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Have you ever felt so alone that, no matter whoever is around you, you just can't help but feel lost and worthless? I can truthfully say that I have. Each day it goes on and on, only getting worse. I'm 27 and have been dealing with this feeling since I was 10. I've tried suicide multipule times, and I'm currently taking medication and seeing a... [more]

There's pee in you frozen yogurt!!!

This is a horrifyingly disgusting confession. I’m a women in her late twenties now, and for five years of my life, I was the manager at a busy metropolitan frozen yogurt shop. I graduated college and started my career some time ago, leaving its sticky floors and annoying customers behind. But I recently noticed that it closed down due to... [more]

Your website sucks

I came to this website to check it out...if you are going to review every f****** post and put it up in one day or two then forget it, Im out
I wish you can understand the joy of just posting and seeing it...other websites do it, and they just deal with it... have someone monitor the content... [more]

Wife Flashing

I was talking to my neighbor out in the yard one day. He is a retired truck driver. We started talking about s**. He told me about all the women and couples that flashed him over the years. It was a big turn on listening to his stories. Some flashing their [more]

Noah nomination

Noah Cyrus,20yo sis to Miley, was just nominated for the Grammy's Best New Artist Award, which she will almost surely win. Noah is also much sexier (have you noticed her amazing thigh gap?) and far more beautiful than Miley, but also sexier and more beautiful even than Megan Fox! Noah is too much! Wow!!

Biden is a cheat and a liar.

Biden is a cheat and a liar and an evil demon possed wicked individual. He will lose the election and if he doesn't he will give an account to God.

My other life

I wanted to confess at 8 years old while exploring as all kids do, I found myself in my Step Mothers bedroom staring in her top draw seeing the most amazing soft beautiful underwear for the first time remembering the feel of a slip night dress and petticoat & smell of perfume. From that moment from a tender age I loved underwear that has stayed... [more]

Is it ok to be burning myself

I was taught by everyone I know in my life that the key to happiness is love. N**** I've had girls cheat on me and lie to my face saying they love me and s***. Ever since my last break up I've been going insane because I see 2 of the ones I loved and... [more]

I think there's something wrong with me

Idk if it's something like depression but I don't want to tell anyone that I'm actually really sad a lot of the time. I'll joke about it with my friends but I'm really scared I'm going to hurt myself again. I just had a little breakdown bc I think everyone's out to get me. I banged my head against my bed and cried and cried. It's not normal for... [more]

I think I’m good

I’m realizing that even though it’s been a real s*** show of a year, a true dumpster fire from h***, I think I had a good year compared to the last few years of my life. I was so preoccupied with everyone else and what they thought of me, I got in over... [more]

Gettin' Big

I love a giant ball belly!

I need advice immediately

I almost killed myself last night. I had scissors in my hands but i was too scared to do anything. I want to tell my mom but she looks so happy and i dont want to ruin it. I also dont know how to tell her. Help?


I left my first wife 11 years ago for this amazingly hot sexy women. We got married, I’m now raising her grandson. I love them all and it’s nuts. But they make me so crazy sometimes I stay at work late just avoid coming home. The chaos and craziness in my home sucks so much and I just wanted happiness. Fml I’m an executive with 9 years post... [more]

Addicted from being obese

I know this sound kind of strange, but I've always been like this. Even in my childhood I was thinking how it will be if I get fat? And now I'm now the answer- amazing. I've gained more than 50kg with is around 120 pounds and I feel great. It's a big relief for me, now I stopped laying myself and do what I always wanted. Eating by all days it's... [more]

I guess it should be Cuckolding

First off I want you to know that I am sort of dyslexic and although I talk and read normal when I write or type I sometimes get letters in the wrong places but I will go back and proof read tis before posting it.
Carla is not my wife real name and my name is not Larry but the guy we used for this post is Steve.
Carla and I grew up together... [more]


Una niña hispana en una camisa rosa está siendo prejuicio y burlándose de la gente en Macys cerca de la zona de zapatos el lunes. Ella es un estúpido culo inteligente culo. Ella es malvada y sucia. Guau.

I want to be stuffed and need personal feeder

Im 18 and im from the Caribbean aka Puerto Rico and ive been so aroused by my chubby belly that i just want to get bigger. Heres the problem, my family. They HATE the idea of fat they want me to be skinny but i refuse. I have thoughts of how it would be like to have someone buy me yummy food stuff me up and rub my growing belly. If theres ANYONE... [more]

The b**** ass n**** at the gas station

This b**** ass n**** thats a man at the gas station told physical lies that my two beautiful cousins deja lee neshia phelps not relatives to me plus told physical lies that i don't know judo moves headlock takedown front facelock takedown single leg... [more]

I’m so sorry

*this is extremely vulgar* so something happened when I was young and I really messed up. I can’t remember most of my childhood but I came across a post ab people using animals to pleasure them selves and I was immediately repelled because that is awful. I suddenly got a memory of my dog licking my genitals, I’m litterally nauseous typing that... [more]

My horrible secret

I'm an eighteen year old girl with a horrible secret. I've never been able to tell anyone this, for reasons I'm sure everyone will understand. On the surface, I seem perfectly normal. I started college this fall, I work part-time, and so on. Problem is, I'm far from normal. In fact, I'm about as far from normal as it's possible to be.
Because... [more]

Way forward

Anyone in possession of a local Visa or Master card or Foreign Credit card with cash in it should contact me via whatsapp +2348062499615.

Went for a walk today

It felt good, I've stacked on some weight and I'm this lockdown for the next 4 weeks I plan to walk everyday for 45mins, sorry to disappoint the pervs here this is not some s**, fake incest fantasy Just something real on here for once :D have a good day and better tomorrow.

I've just wanked over Kate Garraway

I've just wanked over Kate Garraway and Nigella Lawson.
I'd f*** them both given the chance.
Kate is 54 years old and Nigella 60 yrs.
They've both got f****** amazing t*** and similar figures.
I... [more]

Sexual abuse

Not too long ago I had a dream where for a brief instant, I had seen myself as a child in pampers being held up in the air by my arms and having my genitilia suckled on. It was more of a quick glimpse and i was surrounded by over 4 men in my dream. I woke up feeling very sad and had tears in my eyes.
Truth is, at 3 years of age, i had been taken... [more]

I’m so sorry

*warning this is extremely awful* I am currently 14 and when I was 10 I let a dog lick my downstairs. I know. It’s completely horrible. It happened and I just brushed it off and forgot about it. Yesterday I came across a post talking about how awful it is to do that and then I remembered. I got the idea from the internet and I had no idea that it... [more]

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