Stomach sitting

I love to sit on women's stomachs. I like to straddle their bodies and feel myself sinking into the belly really slowly. It really sends a shiver up my spine. Does this make me odd, or do other people have a fetish for this?



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  • Tengo 22 años me gustaba mucho que se sienten en mi vientre tuve una novia que no le gustaba y entonces yo jugaba con su hermana de 25 años ella si se sentaba en mi vientre con dos amigas mas mientras mi novia me besaba.... Ya tengo via y me gustaria que una mujer se siente en mi vientre las horas que quiera soy de argentina dejen su correo

  • I like to sit on a girls stomach who likes getting sat on

  • Please give your mail....I will give you best ride on my belly

  • Sure! You male or female? I am male. pinner.


  • Where do you live

  • Are you a female?

  • Yes

  • Your email please

  • Do you like sitting on guys stomachs?

  • Do you live in the UK?

  • Any girl who likes getting sat on? I m male, 25

  • Hiya
    I am 21 years old lad if any older guys above 50 wants to sit in my soft and warm stomach full weight and enjoy watching movie Then email me on.
    My stomach is willing seat in london :)


  • I woud love 2 sit on your stomach

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  • I love to sit on your belly

  • Email me

  • Hallo ihr schönen Frauen da draußen, ich Träume schon lange davon das sich Frauen auf mein Gesicht und Bauch setzen und mich auch dabei sehr hart reiten. Ich liebe den Gedanken, wenn die Frau dabei glücklich ist, wenn ich unter ihrem Gewicht leiden darf. Wenn es da draußen Frauen gibt oder ihr Frauen kennt, die den selben Fetisch lieben und dabei großen Spaß haben, dann lasst mir eure E-Mail Adresse da. Damit wir uns unterhalten können.

  • If there are any females in Texas area who enjoy being sat on email me at

  • I’m a woman looking to sit on another woman’s stomach! Anyone in Arizona? Message me Women only please.

  • I really love to sit on chest of another sexy female. Can we only schoolgirl pin catfight?

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  • I'm from Karachi Pakistan ma payment b dunga Jo larki apny pait py Bethany dygi my I'd Shaun Michael on face book

  • Hello , i am 22 years old i want to sit on a girl stomach ,if there is any gentel woman who is interested, send me message please ,this is my email address=

  • Https://

  • I'm 22 male from Delhi. Anyone interested? Any girl who likes to be sat on?

  • Yes I would like to sit on your flabby belly.. I am from Delhi also. Please provide your mail
    address.. I am 27

  • I think We should talk

  • let's talkk ,email me.

  • Tu numero celular deja y mi panza es toda tuya

  • I like it the other way round too. To sit on yours too. Still interested? How much do you weigh?

  • Dejame tu numero celular

  • Soy un joven de 20 años y busco una mujer que se siente en mi panza a la que le interese deje su correo

  • My fetish is little different. I love to be sat on by black women and I'm a white guy. I like them to sit full weight on my stomach and chest. I've found that black women especially are into this sort of thing and really put some effort and their full weight into it. Am I strange or what? I'd like to hear from some women about this.

  • The most exciting experience I ever had was when a black woman sat and bounced on my stomach. It was awesome! She was 250+ pounds and very energetic. I love having women sit on me but I thought that this one would squash me into oblivion.

  • Hey thier I'm a dude I know you wanted to hear from a women. Ya you're alittle strange LoL. Yet so am I LoL . So glad I'm not alone in this.

  • I'm a white guy too and the best time I ever had was when a chubby black girl sat and bounced on my stomach for an extended period of time. It was awesome.

  • I prefer to have a black girl sit on me. And yes I'm a white guy. I once had a 190 lbs black girl sit on my chest and she really ground her bottom into me. I've been hooked ever since.

  • Ich sitze gerne stundenlang auf meinem Freund, ich bin schwerer als er und reite mit vollem Gewicht auf seinem bauch. Es gefällt mir zu sehen, wie er sich windet und wehrt,aber ich reite ihn bis er platt ist und aufgibt, dann mache ich auch noch Muskelreiten,ich liebe es ihn zu reiten und zu foltern,Gruß,Elke

  • Würde mir gefallen unter Dir zu liegen und ausgiebig bearbeitet zu werden.Wenn du L*** hast, kannst Du mich auch gerne stundenlang auf mir sitzen und reiten,enge Jeans und breiter hintern,bin bereit

  • Hi, I am a guy, 30 years old, 65 kg from Cyprus, Europe. Lookig for a girl to sit on. Message me on and we can set up something.

  • A gf of abt 6 months liked wrestling and me to sit on her butt and back all my weight. 6'1 223 lbs. It h****** her but liked so I did it. Her bros did it to her younger.

  • Would she let you sit on her belly?

  • Why is it very difficult to find a girl who loves getting sat on her stomach? If there is any female who loves getting sat on, please drop your email !


  • Where do you live?

  • I’m a female and would like to sit on another female’s stomach.

  • Where u from?

  • Where are you from ? I am à girl

  • Arizona

  • If your in or near Arizona message me

  • How much do you weigh?

  • 130lbs

  • How about sitting comfortably on a guys stomach?

  • I do that regularly. Looking for women.

  • Where are you

  • Would you like to sit males stomach?

  • Yes! I do that regularly.

  • I love to have chubby girls sit on my stomach full weight.

  • Ich habe schon oft unter einem schweren Weib gelegen und bin lange und ausgiebig geritten worden ,es ist ein schönes Gefühl wehrlos unter ihrem breiten Hintern zu liegen.Ich genieße jede Minute, die sie auf meinem Bauch sitzt.

  • I'd like to find a guy to sit on my stomach in Muskegon Michigan!

  • Are you a girl or a guy?

  • I would like that alot

  • I would love to do that all the time ! your email please

  • My alternate email is Please send me a message!

  • I would love to find a woman to sit on my stomach. I've always loved being sat on but only had one girlfriend who loved sitting on me on a regular basis. Would like to find another lady to do this. Near L.A.

  • Mi estomago es su trampolin me gusta que me pongan una pelota en el estomago y brinquen en ella sentadas

  • I Live in Maryland, anyone close by.

  • I am new at this sight but I am happy find out that other people have the same fetish I have. I like being sat on but i have only tried with female ne or with a male.

  • Ya I felt the same way on here. I don't feel alone on here. So cool to share the same fetish.

  • Yes, your email please !

  • Female is fine. men can be real rough

  • I am a male, and I like sitting on my male friend. I take it easy and I make sure that he's comfortable and enjoying himself as well.

  • I am a male and would like you to sit on my chest or stomach. You obviously consider your friends discomfort while sitting on him. Being sat on is good fun when no-one gets hurt. Please email me

  • U can sit on me all day

  • I never sat on a person before but I wouldn't mind trying it out.

  • Sit on me

  • Are you Male or female?

  • Where are you located?

  • Hi i was just curious for those who like sit on peoples stomach do you do it because
    A) Makes you feel dominant
    B) your find it erotic
    C) Or other reasons behind it

  • I want to sit on ur stomach but problem is I am in India. Where r u from?

  • Hey ...I am from can sit on my belly ...I am 19 year old girl....drop a mail..I will contact you...I have same fetish

  • B erotic

  • My girl friend loves to sit on me. I think that it makes her feel dominant because she sat on her husband all the time before she became a widow. And I think she finds it erotic because loves to flash her b**bs at me while sitting on me. No s** just b**b flashing.

  • Does she just sit still or is she moving around i.e. bouncing or grinding against you when she sits on you

  • She is pretty active when she sits on me or any other man. She just likes to be on top and is fairly aggressive. In fact she conceived all three of her children while perched on top of her husband. He was morbidly obese and diabetic. She likes to sit on my stomach and bounce on it. One time while she was sitting on me she asked me if she was too heavy. I told her no. She stood up and asked me if I was sure. I nodded yes. She dropped her full weight on my stomach with an awesome crash and asked me how I liked it. I told her to do it again. She did then bounced on me. Maybe I'm crazy but I enjoy it immensely and we have been friends for a long time. We still are.

  • I find it erotic to sit on a woman's stomach. And I also enjoy having them sit on me. I don't view it as a power thing.

  • For me, it is both A and B. I am the guy who actually wrote this confession that you read and I have had this fetish for most of my life.

  • I’m a girl, 28 and 172lbs, and I would like to sit and bounce on another girl’s stomach. Preferably with a little chubby stomach.

  • I am a teen girl with a slightly chubby stomach, not really though

  • And also my email address
    Send me an email

  • Hey I’m a guy and I would really love to sit on your stomach, email me at if your intrested

  • Pagaria para que mujeres reboten en mi estomago si alguna tiene ganas de saltar sentada en mi estomago deje su correo o wsp

  • Me encanta que se sienten mujeres en mi estomago y salten mientras yo undo el estomago alguna mujer que quiera hacerlo conmigo ?

  • Worth having a look very erotic

  • Damn nearly cam in my pants watching it. Thanks for the link

  • Hi my name is prince Robin and I am a jamindar very richest and very lofty and I also very good looking sexy beautiful. I like to dominate and humiliated to my slave and all the poor man last night I was sitting on my sofa and my slave lick my shoe actually I think he not done his job correctly that time I became very angry and I going to ballbusting to my slave and then I kicked his crock and trampling his stomach with my full weight and at last I told him you son of a beach laying down on the floor he do that and I am sitting on his stomach with my full weight and asked him poor slave you like this pain in your stomach because I know that you deserve this by me give me a feet massaged by your mouth he said yes prince and sometimes I going to slap on his face and I feel his stomach softness and spongyness because I sink deep down inside his stomach. I told my slave that you born in this planet for my worship and from a long time your all bigger family member are doing same work in my Royal Palace. Then he touched my feet and say I am sorry . Then after any poor and bigger watching this and read this and want my to be a slave then please feed back once if you got royal feet you forgot everything.

  • Hey robin.
    i am 23 years old straight guy but love getting sat on and getting dominated into role play, and love getting sat on and dominated bu master
    My email is
    Love to hear from you if you are interested


  • Hii am Mr Robin I want talk to u reply me I also sit on women stomach

  • My email is
    I will wait for lesent to your answer

  • Yes tell me what you want to talk with me. Can you want to sit myself on your spongy stomach then asked me for this by my email through.

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  • Please delete my comments thank you

  • F all yall

  • For me, I like it when a chubby woman pushes out her stomach while I sit on it. It's the best feeling in the world😭

  • Your give email ...I will do this for u

  • You can just said ride on a woman

  • Im shampa dey..... Housewife also..... i enjoy when someone sit on my chubby belly..... My fb id----------

  • Shampa dey iam intrested pls email me at

  • Do you have an email please?

  • I want to sit on your stomach

  • Who r u

  • I like to sit on bbws stomach. I like filling my but against there soft and warm stomach. It makes my private hard.

  • I am shampa... Want to give my stomach to u

  • Hi shampa...I would like to sit on your stomach...

  • Not only my privates gets hard i can c** this way riding her back and forth

  • If any body knows a bbw that want to be sat on, my gmail is

  • It sure is.. soft warm feeling. I get a tingling feeling also

  • My name is Rafael. If you know a bbw that want to be sat on. My gmail is

  • Im shampa Dey....An indian housewife....I like it
    my fb id ----

  • You don't like to sit on man stomach

  • I am a bengali man. Please send your mail / whts app no. To chat.

    Amar bhalo lege meyder peter opor boste

    Mail me at

  • I never thought that there would be so many people out there that like doing the same thing. I also like doing this

  • I would love to have someone(woman, man, something in between) sit on me and lie on top of me. My friend once slept on me the whole night and I have never slept that deeply. My email is

  • I am a male 28 aged from delhi. I want to sit on your stomach. If u interested please call me my number is nine two seven double eight four six seven six seven

  • I love to lay on a girl soft stomach all night long I have done this lots of times the way the stomach lifting me up and down while she is sleeping under me

  • Hey i would love to do that, are you a girl?

  • Yes, I am a girl

  • Do you like sitting on guys?

  • Yo 2 are nasty and really weird did yo 2 know that hm?

  • Hi how can i meet you i am 180 ibs boy from iran

  • We can figure out a time to meet, although I live in Finland

  • Here would be a man from Finland if you are interested

  • Hi plz email me i reaaly wanna sit on you

  • ?????? ????????

  • If there are any bbws that want to be sat on in texas contact me

  • I am around 130 lbs and love when a man sits on my stomsch with his full weight. My friend sometimes lie on top of me with his full weight but i want him to do more frequent.

  • Are you women? I love sitting and standing on women stomachs and I like when they sit and stand on my stomach

  • Are you a woman

  • My name is dave i want to sit on you contact me

  • Where are you from? i am from iran

  • I would love to sit on you

  • I too love sitting on a women's stomach, problem is I don't know if there is anyone else who feel the same, i mean what woman would be cool with this if there is any female out there that would be fine with this please feel free to message me and drop your email im 26 from Texas would love to hear from someone ;)

  • I am in Atlanta. If you are willing to travel I will let you sit on me full weight. I would love for you to bounce too (as hard as you want). How much do you weigh. I weight 207. Email me if interested.

  • I am looking for a young girl who enjoys being sat on their stomach. If you want to be my warm seat, please leave your email here

  • I find it very sensual and erotic to sit bare naked on a nude woman's soft stomach. For me it is a huge turn on to feel their labored breathing as I ride her stomach full weight and sink deeply into it. I also like to sit on her chest and squash her b**** too.

  • Are you able to c** whilst riding her stomach?

  • Im shampa dey.... Indian housewife.... I would love this nd enjoy when my friends'boy ride on chubby belly
    fb id-

  • Where you live in india

  • I too love to sit on women. When we were in high school my best friend had a girl friend named Margie. To her stomach sitting is like chocolate cake she couldn't get enough of it. If you were around her very long you would either sit on her or be sat on by her. Naturally we obliged her.

  • Any girl from Pakistan plz contact me my fb I'd Shaun michail

  • Whole my life i like to sit on womans belly,bounce a little. The best way to sit on nude belly with nude ass. I like to sit and put my feets on her face.

  • I love it when my wife straddles me. It really feels good when she sits full weight on my stomach. She is a big woman at over 180 lbs. and I support her weight quite easily. All I have to do is lay back and enjoy it while she sits comfortably. And it can lead to a whole lot more...

  • Wow.. my little bro sits on me all the time.. but he is only 16.. not fully grown yet

  • I would love to sit on your stomach, what's your email so we can chat?

  • Sure. write at

  • Where u from humna give me your fb mail

  • Sounds nice, would love to do it to you, what's your email so we can chat?

  • I love to have women sit on me. In fact I've loved it since I was a kid. The first time it happened I was a grade schooler and she was in high school. It felt good and I've enjoyed it ever since. A woman's weight pressing into my stomach really turns me on. That's how I like it - a woman sitting on my stomach. Most of the women who sit on me are a average size and they can sit on me for an hour or longer. Much longer. My wife sat on me on a regular basis until we split up and we were married 17 years. I've dated a number of women since then and I get sat on a lot. A couple of years a go I wondered how much weight I could support and for how long. I knew a black massage therapist who has a very outgoing personality. She is a very large woman about 275 pounds or more. She offered to sit on me until I couldn't take anymore. I agreed although she weighed a hundred pounds more than anyone who ever sat on me. She straddled me and slowly settled down on my stomach. The feeling was - intense although bearable. She knew that she was a BIG WOMAN and didn't think I would last 5 minutes. I lasted about 92. That was an experience. Be careful what you ask for you may get it! And I still enjoy having women sit on me.

  • I love sitting on soft belly and not too fat or just lay my head and listen to the belly sounds.. anyone wants me to sit on them?

  • Are you a woman? And where are you? I am near L.A.

  • Yes, how can I contact you?

  • Can I sit on your stomach as well?

  • Can't believe there are actually women who enjoy this! I'd give anything to get in touch with one of these 'angels'.

    Reach me at and we'll explore this.

  • My fantasy is to lie down on a couch and have a man/woman sit on me however they want and maybe watch TV at the same time and let them be there as long as they want to.

  • Yes I want to sit and listen your stomach my email is poluraj26@gmail

  • If your a fem lets talk, if male - good luck.

  • I want someone to sit on my stomach and I'm a female email

  • I would love very much to sit on your stomach

  • Are you still up for this Ashley?

  • Plz email me drabdolahi@

  • I would like to to talk with you maybe be friends

  • Is it possible?

  • What is your location please Ashley? 🙂

  • Wud sit on u for an hour

  • I would love to do that

  • That would be great

  • Oh my God I would love to

  • Sounds nice, give me your email so we can chat?

  • I'm a young girl and weight about 190lbs. I have a fantasy of a guy sitting on my stomach/chest. My email is

  • You willing to travel?

  • Hi dear plz email me


  • What is your location please?

  • I want 2 sit on women's belly for bouncing

  • Auf mir saßen oft 3,einer auf den Beinen,einer auf der Brust und machte Muskelreiten und Elke auf meinem Bauch und hat mich lange geritten. Das ist,wer das nicht gewohnt ist,sehr anstrengend,macht aber Spaß.

  • Hi im Gary im 57 and im from milton keynes in the uk, im looking for a women to sit on, as i love it, call me, ow seven five four three ow eight double five two four,xxx.

  • Hi.. i am a girl aged 25. mera nephew hai aged 6.. he is unfortunately thora sa autistic :( bolta nai hai. leken jab annoy hota hai to bohat rota aur cheekhta hai. he is only 6 but very healthy and heavy. chotay hotay se hi uc ki adat hai meri tummy pe baithany ki. but as he grew heavier i cud not take his weight.. leken aik baar bohat ro raha tha to apni maan k pait pe baith k chup kar gaya. leken uc ki maan uc ka weight nai le skti.. to wo mere pait pe beth k chup kar jaata.. leken heavy hai aur bounce be krta hai.. pain hoti thi mjhe. leken ahista ahista adat ho gaye hai.. now i think i turn on when he sits on me.. i feel myself getting wet. is it wrong? i am so ashamed..
    aur kal raat to wo meri chati pe char gaya.. meri to saans ruk gaye.. mushkil se ucey dhakail k pait pe kiya.. smjh nai ati kya kiya jaey.

  • Ohh tum India se ho...but Sach kahoon to mujhe bhi girl ke pet pe baithna bahoot pasand hai... isme bahoot hi awasome feel hota hai don't you think...

  • Oh my LORD your PERFECT! I'd give anything to be involved with a woman like you. I'm guessing your 'Indian' too - this seems to be a 'thing' with the Indian ladies - not judging just something I've noticed. Gotta sign up for an Indian dating service :-P

  • Haha.. no am pakistani..

  • Ma,b Pakistan se hon plz contact kro fb I'd is Shaun michail

  • Bahut se logo ko ye problem ya fantasy but its normal am boy Age 26 also suffered Sahi OK am Indian email me


  • Enjoy karo. Isme sharm ki koi baat nahi hai, aur waise bhi tumne nahi kaha baithne ke loye woh khud baith jata hai toh baithne do. Sabko lagega ki you love him a lot and taking so much pain to keep him happy. 😂😂

  • Please talk to me at

  • Aap Kon ho? I mean u are Indian?

  • Read all these posts here yesterday.. people really like having others sit on them :o

  • I prefer to be the one who sits on top.


  • U are a cruel bandit then.. cause a 6 years old hurts.. a grown dude will be an atrocity

  • You are not making any sense.

  • Sorry i meant that sitting of a grown man on stomach must be awfully painful


  • No its not painful its a pleasure. Its a fetish it connects us with the other person sexually, so when its your husband or boyfriend who is on top you don't feel any pain, whereas a kid who you are not sexually connected to you feel pain and do not want to have him on top of you.

  • Initially i did not like it. but now i dont mind. the connection you speak of, have not really thot about it to be honest. but he has begun to like me more with time. and i am starting to have more affection towards himm..


  • As long as a grown man gently puts his weight on a grown woman's stomach, then it shouldn't be too painful.


  • Righttttttt

  • Today i had the best time of my life. I always had this thing in me to have someone sitting on my stomach. My husband sometimes sit on me but he is scared that he would crush me as he is way more heavier than me but today he sat and bouced on my stomach guilt free with full weight. I licked his entire body. I kept 2 pillows underneat my back then he rode my stomach backward. Since i had 2 pillows under me and he was sitting high he really enjoyed doing it as if he was riding a horse. It was just too much fun.
    Next i wanna do is to lie down on a narrow table or something from which he could just hang his legs and ride my stomach, already too excited about the painful pleasure i will get. But i don't have such narrow table or sofa. Any suggestions please?

  • I understand where you are coming from. I too have a strong desire to have someone sit on my stomach. And 5 years ago I did something about it. I asked this woman to sit on me. She did. She settled down astride me full weight. She was an average size woman. She even bounced a little and although it felt like she could crush me I enjoyed every minute of it. I have dated several women since then who have sat on my stomach and it is so enjoyable.

  • You might try a piano bench or even a stout coffee table. I've had this desire to have a woman sit on my stomach but since ['m not married I can't ask a spouse. Then I asked my girlfriend. She was happy to do it. In fact she enjoys being on top riding my belly. It doesn't hurt to ask. You may get a positive response. It was a huge amount of fun. Very enjoyable!

  • Will love to do that to you :p it’s be very pleasurable, it’s my fantasy

  • Did he c** while riding your stomach?

  • Did he o***** while riding your stomach. I normaly get my wife to lie on a pillow and then i ride her to o*****

  • Wow.. how can u take that much weight

  • Try doing it. Its the best feeling ever.

  • Try using one of those weight training benches. They are narrow and very sturdy and could easily hold both you and your husband's weight.


  • I want 2 sit on you x

  • I'd love to have a guy sitting on my stomach so please leave your email so I can contact you if you're interested.

  • Are you a girl ? Would you let me lay on top of your stomach all night while your sleeping I love how I go up and down.

  • If you're a girl im down to sit on you and even stand if you want my email is

  • I want to sit on your spongy stomach with my full weight my email is

  • You can email me at if interested.

  • Oh I see your looking for spongy stomach to sit on, i have one if your interested.


  • I would love to me, email me at if your interested

  • Is this a joke, my email is


  • Poluraj26@gmail


  • If you are in uk, then plse mail me,


  • I really love to sit on a woman's stomach! Its the best feeling ever! If any woman out there who is willing to allow me to sit on her bare belly it would be great! #straddlinglove

  • I can make u sit on my stomach . I can stand , jump but no s**.

  • I love to sit on a girl's stomach.. I really enjoy when i sit on my girlfriend's stomach. It is very soft I always sit on her for 2 or 3 hours..
    I sit on her stomach comfortably and feel relaxed.. I put my full waight on her.
    sometimes i bounce when I sit on her neval..
    But now a days we got breakup..
    So is there any girl who can sit me on her stomach..

  • Where are you from. I want you to sit on me full weight. My husband does not sit on me. He is not into this fetish. I always tell him that he doesn't have to do anything just sit on the stomach but he acts as if its a pain for him.I always have to request him to do it and he bahaves as if he is doing any favor to me. Also when he sits he wants to get down as soon as possible. I want to enjoy sitting in so many other styles but he does not want it. So i keep my distance from him now a days.

  • I want to sit on belly ur belly

  • Oh dear thats too bad ... i should start a sitting service up . Offering full weight belly sitting with b*** sitting as an option extra and just for good measure throw a bit of face sitting in too :-)

  • Do it man I help you.

  • If any woman India so email me I want to sit on u

  • Do you got a comfortable tummy? would love to do it to you but we are probably miles apart.. anyway here my e-mail. write me up.

  • I sit on my servant stomach every day for 2 or 3 hours he doesn't complain for this but excite my full weight and he got pain in his stomach and I sit comfortably and smelling my upper lip this way I like to dominate to my all slaves sometimes when I sit on their stomach that time I keep my feet on their face I think slaves born for excepting this all from me I jumped I trampling their stomach with out maintain time. So any one want to sit myself on their stomach then call me

  • Hi, yes, I would like to be sat on by you, assuming you are female, of course. Are you in England, I will be visiting in June, you can mail me

  • Hello is there any Indian woman girl who will allow me to sit on her belly and let me pony ride softly contact on my mail ID

  • If there are any women out there in the UK who want to be sat on contact me at

  • If theres any women out there who want to be sat on cotact me at

  • I want a ponygirl 2 give me pony rides

  • I would love to pony ride a woman I enjoy feeling her back bend underneath my weight .

  • I want a fat woman i can sit on all day every day

  • I am overweight but not too fat. My stomach is soft and little chubby. You can sit on me and watch movie or play games or have food.
    My fantacy is to lie down on a dining chair with stomach on the seat and let rest of body hanging. Then someone (only male, i am a woman) just sits on me like they are sitting on a chair and have food without any mercy.

  • Where r u from?

  • Where r u from..I wanna do that to you

  • Plz email me

  • Wow a girl after my heart

  • Hi im Gary from milton keynes in the uk, im 57 and really love sitting on women, call me, ow seven five four three ow eight double five two four, xx

  • Hey write me up at

  • I want a little thin girl that i can sin on and squash the air out of and watch her turn red in the face

  • My wife is into bouncing on my stomach and pony play she has a pair of velvet pants and leather boots she wears. strange but better me than our dog she is 5ft 140lb and will break you if you let her .

  • I hv my aunt....who is healthy with soft belly

  • I want 2 sit on ya aunty

  • That sounds nice can u give me her email adress

  • Do you live here in the United States

  • I want a woman with a fat belly and big t*** so i can sit on her belly and t*** she has to be able to take my weight for at least 2 hours

  • I can do that

  • I do this often....i love my aunt too much... bouncy belly...

  • I am available!
    I will take ur weight for as long as u want to sit in my comfy tummy

  • Can you mail me your mail ID or mob no. On

  • I woud love 2 sit on your tummy can u take my weight on ya soft tummy ?

  • Are u male or female

  • Hi, are you in the uk? I generally visit in the summer and would n´t mind sitting on a willing lady

  • R u on facebook?

  • Book me in too then i luv comfy tummys

  • Where do you live hun I'm 278 pounds could you take that sitting on your belly

  • I live in Atlanta Georgia and I would live to have 278sitting and bouncing on me

  • I am a fifty year old i would love to be sat on by a really nice looking bbw for about two or three hours

  • R you a nice lady with a nice belly for me to play on

  • I would love to try....

  • If you lived closer I would happily sit on your tummy. Chris.

  • So soft and very comfortable seat

  • I want to sit on a fat womans belly

  • I was sitting on my wife's stomach for 3 years. I was doing it for one -two hours also. But nowadays she complains and refuses to let me sit on her stomach. She is 40. I I sit forcefully she manage with the weight. Anyhow I want to make her always ready for it. What to do?

  • A girl's advice....ride her but softly..

  • Can i sit on your wifes stomach

  • Can i sit on your wifes stomach please

  • I want to sit on your wife's belly

  • Mmm

  • Leave a comment very nice super

  • Any males age 16-20 or females age 16-47 want sitting on in uk email me👍

  • Hello r u a male or femail

  • Id like to no if you are a mail or femail

  • Did this to my hot older sister one year helping her de-decorate one holiday season. She was laying underneath the tree, and her already short sweater rode up, fully exposing her taut, soft tummy and navel. I had no choice but to straddle her (to keep her in place) and handle the heck out of those amazing abdominals of hers..She loved it!

  • I want a bbw girl i can sit on all day

  • Id like a nice lady to sit on and she can do the same back is there a lady out there 40 pluss if so can you get back to me it could be the best xmas pressent iv ever had darling

  • 40, female, live in US, willing to allow anyone tht wants to sit on me a seat, but u must weigh 200 lbs plus and visit me in Atlanta, GA. My email is Can’t wait to be sat on.....

  • Id like to come and sit on your beoutyfull belly if you wont me to my email is im a mail adged 50 and waight is 15stone wot do you thinck

  • Was her stomach soft and warm? How long did you sit on her. Have you done it more than once?

  • Was her belly soft and comfortable ?

  • Dude, what's your name and where are you from?

  • My name is Christopher and I am from the North of the UK. I love being on top of a woman this way,

  • Your mother's c*** , I want to sit on your mother's belly Christopher and sleep twice with your sister and sit on your belly

  • Hi,my name is Christopher and i live in the North of the UK. I would love to straddle your older sister. Would she be willing do you think?

  • I love sitting on women too. When I sit on a woman I like her to be in jeans and a T-shirt so that I can lift her T-shirt up to her ribs. I love sitting on the bare belly it's very very warm and soft. Then I like to bounce a little bit on them and wiggle.

  • I love sitting on big women. I enjoy sitting on women when they are dressed in nylon down puffer snowsuit and full length parkas. I sit on there stomachs and chests.

  • I knew a guy that sits on women. He even sit on large female inflatable s** dolls.
    he sit and bounces on them. He dresses them up in nylon down puffer coats.

  • I like to wear soft corduroy pants and bounce hard

  • Besser wären enge Jeans mit breitem schwarzen Gürtel und dann mich kräftig reiten.

  • Come bounce h****** me.

  • Everybody loves it.

  • He, you're not alone. I myself love to be sat in a belly mount position. I have a yahoo group, maybe you are already there, straddled by choice. Join us. send me an email at it is a restricted group.

  • Can I join

  • Hi Im a 48 year young good looking man from Belgium and I like it when any woman sits on my stomach or chest ...
    My email is :

  • Chutiya sit on women

  • Hey u Indian? Where in India?

  • I'm a guy from Bangladesh. Do you have any female friends who would let me straddle their bellies?

  • Lucknow

  • Only one's who would charge you lots of money for it.

  • I will do it ، is any girl in iran wana sat on?

  • Hi im Gary im 57 , i live in milton keynes in the uk, i love sitting on women, call me, ow seven five four three ow eight double five two four, xxx

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