Other Confessions

Not really a confession just need advice.

I just recently had a craniotomy, (surgery involving cutting the skull or something like that). And ive been wanting to go to the gym to run and play basketball but im not sure how long im supposed to wait. My neurosurgeon doesnt really give me much information on what i should do and alot of websites say different things. I feel great, i only... [more]

New Top

I bought my wife a skirt and top the skirt was quite short but my wife has got great legs so she can getaway with wearing it , She tried the top on but her bra was showing , Apparently you can get a special bra for this type of top . So I said try it on with no bra so she did her b**** looked... [more]

A real confession

It's difficult for me to make people understand why I am the way I am. I don't like having friends because most of them have tried to destroy me in various ways (emotionally and psychologically). Few years ago, I was an extremely naïve happy girl who wanted to be there for everyone and cared for anyone. My heart broke when all I got in return was... [more]


I've always believed in living a happy single life. Then suddenly, somehow, others' paths emerged with mine and I began to receive redundant attention. First I liked it then it was becoming a habbit. I was struggling with my life without someone's attention. Then I told myself to stop. Just stop and take ten steps behind. I started the same... [more]

The diary

My wife passed away a while back now . One day I was looking for something when I came across my wife's diary , I remember my wife on more than one occasion asking me if I ever find it to bring it straight to her without looking inside . I said I will if I see it but I never did until this day , At first I put it on the side and left it there ... [more]

Goodbye old life

Im running away on Wednesday im a young teen girl and im running away with a friend i sick of my life here i cant take it no more.And my friends life is worse very abusive life.

I admire Harvey Weinstein

He used his power. The girls saw their future was best served by playing their part. It was a win win situation.


You wasted your time reading this and I don't feel bad about it in the slightest.

I hate being Asian

I am 100% Asian. I know it. But I hate to say I am Asian and hate being one. I always want to be white. I am always jealous of white and wish I could be white or at least half white. I know I cannot get away with the saying that I am fully white, so I started to lie around I am somewhat white, at least with white DNA. Since I am 5’9 and I am a... [more]

A $100,0000 car was found in a barn

Well, I never found a car worth one million dollars in a barn but I do know of a 1940 vintage ford truck that was found in one. It was cleaned up, repaired and put in running condition and sold to a collector for $50000 dollars. You do find gems in an old barn.

Has anyone here ever had moonshine?

I was up in North Georgia and there are several legal moonshine operations. The distillers have to pay money to the state and get a license to make their whiskey but the profits are worth the tax. The whiskey is tested to see if its clean and then they can sell it.
The moonshiners usually use corn to make their product and it tastes like... [more]

I'm going insane because of him

I literally am going f****** insane to a point that when I thinking of me killing my step dad I don't feel s*** he's a piece of s***, a pedophile, a [more]

I'm going insane because of him

I literally am going f****** insane to a point that when I thinking of me killing my step dad I don't feel s*** he's a piece of s***, a pedophile, a [more]

Talking buddy

I will talk to anyone about anything.Ima teenage girl a realy bored one indeed.I want to meet new people. things about me I like to read and write I love goth fashion i like to go on walks in the woods i love anything supernatural Im bi Im funny and loveing

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