was too damn hot year round

In the early and middle 60's I went to a school that was hot as H*** during the summer and winter both. NO AC during the summer and during the winter the heater overheated the damn building. We were ordered not to open the windows. The eason being in their words "we refuse to heat the outside of... [more]


Kids at school think that fighting, insulting each other, b******* about people behind their back or squaring up to one another make them look big or strong and I'll admit I used to think that way as well but now I am trying to change and just ignore them. It gets hard when your friends try to... [more]

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