Debbie Uses People

have this friend that I confess I believe she's been using me and other people. Here's why and I would like your thoughts. Here name is Debbie and she's divorced.

She has a boyfriend since the early 1990s.
He wants to marry her but she always refuses.
He drives over 45 miles to her house on Saturday with what she calls a standing date. Brings her gifts (shoes, dresses, etc.), takes her to lunch, does errands around her house, takes her to dinner then drives 45 miles back to his house that night.
When he does spend the night she makes him sleep on her couch.
He did drive 45 miles to her her house during the week when she was at work and mow her yard then drive 45 miles back to his house.
He took her on vacation and paid for it.
He paid to take her to Las Vegas and she made him get a separate room.
He would babysit her son when she had to work weekends.
He was in extreme pain with kidney stones and she called him a baby.
He had to be stupid to do this for this long?

She also uses other guys pretending to be a friend.
She had this one guy give her free flying lessons then after she quit the lessons she quit speaking to the guy.
She sucks other guys into doing stuff for her and when she doesn't need them she ignores them.

I think she's heartless and a true con artist with how she manipulates guys into doing stuff for them.

I wished I never met her as she's been using me for the past 15 years. Boy was I duped and stupid.

Your thoughts?

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