Relationship Confessions

My best friend died twentytwo years ago.

He was a genius. He graduated Magna C** Laud from a great University in Actuary Science. He married a whiz kid of a woman from Lima Peru but sadly they never had children. My friend developed renal problems and died of complications when he was only 44.
He was a gun enthusiast and he could repair... [more]

I've been pooping in my girlfriend's food

I have a p*** fetish and for months now I've been slipping bits of my p*** into the food I cook for my girlfriend. She hasn't suspected a thing yet, and I don't plan on ever stopping.

Feeling Trapped

I feel trapped in my relationship. I've been having doubts about it since December, and each week passing by has given me more to question. Now, he's claimed depression, and I'd feel like a crap person for leaving him in his time of need. The thing is, it's making me miserable too. We're in a relationship, but at this point, we don't act like it... [more]

I liked it

Last summer my boyfriend and i went camping with friends and we shared a tent with his best friend, I ended up hooking up with both of them which was kind of weird but fun too.
We were in our sleeping bag and i had my underwear around my knees while my boyfriend was doing me from behind and i opened my eyes and looked at his friend who had been... [more]

Valentines day horror story

I had recently married this woman and apparently, she was in love with another man. A week before Valentine's day one night when we were in bed she suddenly shrieked "You took me away from randy, the man I really loved" I said well do you want a divorce? She said, "No I'll just live off of you". I said I'm going to divorce you tomorrow. ... [more]

Husband leaving me - wasted my life

My husband is leaving me. There is no chance to repair the relationship. I have been the fault, a workaholic. I didn’t put him first. He said the love is dead from years of neglect. And I have been blind or avoiding the situation at home for so long. I continued going about life and feeling like it would resolve itself. Now that it’s over, the... [more]


I confess I have been sleeping with my boyfriend's childhood friend/cuz for 3 years. Long story short. Been with boyfriend a decade a few years ago he started cheating, doing drugs, and abusing me. I found friendship in his childhood friend which turned physical. I'm don't think I love my boyfriend anymore but I'm not in love with his friend... [more]

Pauly G

I take care of my self 10-15 times a day, but I need a local and very nice woman to stop this , totally, and enjoy a groin & moan as I'm taught to show respect, denied what I need the most, and well they and I'm totally yours


I am now 54 my life has always been all about crossdressing I have four sisters all but one has helped me with makeup my youngest sister and I fought over panties she is great l have a great life am now living full time as a lady my wife is loving it more every day I have had s** with one man it’s not... [more]

The kiss

I have a handful of guy friends. My husband knows about them, but he doesn't know that I like to greet them with kisses on the lips often. They are always into kissing me back too. I don't do anything else physical with them. I would never cheat. It's just nice to have a little kiss, with a little tongue. Not all guys kiss the same, and it's just... [more]

Husband can’t deal with our fertility issues

We have been trying to have children for 3 years. I have a blood disorder that makes it difficult to “hold on” to a pregnancy. We can get pregnant, but have multiple miscarriages. I have suggested a surrogate or adoption. He refuses as he finds surrogacy to weird, and only wants a child that is “his own”. This has become an obsession for him, and... [more]

The Joker

I have no idea how long its been since I've spoken to him. All we did was chat but he was a good friend. There was something special about him. He seemed to get me. I can't talk to him any more. My boyfriend got too jealous but I often think of him. I wonder if he still thinks of me

Regretful to have regret

I occasionally kiss and playfully flirt with my friend. There's just something so dirty and God awfully lip licking about this. It's just so hot, he knows how to turn me on and makes me feel so sexually desirable. But I have a boyfriend who I've been dating for 11 months. He's amazing and beautiful, he's friends with my other friend but has no... [more]

A cute girl half my age said hi :)

Ive known her a couple years, her family frequents the place I work. Shes just finished homeschool, lives on a horse-farm with her really cool hippie parents, shes shy but always smiling, you know the innocent type who have probably never even kissed a guy or said a bad word. Ive always noticed her personality and how real she seems in... [more]

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