Twenty years ago, when I was 15, I fell

Twenty years ago, when I was 15, I fell in love for the first time-with a 40 yr. old married man who was also a semi-famous pro wrestler (I'll call him "S"). I told him I was 18, & he either believed me or pretended to. We carried on a full-blown affair for 8 months, totally unbeknownst to my mom(she would've flipped out) or his wife(who was an abusive, frigid golddigger). "S" was my 1st true love & the 1st man I had s** with. He was the best lover I've ever had out of 11 other guys. He adored me & treated me like a princess. I ended up dumping him because I thought he was a wimp for not leaving his wife.

Since then I've been through several long relationships & been married once. I'm in a 7 yr. relationship now. Nobody I've been with since has ever made me feel the way "S" did.
In the back of my mind, I've always regretted the way I left him; & thought of him often. Not long ago, I looked "S" up on the internet & found out where I could get in touch with him. I know this is bad since I'm in a commited relationship; but I feel like I need to see "S" & talk to him just one more time to see if he still has feelings for me too. I don't even know what I would do if he did! What should I do??? Am I wrong to feel this way???

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  • You should not be advocating pedophiles or homewreckers. You are a weak b****, and strong women like me laugh at stupid hoes like your self.

  • You're a sick f***.

  • I don't have experience with getting back in touch with an old partner, but you run the risk of making four people's lives worse. Committed is committed.

  • Hey...this is "S". Actually I wouldn't mind hooking up with you again. I'm single now and have no strings attached. I was actually just thinking about you and wondering what you are up to now. I don't want to leave any info on here but if you can get in touch with me...I think you should.

  • you'll never fully be involved in your current relationship until you see "S" one more time. once you see him you'll realize what you had is gone and now he's old. then you will realize how great your current relationship is.

  • Find him, meet him, see that you both have changed ad go back to your committed relationship. Ifyou dont, youll never forget about this. You need to see him to know.

  • he'll be like 60 now! ew!!

  • You have to find him and meet him. The meeting will make the decision for you. It might be embarrassing. It might be so obvious.

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