Cute little girl

Morally i think it might be wrong but watevr im 19 pretty much 20 an theres this girl i know shes 16 but i jus wanna f*** her so hard but shes young i know she would if i wanted 2 but should i

Sep 10, 2011

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  • Yeah someone else's morals, but h*** 4 years difference is nothing she's a young woman! not some little girl, damn man society has really got your ass conditioned to believe the way they want you to think, well anyway I say go for it, and if she likes you enough to give you s** ain't nothing wrong with taking it as long as there is no coercion on your part, let her lead and initiate!! yeah there are laws but they are stupid because you can't control human sexuality and desire by enacting laws that go against the very essence of human nature!!

  • You're probably too late anyway. She has already let several black guys in her panties and she is a size queen for life.

  • i live in canada age of consent is 14 no legal problem jus moral an im not talkin relationship im sayin dtf 1 hour bye bye

  • Could be legal consequences if you s**** her, depending on where you live. I dated a guy who was 20 when I was 16, but honestly I regret the relationship. I think you should go for someone your own age.

  • yes, i just turned 17 but i was 16 with my 20 year old bf, he knew how to make me c** hard =) and i think u should go for it

  • You're only 3-4 years apart. It's not wrong. I have a cousin that married someone 6 years younger than him, but people think it's okay because they meet at an older age. If you go around and ask married couples, most likely they would be quite a few years apart. (3-5+) So three/four years is nothing, it's only frowned upon because she wouldn't be "of age" but if she was, then it would instantly be okay? It makes no sense. Just do your thing.

  • If you think it's wrong, you should not do it.

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