i wanted someone to love me not to use

i wanted someone to love me
not to use me
and all i am being
is used
theres no use anymore
i give up

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  • just be yourself

  • Take up masturbation.

    It's good for the soul.

  • i used to say the exact same thing! Thats all i was good for to men,to sexually please them then chuck! i know now that i am good enough to be with. I am so glad i didnt give up, or i never would have met the love of my life.

  • you shoudl give up... yoru experience should have opened yoru eyes and made you realize that you will always go through life being used. you might as well learn to deal with it... wanna go out now? buy your future bf a car... Mykie ^^

  • Looking for love is never the way. Look for chances to interact with people, meet new people and socialize but never go out looking for love or a relationship. Keep your intentions light, meet someone new, have a good time out. Do this enough and you'll not only end up with a lot of good friends but some good romantic interests. When you fixate on finding love it makes it too easy to overlook that you are being used. It makes it too easy to rationalize with yourself that you're not being used or that the person will change someday if you just stick around.

    Make it your goal to meet people, if it develops into something then maintain the upper hand, don't allow yourself to become someone who gets used. If the person tries to push you in that direction, drop em.

    I've had pleanty of great, loving relationships. None ended in marriage, some didn't end well but I'm still young and not looking to get married anyhow. The point is that if I can find many loving people to be in a relationship with you can find at least one.

    Don't give up but don't keep going about it the way you have, time to try a different approach.

  • your not alone xxxxxxxxxx im here !!
    same position, same feeling of giving up .... i have given up but i still go out and have fun with my friends, its strange not having any physical interaction with a man tho ... i dont feel like a woman

  • I've spent the last year wanting to be loved but being used instead...don't give up, just believe there is someone out there who isn't like that. Some people are only out for what they can get, so don't give them it. Hope you find some one who values you and deserves you, xxx

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