Relationship Confessions

I love BBw

Im a 16 year old adelaide guy and i love my girlfriend but i always watch bbw p*** behind her back. Ive always found it hot and now i'm worries for my relation ship. I want to end it for her but i cant find any bbw girls

Old black woman

I had a friendship with an old black cleaning lady at a hospital where I worked as a young man. She told me this story and I thought I'd pass it on.
She had grown up in South Georgia which back in the early twenties when these events happened racism was rampant.
Despite this when she was a little poor black girl she was able to maintain a... [more]

Wives VS Side GF

Men .. How long have you been with your significant other & how long have you been with your side girlfriend? What does your Gf have or do that your significant other doesn’t? How do you feel about all the negative labels that come with having two women? How do you avoid getting caught? On a scale from 1 to 10 how happy are you with your side gf... [more]

I left my wife and during the divorce preceedings she asked this

I left my wife after she did some things I considered downright evil including making fun of a seven-year-old girl with an overbite. After which she informed me she hated my g****** family.
While I was living with my parents waiting for the divorce to be final my soon to be ex-wife called and... [more]


I miss bubzy. He was my boyfriend, my husband, the love of my life and i'm hurt and full of regret. He's made me the happiest and I wish i would've done the same. I wish I didn't get upset over small things and I wish i would've been there for him. I wish i could go back in time and fix our relationship. I wish i would've kept us in the honeymoon... [more]

Polyamorous ideation

I have a deep desire to have a polyamorous relationship with my wife and a good friend of hers. Her friend is probably one of the best people I've ever met (next to my wife). Sexy, nice, and super smart. Her only problem is that she married and divorced a couple of real douchebags. She seems to be attracted to men beneath her and that bothers... [more]

Caught my boyfriend in bed with another girl

My bf was f****** another girl, in his bed. So next time he went out, I sat on his bed and peed and pooped on it. Ha!

My courage stands strong

I finally broke up with my gf of 3 Years. We’ve had our ups and downs but now it’s attachment as time went by se began to hide things from me. Communication and honesty are my main purposes in a relationship. Besides the fact that her parents never are never will like me. I grew the courage to end things. Not feel attatched. Not feel like I use... [more]

New relationship

It’s really hard. This feeling that I’m starting over, the beginning of a new relationship where my last one wasn’t new for three years. Working for what I want, watching my step, learning him and what he likes is so scary.
Sometimes when I am alone, I think about how difficult it is. I wonder if he’s thinking of me or how stupid I am or how I... [more]


I have a friend who owns several businesses. He is a gun enthusiast. So am I but to a much lesser degree. He makes a lot more money than I do.
I was at a gun show a few miles from my house when I saw an Italian side by side 10 gauge shotgun and the seller was asking $1000.00 for it. That's is a once in a lifetime deal. Italian shotguns... [more]

My family

I want to confess something about my family, but I can't. It isn't meant to be shared with the world. However, I just want to say few words to my dad here.
I'm happy for you. It's been a long time since I've seen you happy. I'm sorry I couldn't give you much time, but recently I've taken the interest in correcting our relationship. I'm sorry... [more]

My gf IS A F****** CRY BABY!!

We’ve been together in a long distance relationship periodically seeing each other for 3 years and are in our mid 20s. She cries about everything u name it!! Work, her pet puppy, having to wake up for work, her mom bugging her it goes on and on AND ON... Now it’s not like I’ve been a total d***. At... [more]

My wife

When your wife says to you " I love you but I'm not in love with you " what does that really mean what his she trying to tell you , part of me thinks there could be someone else , She said we should have a break but we don't seem to have a problem that I know of . What does that phrase mean also I would like your thoughts thank you .

A hole

I would love it if my mums partner (wouldn’t even call him a stepdad ) just fall down the stairs while he’s drunk & hit his head then die

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