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I confess I love black men and black c*** I love back mens c** its so salty and bitter and creamy

My Feet Fetish

I want a girl to trample my nuts. For them to cut a hole in a floor board. Then I get naked and put my nuts through that hole. Then they wiggle their toes on my nuts. Also I want a girl to stand on me. For an example, I'm laying on the floor by the counter. My mom stands on me and wiggle her toes on me. I don't have my shirt on. She also stands on... [more]

To someone J,

Please don't tell me to focus on my needs. Try not misleading anyone ever again for your own gain.


I'm kind of frustrated with this generation. Its like people don't know nothing about life than s**, dating, complaints about their ex-bf or ex-gf, attention seeking and alcohol/drugs.
Why is it difficult to find my type of people?
Lately, I've been feeling super weird about these situations... [more]

I don't know what to name this

I have a difficult time talking to you. I never know what to say. You're always aggressive and manipulative. Every time I decide "I'll message him" then out of the blue, you're back to aggression. I never know what to say to you. You always vent and continue with the blame game. After your aggressive episode, you become emotional. I work with... [more]

Malaysia is garbage

Feel free to bash anything you like, malay trash etc.. anything hahaha

When you're suicidal

How do you find it in yourself to make life goals? Even short term goals. I don't see the point in any of this.

My sisters panties

I love to steal my sisters panties, I have been doing it sense er were pre teens I get so aroused by the smell of her panties after she had worn them, I j******* into them and lay them back on the floor in her room ive have sprayed my c** all over her... [more]

Looking up my 60years old mum's skirt

Was it wrong for my 60years old mum to let me look her skirt all the time when No One but her could see me looking. She wore knee lenght skirts silky petticoat 's stockings and suspenders silky full cut knickers I would always get a h----- then have a pocket w--- .Do you think would have noticed me doing as she never said Mum anything do you think... [more]

To Dominique,

We were only acquaintances but that day something more happened. I didn't and still don't know much about you. We would only see each other around the campus at college. It was in 2015 when things began to turn around.
I remember those days when you wanted to get yourself noticed. I wasn't and I am still not sure why? We have come from two... [more]

I love the feeling of being wasted

Basically, since the first time I ever got drunk (years ago) I'm in love with that feeling. I really love to drink until I'm no longer able to function, and push my limits, even tho I know it's pretty dangerous to do so. Sometimes I just get completely wasted home alone, or get as drunk as I can and try to pretend sober for the rest of the day... [more]

Its what they have in common

Donald Trump and Bill Cosby are both rapers. They should both be in rape jail.

I lobe bullying

I deeply love to see people humiliated and beaten up, i love to make people feel betrayed, i really enjoy to support bullies and help them to dominate someone by pretending to be a friend of the loser designed to be humiliated, if you are a bully or someone who love to see others bullied then please contact me with a PRIVATE message on facebook ... [more]

I'm abusive

I am a toxic person. I've always been questioning it, but now I am sure of it. It wasn't until I was put into a position where I had to look back to see how I was treated growing up and how messed up it was, that I realized it was the same way I was treating others. I'm emotionally abusive to my "boyfriend" (I'm using the term loosely because we... [more]

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