The sin and possession of demons that cause me to think of s** and m********* I want to be free of this... I can see the downhill spiral it is taking me on... I can see that there is no satisfaction to such behavior. I ask God for forgiveness and to cleanse my mind of perversion.

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  • You should be told and face your sins.

  • Pray to Him. Ask for forgiveness and take nice long walks frequently. When your mind drifts to certain unclean thoughts, go do something productive. Clean the house, talk a stroll, watch a movie (Avengers is great), do something to get it out of your system.

  • there is no god and 'sin' is a make-believe concept in the christian bible stories. Sexual pleasure is a natural human need and your enjoyment of it is ok and good as long it hurts nobody else. Dont be brainwashed by 'religion' that pleasuring yourself like this is bad, sinful, blasphemous, blah blah blah. There is no big man in the sky scornfully watching you w***. It is just your brain having been tricked (indoctrinated) by religion to think bad of these things. If you are able to get past the trickery of religious sins, then you will be able to freely enjoy pleasuring yourself. So what if you w*** a lot more.than average joe, who has any say in your own life but yourself. Its your body, your pleasure, you decide how , when why what etc. As long as it hurts nobody. I hope this helps. I hate seeing people and their lives being spoiled, ruined , restricted by made up stories about a god and various can-do's and cannot-do's. Free your mind. Free your lives. Dd 15apr2012

  • I'm a middle-aged man and I still do it after more than 20 years. It never ends. It's a bad habit that can make you do crazy things. I remember there was a time when I was able to stop it when I was in my late teens. But once I started doing it again I haven't been able to avoid it.

    Try to stop it soon if you can.

  • Me to god help me get past this life crippling cancer that has inbedded it's self Into my mind and caused me to have false conclusions of pleasure

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