Work Confessions


Why did you trust that j*** when I told you not to. I really admire you, but that really surprised me. Btw, your friend at the cafe told everyone she works with your secret, I just didn't have the heart to tell you! Have to get out of there, too much judgement- best of luck

Two faced

Hey Benedict I see you, I won't say it, but I am done with your drama and bullshit. You talk TOO much, do your job. The other people are rude to you because you do what you want not what you are suppose to. Traitor

So incredibly sexy

There's this woman at work who smokes in a really sensual and sexy way. I've never noticed women smoking before but when this one goes outside to light up I always try to position myself in the building where I can see her. Weird but it arouses me to see her smoking her cigarettes.

Item and commodity From To Rate VMW

This is to commemorate the death of an industry. The Tariff compilation industry which died in the late 80's after Ted Kennedy and his cronies made it illegal to compile them.
This deprived companies of information which included the rates, routes, and carriers who specialized in carrying their freight from one place to another. It was a... [more]

Scamming people

Ok so, I have been selling products on Amazon, Aliexpress, E-bay... And all the products that I have selled were Ok, they work, and all that stuff, but they obly have a life time of 1 year.
They are cheap to produce, and expensive for the buyers.
And of course once 31 days have passed since the product is bought, the buyer cant complaim about... [more]

Do I make it official

I am a 35 year old professional woman and I work in advertising, I got divorced 5 years ago after 12 years of marriage and 3 children when I caught my husband cheating, I dated in the beginning mostly out of spite which I realized was not the right way to deal with the situation, We share custody and I only dated so my kids would tell him I was... [more]

I want to repeatedly stomp on my boss's head

Another "boss hate" confession
I f****** hate my boss, she sends me s***** replies to emails, the little b**** undermines me constantly, she lies, flip flops on rules made by her, talks to me like a... [more]

Worthless employee

When it comes to work you are a waste. You are pitifully slow, and from an operations stand point, utterly inept. The management team can not depend on you to do anything (besides complain endlessly.) You are a real pain to be around and you are either unwilling or incapable of adjusting to change. You have not grown in all these years, and are a... [more]

Harry is a scamming cheat no moral druggy

I really think he is not a nice person I seen him from my place and his a heap of druggies and hookers and he is not a decent person. he has one personality for work and another for play. when I worked with him he was just so cheap and easy and rude. he goes around shaming his family in the office all the time and no one can control him. he even... [more]

Religious co workers

Instead of preaching to me why not do your work. I refuse to stop what I'm doing to hear your phony gospel message. Preach to someone at your house, church or anywhere but on the f****** job. In other words preach to someone who gives a s***... [more]

The preachers wife fired me

I was between jobs and I went to work for a company where as luck would have it our minister's wife worked in HR.
After six weeks she called me into the office and after telling me that I was making too many mistakes she fired me. I was flabbergasted as I thought I was doing better. She told me that she had been getting calls from other... [more]

Crack cocaine use at work

In 1985 I worked at a trucking company in their Tariff department. A black employee had filed a class action lawsuit against the company because they didn't have enough black employees.
The company immediately hired four black men to work there. Three of the four employees used cocaine on a daily basis and did either no work at all or not... [more]

Being fired is a decision not a debate

If you are ever fired sit there and take the pain. Don't try to get your job back because your name was off of the payroll before they gave you the bad news.
The only way you should put up an argument is when and if you are fired for something you didn't do. That happened to me.
Instead of arguing with them and if the situation is really... [more]

Masturbating at euro

I j*** off in the staff restroom at work at least two or three times a week. It usually starts at my desk, rubbing my b**** and my d*** until I'm hard. Then I'll excuse myself to the restroom where I... [more]

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