Relationship Confessions

The summer we came out to each other and p***** off our neighbor

Between semesters in college I would go to Dallas and work as a cocktail waitress and stay at a friend's apartment. She was pretty regular with her schedules, but mine varied quite a bit, being the relief bartender and on the floor waitress. I wore this little skirt which didn't cover me at all, and a bustier top that pushed my [more]

First time I licked my 18 yr old wife's bottom

(this isn't about butt-f****** a is as the title says. Kissing & licking bottoms. In the real world - NOT every man or woman wants to butt f***.)
This sexual experience was with my 18 yr old sexy blonde wife in southern California. We... [more]

Sometimes in life you have to lay back and let it happen

We are a mid thirties lesbian couple, we actually got married in 2019. The pandemic hurt us financially, my wife lost her job of ten years because of the slow down in the economy and I struggled with my job to support us. We couldn't keep up the payments on our house and were in danger of losing it to foreclosure.
Our neighbor, a seasoned... [more]

Kid Next Door caught me Laying out Nude

I was home alone and wanted to enjoy the sun. I was laying outback by our pool when he came through an opening in the hedge that separates our properties, to pick up something he had left the day before.
There was nothing i could do about it so I thought 'Oh what the h***,' smiled at him, gave him... [more]

Marriage of convenience

Looking at our marriage from the outside no one realizes that it was a sped up pity marriage. She was 22, and her visa wasn't renewed and she had to return to her home country, Turkey. She was devasted, didn't want to go back, social issues are repressive, meaningful jobs are scarce, and her parents didn't approve of her 'choices'. In a last... [more]

Wife goes topless for the first time.

My wife and I went to Aruba for our honeymoon when we got married. We were both 40 years old and young at heart. The first day on the beach my wife saw women going topless and asked if it was legal there. I said yes and she said she wanted to try it. She asked if it would bother me if others saw her topless. I told her she had pretty [more]


Anyone desire this

Marrying the wrong person

Maybe by the time you read this, id be gone already. So i wanna talk to someone, tell how i feel and why every single minute seemed like a f****** struggle.
I married the girl I dated for a decade following 2 to 3 years of trying to make her fall for me. I begged in front of god everyday. YES... [more]

I'm afraid I'm cheating and more afraid I can't stop

My partner and I bought a house in a nice neighborhood. We are older in our mid thirties. Our neighbor is one of those men who retired early after he sold his company. He is a man that is difficult to swallow. His attitudes about women in particular. Talk about objectifying.
But he knows everything, anything you ask him he has an answer, you... [more]

My wife doesn't know she was my first

When I met and dated my wife, I lied about my sexual past. She confessed first and her body count seemed high, at the time. I didn't want her to think we had a large disparity, so I lied and added two to her number. I was still a virgin. While she had been 'bad' in her past, she wanted to be 'good.' Our wedding night was actually my first time... [more]

A side dish not the main course in this relationship

I am 28 now and have three children. That part is ok. The father of my children is my old boss that I worked for. I started in an office affair with him until I got pregnant and now work from home part time as a bookkeeper. He comes over and sees me, sees the children, and has s**. Always ends up... [more]

I confessed to my wife

I've been a crossdresser all my life. Well started when I was 10. I've been crossdressing on and off since then.i was a closet crossdresser. I bought my own house when I was 18. Come home from work and got into a dress n make up. Never went outside. Got married when I was 22. Never told anyone. When I was able to get on the computer and chat with... [more]

My husband lied to ne

I’m 43 and too trusting. I admit that I’m submissive to my husband but I have trusted him for 16 years to keep me safe.
He requires me to stay in shape and he has wanted me to have breast implants. I’m afraid of the surgery. So I’m 32C 24 28 and 5’1” tall.
The thing he tells me to do I have been ok with. I have to please him whenever he... [more]

Going all femme has paid off in dividends

I met a man in my mid twenties, he was older by ten years, established career and all. I was a bit of a b**** about things and hated being cornered. I worked out my frustrations at the gym and wore work clothes, jeans and shirts, which covered my woman figure. I came across as [more]

Wife affair

My wife had an affair which lasted about a year or so. She worked for a Youth Club three times a week and much to my surprise she had an affair. I suspected so and caught them one evening. For whatever reason he came to our house ( with my wife) quite late for coffee. She went into the kitchen and a few moments longer he joined her. I waited for... [more]

I had s** with a random guy before I went on my first date

I promised my mom I wouldn't date till after college. She worries I'll get tied down in a relationship and it will impact my studies.
I have chemistry lab with a nice guy and all semester he's been asking me to lunch or dinner. I've told him many times I can't date.
He brought me a flower one day with an invitation to dinner and a movie on... [more]

I divorced my wife after she did and said this

I wanted her to meet an old friend of mine and she said she didn't want to. We had not been married long until she started acting alarming mean selfish and stupid bordering on insane.
She sadi she didn't want to meet a person who led a perfect life and when I told her my friends life was anything but perfect as he had a bad limp; due to... [more]

Stepdaughter Needs My S**

Since my stepdaughter divorced she calls me over for help. I am finally thinking she wants more than help because it is the simplest things and she wears revealing clothes. So is it my or her or both hormones. Do I go for it. I am tired of beating off to fantasies with her. I am so stressed I stole a pair of her panties on my last visit. I like... [more]

After 'rescuing' my cousin she settled down to live with me

I was a senior in college at the time. I got a call from my father, he told me my uncle wanted to talk to me. I called my uncle and he and his wife asked me to go 'rescue' their daughter, my cousin, who was studying at Julliard in NY.
I asked what was wrong, my uncle asked again, would I go rescue her and bring her home. It wasn't a please... [more]

He never cared

After everything I forgave from him, took him back, and kept putting my faith in him, it turns out he never cared to begin with. If he cared he'd try to fix what he f***** up this time, because I'm for once not backing down that it hurt me and that it wasn't right what he did this time. Instead he's... [more]

Wife really wanted a black baby

This was decades ago.
We lived next door to a couple, she is my wife's best friend.- Needy. She is white & her husband is black. He is called Snake. Needy was always talking about his black d*** & asked how my wife - Debbie, how she could like a white d***?
We would babysit for them sometimes & when my wife changed his diaper, she would stare at... [more]

Introduced to s** by my Deacon

I was still riding bikes and I rode one evening after dark through the parking lot of the church and ran into one of the Deacons. He stopped me and asked 20 questions, he ran his hand thru my hair and touched my face and told me he liked me. I looked for a way out but I was trapped and he offered to take me home, to put my bike in the back of... [more]

Landlords Mom

I have moved closer to works so I rented a basement apartment. I’m 24 and physically very active. I work out 4 times a week so I’m toned and a little on the loaner side. My landlord is a 40 something guy. He let me know that his 74-year-old mom lives in the house upstairs and ‘she wont bother me’. She is an attractive, prim and proper woman who is... [more]

I think I hate my wife

I’ve been married for almost 20 years and we dated for 4 years. Over the past year or so I’ve not wanted to deal with her, going places with her is pure drudgery. She’s not a bad person, she was more attentive when we first got together, I think she’s just tired of being married and maybe I am too.
The problem is we are both in our 60’s and... [more]

Whats the best way to break up with your girlfriend?

My now ex girlfriend was about to go to college and she wanted to hang out with girlfriends and another boy. She said if I tried to interfere with her dating another boy I'd be beaten to a pulp.
My response was to never call her again. We had been dating three years ans I doubt she was expecting me to just quit on her like that.
I wasn't... [more]

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