Relationship Confessions

More my mother than father, I'm called to serve a man

Being the only child, female, of an academic couple I had pressures all my life, about school, grades, what college. My mother more than my father was very religious. During those years of puberty she cautioned me about my feelings. It was during that time that she told me she had very strong feelings for a girl in her Psychology class and that... [more]

My dormmate is my girlfriend in a sexual way

I attended a parochial school growing up and one novitiate kissed me and manually penetrated me. She asked to be transferred from the school and I never saw her or heard of her again. My mother heard that she transferred to a school in the Chicago area.
In college I am in an all women's dormitory with communal showers and last fall I got... [more]

I married out of necessity but my true love is a woman

I grew up in a very strict household in a very conservative country. I went to an all girls religious school and we weren't allowed to be with boys without an adult present. I graduated from high school with no experience and went to college abroad. I was a good student but I was homesick from the beginning. At school I met this girl and she... [more]

Mormon wife wears crotchless bikini bottoms and I love it.

My wife and I have been married for almost 30 years. (We got married young in part because of being Mormon.) She just turned 50 but she looks 35ish due to her strict diet and incessant working out. Lucky me. Anyway, we went to Jamaica for a spring get away vacay. Since no one there would know us, to my surprise she bought all new thong bikinis... [more]

Mexican Lesbians are different

My name is Isabel, I was born on he Mexican side of the border and my mother and her friend waded across the river with me when I was two days old. My mother got work cleaning offices and her friend got work in a restaurant. I grew up sleeping with them and from the earliest of times I felt my mothers beside me having [more]

I was 'married' at 13

I was talking to a friend who was over at our house when we were 13 and she asked me if I thought my mother liked having s**. At 13 you are not thinking of those things, unless your friend brings it up. She said her mother liked it, her mother had told her. My mother had never talked to me about [more]

I like men too

Me and my girlfriend moved into together a year ago and she doesn't no im bi occasionally i will sleep with men but only do a*** are neighbor has a very attractive son who i noticed watching me sunbathing i let him enjoy the view for a couple of weeks but one time i was home alone and so was he i saw... [more]

Not my boyfriend's daughter

I've never been faithful to my boyfriend and our daughter isn't his but are our son is night at work i was involved in a g******* with 9 men and the following day i had s** twice with a cousin who i had strong feelings for.i secretly done a DNA... [more]

Secret smoker

My husband hates smoking and I did too. But I compete in wrestling and I would have panic attacks before I had to wrestle. Almost everyone I know in wrestling smokes and one day a friend handed me the cigarette she'd just lit before being called to the ring. I held it for a while and finally tried it. I coughed the first few inhales but it did... [more]

Husband lets me Play

First let me say the I never had a high s** drive with husband, then he had a heart attack now has severe ED.
At first, I thought that I wouldn't miss s**, but became very frustrated, and found that my husband was not very sympathic and looking back I can... [more]

I got dicked and my life changed, for the better mind you

At 33 I was unkissed, ungroped, and unfucked. I was not proud of it. I just never met the man. This man I know, he was 35 told me that men do not want a b****. When a man is looking at a woman he is sizing up her p**** prospects. All that matters is... [more]

Why did I confess

Sometimes secrets are better in a marriage. I am athletic guy and I shave my legs. I admit, I do in fact like the clean look on me, yes, I do think my legs look nice…but I do it because I hate the sweaty hair and how it feels even more.
Shaving comes with consequences, sometimes irritation, ingrown hairs, stubble, etc. but all that is worth it... [more]

Fat Wife Struggling

It is a turn on for me to watch my wife struggling with some movement due to her weight. I have always been attracted to and preferred bigger women. My wife has always been fat throughout our relationship. Over the years she has gained even more weight. She is happy the way she is and so am I. However, being only 5’4” she has started to have some... [more]


I love my boyfriend but also my other partners. But it hurts him. I should have never have pushed him to make it work. I wish he could leave me. He deserves better. I never loved someone as much as I love him. He is my first true love. But I have fallen in love with other people while still loving him. My heart aches for them and for him. I'm... [more]

Fat belly

I want to grow my belly to enormous proportions. I’ve always dreamed of being a big fat bellied man, ever since I was a kid I fantasized about it. I’m 6’2” and weigh nearly 290 now, was about 240 less than 2 years ago. I want to grow such a big belly that I cannot tie my shoes. I love the feel of the growing flesh and am sexually turned on big... [more]

Good boy gone guilty

After breaking up with my girlfriend for 8 years she came back to me with an 8 year old girl and told me she was mine. I accepted the child without conducting paternity test and now we are married but I cant shake the nagging feeling that she could be someone else`s daughter.

I’m tired.

I love my wife. She is my world. But she is almost 150 lbs overweight, sick all the time, recently developed vertigo, suffers from PTSD, has flashbacks, night terrors, and she has lost every baby we’ve tried to have together. I am 34, and I want to be a dad, and do fun, adventurous things with my wife and kids, but I am stuck in a childless... [more]

My wife left me for her a much younger guy

My wife and I have been married for 26 years, we live on a big land and I rent our place for weddings and events, I don't really have a job, so I do gaming.
My wife likes staying outdoors and I like being indoor, she likes working out and looks a lot younger. We have 2 grownup kids that have moved out.
I met this guy online around 6 years ago... [more]

My online friends says he loves me

After my husband passed away due to covid I have no one to support me. I have been lonely and depressed I have one daughter.
After my husband I got a job and I can work from home.
One day I met this guy on social media and we soon became friends. He knew a lot about each other and I liked talking to him.
One day he says that he loves me, even... [more]

Made a poor marriage choice

17 years after meeting my wife do I only now realise I made a big mistake with her, and now I have kids and can't get out of it. Really, it's my fault. I believed everything she said because I wanted to. I thought that she would become the person she promised she would be. Of course, she didn't, and it was stupid for me to think that she... [more]


Both of my kids are just like my wife. I don’t like any of them.

Brit girl Graduates from a mediocre university in the stae of Geo

I'm not going to name the University but it is fully accredited but even so its considered a Mediocre place to get an Education. I love the college because its my Alma Mater.
OK while on business trips to London I made friends with a Brit fellow worker. His daughter had recently graduated high school and was having trouble finding a... [more]

Wife Keeps Fattening Me Up

My wife keeps fattening me up. Help! My wife is a super sexy and a thin woman. But, since we got married and started living together, I went from having abs at 150 pounds to having a belly at 220 pounds in just over 5 years.
When we moved together, she just kept cooking so much. I tried telling her that I'm not gonna eat that much food, but... [more]

Latinas from the east end

For many who read this you will think it is terrible, misogynist, machista. But in reality it is part of my culture. Every woman needs a man who brings order into her life. That is the definition of a woman, a wife, a mother. With a strong man. That's how we grew up.
I didn't get pregnant in high school because I frankly liked another girl... [more]

What a tangled web we weave

I love my situation but how I ended up here is a bit of a tangled road map if you will, 2 years ago my parents and I went on a vacation, It was the height of covid but my parents were able to find us a destination which we could still travel to, I met my husband and sister wife on that trip which is the tangled part.
I am 5'10", 135 pounds with... [more]

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