I hate her

I hate my brothers girlfriend. She is fat, lazy, and a hypochondriac. Her myspace and facebook are full of nothing but complaining about how she doesnt "feel" like taking a shower, or leaving the house. They came over for my sons birthday last weekend and all she did was sit on the couch and sulk for 4 hours!!! She only got up to go fill her fat face with food! (2 plates by the way, way to let everyone get something before you go make your ass bigger by eating 3 hot dogs and 2 hanburgers) He lost his apartment because she keeps getting fired, and now is having to work paycheck to paycheck to carry her fat unemployed ass living with her parents! Oh and her parents are a whole other story.....

My brother is not happy, and I think hes staying with her out of guilt. He feels he needs to help her or something. I don;t want him to marry her! If I found out he proposed, I dont know what I would do! I have kept my mouth shut and let him make his own mistakes, but that would be the last straw.

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  • ^Confessionpost.com

    You are right though, nothing about support.

  • Wow, all the comments on here are so harsh! Isnt this supposed to be a place of confessions and support?
    Obviously your unhappy with your brothers girlfriend choice. and it sucks that she seems to be weighing him down so much. but honestly theres not much you can do. If he stays with her its probably because he wants to. if you were in a relationship like that i imagine you would have gotten out a long time ago. either he doesnt see it or he loves her. Maybe you should stop judging your brothers girlfriend. i think we all have it built into us to hate our siblings partners at one point or another.

  • you are really an obsessive person how do you count what she eats? your a weirdo . You say you have a kid and mabe a man so deal with your own life. Mabe she satisfies him they way you dont satisfy yours since you are to busy complaining. I think its the other way around your the lazy loser who sits and talks crap all day. Your bro needs to get a better job how bout that!

  • He stays with her because he WANTS too.

    You on the other hand, do NOT have to have her in your home!

  • Two sides to every story, b****.

  • Your concern for your brother seems correct. Good on ya.

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