My roomies think I'm really educated

My roomies think I'm really educated since I watch a lot of CNN....really I love masturbating to the news!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • site shrink is really on here a lot, huh? maybe you should take up a hobby?

    is there something troubling you from your past, perhaps?

  • Well, my usual advice is to take up masturbation, so, do it more than you usually do.

    It does wonders for the soul.

  • ^^F*** YOU.

  • Trust me..if you are watching CNN, the Commie News Network, nobody believes you are educated.

  • Hey come to think of it for you it must be hot. You basically have a 24 hour p*** channel that you don't have to pay for.


  • I think it's the business suites. Love the clean cut men! -Confessor...again

  • hahaha is the dude above a newscaster?

  • this is pretty sexy.... tell more about what turns you on in the news. Is it the weather? Crime? Business suits? Stocks?

  • Hi Again, I'm the "Confessor". Maybe to put it all into perspective, I'm a girl. I don't know why I do it or why it works so well for me. Although, I can't m********* to Larry King Live...that kills the mood. AC360 is not bad though!

  • Is there a particular news telecaster on CNN you like or something? I'm sorry i couldn't help but laugh when I read this confession. I must say though that's a first. LOLOLOL More power to you.


  • Which part of the news is best for you?

  • That is SO HOT.

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