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I'm taking care of my nieces b****** child

My niece is an unattractive red head who had a baby with a married black man. She is a doper and the black man's family doesn't want the baby so in order to keep this child out of child care I took her in.
If you are curious as to what a mixed race child looks like I'll tell you. She much prettier than her mother with dark brown curly-ish... [more]

I attempted to sexually assault someone

I was young. 11-12 years old. I did something bad. I had a weird transition through childhood to hitting puberty and I believe i was straight into it when I hit it. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to sneak into someones room and attempt to assault them. This has always and WILL always be the biggest regret of my life. This is not me... [more]

Can't bare

I can't stand people who think they can get anyone and anything.

Lost my virginity to my step brother

My step brother never liked me until I grew into puberty he said it himself. He asked to if he could do oral and that would be it. In my dumb mind (I was only 13) I thought it would be okay. And yes it happened while I was laying I thought to myself this is not right. Then after he finished he wanted to have s** I didn't want too but ended up... [more]

I'm a boy ilove to wear girls panties and knickers

I'm a boy ilove to wear girls cotton panties knickers and girls school skirt pleated school skirts ilove panties and I love to flash show my panties any guys or boys want to see mine you can anybody wants to see mine you can

I hate tobacco

My best friend in high school is dead because he smoked himself to death. He smoked a lot of cigarettes and he was very obese. He was a long haul 18 wheeler driver and in 2000 he had a heart attaxk was he slept in the bed of his truck.
Ok 18 years late his wife dies from cigarette smoking except she died of COPD. How could anybody in this... [more]

Belly punching india

I like to punch belly tummy of fat aunties and sply older one. I hit hard such that they couch n fall Use belt to spank their tummy Spinach. Sarma@gmail.com


I confess.I love wearing women's clothing and lingerie and have been for about 15 years. Women's silkys are much more comfortable,smooth,relaxing and sexy to wear

Getting old. I turned 70 last April.

I go to a luncheon once a month and in the beginning there were about 30 people from my high school graduating class who came there. There are about 24 now as six of us have died within the last three years. Two of them were my best friends.
I do go to a local bar and have a few drinks. My best buddy there died just one year older than I am... [more]

Getting fat

I got married 3 years ago, weighing 190 pounds. My hubs likes big women, so he has encouraged me to gain weight. He thought I was sexy at 190 but would like me to be at least twice that weight. I am so lucky, because I have a huge appetite, and over the last 3 years I have gained 115 pounds! Love it!!! How lucky can I get? A hubby that wants me to... [more]

Sisters panties

My sister caught me wearing her panties having s** with a guy she was completely shocked and didn't understand what I was doing she couldn't believe any of it she had no clue I was bi or wore her panties idk what to do

Colon cleansing & power of parents.

For a while I've been thinking about enemas and colon cleansing.
I picked up a discount voucher that had 75% off so I figured I'd try it.
Made the booking and drove to the hydrotherapy clinic. Turned out this was a home office for want of a better term. Bungalow in the suburbs. Go in the front door and I was in the waiting room. Left to... [more]

Why should American society not fear and hate Islam?

Mst of the terrorism has been caused by Muslim terrorists. Yet we allow them to stay here and let more of these baby f****** in our country.
Just a few years ago the GBI in Georgia broke up a Muslim terror cell that was planning to explode a bomb in Macon Ga which is a sleepy small southern... [more]

Slave Roleplay

Anyone wanna slave roleplay? I'm a female. We can talk by email leave it on the comments.

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