I am a 42 year old woman having an

I am a 42 year old woman having an affair with a 21 year old. It started when I was coming home from the grocery store and he approached me. I think I must be going crazy because this is the best sext I've ever had. But at the same point he's a pain in the ass and I want to get rid of him. I wish I could keep the s** and get rid of his immature a**.

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  • Have fun, but you have to realize there's a reason he approached you. You may be hot as h*** - or you may remind him of his mother, and he's trying to "return to the womb." Or maybe just needs someone to pay his bills.

    What I'm saying is whatever your intentions, he has his own - it may be nothing unexpected -- but then again, there may be some messy psychology going on there, too. When you break up with him, be prepared for some possibly serious drama(s).

  • you can't have your cake and eat it too.

  • Good for you girl! More power to ya! I say tell him straight out that you just want the s**. He's only 21, he'll get over it!

  • I think that if he is trying to move in with you this soon, he is probably just using you.


  • Keep the boytoy as that only. He'll have all the problems that life throws at you in your early 20's but should be able to handle it without handouts from his childless-MILF.

    Just a question... was the s** with someone his age as good as the s** when you were his age?

  • The only reason I thought you were married is becuase you stated in your confession that you were having an affair. Is he married? If not then I can understand why you would go there.

    But the above commenter is right don't let him move in. That' would be a grave mistake.


  • I think if you let him move in you will regret it. Nothing in common I would suggest with the age differences. You may want to find someone in your age group 35-49. There are lots of us in this age group that you would have something in common with and also like s**.

  • Author: #1 You're absolutely right!.. He is very immature. #2. No I wasn't having problems at home. I'm a single attractive woman who works long hours and I figured It would be ok for a while. The problem is he is getting "Too Involved". #3 You're absolutely right too. The s** is getting old.

    P.S. Now he's trying to move into my apartment. :(

  • So what made you start sleeping with him in the first place. Were you having trouble at home?

    Forget about the s**. After a while it will get old and the backlash that's going to hit if you keep this up will not be worth the cheap thrils of a couple minutes of pleasure.


  • Not likely that he, at 21 will be in the same league as you at 42 with maturity.
    Keep it simple and do not get caught.

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