I have a question. When did it become

I have a question. When did it become okay for emo kids to say the word "n****" or "ngr" or any type of word like that?
I f****** hate emos. And that makes me hate them even more.

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  • I hate emo kids too!
    they think theyre so f****** cool, but i want to strangle each and every one of their nasty little tight-pants wearing a**** :)

  • Emos are so emotional. They need to m********* more often.

  • I've a deep dislike for emo fairy boys.

    Although the more masculine goth kids are pretty awesome.

    Also, I've some mixed cousins who go through s*** because they're mixed.

    My male cousin is two years younger than me, and he's a f****** badass.

  • i didn't know emo kids could get away w/ saying the n-word? i sometimes call this guy i know "big nig" as a joke, but he is a white guy. i'd never say the n-word w/ hatred in my heart. this goes against everything i've been taught tho... i'm latino, and my whole family hates black ppl. they would never talk to me if they knew i've slept w/ black men.

  • i cant stand them)anyways i dont think anyone should be saying that word.

  • I hate Emu's

  • I hate emo kids.

  • what the f*** is n****

  • what the f*** is a Emo? or hXc?

  • Real emo kids don't do that, it's the f****** "hXc" scenesters. Both suck though.

  • leave the Emo's alone they have enough problems as is.

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