This is weird but I have to confess

This is weird but I have to confess this here .. my BF suggested that we spice up our relationship a bit and have a threesome, I agreed to it but the only problem is .. I just found out he wants to do it with my sister.

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  • Hahahahaha. I agree with commenter who said say yes, but only if you can have a threesome with his sister or brother first.
    What an idiot though....he can't seriously think you'd agree to that?

  • That is sick, break up with him NOW

  • Okay, guys always want to do this crap. If you want a stable serious relationship, don't have a threesome, it always screws things up. And unless he was joking about it, dump him, your sister? Really? He can't be serious.

  • ew. hes trying to create a problem between your sister and you. dont let him. hes a sick twisted a****** who needs a life

  • cool have fun!

  • go for ittttt

  • he's probably just saying that because he has the hots for your sister but doesn't want you to know.

  • I give your boyfriend credit only a sick disturbing redneck would concieve this plan. And what a great plan it is. I mean hey whats a little incest between family members

  • DONT do it.

    Leave him.

    Dont let him come inbetween you and your sister in any way.

    Nothing good can come from a man who will be playing footsy with both of you under the family's dinner table.

  • Tell him first you want a threesome with HIS sister...or even better, brother.

  • dont be a spoil sport do it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Use a d**** on your boyfriend

  • Go for it ;)

  • awesome

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