Fun at work

I'm married and I have ** with my boss all the time. Both at work and away from work. At hotels and on buisness trips. Yet my dumb hubby doesn't even wonder why I make so much money for what I do.

Next Confession

I am absolutly boy crazy ... its getting bad.

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  • You stupid **. I've known you've been ** him for years and couldn't care less. You bring home more money and I use it to take my girlfriends out while you're away at conferences and sales calls. So, keep blowing your boss and I'll keep spending his money!

  • I guess that is okay if you wish to betray the promises you made to your husband, and disregard everything that he has ever done for you. Television has produced more than one idiot like yourself

  • That's pretty hot. And you get a bigger salary for being his ** mate? Cool. Do you ** in his office? Have you come close to being caught? Is he good in bed or are you just ** him because he's powerful? I'd love to hear more details.

  • Television has had nothing at all to do with it. But the fact that my husband totaally ignores me has had a lot to do with it.

  • Then the ** with your husband. You're obviously very desirable. Your boss has no problem hitting that. If you find it more convenient to stick with your husband for whatever reason then keep up the action with boss man but be careful. You should be aware your co-workers are fully aware of what's going on. You can't hide a couple of ** people in the office. But the ** with them, too. Have lots of fun. It might be kind of fun to let your boss knock you up and let your husband think the child is his. Just a thought.

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