Relationship Confessions

Wife surprises at poker party 2

This is a follow up to wife surprises at poker party. Another poker party happened and my wife wore the ** white lingerie like the black one she wore the first time. She looked fantastic and the guys loved it. I did too. This one being white her **... [more]

To all of you out there,

To all of you out there, I simply want to share my story. I tried to invest my money in BTC, which led to myself being financially destroyed by an internet charlatan. I fell for an enticement involving bitcoin investments, wherein you are required to hold onto any funds in your BTC wallet. I regrettably ended up in the wrong hands because the idea... [more]

Watching my wife

My wife and I went to a ** ** on a regular basis. I think she liked watching the women dance as much as me. One night my wife 45 and quite attractive decided she was going to try it. She didn’t tell me in advance and had talked to the manager... [more]

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I have a great life but.....

I have a great life. I've been married for 8 years. I have 2 wonderful boys. I work Monday - Friday to support my family. I am always at home when I'm not at work helping around the house, playing with the kids, Etc. Typical dad/husband stuff. The reason i am even on here is because I still have feelings for my ex girlfriend. I never thought I... [more]

I like men too

Hedrosexual male. Been married for 8 years. I'm interested in seeking out a man for giving/receiving **. I have told my wife in separate conversations that I find some men attractive. I enjoy giving **. I love [more]

I love my wife's belly

I love that woman that like to eat. I love there bellies and body fat. I worship my wife when she is naked. Like, I kiss every part of her body and just rub her belly, thighs, ** whenever I can. I try telling my wife that she doesn't need to loose weight. She is 230lb. I want her to get little bigger. I... [more]

My first cousins father had a daughter by a previous mariage

MY aunt married this loser who had been caught molesting his daughter by his first wife. He had a daughter by my Aunt and he molested her too. The daughter frew up and wanted to have a sister relationship with her fathers first daughter but the lady refused saying it would bring up bad memories of being molested if she had such a... [more]

My wife shows off

My wife likes showing off for other guys. She enjoys wearing low cut tops that show off her **. She always wearing short shorts or leggings when she does errands. For work she only wears skirts some mid length, some short. Guys are always checking her out. She even let guys look down her shirt. I... [more]

A PCP pot head told me I should change my lifestyle

He definitely was having more ** with women and partying more than I was. I quit hanging out with him and my life improved almost immediately. I got a girlfriend and I drank much much less
His problem was he wanted his thrills here and now and was unwilling to wait. Well he died six years ago and... [more]

My 74 year old girlfriend

My 74 year old girlfriend looks extremely hot in her tight jeans and tank top. I am 77 years old. We love to wrestle with each other. We wrestle extremely rough doing all different types of holds and techniques on each other. We are evenly matched. After our wrestling matches we will take off our clothes and and do all different sexual activities... [more]

Decisions-Choices: The consequences and making the right one

Decisions-Choices: The consequences and making the right one brings true love and beauty
My decision-choice was based on a mental, emotional, and spiritual one. Surrendering to all of it and submitting to the real person that I am and not living a lie to myself, and not pretending that I wasn’t submissive was the greatest relationship choice... [more]

Did we go too far

My boyfriend and I have always been open and honest with one another. He had always been honest with me about liking to show me off to his friends. Honestly, I like being shown off also. He asked me if I would like to entertain his poker buddies sometime, I asked what he meant by entertain and he said dress, [more]

** Co Worker

After working alone in this field I finally got an office space but I needed help in the front office so I decided to get an eye candy for my male clients. I went through some applications and interviews but did not find any that had experience or the looks I was looking for on Friday around 4 pm a female walked into my office she had blonde hair... [more]

My Wife has gained weight and I love it

Just wanting to get other guys perspective on this
When I met my partner, she was 160lb @ 5'7". She's a pear shape with big hips and thighs, which is my type (obviously) and with this she can carry weight well as her waist is still small by comparison. Historically she can gain weight very easily and has always "yoyo'd"
A couple of years... [more]

Getting fat in marriage

When I met my wife 10 years ago I was an extremely fit 185 pound guy. For the first couple years after we got married I was able to stay fit and continue going to the gym five days a week. Over the last couple years, my interest in the gym has waned and my wife has constantly been encouraging me to enjoy myself and gain a few pounds.
Well... [more]


I have been talking to my wife about my fantasy of watching another guy ** her for a long time, ( year's). She never would, looking for suggestions as to how to interest her in ** someone? Did have a couple of friend's try to seduce her into her ... [more]


I have been in a marriage for years and was used to being numb to it all. I decided that I would end in the next couple months. I messaged an old friend (girl) who was finally getting help for some issues. She lives in another state and can’t leave her program for at least 4 months. We are already planning our life together. I don’t know if it’s... [more]

Giving up on a relationship

I had been having issues with my girlfriend and I had already envisioned our breakup. In a final effort to go out with her this happened.
I asked her if she wanted to see a movie. Nope. How abut a trip to the park? Nope. How abut the zoo and I had forgotten that she hated smelling the Elephants and she got mad. I suggested she think of... [more]

My girlfriend is beautiful but she thinks she is ugly!

My girlfriend is beyond beautiful & has the looks of a super modle but she talks about herself as if she is the thing from the black lagoon!
i tell her how beautiful she is every day & i have photos of both her & my children in my phone as my back round & on my computer!
so why does she see her self as ugly?
she has the figure most women... [more]

Wrestling and fireworks

I have been dating this woman for a while now. We were parked in a private spot. We were laying in the back of my suv in our jeans. I put her in a craddle hold and told her she was pinned, that started us to wrestle with each other , we wrestle for about 45 minutes before the fireworks started and and the show we ended up at her place and we... [more]

Maserati GranTurismo traded a Corvette and a Jeep Grand Cherokee

This wealthy woman coming from old money owned a Water front home on Indian Rocks Intercoastal. She lived in the house for a decade and the real estate market boomed. When she sold her home she made a significant gain. She wanted to roll the profit over into another primary residence. She was interested in a beach front home. My wife and I were... [more]

Getting Responses/Reactions from Men on my Wife's Photos

I post nn photos of my wife. She in her 50s but has a smoking hot bod, so the reactions can be steamy and risqué, which I enjoy. Sometimes guys tell me what they would like to do with her. Bingo!

Likes for men to comment on my wife's photos

I like to post photos of my wife. She has a great bod and killer legs. And I get turned on when guys comment on her. The more imaginative, the better.

What would you do?

My fantasy is to watch. My wife is in her 50s. Great shape. Long legs. Likes to wear short skirts/dresses to work. You're a new co-worker who she invites to the house for dinner. What do you do? Post here or send e an email and let's talk.

Wives who Feed and Fatten their husbands

How many of you have fattened your hubby up to 500lbs? How about 700 or 800lbs? I'd love to hear your stories and all the juicy details!
How did you two meet?
What was his starting weight when you first met versus his current weight?
How long did it take fattening him?
How does he feel about his extreme weight gain?
How do you feel about... [more]

Raver wife

My wife is 26. I got her into raving with me. I am so proud of her how she embraced raving girl **. Last night she wore a fishnet body suit over pasties and a tear drop micro mini bikini. She embraced hee bi side a few nonths ago and it was hot watching her dance with her best friend now gf.

Wife Cheated and I am Hating Life

My wife is a beautiful woman, amazing mother and horrible wife.
Earlier this year, after 22 years of marriage, she finally admitted to one affair 8 years ago with my sons lax coach that ended in 2015. He slid into the DM’s of all the moms and a few of them were going through tough times (**). ... [more]

Conversation with my stupid brother

My brother married a woman and had a daughter with her. My brother divorced that lady and married another woman. His new wife said he could never have anything to do with his daughter by his first wife. The idiot agreed.
In the meantime our parents love the little girl and have her over often. This [more]

My husband won’t spank me

I have a deep desire to be spanked regularly. My husband has only does it when I beg him when we are drunk. However, I want to be spanked more. I’ve tried talking to him about it and nothing changes. Idk what to do. I begin fantasizing about my ex that loved to spank me.

I honestly believe that both Depp and Heard are guilty...

... of domestic abuse.
The whole Johnny Depp-Amber Heard debacle feels orchestrated to feed off people's awareness towards domestic abuse cases, the MeToo movement, the awareness that men can be abuse victims too, and the like. How on earth do you have one person in a domestic abuse case touted to be the One Guilty Party(TM) for years, and then... [more]

Going to be surprised

Within the next couple of months I’m leaving my wife. Well making her leave anyway. We have been going through some hard times but I pretended it was over the truth is I’m just buying time t get everything set up we have been married 15 years since I made up mind I have started chatting with someone from my past we have always been friends but... [more]

My ex ALWAYS comes back

I have posted before about my SO of 5 years. However this is concerning my ex. We dated for about 3 years and it was toxic to say the least. When everything ended I was so sure I wanted nothing to do with him anymore; however that changed a bit.
You see, I was his first and only great sexual partner and he was mine at the time. I need constant... [more]

I like the attention

I have been in my relationship for 5 years now and my SO has entertained about 4-5 people while we’ve been together. nothing physical has ever happened, but it still sucked. nevertheless, i’ve always know i’m very attractive, and i can be very flirtatious when i want to. all that go say, it has never been hard or difficult for me to get the... [more]

This guy I like

I've had a crush on this guy since 2022, we used to be closer, but all of a sudden he stopped talking to me, I admit, I'm a little obsessed. I was talking to him on the bus the other day and I asked to sit next to him. I told him it was because I was cold and stuff, but really I just wanted to be close to him :)


Another couple invited my wife and i to a party at someone's house that the friend's wife work's with. We were greeted at the door by a very good looking couple who were very nice, They took our jacket's and led us to a bar set up in the dining room. There was maybe 5 or 6 other couple's already there. After a few drink's i was dancing with the... [more]

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