Relationship Confessions

Wife's Compromising Position

I've been married for 10 years and our relationship has had its ups and downs.
It was summer and we had been invited to a neighbors backyard party .We arrived and everyone was on their way to being drunk as skunks.. My wife quickly got into the swing of things and began drinking and smoking pot. I also started drinking with my neighbors and... [more]

Caught The Wife in CVS

About a month ago we were coming home from grandma 's house. it was about 6 pm on Sunday . The wife wanted to stop at cvs to pick up something on sale. She got out and I was in the car with the boys, our young children. She was in there a long time so I grabbed the boys and we went in . The store had a few people in it , not many. We looked for... [more]



Why now?

I'm an 18mwf, married for a second time. I have one child by My first husband and a slightly older child by another man. My new husband and I have started talking about starting a family of our own. Almost at the same time I started having these really incredibly dirty and intensefantasies about getting knocked up by a black man. I've... [more]

Wife Can't Stop

I have been married for 15 years to a good wife . She has gained a few lbs over the years but was attractive to me even for a woman in her 40s.
When she was younger she was very athletic, I used to call her Wonder Woman she clearly was the strongest and fastest women I had ever met. It was a great turn on to be with her and she gave me a good... [more]

Big Mistake

My wife and I from time to time like to swing. We are take great care as to who we want to play with. We don't go to swinger clubs but have always managed to find a couple who wants what we want We are in our mid 30 s and look for couples in the late 20s to early 40s.
My wife said she had found a couple she knew from work , they were in their... [more]

Not what I planned, but . . .

I'm a 26 yo guy, just married a 19 yo girl in December(she's 20 now). I have had a mistress throughout the relationship with my wife. She is 49 and she's totally the hottest POA in history. You cannot imagine how incredibly filthy she is. She is what they refer to as a "Holy W****"; made this way... [more]

I still love you, Mrs. Trouble

I was 26. I think she was 22. Worked at the same place. Both of us were married. I flirted with her and finally scored. She loved to sück a dïck and she’d füćk all day.
I used to call her bïtch and whóre, but always affectionately and she never minded...always smiled.
I loved everything about her. Her naturally rubbery tïts were... [more]

My friends all say i'm insane......

........ Because next Saturday night I'm marrying a 19yo h***** I met on the street in new orleans at mardi gras. I'm 51. She's a magnificent s*** and I can improve her life immeasurably. But my friends say I've lost my mind for binding myself to a... [more]

Making the rounds

After the passing of my wife I was obviously distraught, I spent my time grieving, Being a hermit and so on, Over time I started to get back into my routine and although I am not looking for love (I married my one love) My wife's little sister and others have been working to try and "Get me back out there". I love my wife's little sister and she... [more]

Very True Love

Confession sounds like a guilty thing but mine is a "jump through the roof happy and satisfied thing." I'm 66 she is 71 and we live four doors from each other on the same street. We're both active and healthy, as well as financially independent. Her husband ditched her 22 years ago. My wife was taken by cancer 12 years ago. We don't have shame... [more]

How do I get out of this mess?

I just wanted to experience the thrill of s** with another man and this married guy that has flirted with me a long time seemed like a logical choice.
We met at a motel and it was fun but I told him I decided I better stop but he showed me some of a video his phone had made of us. So I agreed to see... [more]

I love adulery

. . . that I cheat on my husband constantly. Also,I've done that as often as three times within a single day. There is nothing my husband does sexually that thrills me half as much as the simple act of opening my legs to a man I've never met before (especially if he's married!). I love infidelity.

Peeking Jack was a nice old man

We were 19 years old and lived in a crappy old apartment next to an old man named Jack. He always flirted with my wife but he was a nice guy and helped her many times to carry things up or down to our car.
There’s 30 apartments in the building. Ten per floor, and Michelle was the best looking girl that lived there.
We lived on the end of... [more]

I ruined the most healthy and positive relationship I ever had

I f***** up by proclaiming my love for my oldest and closest friend. And it gets worse.
Sharon has always been an amazing friend to me. We have known each other for over 20 years had we mesh really well. We never judge each other or the relationships the other had. Until recently. Sharon had been... [more]

Cheating saved my marriage

You may not believe this but cheating saved my marriage. It's totally true. Both my husband and I have had an affair. It was me first. We had been married just four years. My husband and I were drifting apart and there wasn't much communication. We were still having s** together but not much else. I... [more]

Cheated with my ex husband and shockingly my boyfriend isn't mad

Last weekend my new boyfriend and I had to attend a wedding. I made sure to let him know my ex husband would be there and he didn't have to go if it made him uncomfortable. He said it wasn't a problem for him and he wanted to go. Everything was going well until my ex husband walked up and introduced his new girlfriend . I immediately started... [more]


I am or rather was a heavy p*** user and I loved masturbating while watching p*** I had great erections but then I started slowing down and cutting back on p***. Some time ago I found a girl and I fell in... [more]

With stepson

This may not really be a stepson situation, but I'm writing anyways. I'm a 37yo woman married to a 6yo man. We been married for over 4 years. For the past 7 months I been "dating" (on the very DL) my husband's 23yo son from his third marriage. I swore to myself that I would leave him alone (too close!!!), but then . . . . . I got a good look... [more]

I want to see my wife and her ex-husband

I don’t know my wife’s ex-husband personally, but I heard he was a good guy and she was the one that messed around on him. I heard he took it pretty hard when he found out. I know she can be a b itch and I feel sorry the poor guy had to go through that. For some reason I want to watch her do him. She says there’s no way she’d ever ever let... [more]

My poor husband

Little did my poor dumb husband know I am a sociopath and a compulsive spender. I jsut love to buy stuff for myself. Clothes, jewelry, furniture, car. I have basically spent so much money that he is broke, but I got another credit card a few days ago and plan to run it up to the max. He has taken on a part-time job to supplement his regular job... [more]

Its a bit disgusting.

I have been going out with a man for two months we are into all kinds of s** I take his d*** in any hole we have done all kinds of kinky things, he asked me to do something strange, he wants us to go into the forest and to put it bluntly watch me have a... [more]

Agony of mariage

Last week in Brisbane Australia a man killed his wife and kids by pouring gasoline over them inside the car and setting it alight.
No argument he should not have done it and is a b******.
BUT in all these cases it is made out that the man is 100% to blame and that the man is 100% evil and... [more]

Cheater or not

I’m so bored and unhappy, with my partner for 5 years and things were good but I’ve been going onto chat rooms and have virtual s** Does it count as cheating ? I don’t know what to do! Do i tell him! do i split up with him !

Redhead beauty

I print out pictures of Francesca Capaldi and laminate them and c** tribute them..she is a real beauty..a walking spermdoll

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