I'd never have believed...

It had been 12 years since my husband stopped having s** with me. He developed medical problems and started taking meds that made him impotent. So all of a sudden s** just stopped. He's still affectionate in other ways, but nothing remotely sexual.

While not happy about it, I just figured that was the way it was going to be for the rest of my life. Then in February a client referred me to a site that I thought was for social networking. Well, it was social networking alright. As soon as I put my head shot up I started getting proposals to become a "friend".

Requests came from the old and the young. What I began to see was how much older men really need and want a relationship with women...including s**. I was approached by both married and single men.

What's so great about the site for me is I can begin to build relationships with many different men. And the level of connection is different with each. I have about 5 men with whom I have some level of personal relationship, even though I've never met them. We may have spoken to them by phone or chatted online.

I only respond to those over 50. I'm definitely attracted to younger men. My husband is 6 years your than me. I turned 70 in December, but look 10 years younger and list myself 10 years younger. I do that on all sites that ask for my age. I was just amazed at how men in their 50's and 60's find a 60 year old woman sexually attractive and approachable.

Needless to say all the attention on someone in sexual deprivation created some temptations...


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  • Your 70 years old its time for to stop already.

  • That's really upsetting. I smell my husbands shirt because I miss him and he's sleeping in the other room. Its the most amazing scent ever. Did you forget what that scent smells like? The one your husband gives off? And you flirt with other men. He can't help the situation. You need to take care of him not dishonor him!

  • So your husband was chemically castrated and it affects you and your marriage.

    Of course it will. But this is something that the two of you should be able to discuss. Now that that aspect is missing from his life, he can't understand the enormity of your suffering.

    Talk about it. Either you cheat without him. Or make him aware and invite him to help you with your own sexually caused depression.

    He'll be shocked because if its been happening for more than a decade, he'll think why change?

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