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I am still going to end my school

I am going to finish what i said i would do. i said i would kill the people at the cafteria at my school (silent hills for people who know where it is, it is not silent hills but its a code word) but then when my mom brought me to school they told us to leave. she took her anger out on me and it is annoying and mean. people reported it and now i... [more]


So I decided to get a tongue piercing, not necessarily for anything sexual... but because I think they're cool and it was something I wanted.
Well, that's fine and dandy and no problems so far except.... I get really turned on my tongue play and tongue stimulation: touching, licking, biting, vibrations, etc.
The tongue ring is constantly... [more]

My stories 4

So now what, Hmm, How about my cousin urging me and her sister to be with older guys and the time my she snuck us into the bar that I eluded to earlier.
So I am at the farm and my cousin is supposed to be baby sitting us, She sneaks us into the bar and it was a total s*** show. My cousin and I were... [more]

My stories 3

Well, Onto the next thing, My male cousin, I love him to death but when he was younger he was such a perv, I don't I don't know when he started but I remember the first time I caught him and many times my cousins told me something about catching him but it was not uncommon to to catch him peeking or spying and whacking it right from a young... [more]

My stories 2

As promised here is another one, So I thought I would lead off with the explanation to where I left off, From a young age I was...Sexual, I had interests before most of my friends and maybe it was from having an older cousin who was a literal nympho and we used to catch her all the time which lead to me being interested and starting maybe a bit... [more]

My stories 1

I had a situation arise which brought back a lot of memories and made me think about growing up in the early to mid 90's, I am going to post a bunch now that I am sitting here thinking about it and they will all be under "My stories".
I am now a 41 year old Mom, Wife etc. and recently had a situation with my oldest daughter, My husband and I were... [more]

Mom was a raped hero.

I was 14 when my mom was in the newspaper as a hero. She was a bank teller and when it got robbed, the men wanted to take a younger woman as a hostage with them. My mom told them to take her, not the young unmarried girl and they did. Everyone thought she was dead. People were looking for her body but a few days later she called from another... [more]

Sad all the time

I’m so lonely it actually hurts. I’m tired of crying all the time.

Feel like I’m a failure

I feel like I’ve only ruined other people’s lives. I don’t know of one life that I have improved as of now. Just live in fear and I’m afraid of ruining things more. Pray my son is able to grow up healthy and happy inside and out. I’ve done my best to protect him from my side of the family but sometimes I feel like it’s not enough because of... [more]

Curious to see if confessing helps me

I had s** with my first cousin and I'm married so this confession comes with alot of regret. First to God and to myself. Where I thought I was in control of my actions, I wasn't and I'm so sorry. I have since created so much distance between my cousin and I and have clearly told them that what happened... [more]

I wish I had a simple life like an animal

Sometimes I wish that I were an animal, or lived a life in the same semblance of one; have a caretaker that would look after my every need and I’d just be free to be a fat, content, simple creature with no worries. I’d only be concerned with my basic needs and entertaining myself.
It’d be alot easier and better than living with the existential... [more]

Gay but conservative

I am a crazy mixed up person. I'm a 38 y/o man, I identify as gay in my brain but I still find women incredibly sexy. I have a girlfriend 20 years older than me and I'm pretty open about it with her. I had a gay experience when I was 12 but thought it was too weird for me and refrained from acting it out since. I don't tell anybody I'm gay except... [more]


I am 35 married 12 years. My husband works alot. Lately i have been fantasizing about my neighbor. He is 20 years older but when i see him something about him makes me want to wrap my legs around him. Don’t know what to do


So, I run a bar, and I hired this older woman, whom I had previously met. From working with her she noticed that I had women's underwear on, well maybe I had it so she saw, however, nothing was said.
A few days went by and still nothing but kept noticing her looking at me bellow the waist, obviously wondering what I had on.
Then out the blue... [more]

Saw nude bath of neighbor aunt and her girls

Our neighbor's house was under total renovation and they shifted to the temporary cabin house made in the backyard which had no bathroom. For bathing facility they made a topless temporary cabin adjacent to our boundary wall which was of 2.5 metre height. In the evenings when it is slightly dark, the neighbor's wife and three girls used to come... [more]

New York Upstate Eastern

I am now in my 70's. I recall that my pals and I used to go to the local, kind of run down, "pay" beach to swim and hang out when we could get the money to do so. Because the beach was kind of run down, it didn't get the crowd that the other beaches got, and it didn't have the crowd of really good looking girls either, but it was what we could... [more]

A wife’s confession

I was married for 20 years. My husband i love dearly but has an extremely small d***.
My middle finger is about as big.
Don’t get me wrong
But our s** life i have always needed more.
I never been with anyone else.
Last month my best friend husband was... [more]

My obsession

Im 20 still live at home
My Dad works alot i have a part time job.
Mom is 39 and is sexy to me
She has always been a loving mother to me.
Spoiled me.
But lately i have been fantasizing about her.
I now stay in my underwear when dad not home.
She don’t say anything. One day i get brave
And go from shower half hard to my bedroom timing it... [more]

Here I wait to die, it may be a while, may I suggest a beverage?

Nothing makes me feel more guilty than knowing the only reason I’m alive despite my depression is my own fear of tactile pain. I’m not physically numb, I’m emotionally numb. Even my depression is messed up and doesn’t fit the standard.
I'm too boring to date.
My social life has deteriorated to where my best friend is a guy on Discord that... [more]

I caught my wife

I was maried 10 year my wife was a beautiful red head 5 foot 2 freckles on her face and chest
Nice round tight butt. Extremely sexy..
Had had a son when we got married and had full custody. Marsha my wife was at time I thought a good step mom.
I got hard every time i seen her. She gives me that s**... [more]

I can’t remember

I am a mother of two boys and a good husband
I need to tell someone.
Last month out company xmas party was on a Thursday night
My husband had to work
So i went alone.
I got drunk too drunk and called my son to pick me up.
He was 18 a senior in high school.
He couldn’t come cause he had a basketball game and they was staying at a friends... [more]

I would love other guys to see my panties I'm a boy I love showi

I want to.modrl my panties for older guys to see they can enjoy it

I want to model my panties for guys to see ld like older guys to

I want older guys to see me in my panties any guys who want me to model panties for them I will


I am racist..………….I live in the south I hate that people say the confederate flag is racist. Its a choice and its my choice. I love the confederate Flag and am proud to fly it every f****** day. Now how racist am I? I f****** hate [more]

Devotion to Trump

I confess that I think President Trump is BY FAR the greatest President we have ever had--BY A VERY WIDE MARGIN! There is LITERALLY nothing that he could do that would turn me against him! He will always have me as his devoted follower NO MATTER WHAT! If he announced tomorrow that he was dissolving congress and declaring himself President for... [more]

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