Work Confessions

My first time was with an older co-worker

I was raised in a strict Christian home and also attended a private Christian school. After graduation, I tried a semester of college but it wasn't for me. I got a full time job working at an automotive parts factory. It's a Mon - Friday, 40hrs, benefits and starting pay is $26 per hr.
I mostly keep to myself because I learned quickly there's a... [more]

I have to adopt a new lifestyle and be her girlfriend

Before he could actually penetrate with his p**** I told him to get off. Tried pushing him off, he wasn't budging. I grabbed his b**** under my leg and asked him politely to get off. I recognize and realize I don't like it and I don't want it.
I... [more]

Bad times during my working life

It was 2005. My biological father died. He was 82. I was alllowed three days off to mourn his loss. I returned to work and then my beloved stepfather died. He was the one who had raised me. I didn't ask for time off. I felt terrible though.

Odd set of circumstances story that happened where I used to work

My department had a new manager. There were six of us there. One day the new manager decided to give a small raise to everyone but me. He said I should know more than what I did. The situation wasn't my fault they had confined me to a situation and I was unable to learn just then but I would have in time.
Although the raise was small I was... [more]

MEN! Stop hitting with your waitress!

I works at a sports bar and get hit on my men all the time! STOP IT! newsflash we all have to wear the denim shorts and a tight t-shirt! its called a uniform. we working a job for tips and don't want to hear how nice we look. we don't like talking to you! just enjoy your food and leave us alone.

They got my number

Where do I start. Mistake? Yes, I shouldn't have gone, but that is where they were going. We ended up at a gay strip joint in Rio. Men dancing naked two inches from your face, opening your mouth and lowering their p**** in your mouth, but not closing your mouth, that was against the rules. Men... [more]

What have you stolen from your job??

I work in a small bakery, i have never stolen money but i have taken a couple granola bars from the front without paying and got caught on the cameras (that i didnt know we had) im stressing like i got caught in the middle of murder. or eating a few croutons when preparing salads or taking a dried date. i feel. so. guilty. and paranoid. i also... [more]

Layoffs and survival

I was working for a company that was failing fast. Laws had been made against the Trucking Industry and our services had become obsolete except for one department where I worked. It was unsettling to watch over 100 employees having to leave their job and find work elsewhere but for the time being I was safe.
I had finished my tenth year two... [more]

I was laid off in 2010 and I collected $600.00 a month for 11 mon

Yes $600.00 a month is chicken feed. but it was after the taxes were taken out and I didn't have to pay taxes myself. I was 63 at the time of the layoff which is too old to look for another job. Had I not been helped by my aging parents I would have ended up in a cardboard box in an alley and would have been happy to have had that.

My Opinion of Russians

I cannot be a party to anything that is against the law.
Now that reality has been emphasized, do you know what a sniper drone is ? Since most people are familiar with drones that spy on people, there are also drones with cameras that are designed to carry a riffle and kill and or assasinate their targets ? Weapons of this type are made by... [more]

I recently got a degree in art appreciation

Everyone said thats a bad degree because yu can't apply it to a job or career. I pointed out that since I was 70 years old I could get a degree in anything I wanted to. Heck I don't have to work anymore.

I can understand why companies say you can't have a gun in your c

I can understand why companies say you can't have a gun in your car. I used to carry a gun in my car for self protection but I went to work for a company that said you couldn't come to work with said weapon in your vehicle.
Like a dutiful employee I removed my gun from my console and went to work without it.
They fired my ass and I... [more]

I’m making more money than I dreamed but here I’m poor

I work less, make more money, my quality of life is worse. How am I supposed to participate in the world when I can see what makes it this way? Wanting to be at peace sacrifices my integrity. I function but my integrity is in tatters. I hate myself, I feel alone, I’m here but barely.

Wife shows off her hard nipples at work

I have a hot wife. She will not admit it, but she has a hot body and she is always hot for s**, but hides it well. I have been working on her by talking dirty and telling her dirty stories of wild sexual affairs by other wives. She has been getting more [more]

The demise of the pay phone industry

I got a job with this company and I misunderstood my manager and I went to get a drug test. I got back an hour later and they fired me for job abandonment.
I was going to take this to the labor board but I saw an article in the newspaper. The founder of this company was going to prison for fraud. They were soon going out of business and... [more]

Today at work

Today a customer came into my place of work, she was a fairly average 40 something year old mother. She had her daughter there too, and oh my God. The daughter was so tall and thin, maybe 13 years old with medium blonde hair, blue eyes, and that sexy "no f**** given" attitude. All I could think about... [more]

My father was worried about being laid off so I let his manager f

I let his manager f*** me and they overlooked him when the layoffs began. He still works there.

Pantie lover

II work in a laundromat, I also enjoy wearing womens panties... sometimes people abandon their clothes and I will take the ones I like. Panties, leggings, anything I find sexy and think will fit.
I'm wearing a pair right now, a nice little pair of black cotton panties. I'm not sure if I like womens panties or the ones made for men more, womens... [more]

I'm a Furry, but also a Children's Entertainer

Yes I'm a furry. Yes I'm a children's entertainer. I'm a male of 22 years. I have a local business of dressing up as my furry characters and doing performances for many kids events in my area. It's mostly Birthdays.
I write out my own characters and draw what they should look like. I send the designs to a fursuit maker the delivers, and get... [more]

Worked with a j*** who took advantage of teen girls

I worked nights one winter at an adolescent psychiatric center for kids with family issues.
As a new employee I was taken around by this 30 yr old guy who had worked there for 4 years - showing me my nightly duties. One duty was to check on each room every 15 mins and document the same in the kid's medical chart. We used a special flash-light for... [more]

I have a short term memory problem and its cost me six jobs

I was able to work ten years at one company and ten more years at another and six years at another and still three and a half more years at another then I was too old to work. I never gave completely but my short term memory screwed up my education and like I said ability to learn some jobs in a timely fashion. Were it not for the support of my... [more]

I took my ex boss' advise, I became a stay at home wife

I was getting ready for work and my boss called me. He told me it wasn't necessary for me to come in. I wasn't fit for the job and I was probably out of place working. I was the stay at home type and I needed to find a suitable husband and have kids and be a good mother. My things would be collected by the HR department and shipped to me, I... [more]

I had one to many and I got my helper on his knees

I'm an installation inspector for my company's equipment and I travel around the country going to customers where we have our equipment installed. I've been doing this for 20 years and the past three years since the pandemic it's been a real problem, we are very far behind. I have a new kid that I'm supposed to train, but I just let him watch, I... [more]

Nearly got fired

Our CEO wanted to fire me. I was lucky enough to avoid this byvthe help of one of my colleagues who stood for me. I don't know how could I have handled being fired. That would have devastated me and drove me to mabe end my life.

Can't stand my coworker whenever he comments on customer purchase

There's a guy I work with, Frank, (real name) who is a cashier where I work and almost every day, without fail, if a customer buys a certain item, he'll either give them certain information on it or tell a customer they should have bought another product instead. Ex. 1. A customer will buy parchment paper for baking. Frank: Do you know why it's... [more]

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