Relationship Confessions

Not guilty about hedonism

I love my husband enough, I guess. But I also married him because he is wealthy (and 17 years older than me). I just love to do things for myself and don't really care if he likes it. After we got married, I decided to start smoking again cuz now I can afford my 2 pack a day habit. He wasn't thrilled. I don't care. Went out and bought a new BMW... [more]

Plastic wife

I like to wrap my submissive in plastic cling wrap. I put baby oil under it. Wrap her tight then have her put on a nice dress and we go out.

Now she is mad

So a week ago my wife stepped outside her box and now she is mad at me.
We go to a company Christmas party which i am not going to give any details about or everyone will know who she is but we had booked a hotel room and her parents took the kids.
We had fun, Got drunk and it was her that had initiated the whole thing, We had a hot tub in our... [more]

My boyfriend f****** his sister

im24 my boyfriend is 21 we been together for almost 8 month on 18 it make 8 months i never seen him in real life i met him on be naughty i know right kinda weird i ask him out first time we talk on phone we had phone s** i ask him well u go out so he said yes i know kinda fast but since then we had long... [more]

Men who reject me

I am angry they cannot accept me. They do not accept who I am. I hereby leave them in the past. Bye!


So I've been dating this guy for 4 months now... Not four months straight cause we took a break and are back together... We're both on track together and feels like my eyes drift off to this guy Erik... He's cute but I hardly know him... Is it considered cheating to think a guy other than your bf is cute and talk to him? Please help me

For you

I separated my accounts for you
I spent tons of money for you
You made me love you, and I did for you
I’m leaving her for you
I had unprotected s** with you, for you
I tried new things for you
I accelerated my thoughts and emotions for you.
And now, you are scared. Now you say that you don’t know... [more]

My boyfriend wants me to stop talking to his sister

My boyfriend and I just started dating the other day and I've been friends with his sister for a long time... Last night he told his sister to stop talking to me and it hurt both of our feelings... His sister is a few years younger than him and I'm 2 years older than him... I've always called his sister monkey cause we're close enough that we have... [more]


Im Ava.. im 14 and really...really into ddlg. if you look up ddlg and go to images you'll find all these cute little dialogues. I really want a daddy that's not just interested in s**..(some is totally cool w me). pls have some experience. yeah? email me :

Diapered Husband

Earlier this year my husband, in his mid 30’s, started having bed-wetting accidents. I noticed the accidents mainly seem to happen after having a few drinks on our nights out together. I have also noticed he will randomly have accidents after working extended hours as he doesn’t work the typical eight to five type of job and is an extremely heavy... [more]

My Heart Is Broken

My heart is broken into different pieces... the girl that I crush on told me she doesn't have romantic feelings for me. and my sister is behaving in such a way that I worry she'll get hurt. She is also moving to another country and though she irritates me when we around each other, I was close enough to be around just in case she needed me.
My... [more]

Bad feeling

I have this nagging thought and feeling that my sister's way of talking and interacting with people will cut her life short... like she will p*** someone off so bad, that someone would physically exert pain to her to get her to stop.
It's complicated. Does it have to be? I need to find a solution... [more]

Getting Too Exited Part 2

***This is the second of a two part confession because of character limit, the first part has the same title***
The Event:
The day was January 25th. It’d been more than a year since Debby and I had started dating. That day I went to her house for the first make out session since the previous one. I still had every intention to listen to what... [more]

Getting Too Exited Part 1

“Getting Too Exited”
***warning monor sexual material, nothing overly exiting but explicit and something to take note of. All names in this confession are changed to hide their identity***
I wasn’t a perticularly attractive teenage schoolboy, and while I didn’t have the best self esteem, I wouldn’t let anything really get to... [more]

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