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Havs anyone here ever hurt someone accidentally?

I was on top of the roof of my Grandparents garage and I brushed a rock off the top of the building. The rock as if it had a mind of its own went bonk off the top of a five year old boys head. It hit him and bounced right off making a thunking sound.
I had not done that on purpose. I was twelve yeas old and I had no desire to hurt a five... [more]

Incident at a longshoremans bar in Alameda circa 1982.

I was friends with this Jewish police Officer named Jack. He often had to make an arrest at a certain bar in ALameda. A drunk longshoreman was banned from going there but he said he was going there anyway. Someone warned the bartender and he called the police who sent Jack.
Jack was medium height and thin. His semetic features were... [more]

Tiny throats

I love to take my meat shank and put it in young throats. Tiny number 2 rides are nice too. My favorite are three calendars old to twelve. I took a three male and wrapped him in a blanket so he couldn’t fight back and I shoved my meat shank in his tiny throat only pulling it out to let him breath. I did this over five hundred times to him and his... [more]

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Who knows how it’ll end

I’m at the point where if I don’t get all the plastic surgeries I want in the next couple years then i’m just going to end it. I don’t want to live anymore looking the way I do. I have a fat face & big head, Im down to 108 pounds & my face is still so fat. I just want to drown myself in alcohol to forget about it for a while. It eats at me... [more]

Ventriloquist in Vietnam

This black friend of mine in the army was a ventriloquist. He learned it on his own and he was good at it. He liked pot and beer and he hated gooks.
He was real high and one day we came upon a dead ** in a semi skeletal state. He cut the head off and put it up on a stick and did the funniest... [more]


I was ** for my virginity in order to destroy me and my family. I will be killed soon. This is genocide of me and my family. Not a single scum will be responsible for the genocide of me and my family. I want to die from pain and helplessness

I can’t stand ghetto People

I find them gross and ignorant. I cannot stand how they talk and live in this world? All they do is collect welfare like rats and refuse to work. Why even bother living, if you’re like that? These leeches just wake up to collect welfare, like it’s their job. They sell drugs and are thugs. All that rap music must have destroyed their brains. It’s... [more]

Women who go to bars…

I’m noticing a lot of women that are between the ages of 21-35 are a bunch of alcoholics. They sleep around with random men probably getting an STD. Then, they say they don’t want kids so you’re just going to be a bar stool until you die? Your friends are growing up and you’re still waiting for them to call you for a drink??? Why? You’re going to... [more]

My friend was falsely accused of something

So, my friend was falsely accused by a young girl of “grooming” he never touched the girl. He also met her one time. He chatted with her on the phone by texts. She said she had evidence of grooming but she has nothing. She goes and bad mouths him to everyone and people automatically believe her. His reputation gets ruined but she was a known drug... [more]

My secret

I am a part time straight male crossdresser. My wife is aware and is semi-approving. Though she doesn't know that I have clothes, makeup and shoes in my car and sometimes I dress in my car and then go about my day.

Getting old is fine but it does have downsides

My mother lived to be 97. My friends mother died in her early 70's and when I told my mother what a tragic event that was my mother said this. Everybody has to die and she at least has it behind her.
Ok my mother dies at age 97. I was 74. I'm now 76. I have out lived, all four of my very best friends. I have one other friend whose still... [more]

I didn't know it was a snuff film

I like watching fail videos because I like to see that somebody is having a worse day than me. There is one that I found a year ago and it made me laugh. I've watched it many times, but it was cut. Today, I saw the full version and I learned that the two men in the video died as a result of their accident. I feel guilty about that, I had no idea... [more]

War tory from the Vietnam era

I'm white but many of my comrades in arms and friends were not white. My favorite companion white or not was Robin the wonder boy from Motown. He got the name Wonder boy because his last name was Robin.
Vietnamese bar owners would sometimes put up signs that read "No ** allowed". This was... [more]

Goodbye Madam Bell you old scammer you

For decades you ran a house dedicated to reading palms and looking into your crystal ball. You were a fake but an interesting fake. Your crystal ball was the real item. Real crystal instead of a plain glass ball. Your tarot deck looked like it was made in the dark ages. Your room looked scary with weird old books in your library.
You... [more]

I spent five years in county jail for theft by taking

My bad, my fault, no one to blame but myself. I served my time and got out. I went back to working at the family Dairy farm and I seldom leave the property. I avoid bars where people know me because they all ask the same question. How was jail.
My crime wasn't violent so my time was spent with criminals who behaved themselves. They... [more]

Is it ok to say bad things about dead bad people?

I know two dead **. One was a loud mouth doper and thief who was not worth anything to anybody but himself. He drank himself to death. Another guy I used to know always wanted to borrow things and when you got them back they were always scattered in pieces or broken completely.
Both of... [more]

Why do blacks laugh when one of them is arrested?

This black guy was driving erratically and a cop pulled him over. In the car was four blacks and when the driver was tested for DUI he flunked miserably. His companions laughed their ** off. I saw this from in front of my apartment.

I wish I was free to do want I want.

If I could have one ability, it would be freedom. Before anyone says freedom is not an ability, let me explain. There's a website called Superpower wiki that lists many different superpowers and one of the powers listed is freedom. The explanation is that by having freedom, a person cancer do anything they want and never get in trouble. My entire... [more]

To answer post : How can we be saved, what Good is God ?

I'm commenting on the post where someone indicated that in the Bible it says only a few people will be saved and going to Heaven. But here's the thing my friend, it clearly states in the Bible in the New International Version in Romans chapter 10 : vs 9 If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him... [more]


I was upset that the sun just watches us suffer throughout our lives so I may have put my middle ** up at it. The sun is the provider of life as far as I know.

Bosses Wife

My wife and I attended a conference for my job. Pretty boring stuff. The last night of the conference the Big Boss of the Company asked if we wanted to come to their Suite and soak in the hot tub. Wow, thought it would be good for my career to mingle with the upper management. My wife put on her bikini, and I put on swim trunks and we went up the... [more]

Day out with my girls

When I was engaged and married to my husband I had to be careful not to wear anything too revealing or put up with request like sit in the backseat because he got turned on when he would see my hair, dress or my blouse flap around in the wind I think it was my huge ** that turned him on or both but... [more]

The day I got slapped around by a gang

I was lucky. I was with a friend and we were walking down the sidewalk when three older boys started hooting at us and making insults. I knew better than tho say anything but my companion didn't. He said something back. The three punks jumped off the steps and slapped us around. One of them said as they we shoving me back and forth don't do... [more]

People critise me because I wasn't sorry when you died

Ok whose fault was it you lost your life? It sure as ** wasn't mine. I didn't put the alcohol and drugs in you you did that yourself. It wasn't my fault your wife and own daughter distanced themselves from you for being a alcoholic, drug abusing lunatic.
It wasn't my fault you went bankrupt... [more]

Curious about ** someone outside.

At 71 a male I have become curious about ** either ** while outside parked up.
And to play with their ** or ** and [more]


Yesterday I went for a drive and I have not done that since I was 19 years old I took my dad's 1967 Jag it is a awesome car and totally open I wore a nice silk dress tied my hair up in a bon awesome sunglasses I looked good, while I drove my dress kept getting ballooned up and the wind felt great
And even though my hair was [more]

Its said that living well is the best revenge

How about just being alive period? This bigmouth used to yell at me and told me I ought to change my lifestyle. His life style included drugs, alcohol and treating his women like **. This guy told me hed rather take dope than eat. I guess that's why his teeth were all rotten and he looked like a... [more]


I will be killed soon. I tried to apply for refugee, but they ignore me.

Karma caught up with you didn't it Bobby G

When your punk friend knocked the ** out of me you jumped my friend and knocked him out. I mean we were just hanging out when you and Carl jumped us. Your buddy Carl knocked another guys front tooth out.
So Bobby a day or so later you were in a car accident and killed. It couldn't have... [more]

I found out what happened after graduation to the worst bully I h

He's been married and divorced three times. One woman had three kids by him and she left him taking their three children with her. He had to pay child support until the kids were 18. He currently lives alone.

I was angry

I was angry hipocrytical prideful disrespectful tyrannical impatient defensive argumentative gossipping stubborn faithless anxious afraid worried I had resentment worldly sorrow I overreacted I complained to God accussed him of wrong doing I purposely offended God I overreacted I was ungodly unloving unmerciful unforgiving irresponsible... [more]

I live in Pantyland

So I'm not female and I wear ladies underwear. It's exciting for me to feel feminine and dressing in cute and silky clothes, especially lingerie is the best. I'm certain that I'm not alone and other males are equally attracted to the sensation of gorgeous under things, hose and racy lacy undies. Any other guys live in Pantyland?

My crush

I have a crush on someone I work with and I told him already but I want to ask if he wants to hang out and I want to get to know him better. I just feel so awkward. I've always been shy when it comes to telling people about my feelings. My friends have been telling me to just be myself.

Hey Rick you told me nobody gave a ** about what I had to say a

You said nobody gave a ** about what I had to say about anything. We nobody can give a ** about anything you say because you pill popped and drank yourself to death. Its rather hard to express yourself when your dead. Maybe a ouigie board?

Why say good things about horrible people when they die?

A guy I knew died in 2017 and he was a drunk, drug abuser, liar, thief an irresponsible idiot and a loudmouth among many other negative traits.
He dies and leaves his family bankrupt.
What is there good to say about him? Well for starters he was a Vietnam veteran. He was in the army for nine years and when he left he had lost a stripe... [more]

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