I Admit It

I want to be caught masturbating.
I'm a woman, and 25 years old, and almost since I first started doing it, I have secretly wanted someone to catch me masturbating.

I always hope someone is watching me without my knowledge, and I have not locked the door when I'm doing it in at least 10 years. I get a rush thinking about someone walking in on me by accident.

But it has never actually happened. Sure, a couple of boyfriends have "caught" me over the years, but it was always because I specifically set them up to. And that's not the fantasy I'm referring to here.

No, I want someone to catch or at least see me doing it without my being prepared at all. I want it to be by surprise.

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  • I don't even want to have s** with the person who catches me, necessarily. I just want someone, ANYONE, to catch me in the act.

    I've even gone as far as to leave my door unlocked, and put on headphones with music at full volume while I do it (naked and in full view of my door) so that I can't even hear anyone knocking. And, one time, I did it at a friend's apartment when she had to run out to get something from the store. I actually was down to my underwear, and masturbated on her couch while she was out, even though she or her husband could have come home at any second.

    I didn't get caught, though.

    And, no one has actually "caught" me. The closest I ever came was when my dad walked into my room one night unexpectedly to ask me something, just as I was finishing up. I was only about 14, and didn't WANT to get caught yet at that point, so I jumped up and covered myself (I heard him coming at the last second). I DO think he suspected what had been going on, as our conversation was rather awkward and that was the last time he ever barged into my room like that, but he didn't say anything about it and nothing about it ever came up after that.

    Ironic to think that I was so mortified by the thought of being caught back then, but ended up fantasizing about it so much in later years.

    -From, the OP.

    PS -- Thank you, first responder. :) And, second responder - that MIGHT be hot for a woman, if she was your wife or girlfriend...but, then again, maybe not. I think it would depend on what mood she was in that day.

  • My wife never wants to f***, so ive thought about letting her catch me with a p**** on & my throbbing c*** in my hand...see if that works. Id also love to catch you! I love watching women please themselves, it is so f****** hot.

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