Other Confessions

I want to be a dragon and I love dragons more than I love human b

I've always loved dragons and draconic things more than anything else, they are the only reason i am alive nowadays. its always been my f****** dream to just be one with one, I've wanted to be with/married with one, and have been attracted to them but its not just that, truly and deeply care... [more]

I l*** for my aunt

I j****** to my blonde aunt jill lamke wearing her wedding in high heels in her wedding photos

I post this on ocassion. True story

I was in Ohio for awhile and while I was there I was friends with this gentleman who owned a farm house. He was not a farmer he merely lived on an un farmed farm. About three quarters of a mile away from him a woman lived in a trailer. She was a loser who had had two children. A seven year old boy and a nine year old girl. They were dressed... [more]

I encouraged my wife to go on chaturbate

I got drunk one night and started talking about how she would love a big black c*** inside her p**** stretching it and she didn't take too long to cut after that, now by the morning,, I had completely forgot but she didn't, and by that night I had... [more]

Self Harm

I have been depressed because of everything in my life. I started SH and I couldn't stop. I have moved schools multiple times because of bullying. I have been told since 2nd grade that there's something wrong with me. I hate myself more than I've hated anyone. Its too much being this upset every single [more]

Spanking needs

I like to be spanked and can't seem to find people to spank me. I feel I need to be spanked at least 3 to 4 times a week to erase my guilts and to cleanse my soul so to speak. Would love to find people in my county or even my town to keep my backside properly spanked.
I would even like to find groups who practice spanking on a regular... [more]

Massage gone wrong

I’ve been married for 30 years. I went to a massage parlor and as getting a massage. Before I knew it, the masseuse had my p**** in her hands, was on my chest with her a** above my head and I fingered her till we both came. I feel really bad. My wife is the best woman in the world.

Wifes Massage

My petite wife, never having one, wanted a massage but she doesn’t feel safe going to a massage place, so I scheduled a guy to come to the house. She had no idea what to expect. I explained that she would be naked and that he would touch her all over. She was concerned with my description but hesitantly still wanted to try. What I didn’t tell her... [more]

Fantasy Fest

My petite private wife is a home exhibitionist. This is to say that she rarely wears anything around the house and minimal clothing in the back yard.
My wife stands 5’1’’ about 105lbs with long blonde hair, green eyes and a very fit 36d-23-30 body. Great nipples by the way.
I playfully accused her of being an exhibitionist one day. She told me... [more]

I enjoy killing animals

When I was about 5, I had held my mom's kitten under water until it stopped moving. I didn't have a set reason for why I did it I was just curious. i liked the way the kitten moved when I held it under. My mom found out and started crying but I didn't understand why she was upset. I continued to harm several small animals and collected my dead... [more]


I stalked this guy i really like for 12 years and called him twenty thousand times i bugged him over and over aging i really like him i am lonely i have no friends


Michael Biehn is the best and only Kyle Reese in my mind.

Found out, feeling weird

I found out through a weird conversation that a friend of mine used to be close with some online figures (Anna Proser and NateWantsToBattle) and decided to check them out from curiosity as he really talked them up for the most part, and it seemed like things they'd done were up my alley. But seeing old photos of them and my friend and knowing some... [more]

Feel trapped in this world but not in my dreams.

Ever since I was a kid, I've always felt trapped in this world. There are many reasons for this is but I'll just give a few. I honestly felt like I just didn't belong, that I was trapped in a world that was I never meant to be in. That I just didn't fit in no matter where I went. My dreams on the other hand are completely different. Sometimes when... [more]


****** is a b**** and I hate "it"

My Jewish friend and I explore a haunted house

He was making fun of me. I was talking about a haunted house in the neighborhood and he was pooh poohing the idea. I don't believe in ghosts either but after this I believe in something.
OK the house in question just happened to be less than a mile from where we were talking. The house belonged to the city so sometimes they left the door... [more]

Hammer to the head

On the sunny evening of July 9th, 2021, I was in the woods.
I was carrying a large kitchen knife and hammer in my pocket. I passed a woman (about 5'6, 125lbs, long brown hair tied into a ponytail.) Cannot recall the clothes she wore, except for a white jumper she had tied around her waist and black leggings. We made eye contact as we passed... [more]

Wearing my wife's stockings

I have been happily married for over 30 years. Recently I have been sexually frustrated, as my wife has completely lost interest in s**, this has coincided with me having problems 'keeping it up'.
I have found great comfort in stealing her hold up stockings (which she stopped wearing years ago) and... [more]

Happy to have my credit fixed

I got extremely behind on child support while incarcerated. I made my payment every week but my credit score didn't recover. Thank you 'Remoterepair AT clerk DOT com' for helping me take care of the damage this had caused my credit. I'm not worried about getting approved for the things I want and need in life.

Wetting fetish

I love to wet myself. Also wear diapers and rubber panties. Wishing I had sissy plastic panties on. I'm peeing in my diaper as I write this.

Obsessed with Grace Vanderwaal

I am obsessed with Grace Vanderwaal. Not on a stocker obsessed kind of way but rather I am so sexually attracted to her now that she's 18. I wish she'd give us a glimpse of her perfect tiny b**** so I can look at the picture and get off.

I love wearing women's panties

First time I put on a pair of panties I was 5 years old and fell in love I'm 50 and still love wearing women's panties

My fantasy

I want my wife to tell me of our friends, who she’d like to have s** with the most. I’d like her to finger herself as she tells me all about what she’d like them to do to her. I’d like her to paint a picture of a us both going to town on her, and how we’d make her feel. I want her to tell me how much she... [more]

I can`t stop wanking over Sally Nugent from the BBC

I`m sitting here watching BBC breakfast television and wanking over 5o yr old SALLY NUGENT. Brunette with gorgeous smooth long legs that I`d love to get in between and nice t*** . Sally reminds me of my mum
.I`d love to pull sally`s knickers down , admire her hairy [more]

I never asked to be female

I'm going to comment on the female side. We didn't ask for this. We, not males, are burdened with children. Pregnancy sucks. Menstruation sucks. Being unprotected sucks.
Being female is far better than being male, IMHO. Females get to have children. Of all experiences, giving life is unequaled exhilaration. The mere fact that nurturing is part... [more]

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