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I really wish that someone would've ** or molested me when I was younger. I still fantasize about being **.

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  • I'm the same way. Growing up my parents would talk about the horrible men in the news attacking girls for me to be aware of. It didn't work. I mostly just felt jealous of the victims. It seemed like all the girls I grew up around claimed to be molested or **. They'd say how horrible it was but the way they talked about it it came off as bragging. I wasn't touched. Was something wrong with me? I used to wish my dad was 'normal' and touch me inappropriately.

    On my way home from school a guy in a car drove up and asked me where the school was. We were right next to it so I was confused. Was this grownup an idiot? Right then one of the male teacher saw us and started yelling at him as he ran at us. It was only as the man drove off that I realized what almost happened. In my fantasies, his line isn't so lame and he gets me in his car.

    In college I literally looked for apartments that looked dangerous in that way. When I interviewed to share one apartment the woman that was already there basically admitted that THAT was the reason she picked this apartment and asked if that was cool with me. I blushed like crazy and admitted it was. Stuff like that did happen to other girls in our complex but nothing happened to us. In the privacy of our apartment we were openly jealous.

    The first boy to take me out on a formal date while in that apartment showed up with awe and exclaimed that our apartment was SO dark and creepy we must have huge ** fetishes to live here. I blushed and my roommate said "Busted" and we both nervously laughed. Our date was normal. When he went to drop me off he dared me to streak from the car in. I wouldn't streak but I did give him my **.

    Even though it did eventually happen, I still fantasize about it

  • I know the feeling, but try doing a ** fantasy or something becauee no one wants to be actually ** (as exciting as it may seem)

  • If your a guy and are talking about ** with an older women (Statutory **) then its all good I suppose. When you wanted it and the older woman did it for you its hard to call that ** though at least from the younger males perspective.

  • I think I acted out sexually because I was molested as a child. Psychologists will tell you it was because of that molestation that I slept with so many guys and engaged in such dangerous behavior. But you know what? I don't regret what I did. I hate the man who molested me but the ** I had willingly with others was exciting. Is that something good that came out of my experience, the fact I was so aggressive sexually? Nah. I am married now and my husband and I are into the lifestyle. My willingness to sleep with other men and women may stem from my childhood but I am having a great time. But you are better off not having been **. The guilt and confusion you experience after such a thing really messes with your mind and can take many years to come to grips with.

  • NO. YOU. DON'T. It seriously messes you up, and you have a hard time trusting other people from then on.

    If you're into ** fantasies, there are healthy ways to accommodate that. I don't know if you're sexually active, but doing role play with a partner can be a lot of fun. LOTS of people do that sort of thing to fulfill that desire safely.

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