Is it wrong that i liked it?

I have always wanted to be a model/actress, but my t*** are just to large. But one afternoon after trying out for a gig, i got a call from what i thought was one of the producers. He said that i wasn't quite right for that part but if i was interested he had a role that he thought i would fit perfectly.

I was so excited. I finally had gotten a job. I was asked to meet him that night at a building downtown to discuss the role and how much i would make. When i arrived the building looked a little run down but i didnt care i went right in so excited. I met the man In a large empty room except a small desk and two chairs. We sat and talked about the role over coffee.

All of a sudden I began to feel dizzy. I told the man that i had to leave and could we please reschedule. He smiled and said that was not possible. i offered to meet at anytime he had. He said i mean you cannot leave. I started to panic and got up to go for the door. i only made it half way before i tripped and fell. the floor rose up to meet me and everything went black.

I dont know how long i was out. But when i woke I was in a small room with no windows. I was completely naked and my wrists were chained above my head. I started to struggle and from the corner i heard good shes awake. we can start. I started to cry and struggled more. My t*** were bouncing with my struggles until from behind me someone grabbed them hard and pinched them. I could feel it was a naked man pressed against my back and he was hard and huge.

A door opened on the far wall and a line of naked men filed in. There had to be at least 20 and they all had huge hard c****. I couldnt help it, just looking at them made me all wet. One came up and shoved two fingers into my p**** and told them i was soaking wet. they all laughed. The man in front took out his fingers grabbed my legs and held them out to either side of him so i was just hanging by my arms. them he shoved his huge c*** in my p**** and f***** me hard calling me a dirty w**** for liking it. i couldnt help but moan. then the man behind me begain psuhing his fingers in my ass as the one in front continued f****** me hard. The one behind took his fingers out and slowly slid his c*** into my tight ass. i had never done a*** so it hurt a lot. i was crying and moaning at the same time.

The man f****** my p**** came inside me at the same time the man behind did. the feeling of both of them expldoing inside me made me come too. one of the men came and took me down and unchained my arms , so i thought they were letting me go until i saw that one of the other men had laid down on the floor. the guy holding me lowered me down on his c***. and the guy on the floor began f****** me. Another came up from behind and pushed me down and slide into my ass, slick from the others c**. they were f****** me hard and were so huge. But another came and shoved his d*** in my mouth and started facefucking me.

From there i lost count. when one would blow inside of me another would take his place. they passed me around and f***** me in everyway possible calling me names like s*** and w****. When they were done using me i had c** all over me and dripping from inside me. they all left me there on the floor and the man that offered me the job came in. he said i had done great and gave me $100 and a ride home. he said if u was interested, he has another part for me next weekend. I have had a job for years now.

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  • I called bullshit right away when the poster said that her large b****** PREVENTED her from getting any modeling or acting jobs. Oh, brother.

  • well actually, models are not supposed to have large b******. if u look at the cat walk models they are all c or less

  • Has JoeMonco weighed in on this at all? I can't form an opinion without help from JoeMonco.

  • Lol. Aside from popular beliefs here. I thing that she/ he is a good writer despite the vulgarness. I think you may have just watched a p*** and illustrated what was happening..

  • Nope just a reoccurring fantasy. always did have a good imagination

  • You know, it's not that you don't have a sometimes interesting imagination when it comes to your sexual fantasies but you are too predictable, son.

    Here's one "tell" on the many confessions you're posting here. "Face f***." You seem especially enamored with this little dream. What the f*** does it even mean, junior? In your alternate world it seems to be forcing your c*** down a woman's (or man's) throat and humping like you're actually f******.

    Little off the norm there, pee-wee. Yet your multiple confessions always refer to it in some form, though

    That's just one tip-off to your postings. Give it a rest.

  • I did realize someone would pick that up. I thought it would be more that there were a bunch of s** confessions is a small amount of time. Good eye. But ur right ill stop

  • I also use the word shove or shoved alot. cant help it. love the imagery.

  • Ding! Ding! Ding! There goes the bullshit meter.

  • I'll say

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