Stomach Sitting

I am a male of 35 and I like to sit on the stomach of women. Now I do it on my wife. Now she is adjusted with the sitting on her. I do it in the night as it is free time for us. But if possible in the day also. I like to sit on upper, lower, middle stomach, waist and b****** also. It is also good feel of squeezing b****** while sitting on. I put bearable weight or more weight also. I also straddle it. She like to be laid down and let me sit and straddle. Rarely she be on me. We do it for 1 or 2 hours daily, sometime 3-4 hours also. At times we do intercourse also. It is about 8 years we are doing it. Earlier I was thinking that it is just odd to me. But by the time I found many persons having such habit or fetish of sitting on stomach. But they are reluctant to disclose it. Who are there to sit on women for the sexual pleasure? If so what is your experience?



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  • Looking for woman living in Toronto ont. that will wear nylon down puffer snowsuit or full length
    parka that will let me sit on her stomach and chest siting. I want to sit on her when she weans nylon down puffer gear. if any women are interested let me know.

  • Would love to find a soft female stomach to sit and bounce on. Love the feeling of sinking deep into a soft belly. I'm a 31 old male. Anyone interested?

  • Yes, more woman than you think like this. When I was a young boy my Aunt would play wrestle with me and it would always end with her sitting either on my stomach or chest. For some reason I enjoyed this a lot. When I told my girlfriend how much I liked it about two years ago she wanted me to sit on her!
    I am 42yo, 6' tall and 180 lbs and she is 36yo 5'7" and 120lbs. She likes the sensation of weight on her like I did and still do. I can sit quite a long time with medium weight on her. With my legs out (full weight) , she is too thin to take my weight on her stomach very long. She does better if I sit high on her chest but if I sit my full weight on her heart she gives up pretty quick. On the other hand I can sit fairly heavy on her heart for a long time and she says she likes the feeling as much as when I sit a long time on her tummy!

  • I have a female friend she is a small woman. She is 5 ft.4" tall. I play wrestle with her all the time. I pin her down on the ground and sit on her stomach and chest. She wears nylon down jackets and parkas. I sit and bounce on her.
    We do this in the park she enjoys when I sit on her.

  • I enjoy the sitting on top,other than feeling control,it turns me on,specially if she's topless,legs on top of one another

  • I want to sit on my wife's stomach but she is scared a lot with that idea and doesn't allow to sit at all. What to do? How to make her ready to get my weight on her belly?

  • The trick is to ease into it. Have her lie down on the bed on her back and start by sitting on her belly for 5 min increments. Let her know how much you are enjoying it. What is your weight difference? My wife was afraid as well and towards the beginning. I am 40 lbs heavier than her. I had to almost force her initially as a challenge. But then she saw how much I enjoyed sitting on her belly. Now she can take me on her belly for more than an hour. Try massaging oil on her belly before you sit. It's more pleasurable and feels good for your wife.

  • I sit on my wife's stomach twice or thrice a week. I don't put all my weight on her in beginning. With the time passes I increase pressure on her belly gradually till she can handle. My suggestion is don't rush while sitting on woman's soft stomach.

  • Your never to old! I'm 72, however I look 20 years younger. I would love an attractive normal size woman to sit on nude or her to sit straddling me. I'm a 6ft even normal size man, 180lbs. I'm in northern California. Yes I'm single.

  • If anyone in uk 16-20 males, 16-45 females email me👍

  • I love it when my wife sits on my stomach!!! I like to just lay there, relax and let her weight just sink into my stomach. I never imagined so many other people did this.

  • Hi,i am ramiro and i am 19 year old guy and my fetish is i like old males 54+ sitting on stomach... when i was around 13 years old my neighbour used to sit on my belly during play fight and his name was Nitish and was 56 years old man. he used to love me because he didnt had any child and he used to tell me come here often will play fight because he knew i love play fight. when ever i was free i used to go his house which was next to mine and he used to make me somthing to eat after eating we used to play fight during play fight he used to sit on my stomach and press and arm with his keen and he used to say unsit me if r strong enough he was quit havey so i used to fail on that and he used to laugh and say ur stomach is really soft i can sit here all but i was enjoying him sitting on my stomach at same time but 1 day before my 15 birday he got me gift and we had play fight too i went down easly and he sat on my stomach i was feeling so good and he told u love me sitting on your stomach dont you I knew this time ago oh my god i had red face i was embaressed and i was so quit but he said it fine some people have this fetish and he asked me with smile do u want anything els for your birthday and told sit on my stomach he laughed at me and said ok and sat on my stomach later next day but now he moved somewhere and i miss him sitting on me is there any old males 54+wants to sit on my stomach replay here.

  • How nice you can get to sit on women stomach, i afraid women can't take our weight therefore i turn to boy but ended up people think i am gay.

  • Hi can i sit on your stomach as well ?

  • Whats your email id, its me ramiro:)

  • Yes u can but how old r u and where u from:)

  • Hi Ramiro. I would love to sit on your stomach maybe after a little play wrestle - just like your friend Nitish used to do. I am 62 years old.

  • I would love to sit on your stomach. I love the warmth and softness of it. I would like to lift your shirt up a little. While I sit in the middle of your warm stomach I want to wiggle and bounce a little. I am 57

  • Hey...could I have the pleasure of being your seat? Am mail id:

  • I'd love to sit on you and watch a movie

  • Whats your email so we can chat:)

  • I would love to

  • Whats your email :)

  • I guess you are not in the U.K. I love playful wrestling and sitting on the stomach.

  • Hi I have similar fantasy pls mail me:

  • My gf and I tried a new thing, she sometimes carries me on her hip to reach the bed before I sit on her belly. It's a great feeling. She is usually out of breath by the time we reach the bed. Sometimes I make her go back and walk around the house with me on her hip till she is out of breath. She is strong and can walk with me on her hip easy. Then sitting on her lower or middle belly is fun as she has no control and I can sink in her belly with all my weight. She found it difficult in the beginning but now can handle my weight this way. Sometimes I massage body oil on her belly so the slippery soft belly is so hot under me. I am 40 lbs heavier than her and almost a foot taller.
    Anyone else who tried this? If not I highly recommend this.

  • Sitting on a woman's stomach is the best thing! its soft and comfy! any female out there who likes to be sat on?

  • Yes, i dont know why but i just like the pressure

  • Who sits on top of you then?

  • Hi I am young lad who is 19 and I like older male sitting on me if you are interested sitting then leave a massage here.

  • I want to sit on you.

  • Ok where you live

  • Whats your email, we can :)

  • Hi yes. Are you in the uk?

  • Yes i am what about you:)

  • Pls send me your personal mail id or fb id

  • mail me

  • I have a similar fantasy, contact me on

  • Hi, if you want to chat then I guess you should email.

  • I want sitting on bbw chest

  • My wife likes to sit astride me and pin me down for hours, when she does it she wont speak to me she just stares into my eyes.

  • My wife daily wake me up by sitting on my upper chet and forcing me to sniff her panty.....

  • She sits on my chest,face ,neck almost every day atleast for twenty minutes. otherwise she feels wasting of a day......she just sits by applying more pressure other torture. She gets great satisfaction by doing this.

  • Ha ha ha

  • My gf can take my full weight on her soft lower belly. She is 5'4 145lbs. I am 6'2 230lbs. Initially she was uncomfortable but she got used to bearing my weight for long time with practice. I sit and bounce on her every night. She on her back and I on her soft middle or lower belly is our favorite position

  • My gf likes this too. She can't take my full weight on her belly but can take most of it on her chest. I'm 6'1 220. I don't sit with my legs out but straddle her and lower my butt on her.

  • My gf likes when we wrestle and I sit on her belly or chest. I am 190. I sit with my legs out.

  • I am 28 years old from iran ? i am carzy for sitting on womans belly

  • What is ur name....I hv my aunty whose belly is so soft with deepest u want to sit on her belly?

  • I will sit on your anty belly I'm 6.1 270 pounds can she hold me in her belly

  • Plz send ur auntys navel photos when u sit on her soft navel

  • Email me

  • Hi i am ali ، where are you from?

  • Any ladie wants it plz massage me

  • I also love to sit on women stomach

  • I Too love to sit on a woman's stomach! It's the best place to sit !!!

  • I love to sit on my wife's butt when I massage her back....I haven't tried yet to sit on her stomach, but I m constantly using it as a pillow

  • Let her know how you feel. Start by turning her over and sit on her middle Or lower stomach. Maybe you can download a video with stomach sitting? Ask her to start letting you sit on her stomach often and ask if she would just get use to it.

  • Where can i get a video of men sit on women's stomach?

  • Make a video where you sit on your gf stomach please

  • Sitting full weight on the stomach is not harmful at all. My husband is a lot heavier than me but he regularly sits on my stomach full weight. He also sits full weight on my b******. He also bounces on my stomach,sometimes lightly, sometimes hard. I have never tried sitting on him because I thoroughly enjoy his full weight on my stomach and b******. This practice is totally safe.

  • I agree. My husband sits on my belly every evening after he come back from work. He says it relaxes him. He likes to lightly bounce on my lower belly. But when he sits on my middle belly he bounces hard and long. When he sits on my mid belly I know he is in the mood to crush me. But it never hurts seriously. We do it before dinner so my belly is softer and his weight slides in as much as it can. He is 35 lbs heavier than me but I can take his full weight no problem. Our favorite position is me lying down on the narrow ottoman so that he can straddle my belly and put his full weight where he sits.

  • I would like to have one as your wife

  • I'm a 55 year old male with stomach sitting experience for 43 years. I will sit on any gal of any size, anytime. And I will have any gal if any weight sit in me, stand on me, and walk on me. I am in Texas, if any of you ladies are interested, email me at:

    Happy trampling!

  • I I am 22 years old girl what is your height and weight

  • Hi are you looking to be sat on?

  • I 1M7 50kg and I want to stand on your chest

  • From my childhood my cousin aunty used to sit on me and now a days too. And all girls and women i have their friendship, they all love to sit on top. Any how i sat on may women & girls but most of the time they used to sit on me.

  • The only time when I'm concerned about safety is full weight standing on the stomach of a girl as they show in a few clips. He stands on my stomach just once, rarely twice a week, that too, for just a few seconds at a stretch. It gives lot of pleasure when both his feet are sinking deep into my stomach but it becomes painful soon. Also standing for long can probably harm so it is not an everyday activity for us.

  • I wish I had the courage to ask a few of the women that I know to sit on my stomach on a regular basis I'm afraid I would be seen as a major perv. I would be willing to pay by the hour. I sometimes wonder what if I put an ad in the paper for a "sitter" with the understanding that the sitter was to sit on me if I could find what I'm looking for, no s** or funny business just long sitting on my stomach with a little break every now and then as needed

  • Where are you from

  • Your problem is solved, just pay few money 3 women will crush you the way which you never expected../////

  • I enjoy sitting on women's stomachs !!

  • What is wrong with you people, don't you know how dangerous it is to let someone sit on your stomach. You have vital organs in there that could rupture and cause fatal bleeding, I read one story where one girl sat on a guys stomach and another girl sat in her lap while he worshiped their feet. I get it that some people have fetishes but this one could kill you! I stumbled across this looking for ways to slim my waist line, I am also a medical professional and my advice is stay away from this kind of activity .

  • Well, I used to sit on my ex GF body for years, I was quite heavier than her and fortunately nothing happened, although we did not knew the rules of this kind of sadistic / masochistic games. I would not say: "don't do it", but will strongly recommend to stick to the rules if you play such games. At first I use to listen to her and get off whenever she told me to, but once she told me, this should be a part of the game, and nothing wrong will happen if I keep siting / bouncing on her for a bit longer - she is a bit submissive. I use to do as she told me, but that was dangerous, as I never knew if she is in real pain or no! I would say: have a safe-word! Usually people are using the yellow-red-green system: if she says "yellow" that would mean it is too painful and its not fun anymore, so you have to reduce the intensity of the torture. If she says "red", you are about to damage her, so you have to stop immediately! It is good to have a safe-sign as well just in case she cannot say the safe-word. "Green" obviously means, she found out she enjoys whatever you are doing in the moment, so it is equivalent of "Yeah baby, don't stop!" :-)

  • Oh dear. I wondered how long it would be before the Health and Safety brigade got in on the act. Next you will be telling us all to stay at home and not do anything or go anywhere.

  • I am a single guy from the North of England who likes sitting on women's stomachs. If there are any ladies on here who also like this fetish and live fairly close by,then please get in touch.

  • I love sitting on the belly of a girl and talk time of all is for nothing if a girl is willing to bear my weight what she has to send an e-mail girl 50 / 70kg age 20/30 years daughter of preference or French speaking a little french moi j'habite en france

  • I'm boy prénom Matt my e-mail is " " i LOVE Sit on BELLY GIRL 50/70 kg

  • I like to see a woman lays down and an other woman sits on and straddles her.

  • I am a male of 58 and I like to be laid down and let women sit and straddle.

  • Hello!!!! Ok, I love getting belly mounted or sat on my stomach. My husband doesn't like it, so others do it. Foe me, it is not sexual except for rare occasions where something clicks and I'm like wow!!!! but here's the thing. Not many will want to disclose this fetish. Fetish sites will not even think of this as a fetish. Si I have a yahoo group i called Straddled by Choice. I started this group because i thought I was weird liking to be sat on and so I realize others like it too. I'm probably the only oddball that is single and has others sit on me, but I'm getting my husband involved. I recently discovered that it is so much pleasurable to be sat on or belly-mounted when having your period. The weight has to be very comfortable and of course the little soreness inside brings about a real sense of erotic pleasure. If anyone would like to join my group, feel free to drop me a line at It is a closed group.

  • Can I get in on the group I love sitting on a womans belly if a woman would let me I would love to do it and I hope she can take my weight I'm 58 and 6 foot 1 and 173 pounds please let me know thank you.

  • Which country do you belong

  • You are lucky. My husband often gets his gym buddies to sit on me along with him. So I am taking all their weights on my stomach. That's where he likes sitting the most. He says bouncing on my soft lower belly is what he likes the most. Sometimes he will do it while he will have his friend sit on my b****.
    I can take that only for a little while. Worst was when he invited 2 of his friends. Asked me to lay on the hard narrow breakfast counter, he sat on my soft lower belly and his friends sat on my mid belly and another on my chest. They said they felt so hot doing that they couldn't stop bouncing. All of them took turns bouncing hard while the others bounced lightly simultaneously. I couldn't take it more than 5 mins. I am 5'3" and my husband and his gym buddies are all around 6'.

  • Ok, so to clarify some things, I am married. I don't like pain, so the way my friends sit on me is being on their knees. that way they cam control their weight. I'm not into heavy sitting or chest or face sitting. The "period' sitting is not a heavy sitting, ok, so be careful.

  • That's the way I sit on a woman. Knees. I'm a big guy and have mostly sat on small women. No one has ever complained. I like to lift her shirt up a little so I'm sitting on a bare belly. I love the warmth and softness

  • Contact me dear..///

  • Wow that's amazing

  • Hi there....i like when my wife sits full weight on my stomach....we have been doing it for 30mins to 1hr almost every other day...but i need to understand what after effect it can have on your intestines or other inner organs due to such squeezing or pressing in the long run

  • I think your body gets used to it, my wife sits on my stomach on a regular basis and so far haven't had any problems

  • Hi do you have Facebook?

  • Yes i have

  • What is your ID?

  • I personally like to sit on women's stomach.

  • Hi... I wanna share my story.
    I always request my boyfriend to sit on me. He is a heavy guy (is about 82 kgs) he sits on my stomach and chest, i love the feeling of having him on top of me i don't like him to get up. When he sits on my stomach he rubs his d*** with my b***
    once he sat on my b*** with his back facing my face, and was moving back and forth, it was such a great feeling. he likes to sit on my chest more than my stomach but i like it more when he sits on my stomach and gives me a massage.

  • Hi share your story more

  • Come to me dear

  • Hi i want sitting on your belly

  • Hi, i am a single male who would love to sit on your stomach.

  • Any girl do this for me in india

  • Pay few money get you wish done

  • Hey, will you let me sit on ur belly if i pay you some money?

  • Your reply is still awaited

  • I am male residing in delhi india. pl let me know contact nos. or mail id of group female group members in nearby place who love getting belly mounted.

  • Pleasc contact with me

  • Do you reside in delhi

  • I thought I was weird and all alone. I find it comfortable and relaxing.

  • I just love reading these stories. I have been sitting on girls and later women since I was 12 years old.
    My favorite place to sit is in the middle of their stomach. I ask a woman to fold their legs, so that their knees are pointing straight. up after I have straddled their stomach with my legs folded underneath me. I then proceed to lower my but down on their stomach then lift my butt off and on a few times using my folded legs to make sure that both of us agree on the most comfortable spot for that moment.
    I often enjoy listing to music and slightly bounce and sway side to side to the rhythm of a song.
    I enjoy sitting bare naked on a bare naked woman THIS FEELS SO MUCH BETTER THAN WEARING CLOTHES !!!
    I tend to limit my sitting on my partner to 30 minutes but have extended it up to an hour depending on how we feel that day. We often take turns sitting on each other and prefer to start our day this way.
    Generally we sit on each other 4-7 mornings a week. Bare sitting often leads to some form of s** of hand masturbation on each other. Her favorite is hand massaging me while I'm sitting on her stomach until I come on her b******. Trust Me This Is The BEST WAY TO SIT ON A WOMAN !!

  • How to increase partner's stamina to bear my weight 140lb on her stomach for a long time? She is of 85lb. She thinks that streight sitting for long will harm her. Is it true. If not how to end that fear? How to increase (our) male stamina to sit for 1 or 2 or more hours without e**********? Please give tips, tricks, experience etc...

  • You and your wife are not alone. I also have a wife that likes for me to sit on her stomach, most of the time she will lay on her back with her knees bent on the floor in front of the tv. I put a regular bed pillow against her legs to use as a back rest then I sit on her stomach and sit back and get comfortable. I find that she makes a great seat sometimes I can feel her heartbeat in her stomach as I sit on her. Often she will take off my shoes and with both feet I will scrunch my toes around her nostrils for a while then she will usually suck on and lick between my toes and kiss and lick the bottoms of my feet. I find its a great way to relax. She is the one who talked me into it years ago when we first got married. Sometimes she wants different things like she will hold a volley ball on her stomach and want me to sit on it for a while or she will get me to bounce on her stomach then sit on it, when she wants to smell my feet she will get me to wear very thin socks that she bought me and ask me to wear them for a couple of days in a roe that sort of thing. I think more women have foot fetishes than are willing to admit, now she would absolutely cringe and die if she knew I was telling anyone these things, but I know she has told at least one of her friends who is a woman about her same age. I normally sit on my wife's stomach about once a week she tells me ahead of time when she wants it, sometimes for a short time and sometimes she really likes to suffer under my weight @ 190 lb. In return for my satisfying her fetish she returns favors to me to. About the only time we skip a week is when she is on her period. My story is not exactly the same as yours but hope this helps.

  • Please share the methods and practices adopted by you to make her comfortable for this, so that we also use if possible.

  • It started not long after we first started dating. Her best friend that she grew up with used to do it for her and still was while we were dating. Sometimes her best friend and I would take turns and sometimes she would have both of us sit on her at the same time. I would sit on her stomach backwards and her friend would straddle me and sit on my lap facing me wrapping her legs around me making my wife smell her feet while sat on her kissing and sometimes I would just sit on her stomach leaning back on her legs and her friend would sit on my lap while my wife smelled her feet. I think it's safe to say that my wife has a serious foot fetish. With all that said I also like for my wife to sit on my stomach she will wear the same nylons for several days in a row. We are fortunate in the sense that we both have the same fetish and a partner willing to satisfy it we have a really good time with it and it makes for a phenomenal s** life.

  • I am a married women aged 46, I live in Buckingham in the uk,ive always liked sitting ontop of men and women and pinning their arms down, I do it a lot to my husband, I love sitting on his chest and pinning his arms with my knees I can do this for hours, and I have discovered my friend ruth likes to be wrestled down and sat on ive sat on her many times now and a couple of times for over two hours in a park, I loved people watching us, and one time this lady walking her dog came over and spoke to us while I was sitting on ruth and she ended up giving me a mobile number and saild shes been looking for a women to sit on her like that for ages as she used to get sat on a lot at school and missed it a lot, and she would like to try sitting ontop to, so their are people out their who have this intrest as do.

  • Wow can you sit on me?

  • Now am rest assured i am normal. i used to sit on my friends. but now i am single and seriuosly hot for somebody to sit on

  • Hi Im a 48 year old man from Belgium and I like women to sit on me ...
    my email is : please contact me.

  • Plz sit on my chest

  • I will lean my face on a girls chest

  • Hi, I am a single guy from the UK. I love straddling ladies. Would your friend Ruth like to have me straddle her?

  • WOW!!!!!! gosh, but in UK!!!!!

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