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Black Lives Matter

It's a sad old world that we live in now isn't it !!!!!!
That one unwise, panicky, ignorant action can ignite so much venom so very quickly.
Then the lunatic minority fringe getting onto the "band-wagon" in order to cause trouble, hurt, create a noise as otherwise they in their tiny lives would never be heard, damage other peoples belongings... [more]

To Parents, let your children go at age of 18-21 years old.

To parents, both deadbeats and extremely caring Parents, let your children go at the ages of 18-21 years old, don’t let them live with you in a extreme miserable state and severe Depression and whatever you do, don’t let them live with dependant siblings who will bring them down and make things much badder. If they runaway at the age of 18 years... [more]

Please help me

I still feel the need to strangle myself to day the feeling is so strong I just have to give in and do it right now but I'm so scared of going to far with it plus I'm feeling a strong need to regress and the feeling is so strong that I may regress so far that I may never make it back to my adult self ever agen
Because I am alone and have no... [more]

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Birth first time Mom

I want to talk about birth and then about Newborn Circumcision.Which Method did they use for your son ? Which method did they use and how was it for you ?


I feel the need to strangle myself all the time
Every day I try to strangle myself with my bed sheets after my aids leave I don't know why but I like how it feels I perform self strangulation every night till I get very dizzy then I let go but I don't stop I just wait a little while and then do it all over again it's not for atenition or... [more]

They didn't get it

I'm white, most of my friends are white, and we totally hate racism. We also were theater students together in high school. We went down to one of the protests in blackface to re-enact the death of Floyd, so we could teach the protesters how utterly horrifying his death was.
We got to the part where I had my knee on my buddy's neck and all of... [more]

N***** lives don't matter

Especially when they start looting stores and terrorizing innocents in the wake of the Minneapolis incident, and just use the opportunity to chimp out for "justice" in the name of one of their fellow apes "killed" by the cops!


I think most black people are very unattractive. Their dark skin is so hard to look at they always stand out in the crowd. It makes them look hard and unclean. The way they talk is so unintelligible they’re constantly mumbled. Their natural talk makes them sound so confused and mentally challenged. Their hair is is so rough and nappy. Nobody wants... [more]

I Need To Be Kidnapped

I need to be kidnapped.
It's crazy I know.
But I do.
I need a woman to kidnap me. Keep me bound and gagged ALL the time. Restrain me and isolate me from the world. Keep me for whatever you want me for. Someone to torture? Check. Someone to use sexually? Check. Someone to just keep in various kinds of bondage and isolation? Check.
Take me... [more]

I saw him nude in shower

I was at a campground last summer in New Jersey shore, and the second night there I went to the shower house to get a shower . It was about 1 am and figured it was to be empty . I went in got undressed and went in . About 3 minute later this 18or 19 yr old comes in and goes to the shower 6 showers down to my left. Im on the last one this side ... [more]

F*** the small hats!

Those sons of b****** control our media and the courts, and use 'em to s**** us hard working white folk by calling us racist, bigots for "discriminating" against those chinks, n******, gooks and... [more]

My life is a wreak

My life is pretty s*** tbh, my boyfriend never calls or texts unless I text him first and then I get mad....but then I'll see him and think "f*** he's cute...ugh I'm not mad anyomre...damn" plus then he makes me like him so much more WITH everything he... [more]

A different kind of physical transformation

I’m working on one right now. Instead of cross-dressing or feederism, I am transforming into a more muscular version of myself. Recently I’ve wanted to start exploring kinks more, and it is so much easier and more fun when you have a sexy muscular body at your command. There’s no desire to get huge and veiny, like those insecure women who wish... [more]

What we waiting for?

Schlump L'Orange should dial up the air force today and have them to start bombing them China n*****. I don't know WTF we waiting on. I say bombs away . . . .
. . . . . TODAY! We needs to f*** up ALL them [more]

What we waiting for?

Schlump L'Orange should dial up the air force today and have them to start bombing them China n*****. I don't know WTF we waiting on. I say bombs away . . . .
. . . . . TODAY! We needs to f*** up ALL them [more]

16 years old addicted to the dip + Budweiser buzz

Yep. Feels amazing.

Who need a beating

Wolf Blitzer need a beating.

I hate n******.

There. I said it. Every black friend I ever had has stole,lied,abused,used,and mooched off me. I can see why people hate n******.

Pandemic Help

Yesterday I (31 female) took my friend (36 Male) to the ER. He had shortness of breath, full-body muscle cramps, a fever and he hadn't peed in a few days. They did a COVID test and so far he is negative. Today I picked him up again after he texted me, angry that the medicine the doctor prescribed him was $90. He has recently lost his job due to... [more]


Why are so many people on this site so LGBT phobic? I know some of it isn't intentional, but honestly the amount of transphobia and homophobia on here is troubling. Just why? Is there something wrong with the community? Have we done something to you? All that we really want for is you to tolerate or accept us. You don't have to agree with anything... [more]

Knickers and tights theif

I have not been able to stop myself from stealing women's knickers and tights. I have kind of been caught doing this by my ex step daughter but still do it. I really thought being caught would scare me and I would stop doing it or try my hardest not to, but no I'm worse than ever. I have stolen over 70 pairs of my aunties knickers as well as her... [more]

Mowed over her flowers

I was drunk and accidentally mowed over my neighbor's flower beds. They were planted next to my property. I'm sorry, but mostly for being drunk. My neighbor is an a******.

Tuesdays are the Worst

Tuesdays are worse than Mondays. Early in the morning bad things already happen to people to the night. Stuff will suddenly go worse for them.


I am 30yrs old. I have been actively engaged in masturbation since when i was 13yrs old. I have masturbated so much so that I had to drop out in my final year of Undergraduate since i couldn't concentrate on my studies anymore. I have had to start school all over again. That's it


I love the color black. My whole house is black. My clothes is black. My car is black. My life is black. I'm a loner and I love it. Peace

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