Relationship Confessions

I didn't end our relationship for the reason you think.

I love you more than anything. You think I ended our relationship because you cheated on me but the timing was so terrible that I learned I was ill and didn't get a chance to tell you my diagnoses. I forgave you and still love you but don't want you to feel the extra guilt and sadness this will bring if I pass away if we remained together.

Hi Celina.......It's 2017........

.....and my New Year's Resolutions are (1) to ruin your husband so bad that he won't want to f*** you anymore and (2) to ruin your marriage and then take him from you. I know we're friends but were not THAT close so I'm going to take him from you. Those are my resolutions and he already knows I'm... [more]

I dont know what to do

I'm having a lot of conflicts with my boyfriend because of a story he thinks happened to me in the past with me and another guy. I'm a virgin and never had a boyfriend before him. He doesn't believe that and thinks that sexual stuff happened between me and another guy before and I told him no no no it's not true , i have never had interaction with... [more]

Step Daughter of 12 makes me want to leave and disappear

I need help.
I feel hopeless and so unhappy.
I want to leave my husband.
We have been together for 2 years, he has a 13 year old and 12 year old daughter and 18 year old son, i have a 11 year old girl and a son of 15.
I am currently Pregnant, a high risk pregnancy.
I have had issues with his daughter since the day before our wedding when i... [more]

When You Jump Ship

I left a really geeky jerkwad for his best friend 4 years ago. We now have 3 snakes and a gecko together and pretty great jobs. This coming May, we're going to Yosemite for a week because I've never been, and he's so excited for us.
However, we went through a rough patch a few months ago where his family stopped liking me and started treating... [more]

I'm an Abuser

I was sexually, verbally, mentally and physically abused my dad for years. And he impregnanted me after 4 years of raping me. Then forced me to give him up for adoption. I have so much anger. My mom would be in the next room , she even would ask periodically about him doing it so I know she knew something. He kept me from EVERYONE! I had no... [more]

I might be a bad man.

We are both taken, but I don't care. I've never been so intensely attracted to another person before.
I gave her my number, and I suppose it's a bit of a relief that she said no.
Out of respect for her I have to back off. But I still cant get her out of my head.
She is different from any other woman I have ever met, and I wish I knew... [more]

I need some advice.

So first off I'm 17 and I'm a bit of a hoe. So about 7 months ago I met this really great guy we will call him billy. Billy is amazing. But billy has a gf. So about 2 months after we met I told him how I felt just so it wasn't bottled, I knew that he had a gf and I was okay with that because I'm not into relationships a whole lot. Well I guess he... [more]

My boyfriends dad

I have a really big crush on my boyfriends dad, I love my boyfriend and everything I have for his dad is pure l*** but oh my god. I get so jealous when he's with his wife and I feel so bad! He always tries to talk to me but I get so embarrassed and I just nod or smile! Then he looks really sad and... [more]

I need an answer

So the other day I caught my wife, Well I didn't catch her but looked at her search history on her ipad because she was having issues with it and asked me to see if I could fix it, I didn't and still haven't said anything but.
It would appear she watches girl on girl or solo girl videos once or twice a month, I didn't see any couples or male... [more]

I am confused

I am a 21 Y/O female, I am in my second year of college, Up until 6 months ago I had always wondered what it would be like to be with a girl, Don't get me wrong I truly enjoy men but was always intrigued by girls.
I started my second year of college, I moved into a townhouse style residence with three other girls, Carol walked in and instantly... [more]

Best new years ever.

My wife and I have been married going on 18 years, I am sure not a month has passed that I haven't made some comment about a threesome, In the beginning I probably thought it might actually happen but even though I still try I had pretty much conceded defeat thinking any possibility was long gone.
New years eve my wife and I partied hard while... [more]

Married 25 yrs and i want to go

Im a 52 yr old male, 3 children and my wife is 6 yrs older than me
all my children are girls 16,19, 25. My children only speak to me when they want something, my youngest say she hates me
i haven't had s** for 10 years
i want to get out of all of this, or kill myself; i think my wife is happy if i go... [more]

Jealousy as motivation

I have a pretty decent body but nothing to compare to the instagram hotties my husband loves to ogle. We are both into health and fitness but I have really been stepping it up so I can hopefully achieve a hot body and feel better about myself! I plan to have boudoir pics taken as soon as I get smoking hot!

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