Am broke and in soooo much debt, nobody

Am broke and in soooo much debt, nobody know this..i dont know what to do..

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Where do you live I might be able to help ?

  • Take up masturbation.

    It does wonders for the soul.

  • Sell your ass for 20 bills hit up s***** bars and clubs you'll be golden in no time. always use a condom ,2 at least ... This is no joke =O

  • The hardest part of this debt will be changing your ways so it gets better & better, instead of getting worse & worse. Get the bowl rolling and then your laughing


  • Cut the card in half RIGHT NOW! DO IT!
    Okay, can I have my counseling fee? Sorry, can't accept that visa. ;)

    Sorry about that. I know how you feel. Its a weight that just crushes you. I hope you find a way to claw your way back to a reasonable amount of debt. A little is good for you, too much is a downward spiral.

    Best of luck!

  • First,tell someone you really care about! Second, there is a way out. Debt counseling!

  • Go to a debt specialist. They will help you get out of debt


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