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I realized I had a foot fetish when I was kid, as I got older it only got stronger.It got so bad that when I finally got my first phone in middle school I started taking pictures of every girls feet I was able to, even my teachers. It continued all throughout highschool and at the time I was wasn’t really thinking about how wrong it was but... [more]

Miss my teen age years

I was 21 when I lost my clothes in a strip game. I remember my girl friends laughing watching guys checking out my goodies. Always fantasied about exposing myself naked in public. I got so damn h**** and wet I almost fainted. At least it wasn't so embarrassing as guys having to walk around with... [more]


I love watching a nice ass in tight pants. preferably with a visable thong underneath the fabric. Sometimes i find myself matching a womans speed, just so i can follow her and look. Then, if she bends over and thong is showing, my day is saved.

I can't wait

Going on my very first date tomorrow, wish me luck! I'm so excited she's so pretty and nice and aaahhh!! We are getting slushies and squishmallows and my HEART, commenting tomorrow to see how it went >:]

Mom saw and disappointed ☹️

One early morning when I was so involved in my pleasure pants off, my mom accidentally caught me in the act. Later that afternoon when I expressed how sorry and embarrassed, my mom comforted me. Which is good until she dropped the bomb saying she felt I have a bit small p***s when erect and looked concerned 😟 😟


When I was a teen, my dad allowed my step-mom to abuse me mentally, and once she hit me. I was terrified of her. If I f***** up in any way, she’d make my life a living h***.
It was my habit to walk the short distance from the bathroom to my bedroom... [more]

Nude hiking

I was at my local nudist park, and I went for a walk. The park is not all that big so I decided to chance it and walk off the property. It was a Wednesday and I figured there wouldn’t be many if any folks on the path and, for the most part, I was right. That said, it was not completely empty. After about 20 minutes, during a part of the path where... [more]

I am a rapist and I deserve to die

Unable to find a woman for myself where my friends are successful and happily married with their spouse and children I stand alone waiting for my time to come and see my self in their position. I am seek and tired of being religious it only suppresses my urges.
Unable to contain myself, I went to a [more]

My g/f and I have the weirdest kink

Well, maybe not the weirdest, but I certainly don't know anyone else who does this. We both find the idea of being stuck to each other a real turn on, so we super glue our hands together before heading out on our dates. Typically, it's my right hand to her left. To any observer, we appear to be just two young women holding hands. But, of course... [more]

K and go. Rogers

Looking for guy in rogers I seen. Can't stop thinking about him. Hot and bothered for him. He was wearing a blue car dealership uniform.

I refuse to wear heels in my sister's wedding!

My older sister (28) is getting married and she asked me to be her ‘Maid of Honor’. I didn’t want to at first because ‘Maid of Honor’ sounds aristocratic and demeaning! WTF!
The prestigious title also comes with responsibility! WTF! It’s not my F**king wedding plan your own S**T! I’m also supposed to help dress her on her ‘big F**king day!’. F... [more]

I am a secret nymph but don't act on it as too busy in my life

I am a secret nymph. I think about dirty things and fantasies quote alot and wouldn't act on them right now but I get so turned on at the thought of my dirty knickers being sniffed and licked etc by someone else. My partner does this alot and even wears them and other women's clothes as we s***. I... [more]

Im not gay but

Im a guy and I enjoy having things inside my ass, at night i lock my door and go onto omegle and let people watch me f*** my ass, i can fit 8 of the thin sharpies. I also want to have s** with a tranny, i can’t imagine it with a guy but i want a trans... [more]

Friends pregnancy test

In high school one of my female friends, hot as f*** big ass ok t***, takes a pregnancy test, she leaves the test in my car, i keep the test, for about 3 weeks i keep it in my back pack smelling it and jerking off to it daily. Only threw it away once it... [more]

Beaten Up In Front Of Girlfriend

So I'll Try To Make It Short .....
A Day Before Yesterday , Me And My Hot Girlfriend Was In The Park Just Talking And Chilling . Suddenly There Was Another Couple Beside Atleast 30 Metre Away From Us . We Did'nt Talked To Them At All But The Other Guy Looked At Me And Said Me Loser I Was Shocked Like I Really Did'nt Liked It And Said Stfu... [more]

Can't believe I did this...

My wife (I will call her Mary) and I have been swinging for about 2 years. Mary is 35 and I am 39. We met a guy (call him Steve) 3 months ago for a 3sum. He is 25, attractive, black with a nice 9 inch c*** and Mary really enjoyed it. Since then we have met him for fun on a regular basis. Heck, Mary... [more]

Drunk Barefoot Hillbilly

Me and my family was trying to have lunch at McDonald's until a man wearing a straw hat, overalls, and bare feet went inside McDonald's and he was holding a Banjo too and as McDonald's Employees tried to let the man know about the Dress Code Policy, he stands on top of the counter playing his banjo and singing Old MacDonald to the annoyance of... [more]

Whoever you are, leave us alone

I was on a bus, and there was this really strange dude who’d always sit directly behind me or my friend (who I won’t name). One day this guy starts playing with my hair and when I look back at him he pretends he wasn’t doing anything and looks out the window. The more time passes, the more touchy he gets. He starts caressing my friends head, he... [more]

Stomatch siting

I need girl for siting on my stomatch in jalgaon dist. So reply any one girl like siting on my stomatch

Used my friend’s vibrator

Last night I got blackout drunk and used my flatmate’s vibrator when she was out. I don’t remember putting it back in the right place but really hoping I did. I can’t even look her in the eye now I feel so uncomfortable.

Am I A Stalker?

My name is Jonathan and I like to start revolutions and want many to follow my lead but there are people around me who say i'm annoying and rude but that's a lie, they're lies about me are irrelevant if anything I make some new friends but one in particular i'm most interested in doesn't seem to want anything to do with me.
First I join his... [more]

Deeper and deeper

I am consumed by the idea of holding someone against their will and forcibly fatten them to immobility!
No way to moderate my behavior as i make her consume massive quantities of food, and delight as she becomes heavier, and heavier. Laugh as she grunts and oinks like a pig when her enhanced appetite desires more food.
Lord help me i want to... [more]

Could've been so much sooner part 2.

My husband had been pushing me to expose myself all night and especially after he found out I wasn't wearing underwear but I wasn't comfortable doing it in front of friends so when we went inside he he was still in a mood if you will, He handed me a piece of paper and and dropped it, I squatted to pick it up and he basically just tapped me on the... [more]

Could've been so much sooner part 1.

It has been 22 years since I started trying to hook up with him, Over the years we have had many close encounters but it just never happened until last night.
The whole story begins at a bar, My friend and I are in a new city, Just met at college three days before and we walk in to the bar, There is an altracation and we get kicked out, Like... [more]

Xi Jinping the Chinky B******

Xi Jinping is a little chinky f***. To start off, he’s the big chinky dictator with his yellow face plastered all over his polluted and grey nation. He is the leader of the same government which is replaying history in the form of the Holocaust, this time with Uighur Muslims (sorry if that’s spelt... [more]

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