Work Confessions

It's changed. It's better. It's everything.

When my boss at work and I started having s** it was just s** harassment. I didn't really want it but he forced it on me or I would lose my job. But after he did me a few times I started liking it. And then I started loving it. And then I started needing... [more]


..... I love the fact that Memphis buggered UCLA today (9/16/2017), by the score of 48-45. Part of it is that Memphis was such a big underdog. But mostly it's because my stupid arrogant egotistical boss is such a big UCLA fan. I hope those a**** never win another game, so that my stupid arrogant... [more]

I made a fortune demolishing my old high school

I graduated in 1965 and that was the last year students would attend this very old brick school building. It was built in 1925 and the population of students needed a newer bigger high school.
The county wanted to develop the property and my father's construction company was hired to tear it down.
I did everything in my power not to damage... [more]

The powerful rule of 3

Haha, what goes around, comes around. Did you really think your toxic boomerang wouldn't come back and smack you in your vain lying face.

I've never wanted anyone this badly before

I have an employee that is phenomenal. She is really great, smart, hardworking. I am lucky to have her but the problem is that she is really f****** hot and it makes me crazy. She looks like a p*** star and has a masters. I can’t talk to her for... [more]

Gaslightin Biotch

I found out what you did! Did you really think people wouldn't talk? I thought you were my friend; you are the one who complained about EVERYBODY. I watched you talk so much s*** and then act all nice to their faces. I'm going to take away what you love too - I'm going to tell everybody your... [more]


I'm 21 years old now. I didn't get a chance to go to college me being the youngest of 6 and the only girl I grew up with work boots from my brothers in the front doors. Tool boxes in the garage. Work trucks parked outside taking up garage space. throughout high school I didn't know what I wanted. My brothers being in skilled trades they opened a... [more]

From toys to cuckolding

My wife has been progressively needing more pleasure than what I give her through intercourse. After I c** she usually hasn't orgasmed so I finger her to finish. She then got me a vibrator, and then a d****, and then a bigger [more]


F you b**** - you're a home wrecker, terrible wife, co-worker, and you're nobody's friend

Manipulation as work

One of my co-worker has been acting weird. Her face represents loath, jealousy, and enviousness. Ever since we've been working together her behavior has been telling me "she doesn't like you and doesn't like to see your face." I'm trying to make this better. In fact, every time she does something to make me feel inferior, I won't say a single... [more]


One of my co-worker has small marks all over her arms, and feet. The very first time I noticed which was last week, I'm assuming either she's been abused, depressed, and/or has been cutting herself. She once got angry at me for one of my mistakes and she was also taking out her anger indirectly. I kept quite, didn't make a big deal and let it go... [more]


I wear panties or like to be naked. When i can

At work

Some of my co-workers have been rude and disrespectful towards me because of my careless mistakes. I just keep it quite because I know I'm still learning. I just want them to understand that every mistake that I make is different. When people don't appreciate your hard work and your ability to not repeat the same mistakes. I just keep quite and... [more]


My mom officially got divorced today finally after so long. It happened! Idk what path to take in life it may sound over reactive but it's the solid truth. All of my family has degrees. I had to hold back in school to help my single mom pay bills and place food on the table. I've always wanted to be a chemical engineer but for situations of no... [more]

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