I m********* constantly. At least three

I m********* constantly. At least three or four times a day...often times much more often than that. I do it in the car, in my office, at home, at the movies. I wake up in the middle of the night just to m*********. I m********* while talking on the phone. At work, I excuse myself from meetings and literally run to my office. I can hardly wait to get my hand down my panties and pleasure myself. I've done it in restaurants, on crowded subways, in the center seat of a flight where the people on either side of me were asleep. When I'm alone, I love to watch my fingers go in and out of me. And I love it when my boyfriend watches me m*********. He videoed me masturbating recently and I love to watch it over and over on our 50-inch Plasma TV. The problem is that I dont' enjoy s**. It's not that s** is bad...and I don't mind having s** with my bf, but I still have to m*********. It's a constant drumbeat and I'm always looking for my next opportunity.

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  • There is nothing wrong with wanting to m********* frequently (though be careful at work, please!). But it's more troublesome that you obviously prefer to m********* over having s** with your boyfriend. In the long run that is not going to be very satisfying to him.

  • I love to m*********. I usually just rub my c*** but that's getting kinda boring. I'm underage so i can't by any toys or anything.Anyone got any ideas?

  • I m********* with markers.
    The thick crayola kind.
    I can fit three of them up there, and can't get a vibrator because I'm kinda young. And wouldn't want to get caught with it. My mom already calls me a s*** because I wear really short shorts.
    I m********* four or five times a day, and just rub all over down there.

  • That is weird. Not that you like to do it, but that you like to do it so much, and NO S**??!!!?????!!!??!?! You need to find a s** therapsit or something!

  • W**** Alert!

  • Why didn't I marry a woman like that? Damn that's hot!

  • I am the same way! I will go to the bathrooom at work to m********* just because I can't concentrate on anything else. On the weekends, it's all I can do to get out of bed and do something besides have my hand in my p****. I've even broken my vibrating rabbit! Good to know there are other women like me though.

  • I can't wait until the next time I m*********. I usually m********* on the way to work and then take my lunch break in the car totally naked and play with my toys. Most of the time I take my pants off at work under my desk and m********* a couple of times. At night, I'll put p*** on the TV or start watching p*** on the internet until bed time. The good thing is that my boyfriend does almost the same. We're both nude at home and outside.

  • Iam very empressed.

  • Great confession.


  • I feel the same way...I love s** with my wife but,I just have to m*********...I love to stroke my c***...I love it she really dont understand but I have masturbated since I was bout 11 I think..I will continue to m********* everyday .....very hot confession btw

  • cool, do your co-workers think you eat tuna fish sandwiches every day???

  • Yeah I m********* like 20 times a day, honestly. I can't help it.

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