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My Wife's 38DD t*** and p****

I love to share my wife's nude pictures with anyone and everyone. Email me jsh14944@gmail.com

Man who enjoys wearing panties

I love wearing panties. I wear them almost 24/7. My wife is accepting and supportive.

I live in a house on top of a hill near two lakes and a river.

Seven years ago my neighborhood experienced a huge flood. The rains came down steadily and hard for several days and overflowed its banks flooding and damaging about two hundred houses in the neighborhood.
My house was spared. Not one thing was damaged or even inconvenienced. The road by my house rose over the flood and I didn't even miss... [more]


America is only known for diversity and president trump is eliminating that very well. I'm unsure what America would be known as afterwards. "We The People" is what keeping America together not the president. He'll never understand. Whatever!

I hurt from criticism and rejection

When I just confessed my negative attitude, my "armor" came off and I feel the sadness from all the rejection received in life. My narcissistic parents were first, then peers, men and many others. I am feeling the sadness at my life, my part in it, what I missed, realizing that most of it was my fault, and that much of the criticism I received... [more]

The internet!

Firstly... I hate it when american people say "innernet" instead of "internet"! It makes them sound silly and lazy. Come on guys... Don't be silly.
I hate religion... Just an excuse to gain power over weak minded and frightened individuals and get them to do what is required by religious leaders.
I hate the immense overpopulation of the... [more]

There people posting disgusting s** confessions here...

Haven't showered in a week or two, greasy hair, ketchup and underarm sweat stained shirts, rotting yellow teeth with a breath odor that won't go away. Only go out at night to grocery shop with their welfare tickets. J*** off in public bathrooms and dark alleys. Complete degenerates.

I am a Christian

I am a Christian and I know this is not a full confession like it is supposed to be but I want to let you guys know. Read the bible. Pray. Go to church. Listen. Take notes on church. Don't hang with people who are bad influences without a strong christlike foundation. dont swear. Dont cuss. dress appropriatly. Don't cheat on your wife or... [more]

I'm still here...

Still hearing your whispers. Still wishing you were near.

Weinstein women

I don't feel sorry for them. Many women use their bodies to get ahead. Guys use their positions of power. It's just the way it is.

I'm seventy years old and my advice is common knowledge.

I can't give a young man or woman any advice because they know it already. Much time has passed and apparently, my life wasn't unique or interesting enough to tell anyone anything. I just sit in my pub sipping my beer and watching sports on TV.

Jealous of my younger siblings

I have always been an outcast in the family.
No sense of fashion, below average grades, lack of social skills..the rest of the siblings seemed to have it all figured out. They got good grades, were popular in school, went places with their friends while i stayed in and played video games or watched TV.
In my own thought, i thought i was a... [more]

I shattered a plate...

I shattered a plate when I accidentally dropped it when I was walking to the sink.

Weinstein girls

Many girls use their bodies to their advantage. Some guys use their power. Doesn't worry me. I know it is not PC. I have no concern for the Weinstein girls.

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