On a blanket in the sun

I met my lover today, and we went to a secluded field not far from the ocean. It was a spectacular time together. After talking and kissing, she pulled my erect c*** out and sucked on it so incredibly sensuously. She takes it so deep in her mouth. With the sun beating down on us, it felt incredible. I put my hand up her skirt, and she was so amazingly wet. She took some time out while one hand worked her c******* and the other roamed all over her incredible body, and came as I was alternately kissing her neck and sucking here nipples. After a few moments she returned to sucking on my d***, until I couldn't stand it anymore and came in her mouth. She swallowed everything, smiled at me when my eyes were done rolling back into my head, and kissed me passionately. I love this woman! A little while later we had to part, and I slowly made my way home to make dinner for my wife and me. The dinner was great, with fresh farm stand vegetables and a grilled steak. I just love days like today, but I can't tell anyone about it, so I had to confess here. I feel no guilt, just pure contentment. Don't try to tell me this is wrong or problematic, as my lover and I are very upfront with each other about our needs and the limitations in our lives. And my wife and I have a very fulfilling relationship, with good oral s**. Some days there is nothing better than having two women who love you and enjoy sucking on your d*** until you come.

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  • Interesting. Usually people feel little or no guilt when their relationship with their spouse is lacking. How do you manage to be a liar to someone who trusts you and seemingly doesn't deserve to be cheated on?

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