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I Want To Kill My Step-Dad

I am from a small town in my mom was actually looking for a home to move away from my step step-dad so we founded a house in then she met a guy his name starts with an "F", see he made eye contact in he looked at me in I said what? he said did you give our food to the dogs, I straight up lied to his face in said "NO" he started looking at me then... [more]


Hi everyone my name is Cassie I am from Lakeland fl. I am a girly girl crossdresser I am a full figure girl and I love it and my boyfriends love it to yes I have two boyfriends and they know about each other it's so great being a fuller figure girl I love when my guys say I am sexy and pretty I love the [more]

She touched me

One night after hunting deer. relaxing after diner drinking Ihad passed out. too many drinks as usual later that night i woke up with my female cousin on me. I'm old enough to be her dad. at first i thought it was a dream... not. i tossed she aside. no words said. again its a dream/ night mare. I woke up next morning... there she was. Oh [more]

Rabbi or priest

There by your office Who is in charge Rabbi 🎉 Catholic Priest

My camel toe gym shorts

I joined a gym a few months back. When I first went I was intimidated by the lycra and totally covered up in loose clothing. As I went more my outfit changed, I started wearing shorts, strappy tops instead of a tshirt, then I got my first sports bra training top. Nervous as to if I could get away with just wearing it, but I went for it. It only... [more]

I'm a pantyhose pervert

I am a genuine pantyhose pervert. I adore most expensive brands of tights and pantyhose.
Wolford's tights are one of my favorites. Neon 40 tights are shimmering and exciting to wear. At 40 dollars per pair you can imagine the care I take with them. They are not totally sheer like others but they fit perfectly and wear well. Recently... [more]

Taped my neighbor getting beaten...sort of enjoyed it

I have this neighbor we will call John, John Is my peculiar neighbor who lives directly below my apartment. He is extremely bizarre and has traits commonly associated with schizophrenia such as nonsensical ramblings, often referred to as a "word salad " by psychologists, he is quiet and unkempt- his flat is in squalor, his stove has several... [more]

My mean parents

I Confess that I have been cursing at my parents behind their back. You see my Parents are African Immigrants (don't worry they are legal) and they have the whole even though we come from poverty we can get an education and be rich idea in their heads. My life was decent up until 3rd grade. You see my Mom had been going through college and she had... [more]

I bought a p**** and named him Plop

I bought a Terrier mixed with some other breed of dog. He's a good dog. He enjoys being petted and he is a plump fattish mutt. You go to pet him and he falls on his back making an audible plopping sound. Hence his name.


I love licking a mature woman foot..its heel in particular..love praising biting licking kissing its heel bare foot while she staring at me in l***

Can’t wait to share mine

Want to share her

My wife's panties

My wife is definitely really cute, and has the hottest little p**** I've ever seen. She keeps it well maintained (and every once in a while, shaves copmpletely). Sometimes, when we have some friends over, I'll grab one of my guy friends, and we will retreat into our bedroom to smoke a bowl... [more]

My favorite experience, in panties

I enjoy wearing girls/women's panties and have since I was 14 or so.
I also really enjoy tucking my p**** down into the crotch and using a vibe to c** into them. Feeling the squirt between my legs and near my [more]

Why am I here

I'm 37 straight white male. I don't feel useful anymore.

I want to be taken care of but in a strange way...

I want to be fed and fattened up into a massive weight, like those 500lb people on television. I want to have a wife or girlfriend to enable me and feed me to that size. I want it because I find it incredibly hot but also because I just want to be taken care of.
I want to have no worries about if I'm going to be able to work or sustain myself... [more]

Why am I alive

My husband get a f';,k look if I ask how is he or so Next door neighbor scandal and say ugly things about me I'm human I do hurt I must ignore they will stop It's 2 years and 4 months There is a lot of things. Let's deal with this first Thank you for listening Good evening

Little boy feet

For as long as i can remember i have had a thing for little boy feet. The look, the feel, the smell, something about it is just intoxicating. Boys 5-12 are always the best. If there is a chance i can smell or even lick their cute little soles I usually try to. They think its funny. That's as far as it ever goes though. Im no pedo.

I let this homeless woman and her toddler girl live in a trailor

I own 42 acres of land and I live in a big house alone. I met a homeless woman who was on the verge of losing her two-year-old child because she had nowhere to live.
I told her to bring her child and come live in a vacant trailer behind the house. With an address, the woman can apply for child benefits and welfare. I live alone and I am... [more]

I am not human. I am a god

I may look like a human, but I am not. From a young age I always knew I was different; I never felt like I didn't fit in, in fact, I did have many friends; although things like having friends, or going to parties never interested me (I've never been to parties). But despite that, I just always knew I was something different, something not human... [more]

This site

This site sucks half the time it doesn't work


I am a 38 year old straight man, but I’ve always want to give another guy a b******* to see what it’s like

The day a gang almost stomped me

I was a street-savvy eleven-year-old boy. The boy with me was a not so street savvy 10-year-old. Walking down the sidewalk a gang of five boys started catcalling us. Saying insulting things and overall trying to make our lives miserable. I didn't say anything. I knew better but my companion didn't.
My companion said something back at... [more]

Love to video a woman in UK Cornwall.

I love up-skirt p*** and would love the chance at 67 to video up a womans dress who wears white cotton panties. I find tights are sexy too with white panties under tights. Any others.

Meetup pantie men/crossdressers UK.

Love to meet slim to medium built men wearing panties or crossdress. A ride out somewhere to play with each other sexually. Stroking through panties. UK Cornwall anyone all legal ages.

Similar World

Similar world sucks I miss Experience Project. Sad EP had to close down because of privacy issues.

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