School Confessions

I'm lost

I am dying inside I'm depressed and in need for guidance.

I got caught kissing with my SO in school and lied to the teacher

Im only 13 and yea ive gotten caught by a teacher.. kissing. It was one of the scariest moments in my life and we both lied. She didn't see us kissing but she saw us in a restricted area, and asked for our level. The guy said we were cousins just passing through the area, and that he was a level younger than me. The fact still haunts me every... [more]

I'm backstabbing people who think i like them

To preface: I am in a frat which got kicked off campus. We started out good when I pledged, but as older guys graduated we started getting guys who weren't so great. I told myself they were just lost kids at the time, but it became harder to ignore the growing amount of people with coke problems, nasty/gross remarks to people on campus, and... [more]

My students...

I am a teacher at a middle school with a student body that is about 60% white, 30% Hispanic, and 10% black.
Those 10% of students that are black account for over 80% of the discipline problems at our school. Even as young as 10 (the youngest students we have at our school), the black students are confrontational with teachers and... [more]

I have a crush on my graphics design teacher

Let me get the basic down. He has a beard. 😍 His voice is deep and masculine. He is kinda hench. He has a perky butt.And when ever my friends (we are girls) say hi sir he winks as a joke. He is so attractive.

I have a crush on my English teacher.

Okay. I have a HUGE crush on my English teacher. I dream of him every night. Oh, Mr. T... *faints*


I lie about purging. I do have body image issues and I am constantly thinking about how I look. I have restricted my eating and binged but I never actually purged. I don't know how the lie started but it got out of control. I really want to purge but my mother is constantly watching me. Am I a bad person?

Giving up hospitality management

I am giving up my course at school for another easier one. I don't care if they make it hard to pass I just go somewhere else easier.

As soon as courses get hard now I give up

I know I might sound like a slacker but I just don't believe everything in life is meant to be so hard when eventually things are just common knowledge! I do my best but once I see the roadblocks and the trouble the courses bring I just say "STOP" and find a easier one that gives the information but in an easier way for people to understand... [more]

My friend got hit and its hard to feel sorry for him

I was in the restroom at high school and some lummox of a punk walked in and punched a smaller boy in the face three times. He was p***** because he had called the larger boy a son of a b**** which he was.
I was freaked out because there was... [more]

College Soldier

I want to join the Army Reserves so badly, and I'm talking to a recruiter coming up very soon. I'm not going to join until I have had a year of college experience so I can adjust to the independent university atmosphere before adding on another commitment. As a high school senior, this is all I want in life for the next few years, but I'm nervous... [more]

The new girl

When I was 13 I stole a skirt from lost property and a netball skirt from spare pe kits. With lost property I said I had lost my jumper and asked to look and just put it in my bag but I was scared of people looking inside so I raced to the cubicle and put it on under my pants no one found out however the netball skirt wasn't as easy I had to stop... [more]

I want to commit homicide

Hey i'm Shiraz and i'm 14, here is my confession: I have had so many bullies in my life like a lot of people have, and of course i hate them to this day and want to kill them, and i don't mean in a "i hate them i wish they were dead" kind of way, like really kill them. Younger i even made plans to kill some of the people, i would walk behind them... [more]

A crush on my high school teacher with a different relationship

So some might call this a school yard crush, I won't deny it. My bio teacher is really quite attractive, I mean she is in her early twenties and is also our school's track coach, but she also has another attractive quality. I am kind of an outcast but more on this later. So every day for lunch I go into her room and eat lunch and her and I talk... [more]

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