My dirty little secret

Im not sure if I should tell my bf of almost 9 months about my sexual past he thinks I have only had 2 sexual partners when in reality its been 10+ men and 5 females I have done p*** I have made money selling items requested from men such as photoes panties shoes etc I havent done anything in months I never cheated on my bf I truly love this man but im noy sure if my secret will ruin our relationship

Jan 24, 2012

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  • I like to hear about my girlfriend's past sexual exploits. It makes me rock hard and makes me want to be inside her.

  • sit him down and tell him"honey im a w**** !but u r a loser 4 dating me so u r the blamme u pathetic loser!the only women u can get is a w****"...then he will buy u something with diamonds.take them and move on..well known fact whores dont have hearts

  • I hate women who act like whores and then want to be respected. They should think before they do those things. I once met a girl who I thought was very smart and cute. But then she had the great idea of telling me that she had f***** 9 guys, and some of them just for the fun of it. After that, I couldn't see her like I used to. She was a s*** in my mind.

    What you wrote is not politically correct for today's standards, but it's true. Most men will feel like losers if they realize they ended up with a w**** as their partner.

  • There is nothing wrong with dating a sexually promiscuous woman. It's actually awesome.

  • be honest with the guy!!better that knows it from you than from others!!! if you want to keep it as a secret then you should both move to the Tibet

  • Im more freaked out about the p*** it wasnt a huge production but its still p*** that is accessable fairly easy im just afraid that he will lose respect for me my past as far as p*** and my explicit photos were things I shouldnt of done but I didnt think all I had in mind was a fat check I really love this mad I dont want to lose him or his respect im just scared he will find something at some poin

  • I was promiscuous when I was younger and live in a smaller town I hope my boyfriend doesn't hear things .

  • Are u guys f****** retarded? She did p***, like anyone can't stumble upon that. He deserve to know u did p***, there are consequences for your action. Someday he would find out u did p***. U don't have to tell him the number of partners you had but u have to tell him u did p***!

  • >calls others retarded
    >U instead of "you"

    Please kill yourself for the good of humanity. If you have kids, please kill them first. Thanks.

  • Genius it is faster to type that way, I got appointment to get to. You spineless always politically correct piece of s***. She is a hoe/pornstar. So where is the respect for u fools that think she should protected she put herself out there in the first place. And ain't u like 50 yrs old? Y don't u have a life? Talk about killing myself, I know u can't say to my face u punk that always need to be politically correct. that is y we have a nation full of p**** like u. come at me again, i would be waiting.... Idiot I didn't proof read this stupid reply so u proof read it and get back with me u b**** ass r*****!

  • Yeah, kill yourself.

  • Don't bring it up. Most men have problems assimilating that info. It happened to me with a girl I really liked. She told me about her sexual past without me asking and the thoughts kept torturing me every now and then. Men are primitive creatures. We are selfish and proud. Not telling is not lying. Just be faithful.

  • I would say be honest with him if he asks. Your past shouldn't matter and if it does with him then maybe it wasn't meant to be with you two.

  • If he doesn't ask, don't bring it up. The past is past. Personally, I wouldn't want to know. I always tell my girlfriends that I don't want to know about their past relationships or sexual activities unless, and that they don't need to tell me about any of it unless there's something they need to talk about (abuse, etc.)

    Just focus on making him happy and being faithful. Live in the present.

  • It's never a good idea to tell someone how many people you've been's really no one's business but your own. What you did before you met him is in the past. If you think it's a secret, then that's where the issue may lie. You have nothing to be ashamed of, you were an adult. If you think some how he may find out otherwise, then you may want to just tell him. Or you keep it to yourself and should he find out - you could explain it away as you did it when you were young and you stopped before you met him and didn't think it was important to share with him...

  • Keep it to yourself, just be faithful.

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