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Turn yourself inside out. Allow what's outside to fill your inner self. What's inside will be put on display. Then, and only then, will you know what's meant to hold and what's meant to let go.

Help me please...

Me and my gf have been together for two years my mom and gf get along well overall but lately. Things have been hectic in a sense of there's tension a few weeks ago my mom fought with my gf (verbally) I didn't take any sides but of course family is first . me not taking sides my gf got upset and. Caused arguments between me and her about family... [more]

My husband caught me having s** with his brother now he forces

My husband caught me having s** with his brother because we were both very drunk. At first I denied it and thought that everything was ok, However, I was very much mistaken. "Buy her a drink and she will sleep with you!" Came the comment. Running out of the room in tear the terrible reality hit me. ... [more]

Nasty adult stepdaughter who lives with Dad

I'm divorced and in my 40's, no kids and financially successful. Met the love of my life who was separated for 3+years when we started dating. Two kids live with him, 20&25. Mother is non-participant in their lives, makes zero effort. We waited almost two years before I met them to get through divorce proceedings. They knew nothing about me. Once... [more]

Never loved her

I've never loved my girlfriend soon to be fiancé. We are about to move in together and she wants me to propose to her and get married.
I was attracted to her in the beginning for about two 2-3 months and then that feeling died.
I get anxiety around her. I drink around her so I can relax. I'm practically always intoxicated around her because... [more]

Slept with my boyfriend's close friend

I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years, I met his friend a year ago, and he added me on social media, long story short we talked, dirty messages were sent, and eventually he sneaked into my house (I'm 18 lol) and we had s**. To this day he still comes over we just both enjoy the excitement of doing... [more]

I owe about $70.00 to a b****

And she is really being so super bitchy about it. yesterday several times I said i would pay for her things and lunch but no she has to prove she is super woman as always at 80something. I would have given her the money yesterday if she had of told me at the checkout. she does this to me all the time. you can't win with this morbid [more]

I think my boyfriend might be gay

Ive been with my boyfriend for almost 6 months and I've had some people ask me it hes gay or make jokes that he could be gay. I didn't notice it until they asked me but he does wear tight pants, moves his hands a certain way when he talks and he does have a problem keeping it up in bed. I'm terrified that I could be a cover-up and one day hes... [more]

Great morning

My husband and I have a good marriage, Nice home, Good vehicles, He has a good job, I am a stay at home mom and thanks to his career I can afford to stay home, We have 4 wonderful kids but boy o boy do they keep us busy which leads to our only real issue.
Same as most of my friends with kids, by the end of the night either one or both of us has... [more]


First of all i hate being in this position that i am in, I've been living with my girlfriend for 2 years and we have a kid, was in love with her way back but like now it seems we dont love each other. I move out from the house because of my job so i live like a 4 hours drive and 1 hrs ferry ride and its like half a day traveling so i dont travel... [more]

New direction maybe

Ok, So this all started a month ago, FYI I consider myself to be straight, Always have been...I think.
I started college, Not going to say how long ago, met my best friend here, She is awesome, We hang all the time, Love the same food, Love the same shows, Love the same music, Love the same style of clothes, Everything and we can honestly sit... [more]

Cheating with a woman but her husband's a p****

I've been seeing a married woman for a few months. We see each other in the afternoons when we can, and when anything intimate happens, it's at my house. She was here this afternoon and we were lying in bed in the afterglow so to speak, when her cell rang. Usually, she turns it off and if it isn't off, she almost never answers it. She did today... [more]

More than I thought

I have always suspected that my wife masturbates after I leave for work and the kids have left for school, I have had to come home to grab something I forgot and caught her in her house coat breathing heavy with her hair all messed up and so on.
I finally bought a spy cam and set it up in our room, What I caught was a lot more than I ever thought... [more]

Married Woman Wants My Baby in 2018

This fine, tall,28 year old, skinny, married woman asked me for friendship on Facebook weeks ago. I have about 35 friends on FB and majority of them are relatives. I decided not to accept her friendship, but chatted with her.
I was born in her native country, and she and I speak the same language. She told me the friendship request was simply... [more]

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