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Scared of Death

I am extremely scared of death. I am open to religion but I currently have no beliefs. The thought of it being all dark for eternity as centuries and centuries pass and never waking up again frightens me so much. Sometimes I feel like I am the only ones who feels like this. I am trying to find ways to contact dead spirits, anything to make me... [more]

Dirty pantie sniffing

I confess that I love too sniff and taste my wife's best friend's dirty panties my favorite pair's are her white discharge one's,I love it when she comes and stay's.

My older sister try to seduce me

My sister is 38 years old and I’m 28 she got divorced and she moved to my father’s house temporarily.
After few weeks I noticed that she try to bend down (as if she wants to grab something on the floor) and her t*** are visible to me. She knows that I’m aware of this and she seems to enjoy... [more]

I would love...

To be under your blanket.

L****** over lace

Im a goodlooking male in my 40s. I am single and like it that way. Over the years i have had several large collections of sexy panties and stockings. All different styles, thongs, lacey panties, cotton panties, lace top thi-his, in all colors. I have always been staight but i just love to come home from work, lock the door and dump out my huge... [more]

Panty sniffing

I discovered my obsession with sniffing dirty panties when I was a young teen. Being the youngest of five I was always the last one to shower or use the bathroom. My brothers and sisters laundry was always on the floor when I entered the room. I remember seeing sisters dirty creamy panties atop her clothes. I nervously inspected, tasted and... [more]


I no longer have any expectations for anything in life. I finally feel liberated, because of this :)

My biggest disappointment.

I was working for an English Insurance company in America when I was asked if I would like to work in the UK. I enthusiastically said yes. I worked there in London for five years and I made some friends.
One day while on vacation instead of having gone home to visit my parents I paid their way to the UK. My father and I went to the Channel... [more]

I forgave my molester

I was molested by my sister when I was nine and she was 14-15, I didn't just forgive her I am best friends with her and I talk to her every day. I used to think that she was the best older sister I could ever have asked for and for some reason I'm back to believing it. She was abused as a child too from a distant relative and she had it much... [more]

Am i below, above, or average?

Im 14 and 6.5 inches when hard. Is this average or not? Will i be able to pleasure with 6.5 inches? If i wrap my hand around it my fingers almost touch. Should i be embarrassed?

Haven't hade s** in two years

I'm a 17 year old...I need my p**** rammed

My love of panties

My love of panties began when I was very young. I started masturbating when I was ten years old, back when all the department stores still sent out catalogs. The lingerie section was the best. I loved seeing all those women in their bras and panties and slips and nighties. That's how it was for several years. All of my adolescent masturbation... [more]

It's just true

Montana Tucker is the most beautiful woman alive.


I do not like myself. I can not see anything good about myself. I feel as though I am a waste and a burden to everyone. I am afraid to die but I no longer want to exist. Why should I? I am ugly, fat, stupid, afraid, mousy, poor, worthless, and alone. I tried to take care of those that I think loved me, parents and fiancee, but I failed and they... [more]

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