Size does matter. Any girls who says

Size does matter.

Any girls who says it doesn't is lying to you because you have a small p****.

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  • depends on how big their p**** is actually.... wait.. that still proves the point, that size matters, but it matters on both sides.

    their is skill too it too tho. Don't think just cuz you have the right size and shape of a d*** that there aint more to it.

  • Remember this....Long & thin goes right in...Short & thick does the trick! and It's not what you do's the way that you do it.
    End of lesson.......

  • I'm a witness that size doesn't matter. I had this one guy who was huge but all he did was ram me and wasn't enjoyable, but my man now is a couple inches shorter and smaller but I c** between 3 and 5 times a session.

  • not at all

  • l****... i totally agree with you! does that make me a s***?

  • Size does matter. I actually broke up with a guy because he was a two incher...literally. I never told him the real reason though, i made some s*** up. lol. I stayed with him for six months though, i tired to make it work. But i just need a bigger p**** than that, that might make me a b**** but hey...i gotta get mine okay? lol

  • Ever heard the song Size Matters by Trace Adkins? It's true :-) Size ALWAYS matters!

  • people say that phyiologically, size does not make a difference, but any girl that's ever been with a 2 incher knows better than that.

  • Actually size doesn't matter. It's all about how well you can use it.


  • The only reason i somewhat disagree with this is because guys with big d**** think that all they have to do is just "show up" and their work is done. Small d*** guys actually have to do some work and sometimes that is better.

    And a girl can tighten up with kegel excersises. What's a guy gonna do, get a p**** pump?

    Size does matter when it's smaller than 6 inches. :-)

  • Its not the guy, but the girl who should worry if she's large or small. The guy can do something about his issue. Can a loose girl do the same?

  • Oh well I lose again LOL

  • Size does make a difference in the way it feels, but lots of big girls have got bred by a small d***.

  • Hahahahaha.

  • i agree. size does matter.

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