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Still here in the closet.

So here I am sitting in my black opaque tights with my black lace panties, and black sports bra. I'm feeling excited and guilty at the same time. I have a panty/hose/stocking fetish. I'm in the closet but I really do want to be. I have kinda hinted and my wearing in front of her but she said she didn't think she could handle it. So for now I keep... [more]

I wish this kid died

I just really want this kid dead he acts so pervertedly towards my family.i just need the kid out of my life and gone I wanna rip his eye out shoot him something idc as long as he is gone for good just at least away from me

Today I Forget You

I know too much about your life, without talking to you. I know too much about your sister, brother in law, and your parents, without talking to you. This isn't healthy and cannot continue so today I forget you. Who?

Left me alone

People have finally left me alone and I'm feeling better. Life haven't felt that good in a long time.

Panty addict.

I am simply addicted to ladies panties. I go panty shopping at least once a week and always confess to the assistants that the panties are for me. I always ask for petit, feminine, sexy, and tight panties. When asked for size I advise 9 inches ! By this time I am fully erect and it is so obvious. I am always treated well and on most occasions the... [more]

I hate myself when I eat

When I eat I feel like I'm going to throw up. I hate seeing what I see in the mirror and when I give compliments to guys I feel like a disgusting pig because what guy wants this ugly, fat and double chin person. I mean I have an anxiety attack every single time I go out because I feel like everyone is judging how I look and I don't blame them.

A nudist family moved in next door to me

Me and my wife lives out in the country. there is one house beside use and not another one for about 10 mins. we were excited to get new neighbors. the people who use to live there was this mean old couple. last summer. we saw a nice looking family moving in a husband wife and there 3 kids 2 boys one is 15 and the other is 11 and 1 girl who is 8... [more]


I met someone today. I looked into his eyes and that moment it reminded me of my ex-bf. We broke up five years ago. His eyes were exactly like his. I knew it wasn't him, but those feelings somewhat came back for few minutes. After awhile I realized and accepted that it wasn't right for me to think that way about anyone. So, I came back to the... [more]

Mowing naked

I like to be naked outside. My wife and I have land out in the country. I like to now the yard completely naked. I don't know if the neighbors are watching but I don't care.

I cant be trusted with power

I got bullied at school and had an oppressive home life. I spent years being socially outcast and never being able to connect with people. I developed deep seated emotional issues, and a cold hatred for the world. I have learned how to mask it, so I seem like a relatively normal person, but underneath I'm a twisted, cold blooded, angry person and... [more]

Wearing no panties in public places

I love taking my Mrs out in her mini skirt and no underwear, always a fresh shaved p ussy on view for the lucky guys n girls who are behind her as she ventures upstairs on the bus/tube escalator or shopping centre escalators,also she sits at the top of stairs in library or civic building with legs slightly akimbo to reveal all, anybody else enjoy... [more]

Truth is bitter

My best friend got cheated on by her ex-bf. She did a lot of things to catch him red handed.
Anyways, she came up to me. She shared her feelings and I told her it's okay. She'll be able to move on. He's not worth it. However, I also made her realize and reminded that she cheated on her first ex- boyfriend with that ex-boyfriend. When she... [more]

Enjoying lingerie

It started about 16yrs ago while using meth,I decided to try on women's clothing, I wore female clothing for over a week,I tryed to stop but couldn't then next day my wife went out and began buying me silky lace lingerie and skirts and dresses and silky lace nities,after this it made it impossible to stop not that I wanted, I found it relaxing... [more]

Unforgiving cold world the world is a cold and unforgiving for pl

The world place for people like me. When I was young I made it horrible mistake and I will live with it for the rest of my life if this world will never let it go it will constantly hold it over my head reminding me no matter what that I am the scum of the earth that I will never be anything more than the crap that is on the ground beneath your... [more]

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