Stomach sitting

I love to sit on women's stomachs. I like to straddle their bodies and feel myself sinking into the belly really slowly. It really sends a shiver up my spine. Does this make me odd, or do other people have a fetish for this?

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  • If theres any women out there who want to be sat on cotact me at

  • I want a ponygirl 2 give me pony rides

  • I want a fat woman i can sit on all day every day

  • I want a little thin girl that i can sin on and squash the air out of and watch her turn red in the face

  • I hv my aunt....who is healthy with soft belly

  • I want a woman with a fat belly and big t*** so i can sit on her belly and t*** she has to be able to take my weight for at least 2 hours

  • I can do that

  • I do this often....i love my aunt too much... bouncy belly...

  • I am available!
    I will take ur weight for as long as u want to sit in my comfy tummy

  • R u on facebook?

  • Book me in too then i luv comfy tummys

  • Where do you live hun I'm 278 pounds could you take that sitting on your belly

  • If you lived closer I would happily sit on your tummy. Chris.

  • So soft and very comfortable seat

  • I want to sit on a fat womans belly

  • I was sitting on my wife's stomach for 3 years. I was doing it for one -two hours also. But nowadays she complains and refuses to let me sit on her stomach. She is 40. I I sit forcefully she manage with the weight. Anyhow I want to make her always ready for it. What to do?

  • Can i sit on your wifes stomach

  • Can i sit on your wifes stomach please

  • Mmm

  • Leave a comment very nice super

  • Any males age 16-20 or females age 16-47 want sitting on in uk email me👍

  • Did this to my hot older sister one year helping her de-decorate one holiday season. She was laying underneath the tree, and her already short sweater rode up, fully exposing her taut, soft tummy and navel. I had no choice but to straddle her (to keep her in place) and handle the heck out of those amazing abdominals of hers..She loved it!

  • I want a bbw girl i can sit on all day

  • Was her stomach soft and warm? How long did you sit on her. Have you done it more than once?

  • Was her belly soft and comfortable ?

  • Dude, what's your name and where are you from?

  • My name is Christopher and I am from the North of the UK. I love being on top of a woman this way,

  • Your mother's c*** , I want to sit on your mother's belly Christopher and sleep twice with your sister and sit on your belly

  • Hi,my name is Christopher and i live in the North of the UK. I would love to straddle your older sister. Would she be willing do you think?

  • I love sitting on women too. When I sit on a woman I like her to be in jeans and a T-shirt so that I can lift her T-shirt up to her ribs. I love sitting on the bare belly it's very very warm and soft. Then I like to bounce a little bit on them and wiggle.

  • I love sitting on big women. I enjoy sitting on women when they are dressed in nylon down puffer snowsuit and full length parkas. I sit on there stomachs and chests.

  • I knew a guy that sits on women. He even sit on large female inflatable s** dolls.
    he sit and bounces on them. He dresses them up in nylon down puffer coats.

  • I like to wear soft corduroy pants and bounce hard

  • Everybody loves it.

  • He, you're not alone. I myself love to be sat in a belly mount position. I have a yahoo group, maybe you are already there, straddled by choice. Join us. send me an email at it is a restricted group.

  • Can I join

  • Hi Im a 48 year young good looking man from Belgium and I like it when any woman sits on my stomach or chest ...
    My email is :

  • Chutiya sit on women

  • Hey u Indian? Where in India?

  • I'm a guy from Bangladesh. Do you have any female friends who would let me straddle their bellies?

  • Lucknow

  • Only one's who would charge you lots of money for it.

  • I will do it ، is any girl in iran wana sat on?

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