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I don't care anymore

I used to care deeply about people but I've stopped. I was trying so hard to help the world, make it a better place but whenever I got to know someone, I saw right through them. Saw right into their selfish soul. I see it differently now, it doesn't matter who does what to whom now since everyone's heart is dark underneath it all. It doesn't... [more]

I almost died but then did not almost die.

Around Christmas, I planned on killing myself. I was going to drive home for winter break (I'm a College student) and on the way home I was going to "accidentally" drift off the interstate and into a tree or bridge or something. While I was in the process of tying up loose ends (resolving old arguments, making ammends, that sort of thing) I... [more]


I'm a bit embarrassed about it, I don't want to tell anyone for fear of them thinking I'm crazy. I've been having strange nightmares. I'm a college student studying game design. I'm working on a horror game as a personal side project. I made an animation that would play sometimes if the monster catches the player: The monster pounces on the... [more]

Go F*** Yourself UK

I am so sick of the f****** British sticking their noses in our business. Like Piers Morgan. Why are you always commenting on our s***? Go f*** yourself and move back to the UK. We kicked your [more]

It's almost every day now that . . .

It's almost every day now that we get more evidence that the world can no longer sustain itself and is starting to unravel. We've had a good run, we earthlings, but it's soon coming to an end. Sayonara.

You think you own me

You think you can manipulate me with your "love". The problem is, you never knew how to love so there is nothing to miss. I just needed you to find out what monsters are really like. Thanks for fitting the role so well, I get it now.


I'm a 17 year old female and I want to be raped....I know this is a bad thing but I just reallly want to be raped. The thought of being tied down and dominant it's so thrilling to me. And I know that consented non-consent is just s** but I don't want that, I want to be raped like real rape not fake... [more]

Someone's revenge

Someone threatened to ruin my life because they loath to see me happy without them. They loath the rejection. Their loved into loath. This person wants to ruin my life. I'm not sure if I should worry about this. In fact, I don't even care. They're doing their best to set permanent obstacles on my way, but I'm not a quitter. In fact, I'm used to... [more]


I am addicted to p********** and masturbation. I want to stop I just can't. I need help I like a girl and want this to stop so i can pursue her and not l*** to other girls.

Will to live.

I'm loosing my will to live. The only things that I truly enjoy is smoking marijuana, and sitting under the sun. Everything else disgusts me.

Pedo on this site

You pervert need a life wanking over there daughters knickers its sick

Animal abuser, don't know what to do

It's been a few months but I still have urges and it's hard. No-one seems to get it either, there are people that'll justify animal or child abuse until they're blue in the face and those that say abusers deserve to die, sometimes they're both.
Got turned down by psychiatrist because apparently I'm not messed up enough. Feel like I don't have... [more]

It's over now

It's finally over. I did all I could.

I'm unsure of this world

I don't know what exactly to think about this generation anymore. All there left is s**, money, and loneliness. People are taking advantage of certain crimes ..... I feel like I shouldn't continue with my sentence and this confession anymore because it'll violate many of their feelings to something I'll... [more]

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