I've tried to hang myself once. It

I've tried to hang myself once. It didn't work, obviously. No one knows. I am suicidal but I will never tell anyone. I never ask for help for anything. I act like nothing is wrong, and everyone thinks I'm a happy and intelligent girl. My mom died a year ago, and I don't see any reason to live. I keep pushing my friends away, and I quit my job months ago. I do nothing and I don't have anything to live for. I've screwed up every relationship/potential relationship I've ever had. All my siblings live far away, and my dad and I do nothing but fight. He uses me to take out his anger about my mom. I've lost interest in everything, and I don't care anymore. I sleep a lot, and rarely eat. My dad has rifles in his closet, and sometimes when he's out of the house I take them out. I load them. Then I debate about killing myself. I'd prefer to hang myself, guns are so messy.

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  • go to www.suicidal.com
    It's helping me.

  • i killed myself once it was fun you should try it :)

  • talk to someone, get help!

  • do it.
    death is fun.

  • sounds very familiar...

  • wow... that sounds familiar

  • dont do it ull find luv in sum1 1 day

  • You need to go seek a physologist and a phycritrist, you seem like one of the severe cases that will need medicial aid. Sure dying is the easy way out, we all know that, but think of the lives you'll impact. Don't you think your sibling have been through enough? Not to mention how this would change you're father, he may not show it but he loves you. You'd ruin you're your family even further because you haven't gotten help yet? Just remember, you die and you'll probably take your father and your siblings with you.

  • my Mom died in 2002 and i fell into the deepest depression of my life. i have kids, but i would lay in my bedroom & be in my own private darkness for hours at a time. i knew for the kids' sake i must seek help, which i did. i don't regret it. i've contemplated suicide befofe, but knew that i would never go through with it, because deep down i know life is too precious--plus i am scared of dying. but i have often wished i was never born because life can be incredibly painful.

  • Please tell a doctor! you really need to get help for depression!

  • I know sometimes you think you are alone in this world, but you may not realize that there are people who need you and would be lost without you. I know things can be too hard to deal with, but just look at what you do have, and remember it could be a whole lot worse. I am sorry you lost your mother, I am sure you are still dealing with it, and will be for some time. Just hang in there, things will turn around, they always do, as long as you let them. You have to change things in your life to create your own happiness.

  • There is everything to live for. There will always be ups and downs in life but live your life to the fullest.
    I really think you should talk to someone, a true friend or a specialist.
    Life will bring you many rewards as time goes on, do not take that away from yourself or that someone very special in your life that you have not met yet perhaps.
    I know from where I am coming

  • i know what you're feeling. I also pretend that nothing is wrong with me, but whenever i'm alone, I cry.

  • I would like to hang myself also. Except,I have a thing for guns. It's so easy.

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