I still hate you

Ok, well, my older sister hurt me deeply. And no one in my family seems to care because once she comes to visit it's all about her. I seriously wouldn't hate her so much if she just apologized. I wouldn't hate a lot of people if they just said they were sorry. Not that I hold grudges over the little things, but if we're talking like we're strangers it shouldn't be a sign that everything's ok.
Seriously, deeply, after all the years of knowing her - I hate my older sister.

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  • Same here, everyone in my family actually hate my older sister because she is such a bully and has had server mental illness and my father and mother do not want her and her filo husband here. they might only stay a few days because she doesn't want us talking to him anyway which is a good thing. they need a place of their own anyway. we just have been put through h*** with this 50 year old girl that won't act her age and she never wanted to be a mother. and I think guilt over some secret wrong she did to me put her in the nut house. she makes life h*** for everyone. my mother sometimes gives in too easy to her but my dad and sister argue a lot. sometimes my mum and her argue too. its because she is so demanding and wants everything her way. she is not a nice person at all. a user and abuser.

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