Relationship Confessions

I want my wife to become a queen of spades

I have been fantasizing and masturbating to cuckold and Hotwire p*** almost exclusively now for 5 years. I think I want to tell my wife but I am not sure it will be well received.
I fantasize about her being intrigued with the idea and thinking about it for a while. Slowly she realizes how she... [more]

I hate my boyfriends grown kids

I hay boy lives out of been with my bf for 8 yrs now we just started living together. He has 2 grown kids . The boy is 27 , the girl 20, the boy lives out of state (thank God) he is the worst of the two. The girl lives with her mom and stepdad. They do not work , the boy has a BS degree, yet sleeps most of the day. The girl is the same way... [more]

My feeling are blooming for someone, is it wrong?

I am having a boyfriend and I love him so much. We are playing the same game, but a few days ago, a guy texted me and we talked a few time and now I feel that I wanted to talk to him every time. I also told him that I have a boyfriend and I am trying to limit not to talk to him anymore so that I could focus on my loved one. I feel so guilty after... [more]

I Don't Find Her Attractive Anymore

I met her 6 months ago, ,
The first thought that came to my mind was " Nobody is gonna like her". Great.
Then, i saw her again, but could not see her face as she was sitting infront of me. For the next three days, i only wanted to see her face again, but could not.
Then, i met her in my class, and was instantly got attracted to her. I liked... [more]

A Promise I Made Myself

A few years back, I made a promise to myself that, if I hadn’t found somebody by the time I turn 50, I would end my life.
As I near 40, the reality that I’ll follow through on it is beginning to hit me. I’m losing confidence in the possibility of a happy ending. It hurts like h***, because all my... [more]

I love my boyfriend but he’s a softy

My boyfriend is really sweet but he’s a bit of a softy. I’m 19 and he’s 21.
He’s a real gentle soul which is adorable sometimes. He melts over the way I look the when my hair is in a messy bun with a sweat shirt on way more than when I spend hours getting dressed. He’ll say “you have such beautiful natural blond hair” as he twirls it in his... [more]

Permanent Ownership

All I have to do to get a man who belongs to another woman, or even who's married to another woman, is to kiss him (or allow him to kiss ME) while I'm smoking a cigarette, or just after I've finished one, and he is mine. Forever. I've ended marriages with a single cigarette and a single kiss.

Divorced the s***

Never marry a s***. My ex-wife was a s*** before we started dating. I knew this and thought it shouldn’t matter. We fell in love and got married eventually.
After being married for six years, I found out she had been [more]

I'm Turning Cold

It is true that they say; "The people that care the least used to care too much."
I'm a 19 year old who is starved of positive reinforcement from my parents, and went to a s***** therapist that should have her license taken away. I go to a new therapist that helps me a lot. I compensate for the... [more]

Secret size queen

I had been with my wife about a year when I asked her about her past experiences, she talked about one guy that had a big c*** but wasn't very good with it. I asked her if she missed it, which she denied. I wasn't so sure so I made plans to try a big [more]

Trapped and sad

I want to get out of my relationship but I know there is a 99% I won't find anything better. To leave now would be idiotic, our lives are so wrapped up at this point. He loves me so much and would do anything for me. It breaks my heart. But I don't love him. I don't even know if I can love anyone? I feel so passive all the time and I wish I didnt... [more]


BIG WOMAN and young boy Relation is not same for me.
Now this WOMAN i know for a month only but SHE came too close for some personal reason.
Her place was near i work and so it was easier to meet HER any time. Nothing more is to say about this place,
This WOMAN and HER husband was there , i came to know HER for another personal reason... [more]

I'd like to spit in her eye

I did some extensive analytical work on the investments of my girlfriend and her family. Several days worth of preparation. Sent it to her. Never heard a word. Not a thank you. Not an offer to pay me. No proffer of a return of favor. Nothing. NOTHING. It's like she thought I owed it to her. To them. I'd like to grab her neck and spit in... [more]


Not good enough to be with him. He's now so small, ripped, and happy. I'm happy for him. I exercise and my body makes me wind up in the hospital, even if done right. My body's system flares up with exercise, and now I can barely eat any foods. I eat few foods only through a tube now. Despite this, my body won't lose the weight. I don't know what... [more]


I’m having a really hard time at home with my wife. I love her and care for her deeply. I constantly flirt and tease and hint and touch and show her emotional support. I’m a giving and kind person with a diverse personality. She NEVER initiates any kind of physical encounter. It makes me feel unwanted and unseen. I mentioned this to her and she... [more]

Loving a liar

My boyfriends of 2 years is not who he says he is. He lied about his identity and I don’t know how to confront him or deal with it. How could I ever trust him again?

Broke in Life and Torn in Heart

I have an anxiety disorder from the last 3+ months since I lost an internship. Also, I'm broke I have no money, my parents are paying for my college tuition who themselves are broke. I am living in a faraway country with no work. But hitting Rock bottom was not the issue that has caused my anxiety, it was my best friend whom I had a secret crush... [more]

Knowing my wife's secret

I met my wife following my divorce from my first wife. I knew her from school as she was a year older than me. When I was single she messaged me Facebook I guess I was feeling down and posting sad posts.
I knew she was due to get married the following year but she messaged saying she was unhappy. I said we could talk if it helped, this led to us... [more]

Input and advice

I've been with my husband for 5 year married 1 year. After our first year together i had to have oral surgery due to being in a previous abusive relationship, the second year we brought a house and moved in together (his idea) in that 2nd year i noticed him becoming distant and the lack of sexual intimacy had faded yet i became pregnant, he was... [more]

I am so embarrassed to talk to anyone I know about this...

I have been in a relationship for 5 years with a guy and thought for a long time that we would get married one day. He is otherwise amazing, loving, makes me really happy and we share a lot of the same interests. My problem since almost the start of our relationship has always been with him and other women. At first I noticed he was flirting... [more]

One and done.

My best friend and I shared a hotel room with our GF's last weekend in Vegas and it turned out to be the best weeked ever, We all got drunk and went back to the room. Me and my GF were making out in bed and my best friend and his GF were doing the same, Pretty soon you could hear her slurping and I looked over, He didn't even have the covers on... [more]


How many women would be willing & eager to have s** with 2 men (MFM threesome) if your lover and/or husband was willing to set it up for you? I'm asking because the offer was made, and I took him up on it. There were a LOT of butterflies going into it but once things got going it was some of the best... [more]

I make him wear a bra

My husband has gained a significant amount of weight recently. Because of all his extra chubbiness, he has developed fairly large man b****.
He had the condition gynecomastia before his weight gain, which causes large and swollen male breast tissue, and then he gained weight and made his chest look... [more]

Advise me

Guys i need an advice . Me and my gf are together like for more than 1 year. She is the best girl i ever har , cooking cleaning all the time brautiful and not messing around with others. But in bed she is not that experienced as i m , she only had just 1 partner before me she is very basic in s** which... [more]

My husband got fat, with my help

We met at the start of college, both super athletic and active. He was about 170 then, tall and lean, and I was very attracted to him! We dated through school, moved in together, got engaged, got married.
He put on a few pounds over this time (maybe about 10), but that's pretty normal. Then came a few changes all at once: we moved to the... [more]

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