Other Confessions


I forgave my molester.

My strange addiction

I stick my fingers in my ass to smell the s*** it's just a really interesting smell to me idk I do it I don't like s*** or other people's s*** but the smell that comes off my fingers when I put my fingers... [more]

What I saw in an Arkansas jail

I was visiting my father who was the sheriff of a town in a small Arkansas town. I liked the people there but a particular incident made me wonder if they were civilized.
It seems a man working on a pig farm had gotten another workers mentally retarded daughter pregnant. The other worker was a lifelong friend of the pig farms owner.
The... [more]

S.. With my Sister in Law

So I've been married fourteen years, and things between us have been great, however my wife's step sister, let's say is a little tramp who I actually never even noticed until two years ago, when she started dressing acctractively, and showing of some huge knockers and a sexy shape, which I never seen before, as she has always been dressing with... [more]


I have 3 children. The oldest 8 and the youngest 5.
I never thought being a parent would be so exhausting... slowly but surely it rips every ounce of life in you. when you decide to have a baby... you never know what you're gonna get. Some parents are fortunate to have children that are calm in nature, have similar Interests to one another and... [more]

Literal Actual H***...

I have a friend who is the one person in this world that seems to really understand my problems. (Or at least acts like they give a crap...) He left today and he'll be gone for the next three months with no way to contact him. I knew it was coming and tried to prepare myself for it, but damn it, it's just so soul-crushing to know that there is no... [more]

I wear panties

I am a male that enjoys wearing panties.

I love wearing girls panties and knickers ilove wearing pink p

Im a boy ilove to wear girls undies and panties knicjers and I love girls school skirts schooluniform I would love tohave worn a skirt andpanties to school

Hot bookstore

I was in the basement of this adult bookstores like rubbing my c*** down their don't have a big c*** 5 inches had a old man probably in his70 watching me stroking he came over and stood by me I showed him [more]

Just need to get this out there

They say you can't dream about yourself dying and wake up. Well I have the past three nights and I'm really shaken. Just posted on here cause I'm kind of the take it on the chin can't be hurt guy in the family. I'm secretly losing it thanks for reading this.


Is the combination to my safe. I want you to know this because I want you to have what's in there. After midnight on 01/01 it's all yours.

Giving birth

If I could give birth to puppies or kittens, I'd get off of the pill immediately. Human babies are really ugly, smelly creatures.

The day my friend beat the s*** out of a lesbian

I used to be the equipment manager for a local band and one day when they were playing in a honky Tonk bar on the shadier side of town a gay woman walked into the bar. There was nothing unusual about this as several gay men and women used to have a drink there and no one cared. I personally have nothing against gay men and women.
One day... [more]

I watched an execution

I posted about a man in a park who raped and murdered a fifty-something-year-old woman in a park under aggravating circumstances.
Because of my job I had to watch him die by lethal injection.
He was led into the room and like the psychopathic murderer that he was, he came in unafraid and calm. The needles were inserted without incident and... [more]

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