A short introduction

ConfessionPost was launched in October of 2005 with a simple goal: Give people a place where they can express themselves to the world in anonymity.

Long before the hype of anonymous social networks and content platforms, ConfessionPost was the internet's go-to site for anonymously sharing secrets and seeking advice. Despite having little support and limited (and often buggy) functionality, ConfessionPost's popularity continued to grow, becoming the most popular anonymous content site you probably never heard of.

Why Anonimity?

The ability to express oneself or to ask questions, free from guilt or repercussion can be a very empowering and emancipating thing. While there will always be those who would abuse freedom and anonimity, it's better to take the bad with the good than to eliminate free speech and privacy.

There are already enough sites on the internet which seek to create a public permanence of everything we do as individuals.

ConfessionPost is where you come when you want to express yourself without the limitations of identity.


ConfessionPost is about free expression and takes privacy very seriously, but it is not a place for illegal activity or for those who looking to abuse the site or use it to harm others.

We have no desire to collect or track personal information about you, we wouldn't have any use for it if we did.

The only exception is if you choose to create an account on ConfessionPost and choose to provide an email address (neither are required to use the site). Your email, if you provide it, will only be used for official site correspondance (i.e. resetting your password, letting you know when someone replies to your post or comment). We do gather anonymized stats about how users move through the site and what features they use. This is important information to help us improve the site and diagnose problems. That's the only thing we use this information for.


Over the last decade, ConfessionPost has steadily built a loyal fanbase of users who deserve a better site and a better experience. In June of 2015, ConfessionPost was relaunched with a ground-up rewrite of the entire site with a heavy focus on providing a great mobile experience.

The new site gives us a platform to introduce new features, better usability and take ConfessionPost to a new level of popularity.


Advertising helps pay for some of the server costs but most of those costs as well as all the resources used to upgrade and maintain the site come out of pocket. ConfessionPost has always been a labor of love and has never been profitable.

Want To Help?

Thank you for any help you're willing to give. We'd love your feedback, good or bad. Tell others about ConfessionPost. Share the content our users contribute to the site with others. Contribute quality content of your own. If you don't have anything to confess, maybe you could provide a kind word of encouragement for someone else or provide some helpful advice. Report any abuse of the site you come across.

This site exists for its users.

If you think you can help us in other ways or need to contact us for any reason, please use our contact form here.

Thank you.

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