Relationship Confessions

I wish I knew how this marriage turned out

Several years ago there was a program about mismatched marriages. The one that interested me most was an unattractive woman college Biology Professor with a genius IQ married an IQ challenged dishwasher at a diner. The dishwasher, unlike most men, doted on her and one day she suggested to him that they marry. She said with her degree in... [more]

My Bruises Make Me Feel Worthless

My husband and I have been together for almost 8 years (married for about 2). We have been though a lot together, I mean a lot. We have had our ups and downs but we always bounce back and I can honesty say that I know we are head over heels in love. But the downs have been getting worse. In the past year, my husband has put his hands on me more... [more]

Wife details how friend huge c*** feels f****** her

When I was in high school staying the night at my best friend house he started changing. My mouth dropped having never seen a c*** so huge more than twice my thickness and length as well. Guess a natural deserved complement without thinking blurting our dam you have a awesome huge [more]


Before I got into management with the company where I work, I was in sales for over 20 years. So I spent my life in airports and airplanes, flying all over. During my travels I played around a lot. Like, a WHOLE lot. I had women -- all ages, all races, all sizes, all marital statuses, all degrees of filthiness -- waiting for me all over the... [more]

I regret everything

I hooked up with this girl on my most recent mission trip we were both of age (17+) and since then we've kept talking and calling each other daily but she lives in Ohio and I live in Missouri it's been there months but I'm going to college and I'm starting to wish we never met because I know it'll never work and I don't want me to be a limitation... [more]

Married woman with boyfriend is seeing me

OK so shes married but is free to date. Ive been with her before. She is now dating someone, and still married. She is always coming to see me at work and posting pics of us on her social media. Last night we made out in my car at work. I really dont want to have to see her boyfriend face to face ever again now. Its already hard enough when... [more]


During s** my wife and i often talk about who else would she like to f***, one night she told me she would like to f*** my younger brother who was 20 at the time,
So we arranged to go out with my bro and... [more]

I slapped my wife....

My wife is a very very very emotional abusive person. She constantly screams in my face, refuses to admit she does anything wrong and actively makes it her life to blame me for any problems we have. She pushes my buttons, gets in my face and tries to get a reaction out of me constantly. She was the first one to slap actually, she even clawed my... [more]

Changing room

I've been dating this woman for a couple of months. We're both 26 and things have been mostly okay. She is gorgeous with a very high s** drive (wants it all of the time). I'm really in love with her. She also has a huge circle of friends. She recently took me to a big party at a friend's place. There... [more]

Laps like a Dog

I met her on OK Cupid, TBH I picked her because I thought it would make a good f*** buddy seem like an easy pick. Damn! I was right first Date she invited me over to the house. I ended up sleeping over that night. I couldn’t stop f****** her. She... [more]

My cousins daughter-in-law

My cousins daughter-in-law started to text me everyday out of the blue. We seemed to comfort each other. I was trying to be supportive but of course the guy in me started to thing of s**. She seemed to be needing attention. I wanted to comfort her so much. She started to pull away from conversation now I... [more]

Messed up mind

I dont know what's wrong with me.
I'm in a perfectly happy relationship with my bf. We have 3 kids.
Yet, i cant stop thinking about other men. I have never cheated and never will but i cant control my thoughts.
I think about guys from my past all the time. The opportunitys i missed and the 'what ifs'. I dont want to think these thoughts.
I'm... [more]

My ex is dumb

My ex wife left me almost 2 years ago for her boss, Well...a year later she finds out he is pretty much banging everyone from his ex wife to his secretary to his 55 year old house keeper.
Not only is it great for me to know that she knows she messed up a really good thing leaving me and taking my kids away and ended up being the one getting [more]

I am in love with you colleen

I cant resist you, I try, I think "she is just a friend" but every day I think more and more about you. You are a few years older, have amazingly large b**** just like a like and you are one H*** of a sexy fat chick I wish I could tell you how much I... [more]

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