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Powerful Artificial Intelligence AI

We're a group of nerds who are doing an AI to expose the lies of our politicians. It'll be so embarrassing that many will just want to leave their countries. It works in real-time. For the moment it's only in English and French. We're doing some trials. So far it's been very accurate.

Unexpected termination from work

I was working at a company in their mail room when a woman told me to be on the lookout for two packages as it was real important. I did indeed look for those packages and only one came. The lady accused me of misdirecting the other package and was so shrill about it and convinced that I had given someone else her package that she called HR. I... [more]

Paying the rent

I had a meaningless job and got laid off. It was a meaningless company. I couldn't keep up with my share of the rent and a friend gave me his couch and stayed there a few nights. I felt bad and found this place, a man was renting a room in his place and I told him I could pay. I figured I would find a job pretty quick, meaningless jobs are all... [more]

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Broken Brained Adult

I am an adult with a learning disability.
I have ADHD & I do believe I am somewhere on the autism spectrum.
I get overwhelmed very easily & I have to learn things on a mixed level of visual, hands on, & straight from text.
And I hate myself for it because I was told repeatedly "it's not hard, you're just lazy. / Why can't you be like "X"?/ You... [more]

I Yelped my own job.

I don't have to worry about getting fired however. Quick explanation. I used an anagram generator, put in my full name and it gave out an anagram that definitely looked like a name belonging to someone from another country. Created a google account with the anagram, then created a yelp account with it. With that being said, let me explain why I... [more]

I hate all Indians

Lazy, entitled, ass lickers. I hate them all.

Pre-surgery surprise

About me: I'm 23 and a CNA. I'm just a plain girl.
My parents are super strict and I was homeschooled.
My boyfriend and I courted 5 years and this past Christmas, gave me a ring and finally proposed.
I work at a hospital and last year was moved to pre-surgery. I've see a lot in my short time.
This is embarrassing and I'm glad this site... [more]

My husband agreed to share me with my boss

My husband is officially sharing me with my boss.
I'm 39 and have worked at this insurance agency for 12 years. My boss 52, lost his wife to ovarian cancer this past July and I can tell it's taking a toll on his mental and physical health. He's lost so much weight since she started treatments and he's always sad. Please don't think he was obese... [more]

Pink slipped, involuntartarily retired, canned, Prematurely retir

It all sucks. Getting fired is like having a wreck. So call it what you will Termination sucks to high Heaven.

I tie my outie at work

I have a belly button that I can pull out into a outie and it feels really good to play with it and tie it.
For the last few years i tie it really tight in the morning before work.
It really starts hurting after a few hours and sometimes I have to untie it but its fun to think someone will notice and pull it lol
Ive only seen a few people... [more]

I filmed six women In high heels Flooring a Chevy Corvette

Where what and right now. I don't have much time Her conversation was short and sweet. I turned around headed to Bahama Breeze the place she was eating lunch and wanted me to meet her at in 15. I made it there in breath taking time. I noticed this bad ass Corvette with the convertible top down. It was the exact model I wanted. I enter the Bahama... [more]

How a gay guy lost his job

He was caught performing f******* on a younger co worker. A black girl saw them off in a corner and told their manager. The gay guy was fired. The boy was chastized by his father who was a manager there.

Get that hend off of me

My "hend" has been off of you for 51 years. Get out of my head you ugly little feminen b******.

I John L B n do hereby resign

After I got cussed out for no good reason I resigned. This caused my manager to really start yelling but thank God I was about to be away from this lunatic.


When I used to work at Burger King, I would occasionally get my kicks by grinding up my girlfriend's 'Morning After Pills' and adding the powder to the food of the customers. My associates used to refer to me as King Estrin. You see Estrin derived from horse pee is a parent structure of the estrogen steroid hormones estradiol, estrone, and... [more]

Wife attacked by her boss

While I was on temp duty in Europe for my firm for 4 mos my wife had this experience.
We are in our late 20's - married for 3 years. My wife is a drop dead sexy blonde with the palest blue eyes - wears her hair long and styles it every single morning before she goes to work.
She works in the court house down town - for the county treasurer. He... [more]

Coworker Amber

I work with a brunette babe named Amber.. she has a beautiful face and huge t***. She's a little heavier being she's married with 2 kids. I can't stop thinking about bending her over my desk and f****** her crazy

I have contempt for my clients

I think deep down that they're pathetic, strange, disgusting, lazy and unhygienic. I know I shouldn't feel this way and should have some empathy, but I do feel this way. I'm repeatedly exposed to the nastiest, crustiest, mustiest, most unskilled, rudest, stupidest people in society and it makes me feel hopeless about the world because I forget... [more]

Got harassed and lost a job

I'm top of my class master's program in Art History & appreciation from Belmore U. i was waiting to get a job in my field but my parents stayed on my ass to get a job with insurance. I had to take a job with a call center paying less than I deserve. what's worse is i had to start with a temp company for 90 days. wtf that's discrimination but i'll... [more]

Rehearsing your own termination

I knew I was going to get fired. I rehearsed the event. I planned to make no objection and do total compliance.
Just as I suspected they told me to turn in my ID and company credit cards and keys.
I had a necklace of keys around my neck. Off my neck and on the table they went. Then my ID, then I went into my wallet and turned in the... [more]

Ways you can tell your goose is cooked aka about to be fired

I worked in a warehouse with a black co worker. Sometimes when the company was about to have a meeting I was told to set up the chairs. I was complimented on how well I did this chore and they never called my co worker to do it. Except for my last day at the company.
This time my co worker was asked to set up the meeting room. I was... [more]

My first time was with an older co-worker

I was raised in a strict Christian home and also attended a private Christian school. After graduation, I tried a semester of college but it wasn't for me. I got a full time job working at an automotive parts factory. It's a Mon - Friday, 40hrs, benefits and starting pay is $26 per hr.
I mostly keep to myself because I learned quickly there's a... [more]

I have to adopt a new lifestyle and be her girlfriend

Before he could actually penetrate with his p**** I told him to get off. Tried pushing him off, he wasn't budging. I grabbed his b**** under my leg and asked him politely to get off. I recognize and realize I don't like it and I don't want it.
I... [more]

Bad times during my working life

It was 2005. My biological father died. He was 82. I was alllowed three days off to mourn his loss. I returned to work and then my beloved stepfather died. He was the one who had raised me. I didn't ask for time off. I felt terrible though.

MEN! Stop hitting with your waitress!

I works at a sports bar and get hit on my men all the time! STOP IT! newsflash we all have to wear the denim shorts and a tight t-shirt! its called a uniform. we working a job for tips and don't want to hear how nice we look. we don't like talking to you! just enjoy your food and leave us alone.

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