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I've noticed my cousin stalking. I am going to call the cops next time I see him. If he is doing this through my dad, then I won't hesitate to send him to jail either. I've noted few license plate number to give the cops some picture of stalking that's been happening with me lately. I am actually extremely frustrated because I have no privacy and... [more]

I want to kill my step father but don't know how

For the longest time ive wanted to kill my step father, ive looked on multiple websites and asked a few friends and they all said i was just upset or i was just saying things, but i actually wanna harm him in everyway i can. recently i notice my step father acting strange around the house and then he started leaving and not coming back until late... [more]

I frequently have disturbing dreams

As the title says, this is about sort of nightmares. I've had them so often and for so long that they aren't nightmares anymore as they don't scare me, some have what others might find disturbing so just a warning, but they're just part of life for me now.
A dream that I have on a regular basis is when I turn into a monster (usually a giant... [more]

Having a big belly button

Big belly buttons must be hereditary because most people in my family all have big belly buttons. In school I got teased a lot because my belly button was always showing because my shirts were so small and never covered my portly belly and big outie belly button. I would ask my mom to get me bigger clothes but she always gave me hand me downs that... [more]

Hall way

If we’re to lay in the middle of a hallway how many females would step on me and say oops and how many would do it for fun ?

I want to kill my step dad

I must confess that I want to slit my steo dads f****** throat

What do I do

I want finger my cousin's tight p**** while she is asleep but can't get in her panties. How do I get in her panties and finger her without her waking up. Any tips?

Movie warning

On March 9, the worst movie in the history of cinema will be released. That's saying a lot, I know. But it's true: this will be the lowest of the low. It's name is "Hurricane Heist", and it is the most implausible, most poorly-written, worst-acted, and most sloppily-directed and sloppily-filmed movie ever. It will establish new lows in... [more]


I have always hand a thing for hands. How they look, their fingers, knuckles, palms... I typically like the appearance of masculine hands that are rugged, with some veins popping out. I always pay attention to how they look, whenever someone is talking and they make hand movements, where they move them... Is this weird, or normal..?

Shower Thoughts

-The people who don’t believe in the supernatural can’t prove that ghosts/demons/spirits aren’t there, just like how the people who DO believe can’t prove their existence.
-If humans could fly, most of us would probably consider it exorcise, and never do it.
-Nothing is “on fire”. Fire is on things.
-“Strap on” spelled backwards, is “no... [more]

New Year's Resolution (late): Start smoking at 55

I've always kind of wanted to smoke, but I grew up in the upper middle class and it was frowned on. Three days ago my husband of 23 years admitted he had a smoking fetish and was a light closet smoker. At first I was just shocked. It's horrible for your health, right?
But I'm 55. What are the odds it will kill me before something else will --... [more]

Wife an adorable femdom

am 30 years old married. My wife(referred monica in this post) is 25 years old, a gem of beauty. With tight cute b**** and a curvy figure. Its been 1 year since we got married and each day monica has been wearing either mini skirts or bikinis in home whole day just to keep seducing and turn me on... [more]

All the victims of fire in California are white.

Many of the fires are set in places where legal pot is being grown. Could it be that the Mexican cartels are setting the fires to eliminate competition? Or could it be Chinese emigrants who want to buy land vacated by the burned out victims? Someones doing this and we need to find out who.

Dog lover

So yes, as the title provides, i am a certified dog lover. We almost have 20 dogs in our house.
anyway, one night as i was driving home, it was really dark since it was already around 11:30 PM. i was passing through this road that went downhill so ofcourse the car went faster than it should have. a puppy then started to cross! i hit the brakes... [more]

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