Work Confessions


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I want Carrie

I use to work with this girl that is so beautiful. She left for another job a year ago. I reached out to her and I think she was flirting with me as much as I was flirting with her. Thru a line over and let’s see how it goes. Hope my wife doesn’t find out.

Getting dad get a promotion

Tim’s the regional manager and reason mom and dad divorced 10 years ago. I was 8 at the time and it was bad, Tim divorced and then transferred to Atlanta. It’s been me and dad since. Tim and mom didn’t last. She figured out he’s a cheating POS. I don’t get around mom much, only when I have to.
Dad was up for a promotion and Tim’s flying to town... [more]

I wonder if anyone has noticed

That sometimes I at work I will j******* into my coffee and drink it when I am in a meeting


That feeling when your sexy coworker wears tight yogapants, but her thongline is showing through the fabric.

Nude wife pictures

I posted naked pictures of my wife, no face shots, on the Internet without her knowledge and got loads of comments back about how random guys want to f*** her and do things to her. It gets me hot thinking of her being wanked over by strangers.
Anyway, one of our friends showed me a picture of my... [more]

No diploma

I have no success in jobs and it because I don’t have a diploma. Now I had a job before that paid decent 11.00 hr. But I lost it because I got sick in the hospital for a week and couldn’t call in so the job let me go even when I explained what happened I had the job for a year. And not it’s been a year science I had a job and I feel bad about it... [more]

Big hard nipples for my wife

My wife and I have been happily married for many years. She picked up a part-time job at an office for spending money. Then she started asking me to suck on her t*** every night to get them real big and hard. Sometimes she would make me suck on her [more]


A few years back when my oldest daughter was 19 she was dancing at a strip club near my work. Obviously I never advertised to anyone but sometimes some of my coworkers would go to the strip club on Thursday's after work. Sometimes, the next day they would be talkin about the girls, their ass, t***... [more]

Manager from work takes my loads

When I used to work at Target one of my managers Whitney was a cute blonde girl in her early 20s. I was about 19 or 20 at the time. When the nights were slow I would sneak up to her office during my lunch break and p*** all over her chair, keyboard, desk, in her purse, and sometimes in her spare... [more]

Salon Secrets

My wife Carol used to work in Hair Salon alongside an older lady called Mary , the Salon wasn't fully unisex but did attend to males on Fridays and Saturday mornings . One day during lunch Mary had explained to Carol about a h**** game she played with certain males that came into the Salon , ... [more]

I'm Sorry

I sexually harassed my direct report at work. When he reported it I treated him as if he was crazy and denied everything in fear of losing my job and credibility. He has been having a tough time dealing with it all and Human Resources and Management see him as mentally unstable. Human Resources backs management without much question. I used that... [more]

Zoom kink

All this meeting on Zoom has caused me to develop a new fetish. I have been masturbating as I meet with my co-workers over Zoom. Since only my head is visible no-one knows what is happening down below. To be able to stare some of my beautiful co-workers live, in the eye as I o***** is the biggest... [more]

My girlfriend’s cool job during the pandemic

Kelly’s 22 and we’ve been together 2 years, she’s a part-time assistant nutritionist at the cancer center. Kelly met Sherry last year while diet planning during her battle with stage 4 cancer. Mike is Sherry’s wife. They’re pretty old, not boomers but maybe mid 40s. Mike owns real-estate business and asked to hire Kelly to cook for them on... [more]

Here for you

Several years ago when my man was out of town I. on a whim, decided to go to a upscale hotel lounge to relax and see if I had still had it. I wore a short skirt, high heels and low cut top. Oh I am blonde, 5
3" with natural 38D's. A few men did check me out but did not stop at my table. Then this well dressed good looking black stopped and... [more]

Wife's naked pictures

I recently started showing semi nude and now completely naked pictures of my wife to a friend of mine she has worked with for years. Needless to say the first time he was nearly speechless and apologized thinking I didn't mean to let him see. After I assured him it was intentional it didn't take long before he would hint about seeing more of... [more]

Showed my wife's nude pictures/videos to a friend she works with

Hi, I've been showing naked pictures of my wife to a friend who is also a co worker of hers. At first I started out slow with glimpse but eventually showed her completely nude in all different positions. He was always way to polite with his comments since they have worked together for 16 years but eventually he was making comments I could enjoy... [more]

DoorDash gets paid to deliver low ratings

We get complaints every time because doordash forces customers to choose the chains to deliver from and cannot select a different location. Its always "I hate that location pick up from this location instead they dont have rats"
This is because doordash gets paid to specifically deliver from chains rated 1 star rather than chains rated 5 stars... [more]

I am a preschool teacher.

I work as a preschool teacher. I stood by the childrens wardrobes, when a mother walks in. Shes a fat woman with a big ass and fat t***.
She bends over and starts packing her sons stuff. That day she wore see-through leggins. I saw everything. A black thong sat tight between her cheeks. There was a... [more]

My coworker.

I thing my female coworker is comming on to me. Shes always close to me, bending over and showing me her large butt. She talkes flirty with me and things like that.


I’m a secretary at a factory. Someone came in and said there was going to be a fight outside. I went out and these two guys were fighting in the mud. It was a good fight! Their shirts were ripped off and they were totally covered in mud. One guy had a b***** face and went to the hospital. Meanwhile... [more]

I want to f*** a copper

I've always wanted to f*** a female police officer.
I'm a security officer in a town centre.
I used to work with a PCSO named Carly.
Carly was blonde with massive t***.
I seriously wanted to f*** ... [more]

Asda Slough. So.many f******* Indians

So many h**** English Pakistanis in Slough Asda. I'd f*** them all.
Today I spoke to one about 30 yrs old with massive t*** about 5ft 3 tall .
I so wanted to see her hairy [more]

People are freaks

I work in a specialized field as a disaster restoration technician, When I entered this field of work out of neccessity being laid off from my regular job I never expected to end up doing it as a career, I just thought it would be a fill in but as time passed my boss kept offering me advancement opportunities and I took them to where I am now the... [more]

Hungover doing phone conferences

I did legal proceeding phone conferences for the last company I worked with, and knew they were a bad, untrustworthy, and shady company early on. After awhile, I didn't care about going out drinking the night before the legal proceedings, since the company sucked and took forever to pay me anyway. There were not only days, but, full weeks where... [more]

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