A few times me and my male friend

A few times me and my male friend masturbated together. We masturbated each other, rubbed our c**** together and made each other c**.

When my friend stroked me it felt really good, and when he made me c** I came a lot. He had a thick c*** that felt good in my hand, and it felt good to make him feel good.

We did this a few times. It's the only time I fooled around with a guy but I liked it.

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  • Personally I would love to try this, but I don't think my friends are the type

  • I hate to tell you, but YOU ARE GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love gays!

  • If you enjoy it and its not hurting anyones feelings (whom you actually care about, not like these sorry ass f***** homophobes here) you should just roll with it.

    and also, ima girl too, and that turned me on as well.

  • So how do you like being gay?

  • To the homophobic person that hates gay people probably because has repressed gay tendencies of his own that he hates in himself: Wow man- get some counselling. It's not normal to want someone to be shot for being himself and doing something that doesn't hurt you or anyone else. And sorry, but it IS natural- there are gay animals, and they have shown that there is a one in 7 chance of a second born son being gay. Homosexuality exists in every single country in the world. And by the way, at least learn how to spell FAGGOTS. not FAGITS. It's scary people like you can vote.

  • I hate homosexuality of all kinds. Men and women. Of course it would appeal to any man to see two nice looking women naked and going at it but that doesn't make it right. It's still unnatural and freaking discusting. So to answer your question yes I think it's just as nasty for two women as men.

  • To the rude person that keeps commenting, I have a question for you : Do you think it's DISGUSTING and unnatural for two woman to have s**? Because I am bi, and I my husband loves that, but he thinks gay men having s** is nasty. Just curious.

  • Okay so what i misspelled piece. So sue me. It's not my fault that the submitter is a little fagit, gay, piece of s***. Look he's the one that likes to play with D*** and B****. Any gay man should be shot and killed for that discusting unnatural act.

    so to the above commenter
    F*** you and your that Fagit Gay submitter

  • Proof that homophobic people are uneducated and ignorant. For the above commenter.......SPELL CHECK YOU DUMB PIECE OF S***!!!!!

  • discusting Fagits, but have your fun now, because if you don't change it'll catch up to you little freakin gay peices of trash

  • Im a girl and that just turned me on. Am I weird???

  • wow. your gay. congrats.

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