I worked with a Gal that lead me on

I worked with a Gal that lead me on. Flirted with me, Complained about her husband and how she wanted to leave him and be with me. Told me that she wanted to go places with me and wanted to be with me, very detailed I might add leaving nothing to the amagination. i opened myself up to her.
Then one day, out of the blue she turned on me in the office. Although i had no idea it was happening. The office was all female with the exception of me. Told her boss stuff that was untrue and lied her ass off. No matter what i said i was not supported or believed. It ruined me professionally as well as took the respect away from people that respected me.
I will never trust any one again.

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  • LOL Maybe next time you will think before you try to flirt with another man's wife??

  • Do you want me to kick her ass Do i hear 2 dolla 2 dollA

  • ignore these other comments....listen....as long as there are no consequences, women will continue to behave this way.

    Something very similar happened to Me, but I did not just stew about it. I made it My Mission in Life to get even. I hired a Private Detective and went online to find out all about her, and her background. Found out she had once been busted for marijuana possession and informed her Employer. She was fired. I mailed the love notes she sent Me ( in her own handwriting ) to her Husband. Eventually He divorced her over this. When we were together I helped her with her taxes, so I have her SS # and every 6 months I go online and find out where she is working now, then send her current Employer the information on the marijuana conviction. She always looses her job. She has a couple of degrees but they are now worthless, and she has never made over 15K a year since she screwed Me over.

    I can tell you....you will feel MUCH better should you decide to do the same !!

  • But you knew this woman was married. And if she was married and still willing to mess with you then you know she's capable of anything. Plus come on, you can't be that gullable. You had to know that she wasn't going to walk out on her husband for you. That only happens like 1 percent of the time. Your mistake was getting to close to a woman who was playing the game the right way. She was messing with other people at work and all this garbage and you thought she was going to be faithful to you. I understand you are hurt but in this case your ignorance was your downfall. It doesn't matter the details of the situation. She was married. That should have shut off any emotional attachments despite of what she was saying. And also when you get involved with a married woman you have to be prepared for anything period.

    She was wrong for lying on you and doing all that crap to you but you put yourself in that situation by messing with a married woman. That's the bottom line. No matter how right it felt it was not right and there are always consequences for not doing the right thing. As I said before get over it. Take this as a life lesson and move you. You made a bad decision, got caught up in a bunch of drama but now you are wiser to these types of situations. You can't blame her for your mistakes. Be a man and move on.


  • Nope not at all my fault. She started the come ons the flirting, went on for along time before I took the bait. Lies and more lies just piled on top of each other.
    Then when she got cozy with another female worker, who I am positive influenced her ,she started ...so I was imformed.
    it is noteworthy to mention that the other worker was gay and at one time this so called friend let it slip that she had interests in the same s** too. If I am at fault for anything it is putting trust and friendship into a two faced deceiving b****.

  • As the first commenter said this is your fault. And normally it's the female who is crying because the guy won't leave his wife. As a man you should know better. You should know that the jump off is just that, a jump off. She was never going to leave her husband. She was just telling you what you wanted to hear. Take this a as a learning experience and move on.


  • Women are difficult to trust , especially when they are in a group. Over the years I have found out the hard way that they stick together even when blading each other.

  • That b**** should not have done that. But, that's what you get for fooling with a married woman.

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