Other Confessions

Love to video a woman in UK Cornwall.

I love up-skirt p*** and would love the chance at 67 to video up a womans dress who wears white cotton panties. I find tights are sexy too with white panties under tights. Any others.

Meetup pantie men/crossdressers UK.

Love to meet slim to medium built men wearing panties or crossdress. A ride out somewhere to play with each other sexually. Stroking through panties. UK Cornwall anyone all legal ages.

Similar World

Similar world sucks I miss Experience Project. Sad EP had to close down because of privacy issues.

Crossdresser fun

Hi everyone my name is Scott Harsh I am from Lakeland fl. I am a older crossdresser I am 58 but not to bad looking when I am dressed up and I am dressed up most of the time.Well I meet a 56 yo business man at the car wash place here in Lakeland and we talk for a little while and I told that I was a crossdresser and his reaction to shock me he said... [more]

Married wife

I’m a 25 year old f, just got married after being with spouse for almost 7 years. Our relationship doesn’t have spontaneous aspect anymore ... if you know what I mean . He doesn’t put out at all . He will start laughing or telling me he’s tired but will hump me while he’s sleeping and we will dooo it . Anyways I love my husband but I don’t get... [more]


Hi everyone my fem name is Cassie and I am from Lakeland fl. Well I love to get dressed up and go out. Well last Saturday night I went to the car wash and I had on black pantyhose cut off shorts and top and low heels and this black guy came over he said nice car and one thing led to another then we went around back and I gave him a [more]


I am a crossdresser from Lakeland fl. And I want to be exposed .I love dressing up and going to stop I love to go out and watch people who are watching me. It is so funny I was at the mall yesterday and I was sitting at food court in th he mall and you could see people talking about you but for the most part not a lot of bad comments this women... [more]


Any other women enjoy watching a fistfight. I’m a26y/o black woman. I work at a bar and 95% of the patrons are white. I love white guys too! Anyway, there are a lot of fistfights at this place and I enjoy watching them. Sometimes a guy will get a broken nose or some teeth knocked out and I’m cheering the fight on with a lot of the guys. Some of... [more]

I have a fetish for stomach growls and talk to my own stomach

My fetish for stomach growls started at the age of 17,It began after breakfast.I was getting ready for school when suddenly i heard an unusual sound it sounded like someone or something was saying married couple but it was deep and gurglly.That’s when i realised it was my stomach saying that,I put my hands on my stomach rubbing it trying to calm... [more]

Hitler was right about genocide but..

He became Wrong when he made it about race. If he just stuck to killing mental and/or physical handicapped the world would be ... a dystopian like it already but with less mouths to feed. Hitler was used for shock sub any genocidal mad man you want.


I want to hurt my self but a can not find a great way to do it any suggestions and I really want it to hurt

I know where H*** is. H*** is in hello

Heaven is goodbye forever its time for me to go. I was born under a wandering star. I never have seen a sight that didn't look better looking back.

Are you new here?

Okay, I have a warning for you. If you're coming here for actual advice. Don't. Stop. Go away, shoo shoo. Honestly, I'd recommend Amino and Reddit (basic, I know) and go to an advice subreddit or Amino, or, honestly, the LGBT ones. I would especially recommend LGBT teens or something of the like. Even if you aren't in the community, they'll help... [more]

Hi everyone

Just here to say hi. So hi! :)

My dream to get trample kick heavy hard deep in the n******

Cousin gregory leland moore jr had have a h**** dream my n****** got heavy footed hard deep kick fifty times each heavy footed hard deep trample ten times each by my three beautiful adult women cousins deja lee neshia phelps kirsten harris with... [more]

I got extremely h**** to my two first cousins feet as a teenager

Cousin gregory leland moore jr back when being a child teenager was sitting at the table extremely h**** after seeing my first cousin latoya phelps my cousin shady michelle phelps beautiful wide soles barefooted wishing to get heavy footed hard deep kick in my [more]

My life is a mess

So this isn't actually any secret or something. I'm just so unhappy with my life rn. I mean I don't know what am I gonna do in my life. I don't wanna do that simple 9 to 5 job and have a boring life. I want to do something big, something that I love. But idk how! I got into the college where i never wanted to came, I don't have the height to... [more]

Body transformation

I confess that I have this crazy fantasy. I’m a guy and I love fitness women. I love their bodies and how amazing they look in their sexy, girly gym clothes. I have this dream (fantasy) of me waking up in the morning feeling that in some way my body transformed into a gorgeous, beautiful fit girl. In my dream I felt so strong and ran to the mirror... [more]

Story of the American Coast Guard

I joined the Coast Guard in 1975. I had barely graduated High School so college wasn't for me but I'd rather have the experiences that I'm relating to you than the whole college experience. I was through basic training and I was in a cutter patrolling the Alaskan coast. We spotted a Trawler that turned out to be Russian fishing in our waters... [more]

The truth

I've used alcohol as a coping mechanism to conceal my loneliness and pain due to it. Its caused alot of pain to me and others in the process. I come off with mixed emotions. First happy, then sad then angry. I'ma reclusive drinking mostly. I don't like people seeing me drinking the way I do. The pain I'm numbing is the fear that I have had of me... [more]

Trevor Lawrence.......

.......is a f***** b******.

This site

Here's one. This site sucks. I think it is old and abandoned. Posts never show. This one probably won't either. Don't waste your time

Please tell me people are trolling

Not a confession but on this site i've seen people discuss there sexual fantacies involving minors and even toddlers. Like please tell me you're kidding and now just f****** disgusting


I love showing off my slim petite body, being photographed nude outdoors really excites me and especially where people can see me. Parklands with bike/walk paths are a favorite of mine where i know someone will come past and catch me completely naked. Most people will just keep walking past but i have had a few guys stop and watch. I love putting... [more]

Gym clothes

Hi I have this thing for tight spandex pants specially gym women clothes. I love the way they look feel and the girly details on them. I took my fantasy to the next level and I went to sports good store. Sometimes I do that but this time I tried them. I went to the women section I like to grab the buttery fabric with really cute designs ant fit... [more]

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